The Panini America Quality Control Gallery: 2011 Playbook Football — Chapter 2

Last Thursday we opened the book on a most captivating Quality Control Gallery for 2011 Panini Playbook Football with a 31-image reveal that gave collectors the first extended sneak peek at this unique new product from Panini America.

Last Thursday we opened the book on a most captivating Quality Control Gallery for 2011 Panini Playbook Football with a 31-image reveal that gave collectors the first extended sneak peek at this unique new product from Panini America.
But a product like Playbook gets only better with each new image you see. So today we’re delivering another chapter’s worth of new preview images culled from the quality control process. So do yourself a favor and spend Sunday with a few good books (or booklet cards, in this case) and some otherwise noteworthy cards worth writing home about.

And get ready for the release of 2011 Panini Playbook Football, shipping next week.


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  1. Tracy-
    If you wouldn’t mind sending me a Charles Woodson ‘Accolades’ autograph I would be glad to ‘QC’ it!

  2. I am amazed at the sheer number of ’11 Football product Panini has released. This bonanza has elicited commentary, both favorable and not-so, on message boards and at the Card show I attended with my daughter this morning.
    I find the creativity and attention Panini has infused it’s brands with entirely refreshing and exciting, frankly. Attention is justifiably lavished upon those athletes who were fan favorites but have not…and likely will not, earn a bust in Canton. I broke a box of Totally Certified (not to be confused with “Kind of but not entirely Certified Football”) and pulled an Otis Anderson Emerald Auto #1/5, a Prime quad Jersey card with 2 and 3/C swatches of current stud RBs. What a sweet auto the Anderson is, and the Austin Pettis redemption auto-‘jersey is nice also. My point is that Panini has, in a very short time-frame, crafted products that offer collectors the opportunity to pull cherished issues out of every box. Thi is a dynamic that competing manufacturers failed to capture, aside from within feast or
    famine Super high-end brands. In conjunction, Panini has managed to foster real dialogue, feedback & a vibrant collecting community.
    I will be interested to see if Panini releases as many lines next season, but as for ’11? There really is something for everyone.
    This Playbook product combines elements
    from previous lines and I am jacked to see if I can’t push the mortgage back a month and break a box!

  3. This looks like it might be the Football product of the year. I will be buying some ! Any chance of a hockey equivalent? If so I might have to get another mortgage…

  4. Happy Sunday Tracy!! Wow!! These are no April Fools joke. There are some amazing cards here. Playbook looks great from inside (cards in the box and the booklets) to the outside.
    To bad that you have to be at work, but man, if you keep showing stuff like this, as long as you don’t mind being there I don’t mind seeing images like these. Esp booklet cards. Thats one thing in my collection I do not own. Overall product…wowzers!
    Are the Mammoth jerseys all prime?? They look great! Huge pieces!
    Hope you have a great rest of the day and take care!

  5. Great stuff again Mr. Hackler!! Let the design team know this will def be a winner!! Can’t wait to see this product hit the shelves! its a Playbook I would live by!

  6. I’m putting all you Colts collectors on notice. Y’all better hope that Quad has multiple copies because it’s mine when it shows up online. Looking at you, Tom.

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  8. Keeps getting better man. Some great looking cards in this product. But man, you guys love the big boxes for 4 cards now don’t ya? Preferred and now Playbook? More cardboard to make the box then the four cards inside it! lol

  9. Once again, as always Panini introduces, well, continues to introduce exciting and far superior products in their 2011 Football lineup. I actually am having trouble typing while drool is on my keyboard.
    The quality and detail in these cards is amazing as always. It seems that more work goes into each new product than the last. For anyone who is just entering the card world, they would have to be surprised at the quality and quantity of the different players offered. Both past and present.
    In past years, National Treasures was my highlight. This year things may change. The look of the Playbook line may surpass my excitement for the National Treasures line!
    Once again, Great Job Panini. Keep up with the craftsmanship! (And the pictures too Tracy!)

  10. Man these cards are great Tracy!! I cant wait to get my hands on some of these, what the price per pack/box? I really want try to a set of either the rookie books or atleast grab a few of them veterans books. The Boys one with the Cowboys on it is amazing, and is a must have for a huge cowboys fan like myself! Is there a patch or multi colored jersey version on the veteran books/ Cowboys books? I love the Sack card too I saw before. I think its pretty cool that people can actually get a book in these products and Preferred rather then them being inserted very rarely. I am gonna pile up many of these books. Someone just has to make a line of case to display and protect them. As Always keep up the har work, cant wait for limited baseball and other stuff to come out. Is this the final football product of 2011? Well done Tracy , send my best to the printing facility and tell them we love the cards!

  11. Well Tracy all the above comments pretty much took the words out of my mouth. Im so excited to open my 2 boxes of National Treasures next week(hopefully more than 2) and now im just as excited for the next week to bust a couple boxes of Playbook!!! Im hoping when i get to LA in two weeks ill be able to find a cardshop close to our hotel and hopefully buy a box of Treasures and a box of Playbook and hope for some “Black Mamba Mojo”!!!! I still cant believe im going to meet Kobe!!!! All of you guys at Panini are the best at what you do and you guys continue to put out the VERY BEST products out there and with each new release you guys set the bar higher and higher that those other companys cant even come close to your guys innovative, high quality sports cards!! Keep up the GREAT work as always Panini!!!

  12. Is their gonna b a J.J Watt’s booklet?????? If so i hope i get it out of tha 2 boxes i ordered if not and someone gets it or just tha auto outta this set holla at me maybe we can work something out i have a verry nice set of cards or maybe panini will b so kool to hook up a big box buyer lol hit me up if u have aney J.J’s u wanna move for $ or trade [email protected]

    1. Sorry man, there isn’t a JJ Watt booklet. And i’d say that 1/3 of these booklets are redemptions too..hopefully you pull a jj sticker sig though gl

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