The Countdown Continues: Spectacular New Arrivals for 2010-11 Dominion Hockey

While the collecting world sits perched on the edge of its seat and biting its nails in continued anticipation of 2010-11 Dominion Hockey, things inside Panini America headquarters are moving at a feverish, ice-melting pace.

While the collecting world sits perched on the edge of its seat and biting its nails in continued anticipation of 2010-11 Dominion Hockey, things inside Panini America headquarters are moving at a feverish, ice-melting pace.

In the last two weeks alone, new Hockey Hall of Famers Joe Nieuwendyk and Eddie Belfour have dropped by the office to sign a gorgeous array of gems for Dominion. Meanwhile, Panini America acquisitions guru Alex Carbajal continues to work with players all over the world — literally — to ensure the safe and expeditious return of autographed cards that will most certainly be remembered as some of this season’s best.

The following gallery highlights some of the most recent noteworthy arrivals for 2010-11 Dominion Hockey. Take your sweet time checking them out and I think you’ll come to find, as I have, that gawking at cards this gorgeous never gets old.


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  1. I gotta be honest T, as a big of a proponent as I am of Panini, we need to see some a wider variety of players, specifically superstar caliber dudes.

    While it’s nice to see 30 Lanny McDonald’s, 18 Mike Bossy’s and 10 Gerry Cheever’s, knowing the set isn’t comprised of only 4 or 5 players can make these posts a bit misleading that there may be a significant amount of redemptions lurking in packs.

    Add to that the fact players like Nieuwendyk, Cheevers, etc, etc have a VERY small fan base relative to the bigger stars like Crosby, Ovechkin, Taylor Hall, etc., folks may be worried their “hit” is one of the aforementioned and not something they have to wait a long time on in redemption form.

    If you want to sell this stuff like hot cakes, instill some more confidence in the collectors and show them some of the LIVE stuff of bigger name players.

    People are getting a bit leery of any product that is heavily laden with cards that say you will eventually get your actual card………………………

    These days, it’s all about instant gratification my friend, especially when you’re dropping monster coin on something like this.

    Oh, and if Alex is bogged down with all that tracking, get the man some help!

    1. Appreciate the feedback and candor, BG. What I scanned for this gallery was just stuff that arrived in the last few days. There is great stuff from a great variety of players — including all the biggies young and old. The on-card content that will be live in this product is second to none.

      1. Tracy, I am inclined to agree with you that the on-card items in the product will indeed be second to none, even trumping the “other companies” big, year end products. And if that is just what arrived yesterday as you said, then please continue to do these updates with what continues to arrive so we can see some of the other stuff as it hits. I am sure there are tons of monster cards inbound from some of the games biggest and brightest stars.

        Another thought is you could hop over to the production facility and maybe scan up some more of the jumbo swatch items that are strictly memorabilia-only cards?

        Since those cards do not require a player’s signature I imagine many of them have been produced are simply sitting in boxes awaiting packout?

        Maybe you can do like “another company” and show the entire print run for some of those jumbo fold out dual patches on your new Facebook page so we can all have a good drool?

        Whatta ya say T, can you hop on over there and get er done brother? 😉

  2. Are we going to see a considerable cutback on the redemptions in this product as to what we seen in Limited? Like noted above, i for one have 3 Cases on Pre-Order and have this in my mind being a product that could possibly give Upper Decks “CUP” a “run for its money”, and thats saying alot for a first time product. I for one have a few redemptions with you guys (Mike Green (Caps) Certified Auto Mirror Gold) and i wonder if we can almost expect to see the same guys who have been on that redemption list in past products be the same here?

    Also alot of the autos thus far with the “teaser” cards we have seen have been on-card, can we expect this throughout the whole print run or will there be sticker autos as well? I would imagine since Contenders was for the most part all on-card we would see that here.

    Again i hope all the hype lives up to what have seen, the cards thus far have seemed to bring us closer to the game then any product on the market, (aside from a company like ITG) and i will eagerly continue to anticipate this release!!

  3. High end products should always offer top stars of the day and the past. Most do. Where i find a problem with high end products is in the rookie cards. Can there not be some kind of tier system with rookies so that if i’m paying three to four hundred dollars for a box
    i don’t receive a rookie who’s entire NHL experience may amount to one shift in one game. You guys can do better. On the positive side, the various card designs look great. Hockey is new to Panini so i can cut you some slack in the 1st year but expect even better things next year.

  4. looking forward to watching breaks on blog tv of this product

    i wish i could go out an buy a box or two but just going to grab some of the Whalers set (only 3 players i don’t count as a whalers)

    but amazing product

  5. So when is Dominion coming out? I have so far found 3 release dates for this product.. Any official word, Tracy?


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