The Panini QC Gallery: 34 Must-See Images from 2010-11 Elite Black Box Basketball

All this well-earned, high-end hullabaloo surrounding the September 14 release of 2010-11 Dominion Hockey has shifted many hobby eyes away from the fact that Panini America has another super-premium product primed for release next week: 2010-11 Elite Black Box Basketball.

All this well-earned, high-end hullabaloo surrounding the September 14 release of 2010-11 Dominion Hockey has shifted many hobby eyes away from the fact that Panini America has another super-premium product primed for release next week: 2010-11 Elite Black Box Basketball.

Indeed, the Panini America printing facility is a hotbed of activity this week with both products packing out simultaneously.

The good news, of course, is that packout is always closely followed by the vaunted Quality Control gallery. I was met earlier today by a spirited Panini America basketball team of David Porter and Keith Hower that was gawking over the results of Elite Black Box’s first QC case.

When they gawk, there’s usually a pretty good reason. In this case, there were 34 good reasons — and you can see them all in the gallery that follows.


20 Replies to “The Panini QC Gallery: 34 Must-See Images from 2010-11 Elite Black Box Basketball”

  1. Elite Black Box looks fantastic across the board. (Although currently, this gallery is a little messed up)

    I, for one, have not forgotten about this product. It will definitely turn some heads. Keep making original products like this and Gold Standard and collectors will continue to flock to Panini.

  2. Whyyyy…. Do you even listen to collectors? Do ANY of them REALLY like manufactured patches? And what about the whole issue with having a card with a logoman and a piece of jersey. Your ‘enclosed game-worn swatch’ guarantee refers to the jersey and not the logoman, correct? Well it doesn’t say that and implies that the logoman is genuine too!

    1. Yes, I believe that guarantee refers to the game-worn jersey piece and not the logoman on these particular cards. I have followed up with our product development folks and will let you know what I hear.

  3. I like the overall look and concept of most of the cards, but why oh why would Panini make manufactured logomans, that looks like authentic logomans? To make matters worse it is not stated that they are indeed manufactured logomans. The “Passing The Torch” dual logoman set would have been in my opinion a great set if the cards had authentic logomans and each parallel (jersey, patch, auto) was serial numbered to no more than 1/1.

    1. yea thats [bad], making manufactured logomans. panini needs to step up to the plate and decide that there will not be any fake logomans or anymore manufactured patches. leave that to topps or upper deck. that way jerseys, patches and logomen coming form a panini product will have more meaning and value. i hope panini, a company i really enjoy will take my words to heart. ive never seen a person excited to pull anything manufactured, better to just replace it with an auto or sp card.

  4. Do you guys have time to change things? The overwhelming response on the forums is that it is a terrible idea… manufactured logoman patches (that also look real) on cards with vague authenticity as it is… and for a high-end product…
    Like I said when these were first announced – you guys have GOOD ideas sometimes, but then just fail at the next step. The general feeling is that manufactured logomans for these is a disaster, but if they had been real ones and extremely limited, they would have been a huge success!
    Booklets are cool too, but cut-off signatures are not.

    Have you guys thought about getting a panel of collectors to discuss potential ideas?

  5. Not bad-looking but could you fix the webpage? I can’t see the 34 Must-See Images from 2010-2011 Elite Black Box Basketball?

  6. Is there a reason why this product is labeled as 2010-11 when it’s coming out in September? Also, it would be nice if the online checklists were organized better as recent releases are under 2010 which doesn’t seem right to me.

  7. YAY! Another super high end product with sticker autos, and just like in Gold Standard, many of them will be cut off by the tiny cutout boxes. Manufactured patches too! I can’t wait! Sticker autos and manufactured patches should not exist on cards that cost over $100 a pack.

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