Bang for the Bucks: 2010-11 Score Hockey Delivers Record-Setting ROI

November 17, 2010

The ultra-passionate hockey collecting community has been buzzing about the release of 2010-11 Score Hockey for months. When the product finally released to open arms in early November, it was universally cheered for its everybody’s-welcome price point (99 cents per pack), its old-school design and development nuances and the inclusion of scarce, history-making Recollection Collection BuyBack Autographs of key 1990-91 Score singles.

Two of those gems in particular, original landmark Score Rookie Cards of Eric Lindros and Martin Brodeur, recently realized simply staggering final sale prices in online auctions.

“The Recollection Collection was one of the first elements we considered when we decided to re-launch Score, and it was the one that we were most passionate about,” says Panini America Hockey Brand Manager Al Muir. “Not just because it felt natural to pay homage to the 20th anniversary of that 1990-91 Score release, but because we knew it would be the most fun for us to create and for collectors to pull.”

Certainly that was the case for the lucky hobbyists who pulled the two jaw-dropping cards in question. The Lindros sold for an unfathomable $2,025 on the strength of 34 eBay bids. The Brodeur ended at $1,000. Not bad for a $2 buy-in.

“One of the best parts of any day around our offices is when we learn which new autos have arrived in-house, and any time these hard-signed cards showed up, a crowd would gather to get a look at them,” Muir says. “Just seeing the excitement here, I knew they were going to go over well with collectors but honestly, I wasn’t anticipating the demand that the first copies of the Lindros and Brodeur generated when they appeared online. Personally, I’m thrilled that they created that kind of buzz, and I’m very happy for the sellers and the buyers. I think they’re all pretty happy with their ends of the deal.”

It’s worth noting that there are still a few more copies of these cards — along with Patrick Roy, Joe Sakic, Brett Hull and several others — still lurking in packs of 2010-11 Score Hockey.

As Muir points out, “at a buck a pack, it has to be the best value the hobby’s seen in a long time.”