Video & Gallery: The Hockey Highlights from Panini America’s Most Recent Mail Day

If a picture truly is worth a thousand words (and, hey, who are we to argue that it's not?), get ready for 37,000 brilliant ones that will succinctly sum up three good reasons to anticipate Panini America's later-season 2011-12 NHL trading cards.

If a picture truly is worth a thousand words (and, hey, who are we to argue that it’s not?), get ready for 37,000 brilliant ones that will succinctly sum up three good reasons to anticipate Panini America’s later-season 2011-12 NHL trading cards.

Those three reasons: Game-worn hockey jerseys from Chicago Blackhawks legend Denis Savard, Los Angeles Kings legend Bernie Nicholls and 2011 Stanley Cup champion Patrice Bergeron of the Boston Bruins. They’re the sweat-soiled sweetness that prompted Panini NHL acquisitions honcho Alex Carbajal to call me yesterday just minutes after they arrived.

Here’s hoping the following gallery and accompanying video will do them justice. Stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance for additional details on just where these jerseys — or the splendid parts of their sum — will appear next.

First, the video:

Now, the gallery:


11 Replies to “Video & Gallery: The Hockey Highlights from Panini America’s Most Recent Mail Day”

  1. Ah yes, the old Adidas logo from the vintage Kings sweaters, don’t see that material much. Hope that is used in a card or two.

    Sweet grabs fellas.

  2. “sweat-soiled sweetness”? I am not sure if that is pleasant, or repulsive. lol

    Great close-up pics of the sweaters. You know, anytime I see the a game-worn sweater that’s taken that kind of abuse, all the battle scars, prompting repair work? I’m saddened by the thought of it getting chopped up into numerous swatches. Sure, it will make for a bunch of great cards – but there’s only so many game-used jerseys from retired players, don’t want to see all of them ending up in trading cards.

    Thanks for the behind the scenes look!

  3. Love the pics and I am glad to have subscribed to the blog so I know when to come online. It must be hard to see these be cut up to be on a card. I dont think its anything I could ever do for a job. But it most be even harder for those players who have passed on. Cutting up something that they wore during a game. But its great to see the behind the scenes. I used to like seeing the whole pic of the jersey on the back of a memorabilia card stating that it had been cut from it. Pretty cool stuff again panini.

    1. I feel the same way about slicing, dicing as yes, julienning Ruth, Gehrig, Mantle and Cobb jerseys.
      The point that only so many are available is a good one; the same holds true for cut autos from deceased Hall of Famers. The cut auto will only appreciate in value bc the demand will thoroughly outstrip supply, if it hasn’t already for many of the older players such as Waner and Speaker. Other companies are putting “Bat” and “jersey” cards in products, but they’re careful to state that the item does not come from any game or event. The truth, is that these cards are “manufactured” and stating such will thoroughly devalue an already value-diminished component of the hobby. Babe Ruth bat cards that formerly sold for upwards of $400 can now be had for as little as $135 on eBay. The provenance of the hockey sweaters above, however, is beyond dispute.

  4. I love these acquisition posts. Keep them coming. I haven’t seen a Football one in a while (since the super dirty Moreno came in) and I don’t think I’ve ever seen one for Basketball.

  5. Oh my God Gunzo’s! Please tell me you are going to use that tag on a card. If not send it my way. That place was a part of Chicago hockey lore!

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