Updated 2010 Playoff Contenders Golden Ticket Tracker: Four More Discovered

Today we add four more precious-metal monuments to the list in the legendary Jerry Rice, Tony Romo, Rolando McClain and Ryan Mathews.

It’s no secret by now that the pioneering Golden Ticket redemption treasures buried randomly inside packs of 2010 Playoff Contenders Football have created a frenzied collecting buzz across America since they first hit the market more than a  month ago.

Every card pulled is nothing short of an industry-wide event, complete with the staggering auction prices to prove it. The Golden Tickets for Dez Bryant, Aaron Rodgers and John Elway sold for more than $2,000, respectively, while cards of Peyton Manning, Roger Staubach and Emmitt Smith have each eclipsed the $1,500 barrier.

In an effort to keep everyone up to date on this exciting cross-country gold-dig, we’ve created the following list of all known Golden Tickets that have been pulled to date, including sales information when possible. We’ll update this list periodically as more Golden Tickets surface.

We profiled the two lucky collectors who pulled the Sam Bradford and Elway Golden Tickets two weeks ago. We also showed you the video of the collector who paid $1,550 for the Emmitt Smith Golden Ticket receiving his prize. Today we add four more precious-metal monuments to the list in the legendary Jerry Rice, Tony Romo, Rolando McClain and Ryan Mathews.

In a related note, it appears that the Rodgers Golden Ticket that originally sold for $2,277 has resold for a staggering $3,500.   

Player                                    Pulled From                                                                Current Status
Mark Sanchez                       SMP Sports Cards, Grapevine, Texas                    Sale Price: $1,238.37
Troy Aikman                        New England Sports Cards, Amherst, N.H.
Eli Manning                           Croton Falls, N.Y.                                                         Sale Price: $925
Aaron Rodgers                    Buffalo, N.Y.                                                                    Sale Price: $3,500
Philip Rivers                         Bleachers Sports Cards, Abington, Mass.           
Roger Staubach                   Columbia Sports Cards, Vancouver, Wash.       Sale Price: $1,500
Chris Johnson                      All Pro Sports Cards, Stow, Ohio                            Sale Price: $998.88
Peyton Manning                  Newark, Delaware                                                        Sale Price: $1,525
Dexter McCluster                Chris’ Sports Cards, Allentown, Pa.                      Sale Price: $948.88
Jimmy Clausen                    Gil’s Infield, Duncanville, Texas                             Sale Price: $835
Tim Tebow                             All C’s Collectibles, Aurora, Colo.
Steve Young                         First and Goal Sports Cards, Allentown, Pa.      Sale Price: $1,005.88
Dez Bryant                             Franklin, Wis.                                                                 Sale Price: $2,280
Brett Favre                            Goldy’s Sports Collectibles, Freehold, N.J.       eBay Auction Link
Carson Palmer                     Killeen, Texas
Antonio Gates                      Sayre, Pa.
Rob Gronkowski                  Naperville, Ill.
Aaron Hernandez               Scottsdale, Ariz.
Golden Tate                           Bristol, Va.
Eli Manning                           San Diego, Calif.                                                             eBay Auction Link
Sam Bradford                       Wonder Water Sports Cards, Clearwater, Fla.
John Elway                           Port Jefferson, N.Y.                                                      Sale Price: $2,075.77 
C.J. Spiller                             Ontario, Canada                                                             Sale Price: $1,150
Emmitt Smith                      Plattsburgh, N.Y.                                                           Sale Price: $1,550
Terry Bradshaw                  Tokyo, Japan
Gerald McCoy                      Sioux City, Iowa                                                            eBay Auction Link
Mike Williams                      Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Reggie Wayne                      Hunstville, Ala.
Jerry Rice                             RDC Sports Cards, Cranford, N.J.                           eBay Auction Link
Tony Romo                          The Dugout, Pigeon Forge, Tenn.
Ryan Mathews                    Mount Joy, Pa.
Rolando McClain               Danville, Calif.


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  1. i’d love to have one, but ive already bought 8 boxes and didnt get a glimpse of anything worth while, maybe i should buy retail, it hink id have a better shot.

  2. wow ūüėģ by this rate i will never pull a golden ticket XD

    Grats to the people who pulled some and thanks panini for the awesome golden tickets (Even though i didn’t get one XD JK)

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