The Panini America Quality Control Gallery: 2012-13 NBA Hoops Basketball (59 images)

Just for grins, let's take quick inventory of all that next week's release of 2012-13 NBA Hoops Basketball, the first NBA product of the new season, has in store for collectors.

Just for grins, let’s take quick inventory of everything that next week’s release of 2012-13 NBA Hoops Basketball, the first NBA product of the new season, has in store for collectors.

A historic massive Double Rookie Class? Check. The first official Rookie Cards of Kyrie Irving, Kenneth Faried, Anthony Davis and so many other young superstars from the 2011 and 2012 NBA Draft Classes? Check. A $2 pack price? Check. Glossy and Artist’s Proofs parallels? Check. The triumphant return of NBA coach cards? Check. Autograph cards seeded two per box? Check. Compelling inserts such as Courtside, Board Members, Rookie Impact, Draft Night, Spark Plugs and Action Photos? Check. Super-tough, less-than-two-per-case pulls such as Kobe’s All-Rookie Team and a special Champions card honoring the Miami Heat? Check.

Oh, and thanks to all of that, 2012-13 NBA Hoops also will have one more giant check mark to make next week: A phenomenal start to the 2012-13 NBA trading card season.

To help whet your appetite for next week’s release, we present the following 59-card gallery showcasing the product’s myriad benefits. Enjoy. And after you’ve perused the gallery, be sure to let us know your thoughts on the gallery in the comments section below.

Oh, and by popular demand, we’ve included the complete 2012-13 NBA Hoops checklist below in both Excel and PDF formats.

Here’s the checklist in Excel format: 2012-13 Hoops Checklist

Here’s the checklist in PDF format: 2012-13 Hoops Checklist


31 Replies to “The Panini America Quality Control Gallery: 2012-13 NBA Hoops Basketball (59 images)”

  1. Looking good!

    When will a Checklist be available
    And one last question as usual , will rasheed wallace be in any new products?

  2. Quite like the look of those Draft Night cards and the Kobe all rookies look nice. The Spark Plug insert is a good idea and something I would like to see in more of your products. Shows some thought has gone into the insert and what it’s about.

  3. Stoked about this product! I can’t wait for 2012-2013 full lineup of products. And the addition of Kobe was a great idea!

  4. I am so pumped that Hoops is back and the way they look this year, im sure im not the only one! I love the way The Draft Night cards look, i cant wait to get my hands on some of this years rookies! Kobes All Rookie Team cards look great with a picture of Kobe in the back ground! I can tell that u guys put a little more time in this years Hoops with also having the rookies for the last 2 years in it, and knowing the collectors went nuts over the autos last year u guys deff stepped it up! This years Hoops is deff something to be proud of great job Panini!!!

  5. Looks solid for 2$ nice design also I like the spark plugs insert good work panini! Are there auto variation of that card?

  6. The cards look cool, but Id give the Sixers rookie Lavoy Allen a look over becuse the Celtics doesnt match the drive Lavoy is on. Ray Allen has just clearly passed the ball and it just looks funny. Im very happy with panini with there great showing at the National so I can complain, just giving heads up.

  7. Amzing panini wonderful job! the cards i collect is rookies ( Of course i also get autos and jerseys ) but i love rookie cards i have a rookie of every good player like kobe, timmy D, cp3, wall, and etc. I’m so happy that you guys are doing a double rookie class. the spark plug insers are beautiful and i am so looking forward to get a box of this!

  8. Jaw droppin’ that the coaches made it in this year’s set…the way it should be to reflect how the original set was done. There should be All Star cards as well, just a thought.

  9. Hoops was a perennial collecting favorite as a kid and this seems to capture the spirit of the release very well. I absolutely love the full bleed horizontal photos. Very cool stuff so far.

  10. Looks pretty decent. I would like to make a suggestion for next year though (assuming you guys continue to have a license and put Hoops out again). For the Draft Night inserts, next year you should use images of the players either just before they get drafted, as they receive their hat (after their selection has been announced), when they’re on the podium shaking the commissioner’s hand, etc. It’s not an action photo, but it has more “action” than them standing their holding a ball. I say use the picture of them holding the ball as their rookie card, but make Draft Night feel like the actual Draft Night. But this year’s product looks really good. Wish the champions card wasn’t so hard to get so I could complete the set. 🙂

    1. Hi Tracy,

      Thanks for the previews.
      I am assuming that all of the rookies are not short printed in the autographs. While the SP means 25 or less autographs for some of the veterans? Are there any 1 of 1’s? I was very disappointed that Harden was a 1 of 1 in your last Hoops Panini autograph set.
      Is there an error on the Buy Back Checklist or is one a common and the other an All-Star?
      Hakeem Olajuwon Houston Rockets
      Buyback Autographs
      Hakeem Olajuwon Houston Rockets
      Buyback Autographs


  11. You would think that with two complete draft classes they could avoid having players who are beyond scrubs like Derrick Byars……

  12. Sort of interesting tidbit here…

    Derrick Byars was drafted in 2007 by the Sixers and had a good amount of cards made in 07/08 products. However he never played in a regular season NBA game and over the past 4 years or so has been playing overseas, in the D-League, and preseason games for some NBA teams. He finally played in his first NBA game this past season for the Spurs (only 2 total games).

    What I’m trying to get at is he is included as a Rookie in 2012/13 Hoops when he has already had actual RC’s during the 07/08 season.

  13. So, 52 rookies from last year and only 20 from this year? The 2012 rookie class is supposed to be very deep and talented, yet you leave out first round picks (including 4 of the first 20!). I was really excited to collect this set (the cards look awesome) but I doubt I will now that many of my favorite 2012 rookies are not included. I know that there is more that goes into creating a set than simply picking players but I am very confused/disappointed that so many of the 2012 rookies were left out.

    1. Appreciate the feedback. The short answer as it relates to Hoops is that we had only 20 photos that were approved to use. That number will increase significantly as the season progresses and was more a function of timing and print deadlines.

  14. Will you be putting out an NBA sticker album for 2012-2013 like the 2012 NFL one that was just released? My boys love it and are hoping to be able to do basketball books as well.

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