2012 Crown Royale Football Stars in Belated Edition of Panini Unwrapped (Checklist)

Full disclosure: The holiday break got the best of us here at Panini America, so this edition of Panini Unwrapped starring 2012 Crown Royale Football is coming to you later than it should have. Although we certainly apologize for that, we're confident that the undeniable charisma and charm of your co-hosts in the video (or, failing that, the cool cards they pull) will more than make up for the tardiness of it.


Full disclosure: The holiday break got the best of us here at Panini America, so this edition of Panini Unwrapped starring 2012 Crown Royale Football is coming to you later than it should have. Although we certainly apologize for that, we’re confident that the undeniable charisma and charm of your co-hosts in the video (or, failing that, the cool cards they pull) will make up for the tardiness of it.

2012 Crown Royale Football released to the hobby last Friday, and in the few days since has delivered some absolutely sick Silhouettes and a rainbow array of must-have Crown parallels in hobby shops across the country. Luckily, this break includes some of each of those. It also includes your first look at our simply sensational new Team Panini America football helmets.

The trusty Carlos Torrez also delivers some valuable insight on those rare “Non-Die-Cut Die-Cuts” that have created so much buzz recently. After the video, we’ve also included a link to the complete product checklist. After you’ve had your fill, we’d love to get your candid feedback on 2012 Crown Royale Football — and also, what future die-cuts you’d like to see in the product. Let us know in the comments section below and we’ll award a few boxes of 2012 Crown Royale to a few of you.

Thanks in advance for your participation. Now as always, we look forward to hearing from you.

Here’s the checklist: 2012 Crown Royale FB checklist


117 Replies to “2012 Crown Royale Football Stars in Belated Edition of Panini Unwrapped (Checklist)”

  1. Love the look of Crown this year. The Silhouette are amazing. I would like to see HOF/Super Bowl legend diecut sets as well as Packer legend diecut set 😉

  2. I really dig the vibrant colors. Everything seems to stand out which makes this product definitely eye catching. Some of the dicuts are kind of oddly shaped though being longer in the horizontal direction. I read up on the checklist and love the inclusion of many different NFL legends, that’s a big plus for this product considering almost every product this year is pretty much mainly rookies. Being a high end product, this seems really good especially at the price point. I really like what you did with this.

  3. Those silhouettes looks amazing! The base alone looks Luke an insert!
    Tracy you are the King of Hobby world!
    Beautiful product for football collectors!
    Well done Team Panini!
    The parallels looks like a lock for the chase!

  4. Wow, the borders on the top of even the base cards are amazing!
    Silhouette sigs are nice and clean.
    Love the different colors on the numbered parallels!
    Panini does it AGAIN! 🙂

  5. Thanks for clarifying the non-die cut inserts. Got one out of my box (too bad it was dinged, though-these things happen).

    I also got the same Joe Adams redemption /99 card.

    The different colored foil cards are appealing.

    I like the overall look of the base cards-that has to be the most appealing thing about it (short of getting a big hit that is).

    as for future die cuts, how about an /1 color?

  6. Love the rookie silhouettes. There are no rookie cards like them on the market. Whether I could see russell Wilson or not…I can picture it in my mind.

  7. These are just tremendous – the shape, shine and color of the horizontal base cards make them just gorgeous. Crown Royale is my favorite line of cards – the crown shape is so iconic that I can’t imagine what other die-cuts you’d like to add. Maybe an interlocking trio like in Timeless Treasures Basketball, but QB, RB, and WR?

  8. Lucky box with the Lynch and Wilson cards (Seahawk fan here)!!!! I have loved the look of these cards since I got my favorite one back in the day (Jon Kitna rookie). The inserts are all sweet and the die-cuts make the product stand out– as if the foil treatment, color variations, and autos didn’t already. LOVE IT!!

  9. The crown royal looks great this year. The rookie silhouette look great and such a great concept. With a child coming soon i hope that my wife will give me an allowance so i can pick up a box. Once again great job.

  10. I remember when I bought Crown Royale the first year Panini did it, and back then I thought it was cool. In fact, I ended up pulling a Dez Bryant auto. I’m really glad that this year has the original horizontal base. Those colors also really boom off of the cards. I’m really happy that the silhouettes come an average of 1 per box. Those are always extremely popular. My only wish is that the autos were on the horizontal base but that’s just an aesthetic thing. Nice job Panini. Looking good as always!

  11. I have always loved crown royale anything. Back in the day the cards were just about the same as when they returned and I had been waiting for crown royale to come back for a long time and when they did I was ecstatic. I love the base die-cuts and the bold colors. I would love to see some of the old insert cards ideas refurbished and modornized for todays collecter young and old. Thanks guys.

  12. I really love the way the inserts look. The dark color palette and the choice of fonts give them a cool, art deco look! Great job designers! So fun to collect this set. I bought a rack pack the other day and pulled a Nick Foles jersey card!

  13. One of my favorite football releases of the year. The color foil treatments and different variations on the cards creates a lot of diversity within the set. The Silhouettes are great and although I am sure there are people who will disagree with me, I think it is great they are falling one per box. I think the patches and design helps overcome any complaints about the relative lack of scarcity created by having them fall more often.

  14. I have 600,000 plus followers and this is the one Panini Product that I always encourage people to get. Good job on this years product. Though 2 patch cards in one box probably means someone didn’t get a patch auto in their box.

      1. Yes twitter. And a few other places. I posted my Andrew Luck auto and had over 40,000 replies on one post. I have done sponorships for Topps but gave up on that product a long time ago.

  15. great Texans pulls! I would have loved to have that box! crown royale looks amazing. panini is really killing it right now. gridiron was amazing and these look as good. i think in the future it would be cool to incorporate team logos into the die cut card, somehow. the crown is iconic and cool, but i would love to have an Andre Johnson, Arian Foster, JJ Watt, etc. with the Texans logo (HORNS!) diecut at the top somehow. another great product.

  16. Love the cards guys! Nice to see that Crown Royale has strayed far from it’s roots and yet is still innovative. I loved the product back in the 90’s and still do! Keep up the great work!

  17. I love the old throw back product. Seeing the current players with the look of the old Crown just brings back my memories of collecting when Pacific did Crown. After all, that is why we should all be collecting, for the memories. I cant wait to get my hands on some packs of 2012 Crown Royale! Keep up the the good work Panini!

  18. The rookie silhouette autos look amazing and I can’t wait t I see some in person. The different color versions also look very good!! I think that there should be a die cut color that is /. I also think there should be hall of fame die cuts.

  19. Crown royale has always been a cool looking card set i dont have any crown royale only certified and absolute.anything with andrew luck and rgIII is worth buyig.I would love to see more veteran die cuts in this product.Thanks team Panini.

  20. I really enjoy the look of Crown this year..The Silhouettes are amazing looking..Even the regular base cards look great..Love the Wilson redemption card..He’s becomning an outstanding player..The different parrales are awesome as well.I also enjoy the many different Hall of Famers you have in there..Really enjoyed watching this video and seeing the pulls you guys got..Thanks for the contest as well..

  21. Nice looking set, the color variations really look sharp. Also really like the box presentation, when the lid is flipped, the collector knows there in for something special

  22. These cards really pop and are one of the most attractive brands I’ve ever seen. Nice work Panini, as usual! Great vibrant colors, and I love the look of the autographs. Wish we could have seen the Russell redemption card today, but I can only imagine what that baby will look like! Wow! Awesome product, one I will definitely invest in!

  23. The die-cut foil treatments look great, almost rainbow-like, on camera. I’m looking forward to seeing them in person. The photos of the silhouettes (from quite a few blogs ago) are spectacular. I hope there aren’t too many redemptions in that set, but they are worth the wait. Vet and HOF autos are a plus and I’m sure the prime versions are phenomenal. Looks like there are some short-prints in the parallels as well.

    I would love to see old inserts like Net Fusions make a come-back. Those were so unique, you couldn’t help but pause and look at them. Also, since this set hints at royalty, maybe precious jewels and metal could be embedded in the cards next year.

    OMG at the RW3 silhouette!…Wish it wasn’t a redemption, but had I pulled that on camera, I would be going bonkers. Mo Claiborne auto was awesome too. Impressive breaks!

    Sounds like you guys are feeling a little under the weather. Feel better soon!

      1. You should bring in some kids to open some boxes. I think it would be cool to see how they react to the product. If you’re doing contests, make it easy on yourselves, but difficult on us.

      2. If only you could hold out until NT release, but prob not.

        Since it’ll prob be Limited, have the Panini team (giant round table of Keith, Scott, Carlos, etc) do something card related like a box/pack war. And the person who pulls the highest numbered card has to do something funny, sing, dance, Biebs or OneDirection. I’m sure you guys will think of something 🙂

        1. Just as long as it is not a contest where you have to name all 200 products as well as all of the panini folks that appeared in them.


          Anyway, looking forward to #200-whatever you do.

  24. id love one of those helmets with all my fav panini workers, so basically the whole team!lol would make a unique center piece for sure, and a great convo starter!! on to the product, although a redemption, id have no problem redeeming and waiting for that there @dangerusswilson auto! only qb auto i havent been able to pull!! if i cant win a box feel free to hook a loyal up with the russ wilson auto, i will love you guys forever!! love the colors on these, they really pop off the card. if i had to find something i didnt like about the product, which is hard cause i love crown every year, tracy you know that, i would have to say that the white box were autos go needs to be changed to show more of the player or something. maybe a faded box as apposed to a straight white box, but thats being nit pickey! hard to find downfall of a product you love every year! thanks again as always fellas! keep it up!

  25. I really enjoy the look of this years Crown Royale. The downfall is of course the amount of redemptions, if I remember right I believe 18 or so guys are redemptions which is certainly quite a lot. The Die-Cuts I’d like to see would be a bit more elaborate, perhaps not regular base, but inserts or SP’s of die cuts of the crown itself, as in the inside of it, so like all the notches between the arcs of the crown, or something to that effect. I think that would look nice.

  26. love the sillouttes but 18 redemptions is an epic fail! How quick will these be redeemed? I have a Doug Martin, and I picked up Alshon Jeffery for the Bears PC! I also won a luck and ruben randall this past week!

  27. I just got back into collecting cards after a 20 year layoff and I was skeptical at first of this product before its release. Having been only exposed to cards of the 70, 80, and early 90’s seeing the crown shape on football cards raised an eyebrow. However, after being part of a few card breaks and purchasing two blaster boxes of Crown Royale I have to say I’m addicted. I love the the blue, green, purple background colors of the crown specifically on the autos. I’m a big fan of the die-cut cards and love the detailing that no other manufactuers can match. I’m like a baby who is attracted to shiny things and can’t get enough of the foil looks and certain cards. This product is amazing and to me is in a category all by its self in the market of trading cards. If I had to point out one negative I would have to say that there needs to be more material cards in each box or case. I would love to see for next year you guys incorporating the green, blue, and purple backgrounds in some of your base cards as well. Otherwise, outstanding product! You guys have outdone yourself again!

  28. It honestly gets no better than the legendary silhouette set. Tracy, can we get some Steeler love in next years legendary set? I’m bias but at least I’m honest.

  29. Love the look of Crown this year. The Silhouette looks better with the players to the side vs in the middle in my opinion. I would like to see HOF/Super Bowl legend diecut sets if thats possible without driving up the price too much.

    Thanks for all the stuff you do to give back to the collectors!

  30. You just gotta appreciate some great base card designs with the die cut crown. The parallels are cool as well. The Rookie Silhouettes rock

  31. Pretty excellent release, the Silhouettes are definitely distinct although I happen to prefer the veteran version to the rookies. The color spectrum is a nice way to differentiate between the base cards and add value to the product. I would like to see a dual die-cut card in future release matching current players with veterans on their same team (Unitas/Luck, Starr/Rodgers, Payton/Forte, etc.). I have this mental image of a horizontal card with the players emerging in opposite directions in action photography, one black & white and the other in color. Thanks as always for the great work and giving us the opportunity to sound off Tracy!

  32. Hi Tracy, love the looks of the cards> They are amazing. A future insert insert that I think would be cool would be a quarterback insert memb card with a piece of the football and you could call it when pigs fly. maybe even an auto version.

  33. Great Work! The cards look great, especially the gold base. I love all the inserts, they never disappoint. I would like to see more vet/retired players in the silhouettes, but the awesome Panini Choice Signatures checklist in all colors makes up for it.

    I preferred the look of the earlier versions of the silhouettes. They were the best looking patch auto cards ever in my opinion, with a nice looking and centered player picture, large memorabilia coming out of both sides, and bold autos that weren’t squeezed onto the card.

  34. hey tracy and carlos. as usual, i love watching these panini unwrapped video’s. i can,t wait for the next one. as for 2012 crown royale. i love the really bold colors of the parallel versions and the great foil treatment on them as well. as for what i might like to see for a die-cut version, how about some league and superbowl mvp die-cuts. that would be cool. thanks again for thinking of us when it comes to you’re products and contests. panini america rules!

  35. As always I love Crown Royale, but this years absolutely blows all other years out of the water due to the parallels & the sillhoutte patch autos. Just wish I could afford to buy a couple boxes.

  36. i love the look of this cards and i love the auto jry they look so cool and i love the product and thank you so much for the contest is this me ill be in the random????

  37. I love the crown jewel design for the base and rookie cards. The color parallels are awesome, love them!! What I would like is the inserts be die cuts too and much less redemeptions for the silhouettes. After buying a box crown, I expected to see a great looking silhouette of a rookie, but I got a redemeption. Depressing!!

  38. This has to be the best football product of the year! I saw a RGIII pulled at my local hobby shop and it was sick!

  39. I love the parallel colors in this product. I know some people are not all that fond of multiple parallels, but I always love them when they are done correctly Products where you can’t tell which parallel you got drive me crazy, but you know exactly which one you have with this product. Keep up the good work!

  40. Tracy, cards look good but where’s the QC control gallery for Limited football? Comes out next week but haven’t heard much buzz about it.

  41. Crown has Always been my favorite and this year is no different!! Crown looks AMAZING!!! I love the die cuts, I love the silhouettes, I love the veterans silhouettes, I LOVEit ALL!! Great job Panini!!! Keep up the great work!!

  42. Really love the design of the cards and the color variations. Nice, clear action shots of the players that seem to jump out off the cards. Rookie autos are sweet, especially that Morris Claiborne. Can definitely tell that a great deal of effort is put into making this set and it’s appreciated by us collectors. The only thing that I wish was different was that there were more base cards per pack/box as I am partial to trying to complete the whole base set. Overall, love the set.

  43. This is one of the best sets especially with the on card patch rookies! Only thing I am hoping is that on card autos continue to take over and eventually run out the sticker autos. With that being said though hopefully the amount of redemption’s can be cut as well in future products.

    Overall I love this set and I would love to see this for Basketball!!!

  44. Big fan of the silhouettes, also like the Veteran Jersey Silhouettes. Haven’t seen a Veteran Prime silhouette die cuts, that would be awesome. Thanks for the break!

  45. Love the throwback concept design this year. Takes me back to when I first saw crown royale and was blown away by all the foil and die-cuts. The vibrant color parallels just pop! Normally parallels drive me nuts, but these are just beauts to look at. The silhouettes are the best RCs out there in my opinion and at 1 per box its nice value with good odds at a big pull. Love the “easter egg” non die-cut die-cuts too, those little extras make a difference.

  46. I like the checklist for this year’s product. As a Jets fan, it gives me some reason (Namath, Martin, etc) to purchase this, something most products don’t. As for future diecuts, why not try parchment-shaped? Like royal decrees. I’d suggest scepter, but that might not exactly look good as a diecut, if you catch my drift.

  47. The cards look great and I have my first box here at home. Just waiting on my boys to show me some good grades at school before they get to open the packs. I am sure you have done this before but I always liked the SuperBowl winners or a bit of the history of the NFL. Has there ever been a give away for tickets to games? Any chance that some contest could be developed to win a season pass or Playoff game, better yet a game with a field pass or tour! That would be COOL. Looking ahead to 2013 the rookie class may not be that great and you need to keep the buzz going.

  48. Nice shirt Tracy, how about cutting it up and making some relic cards of you. Seriously, would love to see some Crown Royale die cut booklets one day… A triple crown die cut booklet featuring three crowns, three players from same team?

      1. I would buy a Hackler mem card or auto for that matter. A couple years ago I saw a Rich Eisen auto that I thought was pretty neat. I’m all for a “Commentator” subset. 😉

  49. This is a GREAT product. It is loaded with low numbered hits and the silhouette patches are sick. Keep it up team Panini.

  50. Die cut ideas. How about some:
    – teammate cards (QB/WR, QB/RB, QB/Center, DE/DE, LB/LB, etc.)
    – star combos from the same team (kind of along the line of the defensive pairs)
    – Super Bowl commemorative cards
    – playoff game cards: big plays
    – ESPN top plays cards
    – not top ten play cards (butt fumble)
    – humorous photos cards (those funny shots that are sometimes caught in photos, or create some)
    – celebration dance photos (ala Ray Lewis, Gronk TD dances, BJ Raji, etc)
    – classic reception cards
    – classic touch down collection
    – other ideas that celebrate a memorable moment in time (description of moment on back of card)
    – rookie record holders
    – record holders (passing, TDs, rushing yards, interceptions, sacks, kick off return TDs)
    – previous season leaders in categories listed above
    – special rookie subset of die cuts (ex. take ~8 rookies for a product like R&S and create 4-5 different die cuts for a special chase set; rotate rookies by product)
    – nickname cards
    – top five players by position and previous year stats (QB- QBR/TDs/yards, RBs yards, WR yards/TDs/Receptions, DE tackles/sacks, etc.)

  51. Gee, all those colors, red, green, purple, gold etc, they look fantastic and I am like a bower bird and love shinny things lol, keep up the great work and designs, thanks for all the great contests as well guys and congrats to who ever wins these prizes.

  52. Beauty product. The cuts are nice, but it’s the COLOR that makes them pop! The Purple, green, gold, blue!!! Great photography as usual! Only thing I would want to see more of is some legends of the game. Retired players, HOFers, etc. Great product! And thank you for not bogging it down completly with mem. cards. Having the colour variations is a great chase!

  53. The purple Reggie Bush looks awesome, and the rest of the cards are pretty sweet. I especially like the various die-cut colors. I wish I could’ve seen the Russell Wilson card, but I’m sure it will look great when it’s signed.

  54. The Silhouettes are awesome! Man it’s going to be tough to get all of the different colored parallels of players I want especially those Non-Die-Cut Die-Cuts. Another great release from Panini!

  55. Best looking cards I have seen in a long time!!! Please please please tell me your doing a NBA version this year??

  56. Crown Royale is Great ! It’s like a set where every card is an Insert card, no common junk here. The Silhouettes stands out, but the Rookies Signature are excellent as well. For the future, I agree that the Pro Bowl Palm die-cut were cool and I see excellent a HOF themed die-cut. Happy New Year from Italy.

  57. Crown Royale is awesome! I am debating whether Black Football or Crown Royale is better at this moment. The silhoutes are amazing! I really like the design of most of these cards. The base cards are okay-blue background with a crown, the die cuts are great, especially the green parallels. Those non die cut die cuts are great. I think in the future for die cuts the sides of the cards could be trimmed a bit or a cut out shape like a football. Then a refractor-silver foil finish would definatly be neccesary. To top it off, you could even put the die cuts #d to 50 and autographed versions #d to 5. One final suggestion-I would really love to see more die cuts in retail football. The only die cuts I have seen out of Panini retail are the pennants in rookies and stars football and the team jerseys in Threads Basketball. Thanks again for this generous giveaway for a great brand Panini:)

  58. Crown Royale is great for their silhouette prime signature rookies, almost half the card contains prime. Can’t go wrong with their die-cuts and rainbow of colors.

  59. This is by far my favorite football product!!! I love everything about this product!!! I think a cool future die cut would be a Superbowl themed card die cut in the shap of the Lombardi Trophy.

  60. Crown Royale is my favorite product every year. That being said, it’d be cool to have Die cuts in the shape of the team logo. I know it wouldn’t be cost effective but they’d look amazing.

  61. Really love the Silhouettes they are straight nasty! Especially if you are lucky enough to land a prime veteran. I saw an Elway the other day that was pretty darn remarkable to say the least.

  62. Glad to see some big prime pieces on those silhouettes. I bet that Russell Wilson silhouette will be highly sought after they beat the falcons.

  63. I can remeber when Crown Royale first came out and I thought that it was quite a unique product. I can see now that is still it a unique product from all the other “regular” cards. I have always been a huge fan of the Cramer’s Choice inserts. I would like to see more retired players in the products that are put out today.

  64. I pulled on the not dye cut Drew Brees silver card but it was damaged. I have sent it in to your customer service and spoke with Rocil. Could Carlos or Tracy get with her and your customer service manager and tell them about this type of card because when I spoke with her, the customer service department was not aware of how rare the card is. They thought is was a common.

      1. FYI: I tried to submit the request thru the website and it did not have a choice for uncut or non-die cut yet. Gotta run now, but will try again tomorrow-can’t mail it out until Saturday anyway.

      2. On Friday, there is still no way to choose uncut cards on the website to request replacement. I wrote lots of notes and submitted a picture as well. It is replacement request #417315. Mailing it out tomorrow (SAT 1/12). Hopefully, all will go well for us folks who have to send these uncut cards back for replacement. Thanks.

  65. Hey Tracy, GO STEELERS! 😛 haha. Anyways, I’ll be routing for the Broncos this weekend since I hate the Ravens even more.

    Anyways, I want to echo with what somebody said above about a possible 1/1 color for the diecuts as well in the future. Maybe a platinum colored 1/1?

  66. That was enjoyable. Love the look this year. Thanks for showing off the amazing product. Crown has done it again. I really like …. well just about everything about it!! Wish I could get a good hit though, haven’t been too lucky yet. ; )

  67. Another great product this year! The colors and designs are amazing! I love how the colors just sparkle and dazzle when you move them, they are all so unique looking and have different looks at all different angles. I remember getting some great looking Crown Royale cards years ago and was impressed even then. Its a great line and really good to see yall are continuing the product. Question though: Pacific used to make these cards, correct? Did yall buy them out or get the rights to use the name?
    As far as the die-cut suggestion, maybe you can go more along the lines of the Royalty (Royale) and do like a Prince/King combo with a young star “prince,” either rookie or first year player, with a “king,” a veteran or retired star? Or they could be individual cards and have a different crown die-cut in the background depending on their royalty level? Like the prince cards will have a certain crown and then kings will have a different crown. And then you could have the different color/numbered levels as well.
    Thanks again for a great product and cool contest opportunity!
    Keep up the great work!

  68. Crown Royale is an amazing product! Love the style this year! The inserts are all sweet and the die-cuts make the product stand out. Congratz

  69. Crown Royale…two words that when put together are breathtaking:) I am super excited about Crown Royale coming out. The normal base cards aas die cuts, how cool is that? I really love the silhoutte autos with the patch in the middle. My favorite would have to be the green die cuts. I would like to see #d die cuts in the shape of that teams symbol. Like if it’s of Brock Osweiler, then you shape his die cut card as a Bronco (Broncos especially;) Also autographed versions would be awesome. Really hoping to break some awesomeness. Thanks again for the generous giveaway-I hope my ideas can be of some help:)

  70. The base design looks simply outstanding this year. The silhouettes is always one of my favorite sets of the year. Just looks so sick with that huge Patch window in the back.
    Another great product again! Thanks for sharing!

  71. Crown Royale is a good product. I love the mini die cut cards. I would like to see more hall of fame die cuts with on card autos. Thanks for another great contest.

  72. Busted a box of this yesterday! First ever crown box and I am impressed. Last year I was obsessed with Gold Standard, I think I found my new obsession!! As for future die cut cards its simple. J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!!!! (with some ink) 🙂

    1. An idea just popped into my head. For the base die cuts, a rare SP maybe /10 or /5 would be the players team color. For example if you pull a Shonn Greene and its foil is Green and White, then you have the SP. Or a Matt Ryan and you have a Red and Black foil it would be an SP. I think collectors would love this, I personally would! I just love all the options this product brings!

  73. I love the silhouettes, my favorite PC card is a silhouette from preferred. the different colors of parallels are nice, reminds me of the days of the emerald, saphire, ice blue etc.

    keep up the great work guys, bring on #200

  74. WOW! Just saw a Panini’s Choice Signatures, and those look great. They would be awesome as a jumbo card like they were in the past, but with a large swatch and large signature…maybe next year?

  75. Crown has the sweetest looking base and does the die-cut like no other…keep it coming back for a long time guys

  76. I love the die cut cards, It makes me think back to when I started collecting when the new/exciting technology at the time such as 3D cards and other examples of die cut. I would really like to see something in terms of die cuts such as team logos. I know for some it would be hard (Colts, Browns, Bengals) but I think the would look amazing for most teams. Vibrant team colors in the background and the players in the foreground.

  77. We have winners! Thanks to everyone for participating and congratulations to: Travis Stevens, Scott Frost, Bruce Sims, Joe and wjcain23. Be on the lookout for an email from us to get your address. Thanks again.

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