Third Wave of Base Packs, Debut of Flashback Insert Packs Headline Next Week’s 2020-21 Prizm Basketball NFT Blockchain Drops

Panini America’s popular and ongoing 2020-21 Prizm Basketball NFT Blockchain pack program continues its momentum surge next week with two more highly anticipated drops that include the third wave of Base Packs on Monday at 10 a.m. and the debut of Flashback insert packs on Wednesday at 10 a.m.

Base Packs include three base Prizm Basketball NFT Blockchain cards numbered to 1,799 and Flashback insert packs, like all insert packs in the Prizm Basketball NFT Blockchain program, will deliver two base cards numbered to 1,799 and one insert numbered to 500.

The popular Challenge insert contest will continue with the Flashback release. For additional details on the Challenge program so far, check this out.

In addition to next week’s two releases, frequent users of Panini America’s Blockchain platform will start to notice several new enhancements to the website in the coming days, beginning with the ability for users to list cards starting at just $1 and to also increase bid amounts in $1 increments. In the coming weeks, users will also notice additional enhancements, including . . .

  • A revamped Marketplace
    • Combining the Auction and Public Gallery sections to form one big Marketplace.
    • Enhanced Search and Filter functionality of the new Marketplace.
    • A new Sales section on the Marketplace which will give users the ability to filter for specific cards and look up the sales history of their favorite inserts or parallels.
  • Clubbing Cards to show similar products in auctions
    • This will give users the ability to see all listings that are currently active for the same card as well as give them the ability to sort by Serial Number or Price.
  • The ability to list Packs in auction.

Here’s a quick sneak peek at some of the Flashback NFTs that will be available on Wednesday.


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