Which Do You Prefer? The Early Autograph Returns of 2014-15 Preferred Basketball

Panini America 2014-15 Preferred Basketball First Ink (21)

No matter how you prefer your NBA autographed trading cards, you can bet that Panini America’s upcoming 2014-15 Preferred Basketball will have a little dose of on-card brilliance just for you. Unique die-cuts, fancy foils, signatures horizontally at the top, along the bottom, in the middle, and vertically along the right or left side of cards radically redesigned for 2014-15.

But 2014-15 Preferred Basketball offers more than just an impressive breadth of autograph possibilities. The product also manages to offer a completely new aesthetic (with the exception of the landmark Silhouettes) while staying true to the principles that have made Preferred one of the most coveted basketball brands in the industry.

In the must-see gallery that follows, we offer a revealing glimpse into the new-look Preferred Basketball by showcasing just some of the on-card autographs that have been returned to Panini America HQ in recent weeks. Enjoy this special Sunday sneak peek and stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance for continued coverage of 2014-15 Preferred Basketball.


0 Replies to “Which Do You Prefer? The Early Autograph Returns of 2014-15 Preferred Basketball”

  1. Loving the higher-end releases which are starting to come out now 🙂 Do you have any further info on the release date and card checklists for Immaculate Basketball?

  2. Preferred is like Forrest’s box of Trading Card chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna’ get… but it WILL be good!
    Love the “Unparalleled” autos, they have a certain “Contenders” feel to them, but alas….slightly more elegant than the Football staple. In addition, the Crown Royale brand seems to have been absorbed into Preferred… & from the jersey card sigs’ to the new look auto cards, beautifully rendered.
    Lastly, it’s great to see some new names included in the product! Brian Grant as mentioned above, Jack Sikma and Muggsy… I think this is a BANGIN’ product.
    Designs so sharp you could cut your hands (figuratively speaking, of course) and what appears to be an eclectic, inclusive and dynamic checklist. Again, “big buckets” by Panini’s design team!!! Beautiful.

  3. Younger players could learn a thing or two from the the older guys about signing autographs. Look at those letter-perfect sigs from Dantley, Thompson, Lever, Sikma, and Nelson. Beats the heck out of Green and Randle’s efforts.

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