WINNER of Panini America’s 2023 Super Bowl Kid Reporter Grand Prize Announced!!

STORY:  Imagine this, you’re a young collector opening packs of Panini Football cards and you pull a game card in one of your packs. You submit a video to enter the contest. Then you wait. Maybe you forget about it, after all – your favorite team is in the NFL playoffs! Then one day you hop on a video call with your family,  NFL great Trent Dilfer is on the other end. Trent proceeds to tell you you’re the winner of Panini’s famous Super Bowl Kid Reporter sweepstakes, and you and your family are getting to attend the big game and interview players from the teams! To sweeten the deal, your favorite team just won a nail-biter, and they’re going to be playing in the Super Bowl you’re attending!

Well, if it sounds too good to be true, it’s not. This is exactly what happened to a young Chiefs fan from Des Moines, Iowa named Miles Waage. Miles was randomly selected as a Finalist from more than 135,000 entries from the Panini Super Bowl Kid Reporter program. Miles’ trip to Arizona will include interviewing players from both the Chiefs and the Eagles during the NFL Opening Media Night, more celebrity interviews from the Panini Prizm VIP Lounge, attending the Merlin Olsen Pro Football Hall of Fame Luncheon, all before taking in the Super Bowl game on Sunday!


PANINI: Miles, congratulations on being named the Panini Super Bowl Kid Reporter! That’s a big deal. How did you find out you were the winner?

MILES:  I got a zoom call from Trent Dilfer telling me that I was the winner of the Panini Kid Reporter! I was so excited! I couldn’t believe it!

PANINI:  What a rush! You’re pretty sharp for a little guy! How old are you?

MILES:  I am 11 and a 1/2 years old.

PANINI:  What sports do you play?

MILES:  Football, baseball and basketball.

PANINI:  A triple threat! I can’t say we’re surprised to hear that after seeing that amazing submission video you put together. Who did you get to help you with that?

MILES:  My stepmom and my dad.

PANINI:  Well, if sports doesn’t pan out for you, you may have a future in broadcasting! I’m guessing you were watching the Chiefs’ game on Sunday night? What did you think about that big win?

MILES:  I was nervous because the Chiefs had a lot of injured players. But I had faith that they would win. When the game was over I was jumping up and down and screaming!

PANINI:  Do you have a favorite player on the Chiefs?

MILES:  Patrick Mahomes is my favorite player! He makes the game exciting to watch!

PANINI:  He sure does! Tell us about you as a sports card collector? Who do you collect?

MILES:  I started collecting cards when my Dad showed me his collection from when he was my age. My new favorite card that I have is the Skyy Moore rookie card that has a piece of his jersey on it.

PANINI:  Do you remember which product you were opening when you pulled the Super Bowl Kid Reporter contest card?

MILES:  It was in a football pack that I got for my birthday.

PANINI:  Wow! It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Now that you’re getting to go watch your Chiefs play in the big game, what are you looking forward to most about going to the Super Bowl?

MILES:  Cheering on my team in person and seeing touchdown dances.

PANINI:  Let’s hope the Chiefs have lots of opportunities for touchdown dances! 😉 We are so excited for you and your family to come out to Arizona for the big game. Do you have any questions for your friends at Panini? 😊

MILES:  Can you make trading cards that have the Kid Reporters on them?

PANINI:  That’s a great idea!



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