The Print-Run Mysteries of Panini America’s Pen Pals Autographs in 2018 Elite Football

July 06, 2018

Panini America’s 2018 Elite Football released just more than one week ago and has spent the nine or so days since absolutely blazing on the secondary market. One of the primary drivers of the heatwave? The chase-inducing Pen Pals Autographs insert featuring a rainbow array of ink-color variations, each with their own level scarcity. To help bring some clarity to the colorful pursuit, today we bring you a complete breakdown.

Based on recent secondary-market activity, it’s obvious that most collectors have discovered Red Ink versions of both Pen Pals and Pen Pals Duals to be the rarest. But how do the other colors breakdown? We provide the details after the jump.

Pen Pals Blue Ink – 99 or less
Pen Pals Green Ink – 10 or less
Pen Pals Red Ink –  Five or less

Pen Pals Duals Blue Ink – 49 or less
Pen Pals Duals Green Ink – 10 or less
Pen Pals Duals Red Ink – Five or less