The Next Big Thing: Panini HD Provides a High-Definition View of Collecting’s Future

March 22, 2011

LAS VEGAS — Turns out the revolution will be televised.

On Monday at the 2011 Industry Summit, Panini America CEO Mark Warsop provided a room packed with more than 150 sports collectibles retailers a sneak preview of collecting’s next big thing: Panini HD, the industry’s first video trading card.

Every Panini HD card produced will be a must-see piece of innovative technological wizardry, a scarce card equipped with an autograph and high-definition video footage of that very card being signed and hand-numbered by the player on it. Each card has the capability to hold up to several minutes of video footage that will also include exclusive player interviews and possibly game highlights.

“As you can imagine, there’s no better way of authenticating an autographed card than showing you the player signing that card, showing you the player numbering that card and that footage being featured on that specific card,” Warsop said. “I can’t think of any way that you can authenticate a hand-signed trading card any better than that.

“These will be super high-tech cards and they will be limited in number.”

They will also feature only the biggest superstars in the sports world, beginning with Panini-exclusive athletes such as Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, John Wall . . . and a soon-to-be-announced new addition. (More details on that announcement are forthcoming.)

Although plans for exactly which products Panini HD will appear in are still being developed, Warsop did tell Summit attendees that the cards will be surprise additions. He also offered this nugget:

“We’re going to do this out of our marketing budget so the integrity of the product isn’t weakened in any way,” Warsop noted. “This will be an added bonus.”

To see what else Warsop had to say about upcoming innovations, watch this short, revealing video: