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Teaser Gallery: Panini America Breaks Five Early Boxes of 2016 Limited Football

January 18, 2017


Fans of Panini America’s Limited Football franchise have had to wait . . . and wait . . . and wait for a new opportunity to collect one of the hobby’s most venerable products. But in just a few short days, that patience will be rewarded. On Friday, 2016 Limited Football will go live in hobby shops across North America, marking the first time since 2014 Limited Football arrived in November of 2014 that collectors have had a chance at the product.

As you’ll see in the Teaser Gallery that follows (and as you’ve no doubt already seen in Monday’s Quality Control Gallery), some time away has served the Limited brand well. On average, each three-pack box of 2016 Limited Football will deliver two autographs (including one hard-signed Rookie Patch Autograph), one memorabilia card and one parallel.

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Teaser Gallery: Panini America Cracks Early Boxes of 2016-17 Limited Basketball

January 17, 2017


This week promises to be extremely “Limited” in hobby shops and on group-break sites across North America with both 2016-17 Limited Basketball (tomorrow) and 2016 Limited Football (Friday) going live. You saw the Quality Control Gallery for Limited Basketball last week. Today, we’re taking you card by card through a few early boxes.

As you’ll see in the Teaser Gallery that follows, 2016-17 Limited Basketball is steeped in clean designs and autograph memorabilia Rookie Cards. On average, each eight-card box will deliver two autograph or memorabilia cards, one insert card, one parallel and four base cards.

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The Panini America Quality Control Gallery: 2016 Limited Football (100+ Images)

January 16, 2017


Twenty-five . . . long . . . months. That’s how much time has passed, believe it or not, since Panini America last issued a Limited Football product. But if absence really does make the heart grow fonder, collectors of 2016 Limited Football are in for a treat. Set to arrive in hobby shops across North America on Friday, 2016 Limited Football reintroduces some of the brands popular calling-card inclusions while also delivering a few new twists.

On average, each hobby box (five cards per pack, three packs per box) will yield two autographs (including one on-card-signed Rookie Patch Autograph) and one memorabilia card. Other hard-signed inserts in 2016 Limited Football include Limited Monikers and Team Trademark Signatures.

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Panini America Offers a Sunday Sneak Peek Inside 2016 Limited Football (Gallery)

January 15, 2017


As a country full of football fans and football collectors prepare to take in a Sunday filled with NFL Divisional Playoff blockbusters (Green Bay vs. Dallas followed by Pittsburgh vs. Kansas City), we thought we’d help fan the flames of anticipation by offering a quick sneak peek at just some of the memorabilia inclusions slated for next week’s release of 2016 Limited Football.

The popular Limited Football arrives for a new season on Friday and we’ll have a comprehensive preview of the product tomorrow in a must-see Quality Control Gallery. But today, we’re pulling the curtain back ever so slightly by previewing key cards in the Rookie Phenoms Materials and Limited Threads memorabilia inserts. Enjoy the sneak peek and stay tuned tomorrow for additional coverage on 2016 Limited Football.

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Panini America’s Weekly Redemption Card Update: KD, Zeke, Messi and More

January 13, 2017


In an effort to keep collectors updated on the status of those Panini America redemption cards that are currently being processed, we’ll post a list every week, like the one included in the attachments below, detailing the most recent cards being fulfilled this week.

The following list is intended to inform collectors about which redemption cards from which products are being processed this week. We’ll update this list every week so stay tuned next week if you don’t see your card here.

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Short Report: Panini America Reveals More SPs, SSPs in 2016 Contenders Football

January 13, 2017


Panini America’s ballyhooed 2016 Contenders Football arrived in hobby shops one week ago to a ready-and-waiting collector base that has spent the last seven days in a wrapper-ripping, Rookie Ticket-revealing frenzy. That’s certain to continue in the weeks ahead as the many Contenders completists work on building their sets, with one eye always on the set’s various variations and short prints.

Last weekend we started sharing early information in an effort to clarify or demystify some of the set’s SP and SSP mysteries. You can check out last week’s update here. The list below details more of the SPs and SSPs featured in 2016 Contenders Football’s Rookie Tickets, Rookie Ticket Variations (horizontal) and Rookie Ticket Variations Sepia sets. For 2016 Contenders Football, an SP indicates cards with a print run of 250 or less; an SSP indicates cards with a print run of 99 or less. Enjoy the list and stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance for continued coverage.

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Panini America Delivers Detailed First Look at 2017 Stars & Stripes USA Baseball

January 13, 2017


After a long season away, Panini America’s popular Stars & Stripes USA Baseball product is returning to the diamond in 2017 surrounded in the patriotic pageantry of the USA Baseball organization. Set to arrive in hobby shops across North America in mid March, 2017 Stars & Stripes USA Baseball (eight cards per pack, five packs per box, 20 boxes per case) will deliver five autograph or memorabilia cards, five parallels and 30 base cards in each hobby box, on average.

As you’ll see in the in the gallery that follows, the product’s return is fueled by rich content devoted to USA Baseball’s brightest young stars and all-time greats. The set features on-card autographs from 49 different players and limited parallels signed in Black, Red and Green ink.
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