2013-14 Score Hockey Hobby Jumbo Stars in Special Panini Unwrapped and SP Reveal

As if it wasn't bad enough that we had to wait until last Friday afternoon to film the already-overdue Panini Unwrapped episode starring the live and popping 2013-14 Score Hockey Hobby Jumbo, we've waited an additional three days to post it! But we're aiming to make amends for our truancy this morning with a few extra goodies.


As if it wasn’t bad enough that we had to wait until last Friday afternoon to film the already-overdue Panini Unwrapped episode starring the live and popping 2013-14 Score Hockey Hobby Jumbo, we’ve waited an additional three days to post it! But we’re aiming to make amends for our truancy this morning with a few extra goodies.

After the video, which includes gobs of informational wisdom from Panini America NHL Brand Manager Chris Barr, we’re also providing a complete breakdown of the set’s short prints. And after you’ve taken in the video and the SP list, we’re going to give you a chance to win one of five jumbo boxes of 2013-14 Score. More details on that below.

Here’s the video:

Here’s the SP list: 2013-14 Score Short Prints

Now, to the contest. All you have to do to be eligible to win one of five boxes is offer your candid and constructive feedback on Score’s bold transformation to the jumbo format. What do you like? What is your favorite part? How would like to see it changed for next season? Let us know and you could win.


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  1. First off, what I like:
    I really like the higher quality card, great photography and the year book feel to the set. I like the hits per box ratio for both the jumbo and regular box and I think bang for the buck there is no comparison. My favourite part is the recollection autographs.

    What I would like to see for next year is many of the same factors in play, keep the price point and quality of the product the same, but maybe have game-used cards be a possibility in the regular boxes as well.

    Great job Panini!

  2. Next year I would love to see it more like the Score Jumbo Football this year. I remember my first pack, pulling a really coll Jarius Wright NFL logo shield from his shoe and an auto /10 !! I think putting star player autos like in previous years that are SP and adding a few more chase insert sets, numbered cards like in Score Football would be cool. The Team * Jerseys were a really cool idea though!

  3. I think the football release was much better than hockey. One more hit, more numbered parallels. The gold parallels in hockey don’t bring much added value. I think if hockey would have followed football’s template I would be getting more.

  4. Like: Lots of cards, a low budget fun set to easily complete, an 8 piece jersey card in EVERY BOX is an awesome hit to get. My favorite part is the retro autographs of the 90-91 cards, I believe no redemptions, and the hot rookie auto designs look fantastic. I would add patch cards of the Team 8s maybe /10 and autographs of player milestones like 1st goal.

  5. Overall I like the jumbo configuration. I try to put sets together and getting a larger number of base cards helps. The inclusion of the team 8s octo jersey cards and autographs is also a nice addition. I always thought of score as good basic cards, with no frills. It still is a good comprehensive basic set and now includes jersey cards and autos that increase the box value a good bit.

    I don’t know if I like the number of gold parallels, though. Parallels are fine with me but I don’t necessarily need as many per jumbo pack.

    The red back parallel is fine and a nice chase.

    Overall I am very pleased with the score jumbo hockey release.

    Ps it helps that I got an octo flyers jersey card on the 2nd jumbo pack I opened. Too bad it wasn’t an sp but still a cool card.

  6. Looks good. I like that there were additions made, like more cards per box and a guaranteed auto without raising the price up too much, and the addition of the jumbo boxes are good for people who don’t mind spending more for a bigger return.

  7. This year’s Score is awesome! The jumbos look stacked! I love the inserts that they’ve added, but i really love the new parallels! My favorite part is that there are no redemptions! Wish they would have more on card autos next year, but that is about all i would change! Well done guys!

  8. Love the photos used in the set, some really beautiful shots. The base parallel cards look awesome (Gold, Red) but I am REALLY digging the Hot Rookies Black. I like the Red Backs but as a non-base collector (I donate my base to charity), I could see myself skipping over the Red Backs quite easily if I wasn’t paying attention.

    My goal is to be able to bench press two cases of Jumbo on each side of the bar.

  9. Great job on Score this year, I like the insert card sets that you can get and the photography is amazing. I have only been able to open one retail blaster box so far but blown away by it. I need to get my hands on a Jumbo because I absolutely love the Team 8’s cards what a great addition to the product this year. Only thing I would like to see maybe a bit different would be the ability to get the complete base set from one jumbo box. I will likely buy a couple but for Score I am a set collector and would like to have the ability to complete the full base set in one box.

  10. Hi guys,I will give you my feedback for the contest.First of all, my favorites cards are the hot rookies and the net cam cards.I love the picture you choose for the different cards,they are soooooo nice and you’re team eight jersey cards !! This year score’s is the best early year product I’ve never since I collect hockey cards. For next year, I suggest you to change the back of your cards. The black and white backs are the only negative point I have about this product. You just have to put the team’s color and it will be a lot better. I know that the red backs are sp cards but If you change this for by example a star in a corner your cards will have more life.Finnally, I love the jumbo packs.Yes, they are more expansives and we have more base cards but we find more jersey,autograph,inserts and parrallels cards.

    Scuse my English I’m from Quebec city

  11. 520 cards per jumbo box wow the packs are fat. Nice product all around. Nice photography work. Future team cards are awesome. No redemptions love that. Team 8’s cards are freaking amazing. The cold. parallels are nice. You scored with score this year.

  12. Foil on the base cards is a nice touch, but absolutely LOVE the Team 8s!!! The only thing I might change is to have the base set smaller. Wondering if Team 8s are in retail, and if the red & gold parallels are numbered, thank you

  13. I like the way panini went with the jombos I thing it is better then the average box. I also like how there is more hits then normal. Next year I would like to see a bit more hits. My favorite part was when they pulled the galchenuk rookie.

  14. wow 2013-14 score jumbo hockey. well it is the best set yet made by score.my favorite is the patch cards . the overall design has improved so much. i cant say anything negative about this product. for next years product maybe think about lowering the price a little for a jumbo box.

  15. What I especially like about this product is the rarity of the insert cards. With a lower end product I believe that those rare, hard to find inserts are a necessity and Score does a great job with that. I also think that the Team 8’s cards are a great addition to Score as well. Although, one thing that should be added to Score next year is an extremely limited handful of cards that are the same kind of cards you would find in a high end box. Such as 1/1 booklets, but as I said before these cards would need to be extremely limited.
    These are just my thoughts and I hoped they helped in the critiquing process. All in all Score Hockey looks like a great product.

  16. I like the inclusion of the 8 way jersey’s ……I also like the clean look of the Rookie double class auto’s……this seasons design is really well done especially the rookies…..

  17. fantastic photography awesome black and gold paries variety of insert sets. great job on getting autograph love the team 8’s jerseys all at a low end price this should young collectors back to the hobby. just maybe I will be lucky to win a box. I am a crazed hockey fan.

  18. Well first off, kudos to Panini America and Chris Barr’s team for having no redemption’s in this product. Having been collecting cards again for the past year that is unheard of.

    As for the product, You guys have out done yourself on this product. I am bias towards jumbo products and would rather see nothing but jumbo. It makes collecting or building sets easier for those who don’t have disposable cash.

    The design is exciting but again the Score design has never drawn me in personally. As for the photos and inserts, you guys knocked it out of the park. The “Franchise” shots I absolutely love especially those with the gold borders.

    What was a slam dunk for me and I’m not a big relic/used jersey guy, but the 8 players team relics (back and front) is just incredible. The design and look just pop. Whoever came up with that needs a bonus.

    As for the photos, the shots behind the goalie or the shots of the player standing on Plexiglas is in a league of their own. It looks like their was a lot of creativity in this product with not only photos but with the inserts.

    My only negative or feedback I would offer are the red foil stamped “Check It” cards or inserts. The red foil stamp to me gives the appearance that it doesn’t belong. Maybe try a different color but I think it makes the card look way too busy. The concept of the photo is cool, however have one player out of focus to showcase the player your identifying the card gives me a headache.

    Otherwise, awesome product and I cant wait to get my hands on a few boxes to capture my 2013 Stanley Cup Champions Chicago Blackhawks. Sorry Chris Barr!

    Thanks again for the opportunity!

  19. Great product. I can’t wait for other hockey releases from Panini. Only problem I’ve seen far is the collation of gold parallels. I’ve plenty of high numbers looking to trade with others to complete my set. AWESOME PRODUCT

  20. I really like the jumbo pack format for both Score Hockey and Football. I had the benefit of opening a couple packs of jumbo football, and opening such a big pack of cards really adds to the experience. After watching the video, the photography and the parallel cards really jumped out. Some of the photography on the cards you guys opened was simply stunning, and I will definitely be chasing the red back parallels, along with the black borders. One thing that could be added to future Score products is an eight-piece memorabilia card featuring four pieces of jersey from one team and four from another. The card could even have a rivalry theme. For instance four pieces of Rangers jerseys and four pieces of Islanders jerseys. Keep up the great work!

  21. The set looks great this year. I love the look of the base cards. Simple yet not boring. I also like the fact that jerseys have been added to the product as I feel it adds value to the product and gives a chase factor that Score was lacking previously. Regarding the Jumbos, I do like the idea and the amount of cards you receive is crazy, but I feel like it takes away from the score brand a little. What I have always enjoyed about score is that it is a low cost product that I can pick up without feeling guilty regarding the amount of money I spend on a box. While I know that there are still retail options that might be cheaper, the only way to get a majority of the inserts seems to be through the Jumbo boxes which are more than double the price of a box of score from the previous years. I know that compared to other brands the jumbo boxes are still quite a bargain, but the price of the Jumbo box still prevents me from picking up quite as many as previous years. That being said I like the addition of the Jumbo and think that if you included the jersey cards and the red backs in the retail product (with harder odds to keep the benefit for those who buy the Jumbo boxes) it would be a win win. The product still looks great and I love the set, but still wish I could get my hands on some of the cooler cards without having to pay as much for a box as I would for a box of “higher end” cards. Thanks for the video!

  22. I love the Jumbo format. Easier to put the base set together with so many cards in each pack and I love the addition of extra hits. I’ve always been a fan of the Score base sets for through the mail autographs and it is a nice addition to have the relics and autos fall at a favorable rate. I just printed the SP list to take to Nationals so I know what I am looking for when I bust a couple of these. Being able to bust these for the redemption packs is also a bonus.

  23. Cool video. Love the fact that there are ZERO redemptions. That is awesome. Also adding jumbo boxes to the product gives extra value over the standard hobby box. One of the suggestions I have for design is to actually stay away from the foil on the base cards as I prefer a simpler look. The team8’s octo relic is cool, especially if there are multi color patches mixed in. Maybe also squeeze in at least one on card auto per jumbo box. Overall looks like a sweet product especially jumbos. Thanks for the contest.

  24. I love the new jumbo boxes! For the price point you get a ton of value. The Team 8s jerseys are selling at a good price level on the secondary market (not to mention that they look pretty awesome. The parallel sets are many and varied, adding a chase element to any team or player collectors. Getting 2 autos a box is very nice. I am personally putting a base set together, but I can also see how someone with the time and money could put together a gold parallel set without too much trouble. This is a perfect product for someone to introduce sports cards to a child or for a set builder to start one of their first full sets.

    The only improvements that I could see for next year would be to get a couple of bigger names for the base auto set, obviously without driving the price up too much. Getting a multi rookie auto set with cards numbered to 25. Another thing I would like to see is parallels for the Team 8s jersey cards with patches if possible. Don’t get me wrong I like the cards and all, but getting an all patch variation to 10 or 15 would be pretty awesome.

  25. Reblogged this on Hockey Card Central and commented:
    First off, let the Panini double rookie class season begin!!! 13-14 Score has taken the era of Score hockey to the next level. 11-12 Score was my favorite Score product until I saw this year’s product. This year, Score now has foil on the base cards. This is a nice addition to Score and something that was missing from Score in the previous years. Score hockey is mainly known for it’s base/rookies. 12-13 Score and older Score products rarely have hits. This year, Score has the base cards/rookies AND the hits that are usually harder to come by. This makes 13-14 Score hockey a very elite product. Score also has more bang for your buck because of the double rookie class. You get more rookies in one season than you usually have. That also means you will get more rookie cards than the normal amount. The Double Rookie Class behooves Score more than another Panini hockey product that will come out this year. The other thing that is different than other Score products are the packs and quantity. There are the regular packs, rack packs, and jumbo packs. These packs provide variety of selection to choose from. You can choose the regular packs, or you can buy a jumbo pack that contains 52 cards per pack. 52 cards is AMAZING for one pack of hockey cards. The packs are so big, they almost look mini boxes. In addition to that, these packs have autographs and jersey cards in them! (1 out of 10 jumbo packs for a jersey card) That is just incredible that at 52 cards per pack, you can also get an autograph or jersey card. Not only are the jersey cards generic. They have 8 players on them with their jerseys. This product has fantastic features. Score hockey now has the quantity and quality.

    * Thank you Panini for this great product and this amazing contest!

  26. I think that the new score is great! I love getting cards of my favorite team of players that aren’t normally featured. I think that this should be taken a level further. Would love to see even more cards of players you don’t normally see. especially considering that base cards aren’t as sought after as they used to be, might as well as some variety to the base cards. for example, I am rangers collector and would love to see cards of john moore or steve eminger, Micheal Haley, Brandon mashinter in the set in their rangers uniforms.

  27. Set looks great! Love the old school jumbo packs. The designs of inserts and RC’s are awesome. Photography is second to none. The bang for the buck is pretty good. The downfall at least for me, is the price point. Not everyone can afford $80 a box to start. We all enjoy the potential to pull nice cards but there are some set collector’s out there that set collect because they can’t afford the higher priced boxes. It seems the hobby is going more for the autos/game used and a higher price point, then trying to have a lower end product which Score has been over the years.

    Just my $.02. Panini has done a terrific job since coming into the hockey market a couple years ago. Keep up the good work!

  28. What I like is the photography and the autographs and I like the 520 cards per box. Not sure I like the 52 card packs tho I like the the old school 36 pack 15 card packs of yeter year.

  29. love breaking through bricks of cards. I am one of those guys who likes completing base sets, and jumbo really helps with that.

  30. The jumbo format for Score this year is spot on for a few reasons. For one, the 520 card boxes allow set collectors (like myself) to put a major dent in the set with just a single box. In addition, the guaranteed auto and mem hits bring an added value to the brand. The design this year is also fantastic and the foil looks great on the cards.

    Next year, would love to see a box topper in the Jumbo version. Maybe a 5 x 7 jumbo base card or you could even bring back the “Dare-to-Tear” concept. A box topper would be an awesome Jumbo-exclusive addition and something us collectors would love to see.

    Thanks for the contest and a job well done with Score, very impressed.

  31. Candid/constructive feedback.. Oh boy, I have some. haha.

    1. Really like having the “Check-It” back. I remember trying to get a complete set of those back in the ’90s (I think it was Score ’96). Fun times.

    2. About time to have a few memorabilia cards in Score. Really like the idea of having 8 players on the cards.

    Now, some stuff that I think should change in the future.

    1. Serial numbers. I’ve mentioned this before, and I’ll mention this again. Why can’t Score Hockey have some of the rarer cards #’ed like Score Football does? If the Black cards are like out of #/10, why can’t that be mentioned on the card? 20 years from now, without them #’ed, people might not know how rare they are (just like with the Cracked Ice cards from the 2012 Toronto Fall Expo which were out of /25) compared to the Score Football Black cards which ARE #’ed. Same with the Auto cards. I’ve seen pictures of some Score Football Rookie Auto cards #’ed out of /99. Why can’t Score Hockey get the same treatment?!?! IMO, it makes it look like Score Hockey plays second fiddle to the Football version in that aspect without the rarer cards #’ed. Who will in 20 years still have the spreadsheet listing who’s the SP/SSP? Odds are NOBODY. If you must, bump up the box price $1-$2 dollars if that means the rarer cards are #’ed in the future for Score Hockey.

    2. Why can’t Hockey have some of the Printing Plates like Football does? Seriously, we need a few 1/1 cards to hunt for too in Hockey. If you don’t want to do it for the entire set, maybe limit to the Rookies and/or the Jersey cards? Still, a few 1/1 cards would be appreciated.

    1. I have some additional comments after being able to bust a box that I recently bought. Thus, I can add a few more comments about the cards since I’ve had them in my hands finally.

      1. How about “hot boxes” in the future with Score if you’re going to keep the “jumbo” mode for Hobby? Say, 4 or 5 autos + 1 or 2 jersey cards for a Hot Box instead of the normal 2 autos + 1 jersey card?

      2. Team checklists. I remember these from the past and always liked being able to see who was in the set in the pre-internet days (still do). Maybe bring them back and add them at the end of the set (card # wise) or make them an “insert” that’s in every hobby pack (with a TC-XX numbering style)? Then you can have 1 team checklist per pack (making them 53 card packs). Of course, the checklists would only cover the base set + season highlights + rookie cards (no inserts). As for what picture to put on the front of the card, how about seeing if you could get access to the team photo that teams normally take at the end of the season before the playoffs? If you can’t get access to that, the team logo should work just as well.

      3. For the parallels, can you please go back to adding on the back when you’ve pulled one? If you’re looking at the backs of the cards, you don’t know if you have a gold or black parallel (you do for the red text versions of course). I did appreciate seeing the word “glossy” on the backs of the cards after the first year of Score with not being able to tell the non-glossy/glossy cards apart very easily. Maybe add a “G” for gold and a “B” for black beside the card number? So, it would be like “No. 114G” for a gold, and “No. 114B” for black. That would allow people to easily tell if the card is a parallel version from the back without always having to look at the front if they are trying to just sort by card # to put the cards in pages.

  32. The quality of the photos in this product are top of the line. I love the old/new subsets that you added in.

    For next year definitely keep Team 8’s and the future team picture formats. How about a parallel for the Team 8’s say patches numbered /10.

    My other thing is for Score being $90 +/- a box of jumbo, I personally think it should contain more than 2 auto’s and a memorabilia card; yes you get a lot of base cards but I’m just not sure it’s worth the money. That’s the only stopping me from buying a box.

  33. I really like the new Score Jumbo format. However, I think it was much better executed with Score football…with some really nice-looking parallels and lots of value in terms of the autos and memorabilia hits.

    With Score Hockey, there are things that I like and some that I don’t…

    What I really like are the Team8s jersey cards. They look great, and the themes/player selection are really good. Although I would have liked to see them numbered and have Prime and Patch parallels.

    One of the things that I’m not overly impressed with some of the non-rookie autos that made the checklist. I understand that this is a low-end set, but the entire Score Signature checklist reads like a “who cares” list and even some of the Recollection autos could have been better.

    I was really looking forward to this release…but after seeing the checklist, and buying a box, I’m rather underwhelmed.

  34. I really like the overhaul of Score towards the Jumbo Hobby format. It is a very nice upgrade to a long-standing set that retains a lot of the “old school” entry-level feel of the product while also injecting some tremendous added value in the form of the Team8s Jerseys.

    I broke a box of this on release date and it was a lot of fun. The photography is excellent; I’ve always enjoyed on-ice photos and the finish on the cards gives people a nice and aesthetically pleasing product. You take home a ton of cards, which is not very common in a lot of products these days. Most releases will have a small handful of “hits” per box; that isn’t the case with Score Jumbo Hobby. You get roughly 40 rookie cards in your break, nearly enough for a set out of just one break. The Gold parallels give people a lot of incentive to build that set as you get so many in your break. The chase cards–Future Team Score, Future Franchise, First Goals, Black parallels–look fantastic and will ensure that people get a lot of value out of their breaks. People will be trading, buying, and selling these cards in a flurry to build their sets and collect the cards they want for their collections.

    What can be done better? There are two issues with Score that I think can be rectified for the future: the Score Signatures checklist and the inclusion of the Alternate (Red) Backs. These autographs seem to be a dumping ground used to get rid of old stocks. Seeing Pascal Leclaire, who hasn’t played in an NHL game since the 2010-11 season, is a head-scratcher and so were many of the other players included in that checklist. These cards don’t add much value to the product at all, and almost become an afterthought. My other issue is the inclusion of the Alternate (Red) Backs parallel – it seems like having a different parallel for the sake of having a different parallel. I understand that they’re scarce, and will have people interested in them for that reason, but a different coloured card back seems a silly chase card to make. Why not go with a different foil-coloured parallel or an alternate photography parallel that is numbered so that people can distinguish that it is clearly a special insert card?

    In all, the good greatly outweighs the drawbacks in 2013-14 Score. The improved design and inclusion of foil-coloured parallels are significant. The elimination of the Glossy parallels allows for focus on more desirable alternate inserts. The unique photography created especially for the Future Team Score is a great addition, and will hopefully be included for years to come. Best of all, creating a new memorabilia addition to the product will entice more collectors that tend only towards higher-end products to give Score a try. To be able to hit one of these in every box gives guaranteed value, and the still-affordable price point gives younger collectors or those on a budget a chance to get a spectacular card without having to spend too much cash. Great job, Panini hockey team!

  35. Great Video!!! I alwayslove watching Tracy have fun opening cards it wants me to go and get some of the product.I like the Team 8’s Jersey and Patches. WOW Those cards are not only really nice looking but they make you want to have one in your collection.The Gold Rush cards are pretty simple looking but they are still really sharp. I also like how the hot rookies did not have a flame backround and are the palyers in action.Base Cards are really nice looking and I think youll have alot of people trying to put that base card set together because I ant to try but I need some to startoff with.My favorite part is when they pull the Galchenyuk furture team card. Those cards are so sharp looking and look so cool from beneath. I wwatched the video of them posing for the pictures and it makes me want to get oone of those cards. The net cam cards are also really great and getting the veterans goalies are really nice.Butthe overall favorite thing is the photography. Give those guys a bonus it is unreal to see such great pictures. I would like to thank panini and there photographers for this. For example the Dion Phaneuf Base Card when he is cranking Blake Wheeler is awesome! The only reason I can’t get many f these cards is because of the price range it is to far out of my budget but thats why I’m here lol. I want the Team 8’s Jersey and so does everyone else.teh score signatures only really have 2 names i would be interested in getting and thats Krug and Schwartz.Overall great Product and Thanks fo the amazing Contest!!!!!!!

  36. The photography on the cards is really nice. I also like that you added foil to the base cards which looks really good. The hot rookies design for this year is probably one of my favorites from all the years of score. I also like the additions of the team 8 jerseys which are really cool. All in all, score is better than ever. Also thanks for showing the sp list because it helps with a lot of confusion.

  37. Absolutely love the product the cards look really nice, especially the future team cards. Also love the fact that there are no redemptions in this and the team 8s are awesome!

  38. Looks like fun to break a box of it, it should take some time to open, i wouldn’t mind to see a basketball version of it. Photos are looks good, at least on the cards you showed to the camera. Also nice thing to have the different parallel cards, and also a positive thing, that the auto cards are different than the base cards, and not just a base card signed.
    You can get a lot of cards for a relatively low price, what makes perfect if someone want to get cards to give away as a motivation for kids(i guess it wouldn’t work as much in the US than it is works other countries) for example in camps, as we did it here a couple of times. The kids really enjoyed those old cards from the nineties what would be considered worthless for collectors. This kind of jumbo boxes could serve this kind of purposes very well.

  39. I like the sheer quantity of cards per box, and the 0 redemption cards. I think it is important for Score to cater to young collectors, and the quantities encourage trading and collecting team sets, without the need of waiting for redeemed cards. My favorite part – is the buy back autographs of the Retro Cards from early 90’s! I’d like to see it changed for next season to include a short printed Tracy Hackler (with short afro) card inside select boxes (a la Taro Tsujimoto).
    Well done Panini!

  40. I bought two regular boxes from West’s Sports card in Edmonton and got a Fasth rookie auto in one and another rookie goalie auto in my second. I find though that due to the large size of the set and with the parallels that you do not get many insert (non-base set) cards. Out of my two boxes I only got 9 inserts. Maybe a little bit more of thses available. Also I did notice that the coralation of cards is not to random, you get a lot of sequential cards, I t was like this last year too.

  41. I think that this year’s Score is the best hockey product in a long time. This should not be categorized as “lower-end” because that does not do it justice. From a price-point perspective, it is “lower-end”, but from a product quality point-of-view, you can put it right beside Dominion. The transformation from last year to this year is one which will be looked upon years from now as a “game changer”.

    The value that this Jumbo box provides is one that many collectors can appreciate and admire. More that two pounds of high quality, great looking, rare and box exclusive cards definitely pushes Panini head and shoulders above the competition. They took took the rare opportunity of a dual rookie class, ran with it and did an awesome job.

    What a way for Score to make its memorabilia debut with the TEAM 8 jersey cards. Awesome cards for an awesome product. With Jumbo come the chase for the box exclusive alternate red backs. Another set from the brilliant minds at Panini is the Future Team Score set. What a great idea getting the players on the Plexiglas. The photos and cards turned out great! i like that there is foil on every card to give the cards a sense of unity and uniformity. Vertical and horizontal design also allow the best and most unique picture representation of the player.

    My favourite part of this product will most definitely be trying to complete the base card set and subsequent subsets. With a large base set, we get to see some 3rd-4th liners that we wouldn’t otherwise see in other products. Those players can also be featured on the Team Leaders set. I like that it showcases different aspects of the team. It shows that not only leading your team in points is good, but that players can lead in different areas and ways.

    For next year, there is not much to change. I would add another insert in addition to Team Leaders that is a more common occurence. I was not a fan of the Damien Brunner rookie not being a “Hot Rookies”. I think it took away from the rookie set and also the Dual RC theme. The reason behind Brunner not being included given by Chris is that there were too many rookies to fit in the Hot Rookies set. That reasoning did not sit well with me as with the celebration of a Dual RC, it goes without saying that there will be plenty of Rookie cards, in fact 2X more. Thats my though process during that instance.

    All in all, it was a great edition of Unwrapped, the product looks great, Panini definitely hit a homerun with this product and with a few minor tweaks, it will be a grandslam next year!

  42. There’s a lot to like in the Score jumbo set. I agree with everyone who’s been praising the Team 8 cards – that’s a great hit falling one per box, and a really attractive design, too. For a set with a low price point, I like a massive number of base cards. It’s why I’ve always kind of liked O-Pee-Chee (if I can talk about a competitor) – it’s not a chase for great hits or inserts, it’s the weird fun of pulling some fourth line guy from a small market team.

    I’m not so excited about the common gold parallels, and I’m not so excited about sticker autos, but neither of those are that big a deal, and they seem to where the industry has moved to in low-end lines. I like the set, and I’ll be buying at least one jumbo pack at the LCS and hoping for a Team 8.

    And I haven’t made up my mind about the new “Pointy D” Dallas logo. At least it’s better than that multi-colored “Bull Head/ Constellation” third jersey …

  43. Much more value than in the past. I really like the jumbos which gives you a good chance to finish off the set and get a lot more rookies; especially this year with all the big names. Great job, guys!

  44. Looks interesting folks! I hope I get lucky and only open five packs and get two autos and a team 8. Great photography ideas. Netcam and plexiglass are great. Good variety of inserts. I did not get to see how the packs looked when opening. That other company has jumbo packs too. The inserts get repetitive in the middle of theirs. Same subsets in every pack. Also I tend to ignore the base cards in the jumbo packs. Box breaking value is very good. That is great. Hopefully when I open a box there will be a feel of variety in the special cards in the middle. Keep up the great work!

  45. Zero redemptions! Great news…and Tracy’s new look reminds me of Bigfoot from the Six Million Dollar Man. Ha ha

  46. The new Score product kind of took me back to when I opened my first packs of Score back in 91-92. I love the photography that I’ve seen so far. I already have a few cards from the set on my list of “must haves”, such as a gold and a black parallel of the Kings Season Highlights card (raise the banner!). I really like the Team 8’s idea and the fact that there are also autos (Tyler Toffoli…oh yeah) in the product. I could see myself opening a bunch of packs of this with my kids, so that they could also have their first Score hockey experiences.

  47. The overhaul of the entire Score product line is a great improvement. It is great to hit multiple autos per box and the Team 8 relic cards are great also. I really like dual sided cards. Would be cool to do an autograph version or a patch version or both combined. Would make for quite the chase card in an affordable brand.
    It would also be benefical to number the parallels like football for next year. Seems to add so much more value actually having the print runs/serial numbers on card. Also would add numbered parallels of the insert cards

  48. Great product guys! I really love the look of the cards this year. I actually want to buy it over and over again. The base cards are clean and crisp. They have the new card smell 😉 I’m still hunting for a Galchenyuk rookie autograph as well as Gallagher. MY FAVORITE PART IS NO REDEMPTIONS!! HALLELUJAH! Finally, I don’t have to wait for a card that I have pulled. You guys really did a great job! Next year, would like to see regular base autographs but on card and black boarder! I know that would be a hit!
    Great job! Hope I can win me a box,
    -bugeyedfatwalrus 🙂

  49. The 13-14 edition of Score Jumbo product was great value, the ratio of short printed rookies to base cards was great for set building. I purchased over 2 cases worth of Jumbo boxes and built 12 full 650 cards sets, very nice job with the collation.

    I really enjoyed the added value with the Rookie Autographs and Score Signatures hitting @ 2 per Jumbo box. Found that there were about one Short Print rookie auto per case so I got a couple really nice ones. However the Score Signatures set was lacking in STAR power but should still offer some value, that may be an area for improvement, even if you were to add some real short print signatures of Crosby, Ovechkin and others next year.. This is my third year building sets of Score and the very first year I have hit a Recollection Auto these are super hard to hit!!!

    Some of the new features this year for the Jumbo Hobby version of Score are awesome value! Score Black, and Red Back variations are great! Finally the Team 8 Jersey cards were a great addition and people have been scooping them up!

    As the video stated the inserts are quite hard to get even in the Hobby version of the product. Chase sets will surely be Check it, The Franchise, Future Franchise, Team Score and Team Score Future!

    The 52 Card packs were a pleasure to open and sort as well making it much, much easier than the 32 pack configuration. Huge props to the design team this year!

  50. First of all, Score is like the Coca-Cola of soda. Original (The OG as some may say), cool, and refreshing. This has been a great change since last year, I LOVE the design of the Hot Rookie Auto’s, I LOVE the Black hits, and the price completes the hat-trick. You get GREAT value out of this years Score. The only thing I would add for next season would be some serial numbers on the card. Thanks for hard work Panini, and keep it up 🙂

  51. My favorite part as I’m sure most will agree is NO REDEMPTIONS!!!! I really like the dual side mem cards. Those look really nice. Great photography as well. As far as something for next year I would say not really a change but work toward no redemptions again!!! Also, I couldn’t tell if they were or not but if they weren’t I would suggest numbering on the parallel cards. It’s always nice to know how rare a parallel is.Thanks for the contest and as always keep up the good work!!!

  52. I think that everything that was done with Score is a big improvement quality wise. The Jerseys and Autos added to the Jumbos were also a nice added touch, and I especially like the look of the new Autos. I agree with other posters as well that it is nice to get those cards without having to pursue a redemption. The only frustrating part is going to be chasing down the redbacks of my favourite team and players. Keep up the good work!

    piper1 on various collector sites

  53. I just opened my first box of jumbo this week and I must say I am highly impressed with the photography used for these cards, some of the best I’ve seen. I would have to say the best of those awesome photo’s is the future team rookie shots. what a great idea, whoever thought of that should be given a raise. great photo’s! As for what I would like to see different for next year…… I would personally would like to see some low numbered parallel’s like you did for score football. instead of red zone parallels , you could do say , first period #d to 20 , (20 minute periods, or game parallel’s of #/60 and so on. you could also do a hat trick parallel, #d to just 3. I think it would be a great idea seeing how it seemed like a huge success for score football. my friends and I loved all of the low numbered parallels in that set and would love to see it happen for score hockey next year. keep up the great work and once again, love those photos.

  54. I really like the Score Jumbo. It is affordable, Great way to get base, a few gold, rookies and extra and of course the 8 piece are truly remarkable and a big hit. I believe Score Jumbo is much better than a blaster box for the price and the possibility of getting a real decent hit. The only thing Im disappointed is coallition. Ive purchased a couple of packs from the same box and two of them had the exact same base cards.

    For next year, perhaps a rookie memorabilia and autograph card would be a nice addition as a case hit. Cant never get enough rookie stuff.

  55. Really like the fact that no redemptions, also like the looks of the Black cards. Kind of mixed on the extra parallels, but at least it is under 5 parallels unlike some products that have closer to 20 different parallels (Bowman FB for example has way too many IMHO). Like folks having the option to buy Hobby and the difference in cards to that, also like the 1 AU per box on the Regular Retail. Overall I think an improvement over last year, will know more about collation when my boxes get here if it is the dreaded buy 4+ boxes and still can’t complete the base set (past years have been that way for me). 2 Thumbs up from me

  56. I LOVE the transformation to Jumbo format. The price is very reasonable to buy a pack or two, and your odds are pretty decent at hitting an autograph or a jersey card. The designs are great and I love that you guys kept up with some hard to find inserts (red backs this year as opposed to french backs, which were kind of hard to identify). The rookies/inserts/parallels are plentiful and the value is great. The non rookie auto checklist is a bit weak, but the rookie ones add value and the ReCollection Collection autos add a nice chase card to the set. It is awesome that you guys are really rewarding those hobbyists who shell out a bit extra for the jumbo boxes with some guaranteed hits and superb value. Next year, maybe consider making the rare parallels a bit more visually appealing (I think that maybe this year the red back cards should have been the one’s in the rack packs and the red border rack pack versions should be the SSP hobby only hits, since they are so visually pleasing, it only makes sense to make them the cards that are harder to find). Keep up the great work. Also, Kudos on the great design for the Team Future set.

  57. I really like what you have done with the Score brand, both in football and in hockey. The photography is excellent and I like the hobby jumbo configuration. The jersey cards are my favorite of the new additions. Also like that the SP autos add value and a “chase” element.

    My only suggestion, as others have pointed out, is that I would like to see numbering on the parallels (like you did with football).

    Thanks for another great product!

  58. The Team8’s cards are really sweet! It’s a nice twist to a regular patch card. That was probably the card that excited me the most. I know everyone likes autos but those cards are sweet.
    I like the jumbo format because it makes the base set easier to accumulate, especially when there are a lot of cards in the set. Plus, the packs are bigger and you tend to get a little bit of all the extras, like parallels, in each pack. It also gives you the option to make a purchase that insures more autographed cards and patch cards. (And the boxes you opened were typical to a basic box, so it wasn’t like you guys were pulling a bunch of super hits to lure collectors in.)
    If there is a change I’d like to see it would be more autos in the jumbo boxes to make the decision to get the jumbo as opposed to a regular hobby box more appealing. (So you spend those extra bucks for more guaranteed cards.)
    I’d also like to see those Team8 patch cards with autos on both sides. Talk about a “hit!” They would turn into the card that people scramble for.
    The photo variety is also something I like about the set. Not just your everyday shots of guys on the ice. There’s the “under the plexiglass” shots, the “goalie cam” shots and your “action” shots.
    This set has got me more interested in the Score brand.

  59. Just opened a box.. and man Im sooooooooo impressed.. I love the Photography, Layout of the cards.. they smell great.. and look even better!! I like how You guys included jersey cards and they are pretty damn sweet.. Nice layout and a funny pun.. Also the rookies in it are amazing, subsets like Team Leaders and season highlight are very good.. and the inserts are awesome as well.. The photography and layout as I said before is Stellar. Best and cheapest panini product so far.. Love it.. Thanks guys.. Looking forward till next year.. Maybe it will be even better.. 😀 A+++++++++++++++++

  60. I like the fact that the jumbo box comes with plenty of goodies such as the very cool team 8’s jersey. The card design in general is also in my opinion much better across the board than in the previous years. As a player collector I’ll have to say that making the parallels in general more accessible gives me an easier time in trying to find the cards I need for my collection. I guess the improved general attractiveness of Score along with a strong rookie crop has resulted in more boxes being busted, thus further increasing the amount of singles on the market.

    It’s hard to decide what’s the best thing that has happened but I guess I need to go with the team 8’s. 8-way jerseys tend to be extremely scarce but here you get 1 per box – can’t beat that! I’d love to see the jumbos back next year but with fewer different parallels which are a bane for us player collectors. Having at least the more rare inserts, autos etc. numbered would also be nice and drive up their attractiveness among collectors.

  61. This product looks great. I’m a huge of the jumbo boxes and the team 8s jerseys. The photography is phenomenal on the cards. I was pleased to see there are some tough to find inserts in the product, but not enough where it is the focal point of the product. Well done again!

  62. It has a nice look to it, can tell its score but has some nice upgrades ie Jersey, Retail Autos, parallels… only thing is it seems like too many parallels and subsets, maybe have a few less cards but all in all a nice starter product

  63. I’ll start off with some ideas that could be pretty cool for next year.

    1. A bonus pack in every jumbo box of retro score, (I’m talking using the same design as 10-11 score.) It would be super cool to get a pack with the retro red border and maybe have one retro hot rookie per pack. OH and have extremely rare auto variations of the retro hot rookies. How sweet would that be?

    2. I had this idea for a team colors auto where the color of ink used for each player depends on the team he is on. So players on Dallas would sign in Green, players on Detroit would sign in red etc. I’m picturing a Tyler Seguin auto with green ink and I think it would look super cool.

    3. Lastly,I loved how you did a Taro Tsujimoto card for score a few years back, I’d like to see another quircky rare insert like that again, who wouldn’t want to get a Gordon Bombay rookie card??

    As for what I liked from this year. I love the design and look of the hot rookies, especially the black versions, they honestly look very sharp. Obviously the team 8 jerseys are amazing, and I love the fact that you included rookies like Yakupov in the jersey cards.
    I would have to say my favorite things about the product this year are the photography for sure, and the amount of hot rookies you can score per box.

  64. Great cards, only thing that disappoints me it seems that Panini missed the boat. Yes, I’m a Columbus Blue Jackets fan, Vezina winner Bobrovsky gets no netcam card, plus I don’t recall seeing a Team 8’s card for Columbus. I love the jumbo boxes with the amount of gold parallels included in every pack. I’ve already bought 1 jumbo box and got lucky with getting some of the cards I wanted. Give CBJ some love in the sets please

  65. I like the Jumbo evolution for Score Football and Hockey. The amount of rookie cards you get is phenomenal, as well as the abundance of low-numbered parallels and hits. I would like to see more vets and/or current players injected into the product however.

  66. I love the look of this years cards. I like the same things of this hockey that I liked about the football: The design is simple yet well done, and the cards look crisp. I only wish the SSP were lower numbered. Good luck to all and congrats to the winners.

  67. Really enjoy the look of the product this year and the jumbo packs give you some bang for your bucks! Always enjoy parallels and expanding my PC. Photograph is bang on this year and look forward to see how you guys will up the ante again next year. Amazing no redemptions, well done with that. The team 8 cards are definitely my fav and the player I PC appears so much in the product I get to expand my collection. For next year I would love to see some shorter print serial numbers, and if you could complete a whole set with one box of jumbo would be great! otherwise Job well done guys!

  68. future team inserts are awesome, the gold parallels are nice, and you cant beat the amount of cards for the price in a jumbo packaging, I really like the 8 way mem cards and the absolute BEST part is NO redemptions !!!!

  69. I like the design of the Hot Rookies and the Crazy 8’s jerseys that are all of the same team. I’m glad there are no glossy parallels like in year’s past and they are all glossy now, I couldn’t tell which ones they were after I got them out of the pack most of the time. Great looking release, thanks Tracy! (PS – Love the Chris Weidman MMA shirt you’re wearing in the video, is that a sign of more Panini-made MMA cards in the future???)

  70. I really love Score this season, I definitely think it’s the best one of the Score Hockey brand yet! The jumbo packs are loaded, they really are. But since I love opening packs as well, and Score have therefore been one of my favourite products to open over the last years. Therefore I think it’s great to have a jumbo version as well as a cheaper “retail” version like this year.

    The addition of foil to the base cards are great I think. That makes them feel more premium, even if they actually aren’t that much of the premium stock. Some foil can do so much to a card! One thing I think could be cool to improve though is to delete the white border to the base cards and use the player image over the whole card. I think the base set would be even nicer and collectable then! I also think a base set looks nicer if all the images are rotated the same way. In this case I would love a base set with only horizontal images, since there are such a great assortment of different cool photos in this set. I love it!

    The Hot Rookies design is this season top notch! The last few seasons it have been a bit weak with flame designs and stuff that doesn’t look that good. Now you can really see that black is the colour to go! The pictures of those rookie cards are really sharp looking as well. Great! I Think the Hot Rookies signatures set is sweet looking as well. The oversized image with the red/orange filter matches really well with the full colour image on the front. Maybe it would be a cool includement to have a parallell to those cards? A silver or maybe green background numbered to /1 or /5 would be a great hunt!

    Overall I would love to see some numbered cards in Score, like in this years Score Football. A purple parallell of both the base set and the rookie set numbered to /100 would be great I think for example!

    I think it’s great that the insert sets this season includes legends like Cam Neely! It’s always fun to talk to my dad about his memories of those players.. I also love the fact that legends like Patrick Roy are included in the Net Cam set. If you could manage to get more old shots from that angle I think it would look great with a Retro Net Cam set! The Check-It set though, I think need a logo makeover. I think the current logo is pretty outdated, and doesn’t even give me any good retro feeling. A new, hot, modern logo I think would look nice to that set! The Team Score-set is maybe a bit of a hard pull, but I still think it’s one of the worst looking sets this season, no offense. The colour filtered image in the background does not work as well as in the Hot Rookies signatures set, and the small full colour image doesn’t look good at all. Either I think it would be improved to next years set, or not included at all.

    It’s great that you finally can pull memorabilia cards from score. Team 8’s is an interesting concept, but I would rather like to see single jerseys cards next season. The bad thing with double sided jersey cards is that you only can show one side at a time, and it’s not as exciting for PC collectors and others. Therefore I would rather like to see a single player jersey card, maybe with jersey pieces as big as two of the current Team 8’s-windows and a bigger picture of the player. I would also love to see a prime parallell of the memorabilia card in Score, maybe numbered to /25 or less. The preview image of the Team 8’s card with prime pieces of LA Kings players was sick looking, so I was a bit disappointed when it was only jerseys to pull from Score.

    The Team 8’s jersey cards are only able to pull from the jumbo packs, and that lead us in to the jumbo only cards. I think it would be great to at least have a chance (even if it’s not big) to pull the same cards in a retail box as you pull in a jumbo box. Only the knewing of the small chance to pull a jersey card as well from the lower end box add a lot of the excitement for the collector, who maybe doesn’t can afford the jumbo version of the product. Jumbo/retail/rack pack only parallells are also a bit of confusing for the set collector; which cards can you really call a part of the set and which of the cards should be included in the stack of promo/expo cards? Therefore I think it would be good to have at least a small chance to pull the red backs/jerseys/ruby parallells in all of the different products.

    One of the greatest things about Score though; all the autos are on card! In that way players like Vladimir Tarasenko now have their first live rookie autos in a product like Score, since he’s just a redemption in the already out UD Trilogy! Another small thing why Panini is so much better than “you know who”.

    Hm.. Have I forgotten anything? Well I can say that I LOVE SCORE! Because I really do! Panini..You’re the best!

    1. After reading through my post now I notice that I said “on card” when I of course meant “live in the product”! 😉

  71. Love the jumbo packs. Really enjoyed it in football as well. The fun search of going through every pack looking for that hit. That numbered card. I like this years format of Score and I think it should stay this way.

  72. As someone who enjoys old school, Score combines old school and current trends…especially with the jumbo pack format. I love the three hits per box, the Team 8 jerseys are very visually appealing and the autographs are either rookies or young stars who have few if any certified autos, making them popular with team collectors. The gold parallels add value to those building full and team sets. I also like the tough to pull parallels – I was fortunate enough to get red back parallels of both Yakupov and Huberdeau in two of my four jumbo boxes I opened. Above all, I love the huge base set and here’s hoping an update or series two set is released during the season that captures all of the new rookies that debut this year as well. Score can be the largest hockey set ever in the hobby! Panini, please don’t let this slip by!

  73. The design keeps the borders small and lets the photo be the star – a major plus to the card as too often the design just ruins the aesthetic of the cardboard. Stepping out with some nice inserts and the black border parallels have a great look with the dark foil instead of bright foil. Really gives those cards a major pop

  74. I like the jumbo fat packs.I think it looks great still has the vintage score look with more detail.The black border sp cards are very nice.I think Panini should leave the product as is for next season,the design anyway.No redemtions has to be the favorite.

  75. I like this ramped-up version of Score Hockey. I have the 90-91 set and I’m really glad that there are buyback autos from it included. The photography is great and I love the idea of the super-rare red backed cards…more to chase. No redemptions is a definite plus,and I really like the look of the Hot Rookie cards. As a lifelong Bruins fan,I really like the Chara and Krug cards. I’m impressed with the Team-8 cards and the only thing that I would change for next year is to replace some of the one-color jersey swatches with some nice multi-colored patches. Hockey has some of the best uniform colors in pro sports and it would be great to see some of that color,even if they are tough pulls. All in all,I reall like Score hockey this year.Thanks for a chance at winning a box!

  76. I just love that the pendulum is swinging back the other way in terms of cards per pack. It was so depressing for a while buying packs with three or five cards in them and not getting a single player you liked or could stand. I try to collect largely from one or two teams (NYR & DET) and often I came away utterly disappointed. I look forward to picking up a jumbo pack or two next time I hit the store.

  77. I watched this with my weather in law. He and I both remember the Score products of the past. This product takes us both back to our youth. At the same time it is advanced the line in a great way. Loves the foil on the cards! Changes that I would like to see would be maybe buy back autos?

  78. I really love score this year, I like how you are guaranteed two autos per box and a 8 piece jersey. My favourite part of score this year would be, the black versions of the hot rookies, I would love to start a PC of them. For score to be better next year, I think score needs to make the season highlight cards a little more flashy. The cards are nice how they include the date and the milestone but without that, it looks just like a base card. Overall, I think score will blow o-pee-chee out of the water this year! Great job Panini.

  79. Such a great product this year. I really liked the pictures in the base cards and the photography! My favourite part was that there are no redemptions in sco

    1. Re!! I also love the check it set. One thing that I would change would be, more hits. But other than that, good job panini!

  80. Great job guys! I immediately ordered 2 jumbo boxes after watching the video! I love that you added auto and jersey cards to the product. Can’t wait to see the buyback autos! Keep up the great work Chris and team!

  81. Love the product, kudos on an amazing release. First off I have to congratulate you on the photography, top notch and a joy to sort through. The inserts are insane, Team 8s are nuts for a normally more kid focused product like score.

    My only complaint with the release is the huge set size. Too large by a few hundred cards in my book.

    Keep up the great work guys! Love your work with every new set release.

  82. I love Score this year! I don’t think it should at all be changed at all for next season. I think that the base cards are fantastic! I love the photography and the foil. And I think it is awesome that on the gold cards (base and team leaders) that the foil is gold. The inserts are as always outstanding. The net cams, first goals, the franchise, check-its, team score and the future franchise are all amazing! But I think the best insert is the future team score. I love the look of these cards, I love the photos from underneath with the black background. For the hits I really like the autos and the team 8’s. The hot rookie autographs look sweet with the second picture in the background. And for the team 8’s jerseys, it is a great way to get jerseys into a team collection! I love Score this season, I think it is a 9.5/10 and I will for surely try to complete the set!

  83. Still love the jumbo packs. Keep that for every year. Great photography on the hot rookies. Gold was sweet. Also like the check it cards,but only this year. Thanks for the break. Thanks for the contest.

  84. I think you did a great job of improving the quality and look of this years cards. They are very sharp and have a much more appealing look. The insert and memorabilia cards are very well done. I especially like the Team 8 cards.
    This looks like a product I will invest in. Last years set left a little to be desired and I chose to not purchase many packs other than to please my hockey loving son.
    Kudos on a job well done for 2013-2014.

  85. What I like about the set is the photography, very beautiful shots. I also really enjoy the large set checklist, gives me a chance to get a lot of lesser known players. Love the jumbo stuff, love going through a huge stack of cards with nice inserts.

    I least like the amount of the black bordered cards inserted, they look way too beautiful for one per box!

  86. I love Score this year, and I like how you get hits wether you buy a retail or hobby box! I like the photography a lot this year. The Hot Rookies are by far my favourite looking card in the set. I think the Black on the card really makes the white border stand out. I also like the dual RC Class logo on the top right of all the rookies! The only thing I don’t like about this years score are the card backs. I think I would like them a lot more if instead of being all black, they made the team logo coloured. But The best thing about score, is its still affordable for young collectors

  87. Love score this year! It is such an amazing product. I like then8 piece jersey card and my favourite part about 13-14 score is that, THERE ARE NO REDEMPTIONS!!!!! I love it panini. Great job with the photography and I love the gold rookies. One thing that you could improve on in my opinion would be the back of the base card designs. I would like to see the team colors instead of just black…. Other than that, great job panini.

  88. Loves: Foil, ink, photography, rookies en masse, affordability, insane chase for set builders, buyback ink, updated team logos AND current trades (a la Conacher on OTT, etc) NO REDEMPTIONS

    Gripes: overabundance of rookies & overall ease of pulls won’t translate well to astonishing market values, but I understand the price point of the product also dictates that. jersey cards are overdone. Even when you pull an 8 piece, its nothing overly special, so find a patch piece or other mem item to use. ITG is great with their use of pads, skates, laces, etc so incorporate those into product as well. While 520 cards is justified in the price point, I’d much rather see more exotic mem in product with less cards at the same price point. Not saying my opinion is right…only what I think.

    Changes: Not many. Truth be told, Score has not disappointed whatsoever.

    Good on ya, boys!

  89. I really love the Score product this year! It’s fresh, with incredible photography and absolutely great clean design. The Hot Rookies are just awesome, definitely going for the set!!! The new jersey card is my favorite, what a nice piece to have in your collection. The parallels are also nice, and i like the fact that there are different colors, types and odds for them. Finally, 3 hits instead of 1 is fantastic!
    Overall 13-14 Score Jumbo is a great product, and for next year, it only needs some better players for the Score Signatures!

  90. wow. great look this year. the eight piece jersey card is the bomb. and the subsets are very cool. just wondering will the retail racks. have any autos or will just be packed out only to retail boxes. would be nice if you could get something nice out of the racks maybe next year you can add hof auto subset or something to help sell retail racks. thanks,

  91. My feedback is only about the transition to jumbo packs, not the set (which I like – it is very nice for a base brand).
    I really don’t care much either way about the transition to jumbo packs – opening a jumbo pack is basically the same as opening several standard hobby packs (and I’m unlikely to buy just 1 or 2 hobby packs at a time from a dealer).
    I do like the existence of different memorabilia cards and other hits between jumbo packs and other packs, because it gives more variety available in collecting key singles. I do not like, however, having different color parallels only available in certain types of packs. This is very bad for set collectors. For next year, I’d like to see the same types of parallels available in all packs (not counting plates or 1/1s, which can be exclusives). I’d also like Score next year to wait until after the season starts, so it can have a rookie class.

  92. Hello guys, sorry for asking, but instead of scrolling down to this particular article at least five times/day I decided to ask you for an approximate date where you will reveal the winners? I know you have been busy with all the stuff going on which is truly appreciated, but I’m so excited of Score this year, especially after opening some of my own, so I just had to ask! 😀

    And I’m not kidding when saying scrolling, should have bookmarked this article a long ago, lol.. 😉 Keep up the good work, Tracy, Chris and all you other people at the best trading card company in the world!

  93. First, I’ll start by saying a huge “I’M SORRY FOR BEING SO LATE WITH THE WINNERS.” Being on the road with so much going on caught up with me. So again, my apologies. Having said that, thanks a ton for the great feedback. Our five winners for this one are: Francois-Gabriel Roberge, Scott Frost, Nick Mikulicich Jr., Everett and Eric Harper. Congrats. We’ll be in touch.

    1. Congrats to the winners! Hope you get a good jersey card (if any of you get a Pens card, I got the SP Jets jersey I’d be willing to trade for it. hehe.)

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