2012 Prizm Football Countdown Continues: Exploring the Set’s Autographs (Gallery)

So much of the buzz surrounding the upcoming 2012 Prizm Football can be directly attributed to the set's stunning technology, colorful, scarce parallels and the blistering performance of 2012-12 Prizm Basketball, the first set to feature Panini America's improved take on a familiar technology.

Panini America 2012 Prizm Football Autos (44)

So much of the buzz surrounding the upcoming 2012 Prizm Football can be directly attributed to the set’s stunning technology, colorful, scarce parallels and the blistering performance of 2012-12 Prizm Basketball, the first set to feature Panini America’s improved take on a familiar technology.

But the set — releasing next week — is about more than just enchanting aesthetics that command double, triple and even quadruple takes. It’s also about in-demand Rookie Cards and certified autographs that are only accentuated by those glimmering good looks.

Today, in our continuing countdown to next week’s big arrival, we take a closer look at just some of the autographs — randomly inserted at a rate of two per hobby box and one per retail box — coming to 2012 Prizm Football, including the scarce Prizm versions, low-numbered veterans and rookies.

Enjoy the gallery and stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance for our continuing countdown of 2012 Prizm Football, and check out the following links for additional coverage.

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38 Replies to “2012 Prizm Football Countdown Continues: Exploring the Set’s Autographs (Gallery)”

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  2. Nice to see Rhett Ellison in another set! Still really keen on seeing the cheklist though. Any Raider rookies other than Criner? Like Miles Burris or Rod Streater?

  3. The cards are easy on the eyes. I look forward to the release date. I’m ready to invest in the set now!


  4. Tracy, why do you guys not release checklists ahead of time? I’ve seen countless people ask but I’ve never seen one posted more than a day or two before release. If it’s already been printed, it’s not going to change. It’s a good way to see what to keep an eye out for both in packs and on ebay.

      1. Thanks for getting back. I’ve just seen many people both on here and on other forums and comment boards looking for checklists. It would be great if you guys could do some sort of preliminary checklist once a product is announced and make changes closer to release. It at least gives an idea of what to budget for.

  5. Tracy,

    Will there be any HOF autos in the set? I know we are to expect 100 Veteran autos but the selection of players above doesn’t really get me jumping for joy. Can we expect any big names stars or HOFers?


  6. Tracy my girls and I are SO pumped for Prizm!!!! We busted ALOT of Prizm Basketball and I can tell you we will bust even more of Prizm Football!!! Next week can’t get here fast enough. You guys at Panini keep up the great work!

  7. As far as the checklists everyone asking..it’s all because of competition. It’s the same way with other companies. A full check list doesn’t get released until a few days before it streets. They don’t want each others secrets getting out to early. The Cold War continues with card companies I guess..lol

  8. we need a Blair Walsh Card sometime soon.. kicker get no respect and we 2 of the best kickers in the nfl this year!

    1. HAHA! I would love to see a Blair Walsh card to show up in a product this year. I don’t think people would be lining up for the Walsh though. Me and you might be the only two in that line, lol.

  9. Besides checklists, I would want to know short-prints ahead of time! Panini may think it exciting to release these later on, but I think it’s lame. Nothing is more exciting than knowing what you pull when you pull it! Besides, time is money nowadays. The quicker someone can turn a card, the quicker they can buy more product! It should be obvious to Panini, but I guess not. Anticipation should be before a product comes out, not afterwards.

    1. Yes, there are Andrew Luck autographs; all the top rookies, in fact. Lots of veteran star autographs, too. But no retired player autographs. There are Hall of Famers in the Decade Dominance insert, though.

  10. These cards look amazing, they are by far the best looking card of the year. And with all of these galleries I sense an epic scavenger hunt is coming!!! Did we ever get any word on what the Red Prizms are numbered too?

  11. Can’t wait! Just a thought for next year, I think there should also be different colored prizms that match different team’s rookie cards. For instance for the Colts, blue colored prizms for any colts rookies. A two color prizm might work better though for teams. These prizms would not be on every rookie card though. The insert would be sp or even ssp. Let me know what you think-

  12. Holy Prizm Batman!! I am dying for this product. Can’t we jump into a time traveling car and get it here already!!!!

  13. wow..how did i not post to this already!lol thought for sure i did, but anyway..love it and looking forward to it! did a little article on my blog about it and lots of panini stufff! hope to continue bringing info to the people who read my blog. hope i can get my hands on some for a review!!! 😉 thanks guys for the awesome previews!

  14. i gotta be honest hear, and not to be spoiler, party pooper guy, but these cards all seem the same to me anymore. Also, I dont get the appeal of serial #’s, I mean I get that the lower the number, the “less” there are of that. BUT most of the time they are the exact same card, same everything, same autograph, just different serial #. so in reality, its all the same card, one that is marked 2/5 or 2/999. If they are going to do low serial #’s, then it should be something different. not the same card, same colored autograph, design, etc. I know some cards do this, but most are the same..big whoopy i got one with a lower serial #, but really, there are 999 or more of these cards cause they do /999, /750, /499, /299/ etc. that’s alot of cards!

    1. See, I’m ok with serial numbered cards to an extent. On one hand, everyone knows that 90’s cards were so overproduced that they didn’t hold a lot of value. It’s nice to know just how rare your card it.

      On the other hand, I don’t like tiers of numbers. I don’t think there should be base cards that are /599, then red /399, then blue /199, the gold /99, then green /50 or what have you. It gets redundant after awhile and with only minor differences it seems forced.

      I’m ok with inserts and such numbered but the different levels is what gets to be a bit much for me personally. A different company that puts out a certain shiny football product is getting awful with that in my opinion.

  15. Product looks better that basketball which I thought was impossible. Only improvement would be to put an (r) on the refractors for clarification so new investors would not be confused.

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