Win a Signed Hat from Edmonton Oilers First Overall Pick Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

Just like last year, the Edmonton Oilers owned the first overall pick in last weekend's 2011 NHL Draft. Just like last year, the team selected a young Canadian who promises to be one of the most collectible rookies in the league as soon as he hits the ice.

ST. PAUL, Minn. — Just like last year, the Edmonton Oilers owned the first overall pick in last weekend’s 2011 NHL Draft. Just like last year, the team¬†selected a young Canadian who promises to be¬†one of the most collectible¬†rookies in the league as soon as he hits the ice.

That ridiculously talented rookie this year is Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, an 18-year-old center who soon enough will team with Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle to form one of the most talented young teams in the NHL.

Just minutes after his name was called to drop the puck on the draft¬†Friday night, Nugent-Hopkins stopped by the Panini America¬†studio¬†for his closeup. Well, for lots of closeups — most of which you’ll see in the can’t-miss gallery below.¬†But know that¬†we took advantage of our quality¬†time with the rookie by acquiring far more than photos.

We also had him sign a hat that we’re going to¬†give away to one lucky¬†reader¬†of The Knight’s Lance. All you have to do to be eligible to win is¬†stroll through the Nugent-Hopkins gallery below as well as our other on-location posts from the 2011 NHL Draft and comment on¬†some of your favorite¬†images. That’s it.

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We’ll select one lucky commenter at random to win the hat. Four additional winners selected at random will receive¬†autographed photos¬†of¬†2010 rookies Tyler Seguin,¬†the aforementioned Hall or Jamie McBain.

Enjoy this gallery and the others and be sure to comment on your favorite pics.


80 Replies to “Win a Signed Hat from Edmonton Oilers First Overall Pick Ryan Nugent-Hopkins”

  1. He’s so young but seems composed in these photos. Expect big things from him. The Oilers will be a contender for a long while if they can hold onto Hall, Eberle and Nugent-Hopkins.

  2. Looking forward to another strong rookie card showing from you guys next season. Can’t wait to see these pics in them soon.

  3. RNH – Hall – Eberle = Stanley Cup in 3 years. Calling it now! I’d love to see another Cup Finals between my two favorite teams like in 05-06, Oilers – Canes!

    Thanks for giving away these prizes to your readers Panini. You guys are awesome.

  4. The Oilers are going to be annual contenders in a few years with all of the young talent they have. They remind me of the Penguins with all of their young talent.

  5. The top pic is my favorite. Its awesome Panini shares this behind the scenes with us keep up the great work.

  6. I’m quickly becoming an Oilers fan. If they can keep all these guys they will be a team to beat for many years to com.

  7. Classic poses….hopefully with this young core, the oilers can return to the glory years. I agree with the composure comment. Love the second to last picture.

  8. Represent beautiful bc well Ryan! Hall, eberle, paajari, omark, nugent-Hopkins wow this team will be a dynasty in a few years!

  9. Looks like he had a blast taking those picks.. its gotta be a Dream Come True being picked #1 overall. Growing up I am sure we all had our most favorite pose if we ever got to be on a card – he got to do that as well.
    Sure he hasnt come down off that cloud yet…
    I hope to pull a few of his cards come next season.. Thanks

  10. Ryan doesn’t seem to be affected by his #1 draft pick status. He seems to be genuinely having fun while going through the photo shoot. Maybe Taylor Hall gave him some pointers on what to expect and how to react. They are going to be a great young team in the next season or two. Watch out NHL, the Oilers are back!

  11. That’s a nice hat. All the other stuff along with it is nice too, (the Hall photos & the Seguin cards). It’s good to see these guys signing a lot of autographs & not having their autographs being “restricted” like some other companies do. Good job Panini!

  12. possible dynasty…. we will soon see everyone names the two big guys Hall and Eberle don’t forget about Paajarvi and Omark. And now this kid.Could be great or could be like the Bengals in football.All #1 picks and nothing to show.

  13. That’s always an exciting time of the year. Nugent-Hopkins might be the missing piece of the Oilers puzzle.

  14. Who’s that guy and why’s he writing on my hat?! Can you please send it back to me? You can leave the writing on! lol

    Yup, the Oilers could be a force to be reckoned with. They just need a goalie now.

  15. I was at the draft, that would be a cool prize. It would hav been sweet to see some “next day” cards on Saturday, signed or not.

  16. With Nugent-Hopkins in the lineup with the two, the Oliers will be unstoppable. Can’t wait til next season.

  17. Nice hat. Congrats Ryan Nugent-Hopkins on going #1 in 2011. Hope you crack that awesome Oiler line up next season.

  18. N-H will be ok sharing the puck with all those other ‘stars’, but I got my eye on the Devils pick at 4. There are way too many scorers in the league and not enough of a premium on defense. I know it is unfair but looking at Larsson, he is a beast and if he comes anywhere close to Lidstrom his cards will be worth a premium plus he will produce right away. RNH will have to wait awhile before he really makes an impact.

  19. tyler seguin is going to be the name we here a lot about for years to come! Panini has done a great job covering the draft and keeping us fans up to date! Thank everyone.

  20. Yes, this guy is sure to be a stud! Too bad he won’t be in Detroit with my Wings! Thanks for the contest!

  21. I appr√©ciate all the products of PANINI. I found a redeem card of Jeff Skinner (ROY) in Crown Royale, silhouette patch /25. This is my most beautifull card of my collection. I would like add to my collection the signed hat from Nugent-Hopkins 1ST pick of the draft…

    Paul Levasseur

  22. Love all the pics with him pointing the stick and balancing pucks! Should definitely be exhibited in one of next years sets! Cant wait to see them!

  23. Great looking photo shoot. Panini has become one of the best at signing people. Making deals with Kobe, Kyrie, and so many big names. Won’t surprise me if Hopkins becomes a star.

  24. That’s a great shoot. He seems so poised and comfortable with the camera. Can’t wait to see this kid out on the ice.

  25. Edmonton RNH was an awesome move!! Watched him live at an Oil Kings playoff game…he’s so super quick and stealthy.

  26. Great autograph inscription! I love the pose where the stick is wayyyy up close to the camera lens! Oilers are rebuilding to championship form!

  27. big TML fan here, so being able to see them in their future jersey and potential rookie card photoshoot is always a bonus! Thanks for all these behind the scenes photos!

  28. Great draft coverage, a great look at what goes on behind the scenes. I enjoyed the picture with Mark Scheifele, getting the large NHL Shield jersey, now wouldn’t that make a special 1/1 card ūüôā

  29. RNH has the eyes of a champion.Thank you Panini America for being at the 2011 NHL Draft. I was born in Edmonton..Always a Oilers fan! Hopkins mania is heating up!..I will be looking out for Panini’s 2011-2012 NHL Trading cards..Thank you!

  30. The photographs that show the stick up close, yet with the player in the background really works as a way to provide a shot that is enhanced with depth, leaving no wasted space in the frame. Great pictures!

  31. I hope he and Hall can grow in to a Gretzky-Messier type pair and lead the Oilers to many years of high level competition.

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