Veteran Leadership: Current Stars Add Pop to 2012 National Treasures Football

April 07, 2013

Panini America 2012 National Treasures Football Veteran Stars (7)

In our continuing countdown to next week’s release of 2012 National Treasures Football, we’ve brought you captivating looks at the unparalleled Hall of Fame content in the product as well as seemingly unending glimpses at the resplendent rookie presence in Panini America’s super-premium juggernaut.

Today, we shift the focus to the NFL’s best and brightest veteran stars — players like Joe Flacco, Peyton Manning, Adrian Peterson and so many more — whose autographs and memorabilia within National Treasures have conspired to create one of the greatest football releases of the modern era. From on-card autographs to massive swatches of Pro Bowl jerseys to flat-out epic dual, triple and quad autographs, there’s a little bit of modern greatness to suit seemingly every collector’s taste in 2012 National Treasures Football.

And much of it is on display in the must-see gallery that follows. Enjoy this super Sunday stroll through more than 60 additional images foretelling of National Treasures’ brilliance — and stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance tomorrow when we deliver a two-case National Treasures teaser gallery.