Wicked ‘Checkerboard’ Parallels Deliver Pop to Panini America’s 2014 Boxing Day Set

December 19, 2014

Panini Checkerboard

While our Canadian neighbors are no doubt counting down the days until next Friday’s Boxing Day, it’s a safe bet that our collecting comrades north of the border are more eagerly anticipating Panini America’s 2014 Boxing Day promotion than they are Canada’s biggest shopping day of the year.

Panini America’s second annual Boxing Day promotion is shaping up quite nicely and participating Panini Roundtable stores in Canada should be receiving their Boxing Day packs in time to begin the promotion in earnest early next week. Today, our unadulterated 2014 Boxing Day preview continues unabated with a revealing look at some of the set’s majestic “checkerboard” memorabilia inclusions.

Panini America’s checkerboard printing pattern has a distinct “cracked ice” feel to it and adds definite “Wow” factor to the prime memorabilia cards in the set. You can see exactly what we mean in the gallery that follows.

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Now, for the gallery . . .