Uncut-Sheet Music: Panini America Peeks Autograph Form from Prizm Basketball

Today, Panini America gets the chance to make more blissful sheet music by exploring one of Prizm's 100-up autograph forms. While they're not quite the finished product, the fronts and backs of these sheets provide a unique look at a product before it gets backed, sliced, diced and delivered.

A few weeks ago we had the distinct pleasure of spending quality weekend time with a few uncut sheets of the upcoming 2012-13 Prizm Basketball, the technologically gifted new product launching later this month. That day, we were graced by two different 100-up forms: One previewing the etched-holographic greatness of the retail-exclusive Green Prizm parallels, the other showcasing the set’s base cards.

Today, we get the chance to make more blissful sheet music by exploring one of Prizm’s 100-up autograph forms. While they’re not quite the finished product, the fronts and backs of these sheets provide a unique look at a product before it gets backed, sliced, diced and delivered.

This particular form features the Prizm autograph parallels; there’s also a base version of the autographs, too. As something of a huge bonus, we’ve also provided your first look at the hard-signed cards of Lakers superstar and Panini America exclusive Kobe Bryant.

It’s another tantalizing preview of a product that seems to be ascending on the hype meter by the day. Today’s gallery is likely to accelerate that process. Stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance for additional previews of 2012-13 Prizm Basketball in the coming days.


56 Replies to “Uncut-Sheet Music: Panini America Peeks Autograph Form from Prizm Basketball”

  1. We have a winner here! Product of the year!
    Saving up for my sons birthday perfectly after the launch of this stunning Prizm.
    This is the one we have been waiting for.
    Thanks Tracy and Panini!
    Love it!

  2. Stickers or on card. Looks Amazing!!!
    Another Great product! a Sure Fan Favorite!
    Love the Design on How Panini Utilizes their new Technology!
    I’m very Impressed!

    1. Good question, Kevin. The base rookies in Prizm will not be autographed, but there will be a base Prizm parallel and a Gold Prizm parallel (#’d to 10). The autographs will be different cards, more an insert than a parallel.

  3. Obviously on-card autos are great, but sticker autos look so much better when they have a dedicated (almost framed) section to put the sticker like you see here with Prizm. Love the white background for the autos as well. Great looking cards! Looking forward to picking some up!

  4. When will these be out? As ive seen nov 28th or dec 5th? I want the brandon jennings cards from this set so bad. This will b my favorite card of his i promise that.

  5. Tracy MUST respond! From the general sports card community: 1) This product looks amazing, its the only reason anyone misses Topps. Their one plus was great parallels and not like 50 different kinds so it loses value. But who needs them if you have this so congratulations to Panini for getting this right! However for this product to really shine after this initial year (where it will do well anyway), PLEASE NO STICKER AUTOS!!! We’d rather see less autos but no stickers for a set this nice!!! 2) Will Damian Lillard be autographing any Panini products this year? -Signed, Everyone

    1. Good stuff, Dave. Thanks for sharing these thoughts. I can assure you that this product IS NOT inundated with tons of parallels, just Prizm and Gold Prizm and Green Prizms in retail. There are sticker autographs in this product, partly because of the time savings they allowed for this release. I think you can expect more on-card as this brand develops, however.

      As for Damian Lillard, he will not have autographs in this release.

      As an FYI, Prizm starts packing out tomorrow and I’m going to tag along to document the process and give our fantastic collectors a sneak peek at everything it has to offer. Stay tuned.

      1. Thanks for your response Tracy, I’m def good for a case! Does Panini plan to have Lillard’s autos in any of the products this year? Again, signed -EVERYONE!

  6. Hey Tracy,

    This set looks amazing, I’m absolutely impressed with these previews. How is the card stock on these? I hope they’re around the 55pt-75pt instead of your usual lower end product 35pt.

  7. Excellent preview as always, it’s good to see this technology used in conjunction with on card autographs of veteran players. The Rambis makes me hope to see game-used goggle cards in a future release lol. Thanks Tracy!

  8. Prizm looks stunning. I am looking forward to it big time. I have a question about the base rookie cards in the 1-300 base set. Are they short printed (SP) as compared to the veteran/star base cards? Or will they pull at a similar rate as the veteran/star base cards?

  9. I can feel the excitement here!
    So tentative date would be Nov 28th?
    Very excited about this product!
    Even going to target or Walmart would be very Green-ly amazing!
    Hobby boxes and retails here we come!

  10. Just locked down my case Tracy! This should be great… one thing I’m a little confused on is, how rare are the green parallels, are they numbered. A lot of people are talking about the retail being as worthwhile as the hobby which shouldn’t be.

    As for the Lillard discussion, we all know Lillard has a deal with [another manufacturer], but you guys have the NBA license. Lots of rumours on the forums about you guys still having a chance to get his autos in future 12/13 products, any truth to this?

  11. This stuff looks great, and to be honest, it will probably get me back into busting basketball wax. What is the MSRP and when can we expect it to ship? Thanks in advance for your info Tracy

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