2012 Prestige Football Stars in This Watch & Win Episode of Pannini Unwrapped

Earlier this week we were honored to have Cincinnati Bengals Pro Bowl quarterback Andy Dalton help us bust the first box of 2012 Prestige Football. Today, we take a step down in terms of passing ability but make up for it with some inside hobby knowledge on Panini America's first product of the 2012 season, the first on the market with Rookie Cards of players in their NFL uniforms.

Earlier this week we were honored to have Cincinnati Bengals Pro Bowl quarterback Andy Dalton help us bust the first box of 2012 Prestige Football. Today, we take a step down in terms of passing ability but make up for it with some inside hobby knowledge on Panini America’s first product of the 2012 season, the first on the market with Rookie Cards of players in their NFL uniforms.

In this special episode of Panini Unwrapped, Panini America’s Chris Reed and Carlos Torrez rip through one 24-pack box to give collectors an idea of what they can expect. Featured in this video: A sweet autograph card of a certain Cleveland Browns rookie running back, more information on a special card of the inspirational Eric LeGrand and a chance for you to win the hits.

How? Stay tuned until the end of the video to find out.


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  1. this product looks great guys the only piece of feedback that i will give and would like to see in the future of panini football cards is to try to make the cards look more clean cut and not as clustered also more ON CARD AUTOS!!!

  2. Looks awesome with the new designs and use of the NFL jerseys. Can’t wait to see more and start getting some Michael Floyds for my PC!

  3. Great job everyone on one of the most anticipated sets of the year. Cards look great and I can’t wait to bust a box!

  4. Great break guys…it’s awesome what you guys did for Eric and that would be a great piece of football card history. Keep up the good work

    The more on card autos you guys can get the better. It’s ok to make a product come out later if we have a lot of on card autos and little to no redemptions

  5. Looks like a great product again. Eric LeGrand card has a amazing story behind it and kudos for including it. And nice dual Ravens relic!

  6. HUGE props for addressing the variation designs of GU and base inserts. Forever that has bothered me when a non-gu or auto card is just left feeling ‘incomplete’ with a white spot. Seriously this set looks PHENOMENAL. Love the new design…love it.

  7. Great looking product..Nice to see Prestige changed up this year

    My feedback would be to keep going toward on card autos and have the cards designed with a nice white space to make the auto pop out…

  8. Huge step up from last year, but the only feedback I have for this and every other product youll produce this year is to stop making so many parallels. Maybe a base version, then /50 and /25. A 1/1 if you must but it doesnt make a huge difference to me

  9. If no one has seen my Twitter and Facebook posts about the excitement I have had surrounding this product..you missed out. Not to mention the notes on every Knights Lance Post I have had about it.

    I am stoked you guys pushed off the date for Prestige to put the players in their NFL unis that alone makes this a standout product. First I really like the box and pack design. Very classy. I like that you put the new team logos with the players who switched teams in the offseason. The rookie cards and base cards are the best Prestige design to date! I like the switch up on the Xtra points design. The LeGrand card was a very great gesture from you guys. Way to go.

    The Tim Tebow insert looks great. I like the sky look to the card. The other inserts The NFL DRaft ticket, the alternate rookie card, Draft City destination and NFL passport are the best inserts I have seen in a football product in awhile. With the amount of hits, cost and look this is a winner! And thats why its a sell out!

    Love, Love the Richardson. I would be on cloud nine to own that. And thanks for the break, the contest guys and a great job with the Prestige this year! As always, keep up the great work. I mean this to you as well Mr. Hackler!

  10. I especially love the look of Prestige this year, and I think it was awesome of you guys to make the commemerative card #301. Thanks for another great product. Panini rocks!

  11. Again, Prestige looks great this year. The designs are great, the rookies (of course) are great, and love the updated uniform SPs to bring some extra value. Way to step it up! The only thing that bugs me, and I’m being nitpicky, is the photos with the empty bleachers.

  12. Sweet, clean design & photos, the LeGrand card is a nice touch. Panini knocks it out of the park again. Can’t wait to get a hold of these. Hoping that a checklist will be posted soon.

  13. Cards look great!! Cant wait to get my first packs. Love the Michael Floyd passport insert. HUGE Cardinals fan!!!!

  14. Those are some Great looking cards! Thank you guys at panini for putting out the best of the best! Can’t wait to get my hands on some! Great job again!!

  15. Much much much improved from last year Panini. I am really looking forward to busting some packs of this ASAP! Great video showing the different types of cards to expect. I’ll show my 6 year old son tonight and he will be making me drive to the hobby shop Saturday lol…thanks again…

  16. Gotta say Panini stepped up it’s NFL game, the cards look slick and clean. I love those new passport cards, never seen anything like that. It’s gonna be a great year for the NFL and Panini with cards like those.

    Thanks again for a great contest like this.

  17. You guys did a great job! I’m really impressed with this product this year. I will be buying a couple of boxes for sure.

  18. Great break. Best-looking Prestige set in a few years, I’d say. Kudos on the LeGrand inclusion and all the on-card autos that seem to be showing up in this product. All kinds of fun Russell Wilson cards to chase!

  19. Prestige this year has such a great face lift this year from previous versions! I applaud Panini for taking the extra month to get rookie premier shots in this product. I would gladly wait an extra month if it means rookie premier shots. Great overall looking cards design wise compared to years past. Kudos Panini.

  20. great looking stuff cant wait to bust my 2 boxes i have coming hoping for some better Luck than i had last year breaking boxes

  21. Truly inspiring story and classy move by Tampa and Coach Schiano. Thank you Panini America for recognizing this Eric LeGrand, and I am sure he will treasure this gesture. I am a proud Panini collector.

  22. i would be happy with any of the cards you guys have upped it this year with this line and can see all the vast improvements can’t wait to see what u have in store for your other releases this year. way to go tracy and team 2 thumbs up
    ps chris reed u need to send me a card since we share the same name just spelled different.

  23. I am always a fan of the variations. Pushing this product back was a great idea. I’m very tired of “RC” cards with college jerseys w/ stripped logos or WORSE blacked out entirely like in Bowman Signatures.

  24. Another awesome video- Always look forward to these videos of the new football product coming out….. Great sneek peek of the products before they hit the shops…. Me and my son always watch these videos and get super excited about busting open the new products. Would love to pull on the new Eric LeGrand cards….Told my son the story behind it and he just loved the fact that Tampa did something so special that he is going to get one of his cards. Just want to say you guys always do a great job and look forward to more of the vidoes to come…. Also ty so much for the special interview of the Dallas Cowboys CB Morris Claiborne- enjoyed that being die hard cowboy fans…just wished he could have made it to the rookie premiere….. Well guys keep up the great work and I am so jealous of the job you do cause looks like a load of fun!!!!!

  25. I’m a big browns fan and I would love the Trent auto! Also, I love the nfl and would take anything. I am a serious collector and am excited for panini’s new football products.

  26. The designs look slick! I would love to see them in person, nudge, nudge.

    Tracy, I think the Panini blog should create a bounty program for new releases (and maybe even some throwbacks)…Post a parallel card of , be entered to win something, yada, yada.

  27. Ive been telling all of my fellow card collecting fans about how much nice Prestige looks this year so im hoping i helped in someway to sell out a GREAT product for you guys! Feedback wise i love this years design and love the players in their NFL uniforms, great call by you guys! I also love how you guys have started to decrease the mem cards per box and add the autos per box on alot of your newer products this year. Back in the day pulling a mem card was like hitting the lottery but nowadays its more of a card i’ll give my daughters for their collection. Autos spoiled me and now thats all i collect unless the mem card has an auto too. As far as the inserts, i think i would be a great idea for Panini to make them alot harder to pull like the old days back in the 90’s. Like one per box or even better, one per case. I think that would really help the chase aspect of your products. Other than that, you guys did a super job as always and thats why you guys are THE BEST card company out there!! Keep up the great work Tracy!!

  28. Product is looking great like always. Probably my favorite football set each year. Nice addition on the Legrand, looking forward to pull one.

  29. Looks great, if this first offering from you guys is an indication of the overall quality of your 2012 products I am super pumped! I am going to get every RG3 card you guys make!

  30. I always like Prestige unfortunately will have to find an alternate shop as my hobby shop is not doing much football this season which is a real bummer for me as I look forward to Prestige, Rookies and Stars and Certified most seasons…

  31. Of all the inserts designs I think the Team Foundations is the best! I like the vertical placement of the players and you can never go wrong with a simple white background. Some inserts get way to busy with the graphics and this is not one of those! Good Job!

  32. I’m very excited about this football season and very excited about the first product showing the rookies in their pro uniforms. I also think the jersey cards look better in this set than a lot that I’ve seen in the past. Love the on card autos and I LOVE knowing that I’m getting a minimum number of autos per box. I can’t wait to get my hands on some.

  33. Love the break, I was especially excited to see Lergrand in the set. Being from NJ it’s nice to see him getting some love. You guys are doing a great job with your sets, and are smoking the competition. I have been busting your hockey products like mad over the last few months. And I cant wait to see the Dominion and Prime coming out, they look sick. Also looking forward many many months for the next National Treasures release for football. Keep up the good work.

  34. As expected, you guys have taken another step up. I like the designs and the LeGrand card, come on, what a great idea. Others have pointed out that they like the push back on the release date to allow the chance to get the rooks in their NFL unis. I agree completely. I am excited, pumped, and ready for the season to begin! Thanks for kicking of the fever for the season!!! Btw, I like the shots off the fingers at the end of the vid… and if you listen close, I think you hear Hackler say “Carlos” at the end as well… Good stuff!

  35. Overall a definite improvement over last year. I’ll give it a 6 out of 10. Pretty good, not spectacular (solid for 1st cards with these guys in uni’s).

    QUESTION: Why does sell sheet show mockup of Peyton in Broncos uni, but card still has him in the horsehoe??? and Tebow in Broncos 🙁 This was my biggest letdown as it was biggest reason I went out and got a box. To see the Broncos logo on the card and Colts uni was VERY disappointing. (*I know sell sheets are mockups, but I figured if you could airbrush/cgi it there, why not on card?)

    Other than that, Im glad to see improvement. When will we see Peyton in Broncos? Will Topps or Panini have that honor?

  36. Carlos rocking athrowback shirt ^_^

    love the photography and blending on these cards everything just looks so right. The city destinations are really good examples of a cards done right! Props to Panini for the Eric Legrand card bloody awesome tribute!The holocoat cards look great as well.

    Glad to see Chris get his own parting effect in there too 😀

  37. I love the look of Prestige this year – And it’s great that the product continues to improve and impress year after year. I really appreciate that you guys are listening to collectors and doing things like creating different looking variations of game used versions of cards – like you described with the Stars of the NFL base insert vs. game used version. It may seem like a small thing, but I really do think that little attention to details like that can help add value and diversity to a product. My only feedback would be to continue with this sort of diversity in the look of base insert vs game used insert versions, as it adds another level of collectablility. Thanks!

  38. Wonderful looking set and such a nice thing to do for a former player. I’m sure it means more to him than you can imagine. Classy move Panini.

  39. What a fantastic looking release, I’m thrilled to see you folks took the feedback about having the rookies appear in their pro uniforms and made that adjustment this year. Score was one of my favorites but for a .99 per pack retail product to have that honor seemed a bit odd.

    The LeGrand card will do very well as a chase card nationally but especially here in the northeast, his story is one that will be talked about for generations. Again thanks for producing that one, I’ll be on the lookout to get one for a friend who is a massive Rutgers fan.

    Honestly the hits from this box didn’t do anything for me as a Colts fan, just seeing the Andrew Luck and company base/inserts was enough to motivate me into a trip to the store very soon. That’s not to suggest the value isn’t solid, you can’t knock an auto of the top RB selected. In this time of uncertainty in Indy, one thing I’m sure of is this product looks stellar! Thanks to everyone involved for the the break and contest, your generosity never ceases to amaze!

  40. I like the full-bleed photos on some of the cards, and especially like the variations on the rookie cards. Another really nice set.

  41. Awesome product. I was looking forward to it however my local LCS again sold it off before the release date and I cannot try any.
    The variety of inserts allows the collector to enjoy a real value proposition when spending money on a box. In this day where we sort of know what to expect from boxes with endless parallels, this is a good change and i can imagine actually enjoying every card.

    The photography is amazing. I definitely like less lines/boxes and more of the action in the cards, these remind me of Stadium Club from back in the day.

    Hit wise, looks clean and nice and I would say anything is an improvement over 2011 Prestige due to the unfortunate photos.

    Nice product Carlos. Good work Panini!

  42. Great product always been a fan of Prestiege cause theres alittle for everyone in this product!!! It covers all the bases plus just a few weeks ago Tracy pointed out that Panini uses the actual jerseys from The 2012 Draft, Now thats a piece of history!!! Even though its probably a little to late to win any of the cards from the box break, when i get my check at the end of the week ill be excited while busting a box of my own!!!

  43. My son loved the break, had to take him to our local card shop and before i knew it we left with 2 boxes. Our boxes wasn’t as good as your break but we were happy with them. Hit 2 rg3 short prints, each box had it. would have hoped for a different one in each box but if your gonna get doubles that or Andrew Luck would be the ones to get. Didn’t get a single Luck card in our first box and only one base rookie in the second box. We are indy fans so dissapointed in our misfortune there but all in all we were happy with the breaks. Would like to see the players in their new uniforms, Dissapointed in the Manning and Tebow Cards. They are in old uniforms with new team logo’s. there is several base player cards like this. Could of put a little more effort into that but all in all a great set, loved the way the cards look, liked the inserts, the draft city destinations cards look awesome. Keep up the great work.

  44. My Husband consistently talks about Prestige so would love to win any of the cards for him. I usually get him some of the product cause of the rookie cards. And now with the rookies in their NFL jerseys it makes them even better. And the cards always look really nice and these ones have the best design I have seen since I have bought them for him.

  45. Would love for a shot to win the Trent Richardson or Eric Legrand cards. I am a huge Trent Richardson fan. Opened two boxes of Prestige already, was hoping to hit big and pull a Richardson auto but no luck. Thanks for the contest!

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