The Panini America Quality Control Gallery: 2012-13 Innovation Basketball (117 Images)

August 28, 2013

Panini America 2012-13 Innovation Basketball QC (1)

If you caught our post yesterday detailing the Innovative Ink and Stained Glass inserts coming in Panini America’s 2012-13 Innovation Basketball, then you only saw a small glimpse of the coolness to come. In the comprehensive Quality Control Gallery that follows, you’ll get up close and personal with everything else that makes Innovation so . . . well . . . innovative.

After the jump, you’ll see additional advancements in acetate (the sweet View and Rookie View cards), the arrival of the season’s first event-used basketball cards, some cool interior die-cuts and some new twists on the always-mesmerizing micro-etching. And despite all of that, the one thing that might be the most innovative of all in the release has to be with game-worn jersey cards.

The refreshing Stat Line Jerseys¬†game-worn insert proudly includes on both the front and back of the card exactly which game the featured piece of jersey was worn, along with the featured player’s stat line from that particular game. It’s a welcome development in the game-worn genre that promises to be well received by collectors.

It’s another in a long line of Innovation’s innovations, most of which are detailed in the images that follow. 2012-13 Innovation Basketball arrives in hobby shops everywhere one week from today and will deliver two autographs, one memorabilia card and one View or Rookie View card in every eight-card box.

Stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance for additional coverage of the product in the coming days. But until then, feast your eyes on these beauties . . .