The Panini America Quality Control Gallery: 2012 Golden Age Baseball (106 Sweet Pics)

December 11, 2012

Panini America 2012 Golden Age Baseball QC (106)
What, exactly, is 2012 Golden Age Baseball? That’s clearly a rhetorical question, but a good one. 2012 Golden Age Baseball is . . . Marcia Brady and Man o’ War and Meadowlark Lemon and minis and massive, movie-poster box-toppers including some embedded with memorabilia. It’s Pop-Ups and pop culture and pennants, America’s pastime and its presidents.
It’s what happens when the Titanic meets the Three Stooges and Ty Cobb. It’s “I Dream of Jeannie” and “Gilligan’s Island” and “Bewitched” mixed with some BuyBacks and a little Bob Woodward and Watergate. It’s baseball’s first DH and the sport’s all-time hit king. It’s Vida Blue and Red Grange and rare, white-bordered variations.

Indeed, Panini America’s new and eclectic 2012 Golden Age Baseball is all of these things and more. But perhaps most importantly, it’s coming soon, delivering the greatest baseball players of all time, sure, but also the greatest boxers and football players and race horses along with some of the most historic headlines ever written.
It’s a brilliant throwback release with a throwback price ($3 per pack) that promises one autograph and one memorabilia card per box, not to mention a stunning array of the most captivating Hollywood beauties in history. Yesterday at the Panini America production facility, Brand Managers Mike Payne and Tim Trout began the quality control process for Golden Age in advance of the product going live next Wednesday.
I was lucky enough to be there — gleefully snapping as many pictures as I could for the following gallery that promises a truly unique collecting experience. Here’s hoping you enjoy looking at this product as much as I did. Be sure to stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance in the coming days for additional updates on 2012 Golden Age Baseball.