The Numbers Don’t Lie: Panini America, USA Baseball Deliver Another Impressive Performance on Day One of 2023 MLB Draft

July 10, 2023

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: Panini America’s potential-packed USA Baseball products enjoyed yet another banner performance during last night’s Day One of the 2023 MLB Draft. It merely continued an impressive Draft streak for an exclusive partnership that continues to pay dividends for everybody involved — but especially for collectors.

Indeed, for fans of the talent-rich USA Baseball program and baseball prospecting in general, Day One was rife with revelations — and perhaps a few collecting surprises. In all, 19 of the 37 players selected last night have appeared on Panini America USA Baseball trading cards, including the first eight picks headlined by Paul Skenes (No. 1) and Dylan Crews (No. 2).

But 12 of last night’s selections have appeared only on Panini America USA Baseball cards — meaning that’s the only place you’re going to find them. Period. Those players are Walker Jenkins (No. 5), Jacob Wilson (No. 6), Rhett Lowder (No. 7), Blake Mitchell (No. 8), Kyle Teel (No. 14), Bryce Eldridge (No. 16), Colt Emerson (No. 22), Ralphy Velaquez (No. 23), Hurston Waldrep (No. 24), Aidan Miller (No. 27), Kendall George (No. 36) and Kevin McGonigle (No. 37).

Below is a list of the Round One picks who have previously appeared in Panini America’s popular Stars & Stripes USA Baseball release:

The 2023 MLB Draft continues today with rounds three through 10 and concludes on Tuesday with rounds 11 through 20. We can’t wait to see just how the Panini America-USA Baseball exclusive partnership continues to deliver.

Name Pick Most Recent Stars & Stripes Year
Paul Skenes 1 2023
Dylan Crews 2 2023
Max Clark 3 2023
Wyatt Langford 4 2023
Walker Jenkins 5 2023
Jacob Wilson 6 2023
Rhett Lowder 7 2023
Blake Mitchell 8 2023
Kyle Teel 14 2023
Jacob Gonzalez 15 2017
Bryce Eldridge 16 2023
Enrique Bradfield Jr. 17 2019
Brayden Taylor 19 2023
Colt Emerson 22 2023
Ralphy Velasquez 23 2020
Hurston Waldrep 24 2023
Aidan Miller 27 2023
Kendall George 36 2023
Kevin McGonigle 37 2023