2012-13 Panini Basketball Stars in a Special Edition of Panini Unwrapped (Checklist)

Earlier this week, Panini America's Tracy Hackler and Keith Hower made a little small talk and then got down to the business of breaking one entertaining box of the new 2012-13 Panini Basketball. Easily more profound than Hower's tale of signing autographs at the 2013 NBA All-Star Jam Session are some of the great-looking cards and inserts available in the product, many of which are pulled in this very video.


Earlier this week, Panini America’s Tracy Hackler and Keith Hower made a little small talk and then got down to the business of breaking one entertaining box of the new 2012-13 Panini Basketball. Easily more profound than Hower’s tale of signing autographs at the 2013 NBA All-Star Jam Session are some of the great-looking cards and inserts available in the product, many of which are pulled in this very video.

After the video, stick around for the complete product checklist. And after you’ve checked that out, please leave your candid thoughts on the product in the comments section below. This time next week, we’ll select four commenters at random to win a box of 2012-13 Panini Basketball.

Here’s the checklist: 2012-13 Panini Base BK Checklist


124 Replies to “2012-13 Panini Basketball Stars in a Special Edition of Panini Unwrapped (Checklist)”

  1. Great looking cards and price point. My boys are 7 and 8 and looking forward to putting a couple sets together. They love the foil and all of the great inserts. Thanks Panini!!!

  2. Glad to see Larry Bird in the Hall of Fame auto set and a Roy Hibbert auto. I’m sad there’s no Reggie Miller HOF auto card though. I like the look of the blue border cards the best.

  3. Gotta love a product thats for collectors. Meaning one you can afford, one thats nice looking, and one that you can put a set together of. And you can never go wrong with great looking inserts either!

  4. I like the double pictures of Heroes of the Hall. The Matching Numbers set is an interesting idea. Overall the nice quality of this “base” set is amazing. If only I could pull a serial numbered Black Knight. Awesome job Panini! 🙂

  5. Looks like a great product to build a set of. And you can’t beat the value you get at that price point.

  6. I love this product and I’m so happy you guys brought it back! Its been 4 years to long! I love the simple base set design and love all the inserts. The autograph checklist is deep and amazing! You guys at Panini did a great job once again. I just hope I’m lucky enough to pull a Kyrie auto when I open my boxes Saturday! I’m going to be a Kyrie Irving SuperCollector! Keep up the great work Panini!

  7. Very nice product! It is pity thou that we don’t have Panini America product in Hungarian stores, so even thou the price is affordable but with the international shipping fees it is still too expensive ti purchase. I wish we could buy your products here for the same price!

  8. Great video guys as usual! I am not a big basketball guy but I wouldn’t mind busting a few boxes of this stuff to build my first basketball set! Keep up the great work guys!

  9. such a nice set building product, looking forward to putting it together! always do a panini basketball set each year!

  10. Thanks guys for the show. I like the Black Knight and I am wondering if there are Black Knight autos. The cards and autos look really clean. Again PANINI thanks for the contest. Cannot hardly wait for all the releases coming out soon.

  11. What about lillard auto or carmelo Anthony i did t see his auto in a while he is my pc,is he coming in one of your products soon ?

  12. I can’t wait to see the legends or spokesmen autos. The foil board cards look great. It looks like a good price point for collectors. Tracy, are you noticing any condition problems with the bottom corners as the cards are coming out of the packs? I could see this being a condition sensitive set.

  13. another quality set..great looking cards at a great price point. I love the foil look and the inserts are great too.Love the free pack of Kobe..The idea of the knight on the card is awesome as well.Definitely a set builders dream box. Also go easy on the camera guy and Tracy I love how you named the knight Ted..As long as he’s not as inappropriate as another Ted (hopefully you’ve seen the movie lol). Sorry to ramble, how I can be picked to open a box..Thanks

  14. Another great product from panini! 🙂 I really like the heroes of the hall and matching numbers I inserts. Thanks for showing it off! Good luck to everyone on the free boxes!!

  15. This product looks really cool. It reminds me of a better version of hoops. The jersey cards of the rookies are awesome, but my favorite cards are the spokesman on card autos!

  16. At this price point I think the cards work nicely and I personally like the design and the look. I don’t understand why retired players are in newly released base sets…but collectors must like it because it has happened in almost every set this year. Nice Job overall.

  17. great looking low end product. i’ll probably be picking up a few retail packs. i do wish the rookie cards looked different from the regular base, so that when i’m flipping through the cards i know instantly that its a rookie card and i can set it aside. But they all look the same.

  18. Very nice looking cards with great inserts that are very fairly priced. Im looking forward to putting together a complete set
    Exciting, quality product

  19. Really like the heroes of the hall inserts. Base are solid looking…couldn’t tell if there was one on the vid, but I wish that the rookie cards had some kinda marking signifying it as a rookie

  20. A simple basic set which I love. The autos look nice and the Knight parallels are neat. Another great job guys.

  21. Great stuff, the spokeperson auto look sick. Is there one with all of the Panini Reps? BG32, KD35, KB24 and KI2?

  22. Another nice set by panini. I really like the design of the All Panini insert set. Keep the hits coming and thanks for another great contest.

  23. nice new product! will definetely buy a box. really looking to pull one of those spokesmen signatures.

  24. Great product for autograph set builders like me–fun looking inserts (matching numbers looks like a cool one to get signed by two players) with a big set (300) of players to chase for their john hancocks. Looks awesome and hope to win a box!

  25. The cards look great-reminds me of Score Football 100%. I like the knight parallels. I think it would be awesome to rattle of some names like: Knight and Day, The Dark Knight, Smithy the Cardsmither (instead of blacksmithing) for some Panini knight parallel cards in the years to come. Keith, I am digging the player knicknames-keep them coming. Let me know what you think of the parallel names-

  26. Solid looking release, excellent value and some fun subsets to chase. Very impressed with that Durant foil, nice looking card. Thanks as always Tracy!

  27. This is another star release by Panini. This products delivers some amazing inserts and autos for a very affordable price. Love the way Panini continues to grow in every aspect of card collecting. Also, took a look at the checklist of this product and was just amazed with the dual and triple autos. In addition, this box is a little more economic than other recent releases which is another plus. Thanks Tracey and PANINI ! 🙂

  28. The cards look great-reminds me of Score Football 100%. I like the knight parallels. I think it would be awesome to rattle of some names like: Knight and Day, The Dark Knight, Smithy the Cardsmither (instead of blacksmithing) for some Panini knight parallel cards in the years to come. Keith, I am digging the player knicknames-keep them coming. Let me know what you think of the parallel names-

  29. Nice overall product! I especially like that on your parallels, you have the KNIGHT logo at the bottom (so the card looks different). I’ve always had a pet peeve about parallels that look the same except for a numbering on the back or something like that. I especially like the heroes of the hall insert and the matching numbers inserts-cool idea. By the way, The Black Knight was my favorite pinball machine of all time (yes I am showing my age). Thanks for another great contest!

      1. Too true! I spent most of my money when I was younger on pinball and sports cards. Getting harder to find pinball machines now, but cards have definitely gotten better!

        I can still hear the machine’s taunting refrain when you were done the game:


        repeated over and over.

        Great memories though!

        How about Knight’s Challenge or Knight’s Quest for an insert set?

  30. Spirit of the Game cards look great, but my favorite cards have to be the Knights of the Round Die-Cuts. Cool stuff guys.

  31. who did Marco Bellini replace in the checklist- nice design/color reminds me a little of the mid 1980s Star Basketball

  32. Great looking product. Smoothe design and nice clean autos. Pretty hyped to pick up a couple of boxes when this comes out.

  33. Like the designs, I know it’s not possible, but I wish all of the autos were on card instead of stickers. The black knight parallels are cool. Going to pick up some due to the affordable price!

  34. Great break, short printed parallels are nice!

    and great looking Ian McCall shirt, is Panini going to get into the MMA mix? That would be awesome!

  35. sweet design this year guys…cool inserts and SP hits…and a great bang for your buck product…thanks for sharing as always

  36. Actual just started more in to basketball and i love the black knights! low numbered,clean colors and photog! great job guys! have to get me some of these for sure, nice retail msrp so works good for the kiddos too! thanks tracy!

  37. Looking good. I will more then likely only stick with the hobby version though. Not really a fan of the retail plus I like to support my local hobby shop.

  38. I love that this product is being brought back, and not only that, it was done right. The price point is great for beginner collectors or collectors on a budget. The cards do not look cheaply made as with most products at this price point. With the checklist involved, the autograph ratio and the beautiful photography featured on the cards I do not see how this product would not be accepted by most if not all basketball collectors

  39. If this moves to football-how about a Knight’s Challenge insert set featuring NFL head coaches. You could have regular version, autographed version and a “game used challenge flag” version!!!!!

  40. I really like that the Knight, or Ted as you referred to him, is included in this set. I’m sure the black knight parallels are going to be in high demand. I also love the design of the Heroes of the Hall insert. That’s a great looking card. Well done as usual!!!!

  41. Very nice product! I like the Gold & Black Knight Inserts and really enjoy the Heroes of the Hall inserts. I love products, especially bball, with old legends in the set. So great job again, Panini!

  42. I really like the design of the cards and the photography is outstanding. I can’t wait to rip some of these packs. I’m glad to hear they will be available in retail as well. Being the base set is 300, it should be easier to build as well. Definately one I will be working on!

  43. Great combo of Tracy And Keith for Basketball Breaks!
    Congratulations on two hundred and fourteenth episode.
    Love the blog previews as always!
    This Panini Basketball is really cool and awesome release especially with its almost a give away price point im definitely sure it would be picked up world wide. I also love tge knights parallel which is a very clever idea by team panini to be placed on this. With also knights of the round die cut that looks great and to know that its one per case is an awesome chase to have. With great photography with mixed profoundly thought inserts idea. This Panini Basketball maybe a sure fan Favorite of all ages. So I Thank you all team Panini for another cool fun Product to bust open with my son Joshua, sometimes he pretends to be Tracy on opening packs on youtube. Well Tracy your Job is still very secure because Joshua is only eleven. And for now. He is eyeing on being the one to give a product review.
    Kudos to all staff.

  44. Love The design with the spokes man autograph wow. Lucky mojos would be available in this very desirable Price. Thanks Tracy and Keith you guys are always cool to watch.
    Thanks for the contest. Panini knights are cool idea. Thanks gain and wish you Panini the best. We are Panini!!!!

  45. Love the design of the base cards and the inserts! This is a great product that Panini released. I think Tracy and Keith are the best Unwrappers ever! I like how the base cards have the player and then the border around the card with the team’s color. That unifies the player and the background of the base cards. On the inserts, I really like the Matching numbers insert. It is a neat insert and is very unique. 12-13 Panini Basketball was outstanding!! Thanks for giving collectors the chance to win a box of this great product. And Keep up the Good work Panini!!!

  46. Great looking base set, reminds me of 1990-91 Hoops! And as always, the photography is amazing! Keep doing the great job! Can’t wait to pick up some Tristan Thompson autographs from this set!

  47. What a great entry level product. I like the simplicity of the design. My son was confused by the look of the cards and hoops. Says he needs a closer look, lol.

    As mentioned looks like a good base set to build and will give my son and I time to spend sorting, learning, just hanging out.


  48. Just a quick comment here that I appreciate Panini’s inclusion of decent inserts in their retail packs/boxes. Not everyone has a local card shop/mall show to be able to go to. Nor does everyone have the money to buy full boxes of everything, so it is nice to pick up some packs (or a blaster box) here and there and have a shot at getting something different and decent.

  49. will the Kyrie auto redemption be on card like it shows in the preview scans or will it be sticker like the others?

  50. Seems to be a very solid product for a great price. This should be good for set builders and collectors as well. Love the clean look and also the artwork like photography on the inserts. Kudos!

  51. This is another great product of the forever growing “Panini Empire” that looks amazing with even jut the base cards. This is one of the products I see that collectors will be buying not just because of the contents but also of the price. They made it affordable for everyone to enjoy the hobby and grow their personal collections. Personally I cant wait for a Spokesman Signatures insert that brings Panini’s spokesman together like The Black Mamba, Durantula, and more. Just keeep up the good (AMAZING) work guys, we (collectors) really appreciate it.

  52. PLUS: The newly added Panini Knight (as Tracy Hackler calls him Ted) adds an almost sense that we are part of the Panini Family and it really adds a great effect on the cards that everyone has to enjoy. God bless.

  53. Wow, im pretty late but love this product,, not too expensive and nice design for rookie autos….

    love the potential to get the duals and triples as well!

  54. Tracy/Keith
    Very cool stuff Like the inserts I like the nod to hoops a bit with the curved window effect on the cards. I ike the fact that retail will have somethings to chase too. I can’t always get to hobby store and the 1 store doesn’t pack out the product a lot especially Basketball. In 09-10 there were sp auto’s SAME DAY will there be a simialar insert this year.
    thanks again hope you pull my name.

  55. Tracy quick follow-up to my 1st reply Why no rc card designation this year on either the 11-12 or 12-13 rc’s please respond It gets a little confusing just looking at card should be a lot easier to tell which is which.

  56. This set is great for set builders. Huge checklist with a great mix of rookies, stars and legends. Also has the first rookie memorabilia from the 2012 class if my calculations are right. It’s also very affordable making it available to every sort of collector. A+++ for this product in my opinion.

  57. Well, I was already hooked by the HOFs, then I’ve seen the Bob McAdoo being pulled from you. Amazing. This product has it all: a strong base set, several good looking inserts, excellent autographs, a very good price point. For me, it’s a perfect score. Thank you, Panini

  58. Been waiting for a product like this to build a set with. Lots of Knights and Spirits in that set, do we have a spirit of Brandon Knight card, after that dunk the other night?

  59. I could see why this may be your Favorite Tracy!
    Simply Amazing and lots of cool inserts!
    Panini Basketball all The way.

  60. Amazing product. You guys do a fantastic job with all your basketball cards. So glad panini has the rights to nba cards. Although I have never gotten a big pull I keep trying. One day though. :). Awesome product. And by the way, Tracy and Keith crack me up, they are awesome. Keep up the good work guys.

  61. Do you have the winners yet? It is almost two weeks, and i haven’t seen any announcement about who won. (maybe i just missed it 🙂 )

  62. Great looking product. I like affordability. And i like products that offer worthy collecting inserts.

    Enjoyed the break as always guys

  63. It’s been a little uneven trying to find these in retail. I bought two packs tonight. Pack #1 included Nash, Chris Paul, Rose, Andrew Nicholson … and a Mike Conley swatch!
    Pack #2 had more retired players, with Tom Chambers, Gary Payton, plus Afflalo, Harden! … and a NOWITZKI swatch! CRAZY good at $1.49 a pack!!! THANKS again, Panini!

  64. Thanks to everyone for your great feedback. It is valuable and it is appreciated. Congratulations to our winners: harynjk, KMH, Matthew Zorrilla and Joseph Reynolds. Winners, we’ll be in touch to get your addresses.

    1. Thank you very much!! 😀
      I saw this just before i left for our church’s youth prayer meeting earlier tonight, and i just couldn’t stop smiling, it was really easy to give thanks to the Lord tonight.
      Thanks again, i can’t wait to open this box, actually it will be my very first box break, i only opened packs before.
      Wohooo thank you Tracy! Thank you Panini America! 🙂

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