The Panini Digital Weekly Update: Prizm Football Hits NFL Blitz, Origins Basketball Hist NBA Dunk and More

The most anticipated drop of the year comes to the NFL Blitz Digital Trading Card App with the arrival of 2020 Prizm Football FOTL. There are an extremely limited number of digital packs remaining and each one includes either an FOTL-exclusive Gold Variation numbered to 10, Red & Gold Variation or Snakeskin 1/1 Variation.

The remainder of the Prizm Football digital drop will take place in the coming days. The base Prizm Football set includes 299 veteran and retired players along with 100 rookies and multiple insert, signature and memorabilia sets.

Origins FOTL Arrives in Dunk
Another cherished brand — 2020-21 Origins Basketball — arrives in FOTL digital form today in the NBA Dunk Digital Trading Card App. Be sure to jump in the app ASAP since there are just a handful of FOTL packs remaining. Each 2020-21 Origins Basketball FOTL digital pack includes an exclusive Purple Variation limited to 10 or a Black Variation limited to one.

The remainder of the Origins Basketball drop will happen in the coming days. The 2020-21 Origins Basketball set includes 90 veteran and rookies along with seven different insert, signature and memorabilia sets. You can also find Card Hunter, Pack Battle and Spin Wheel exclusives with Origins.

Join Contests . . . Earn Packs!
Set up your teams in the Dunk contests and unlock cards from the contest-exclusive, 300-card Prizm Tiger Stripe set. You’ll be awarded one pack for each of your contest teams as per the contest category. There are no limitations on Coin and Premium Contest entries so the more lineups you submit, the more cards you receive.

There are 3 ways to earn Tiger Stripe Prizm exclusives:

  • FREE Weekly Contest: Join a Free Weekly Contest and get one guaranteed Prizm Tiger Stripe Insert (Limit 1 per user)
  • COIN ENTRY: Join a Coin Entry contest and get two guaranteed Prizm Tiger Stripe inserts per pack for each entry.
  • PREMIUM ENTRY: Join a Premium Pay contest and get five guaranteed Prizm Tiger Stripe inserts per pack for each entry.

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