2014-15 Select Basketball Stars in a Tie-Dyed Edition of Panini Unwrapped (Contest)

Yesterday afternoon, Panini America's Tracy Hackler and Keith Hower sat down with two boxes of the live-today 2014-15 Select Basketball to film a long-overdue episode of Panini Unwrapped. For 2014-15, Panini America officials revamped the Select franchise by introducing a three-tiered base set and a bountiful rainbow of new Prizm parallels, including the intoxicating basketball debut of Tie-Dye Prizms.


Yesterday afternoon, Panini America’s Tracy Hackler and Keith Hower sat down with two boxes of the live-today 2014-15 Select Basketball to film a long-overdue episode of Panini Unwrapped. For 2014-15, Panini America officials revamped the Select franchise by introducing a three-tiered base set and a bountiful rainbow of new Prizm parallels, including the intoxicating basketball debut of Tie-Dye Prizms.

The two boxes opened in this episode of Panini Unwrapped delivered an abundant share of entertainment and an absolutely crazy finish. Check out for yourself in the video that follows, and stay tuned afterward to find out how you can win some 2014-15 Select Basketball for yourself.

OK, now that you’ve watched the video, we want to give you a chance to win some 2014-15 Select Basketball of your very own. How are we going to do that? By asking you to give us your best poetic homage to Select Basketball’s Tie-Dye Prizms. Simply give us your best short poem honoring the Tie-Dye Prizms and we’ll award our five favorites with their very own box of 2014-15 Select Basketball.

The contest entry deadline is Sunday night, April 5, at 11:59 p.m. CST. Good luck and thanks in advance for participating. We can’t wait to see what you come up with.


0 Replies to “2014-15 Select Basketball Stars in a Tie-Dyed Edition of Panini Unwrapped (Contest)”

  1. You’re not hallucinating, bro–
    Select Basketball is ready to go!
    Boy, these cards are a sight to see;
    Autos? Relics? Short Prints? Trippy…
    Are you a hippie? Well, relax!
    Tie-Dye Prizms are in these packs.
    Rest assured, the hits are real,
    even Tracy’s ‘Bradley Beal’!

  2. If you go to your local shop,
    You’ll find some cards that none can top.
    They are the best cards about hoops.
    They look like they got in Fruit Loops!
    Well, if you want cards with rainbows,
    Panini is the way to go.
    If I could pull the rarest tier,
    I’d say Panini has no peers.
    I think my brain would have a schism,
    If I could win a sweet hoops prism.
    For Panini, I’d always root,
    I’d give Tracy a loud salute.
    To get first spot, I hope I tie,
    For these hoops cards, you’d almost dye.
    I hope my heart would not be wrecked
    If I don’t win this great Select.
    I love the blue and red and greeny,
    Oh, please just let me win, Panini 

  3. It’s two zero one five, Prizm debuts its Tie-Dyes,
    I’m quite excited to see a brand new set,
    With the guys that fly and shoot bombs from outside,
    I ask again..WHO DO YOU COLLECT?

  4. Select Basketball is here and it looks amazing
    Full of tiered sets, autos and memorabilia this product is blazing
    Tracy and Keith broke some boxes to give us a sneak peak
    They pulled some rare tie-dye cards that really were neat
    The colors were vibrant and being numbered to 25 they’re pretty hardcore
    I hope I get lucky and pull a few when I buy some packs from the local card store

  5. The colors
    The mix
    Panini’s design team
    Up to their tricks

    The reds
    The blues
    Crack the seal
    Pack ripping ensues

    The yellows
    The greens
    Panini Unwrapped
    Goes behind the scenes

    The swirl
    The blend
    Love for this hobby
    Will never end

    The spectrum
    The rainbow
    Buy Select?
    Who can say no?

    Thanks for the contest Tracy!

  6. Two haikus:
    Tie-dye on card stock,
    Beauties for the beholder,
    Select for the win.

    And featuring the wisdom of Tracy:
    Colors that amaze,
    One could “fall in love with it,
    Like, deeply in love.”

    Happy Easter everyone

  7. I’m ripping my packs and i see the back
    it says /25 I’m about to have a heart attack
    OH MY GOD, look at that prizm tie die
    I think i just had an explosion of color in my eye
    I think man it cant get better but what do i see
    Several more boxes on the shelf calling for me!!


  8. Hacklers are Red
    Howers are Blue
    Tye Dye Prizm is a little of all of them
    Selects the greatest I thought u Knew.
    Panini is the best in the Biz
    Hackler & Hower are 4ever the Shiz!
    I hope my poem knocks off your Socks
    I hope my poem wins me a Select Box!

  9. select basketball?
    more like SICKlect,because those cardz are 2 dye 4
    3 cheers for the 3 tiers
    checklist has us drooling
    future stars and old schooling.
    short and sweet
    my entry is the one 2 beat:)

  10. Psychedelic, nah man that’s just select
    Colors flying off the cards like the 60’s
    I think they call that tie dye prizm’s boy that’s trippy.Tracy says it’s his favorite well that makes 2 of us and the card community going crazy for it so that makes a lot of us.

  11. Thanks to Hackler and Hower, the H&H Boys
    We’re all jonesing for Select like kids at Christmas for toys
    With Autos, Jerseys, and City to City
    Plus Tie-Dye Prizms that look so pretty
    With Die-Cuts, Rookies, and three different Tiers
    Select are the best basketball cards we’ve seen in years

  12. Was this unwrapped shot in 2015 or am I trippin?
    Because there were some psychedelic hits in the packs they were rippin.
    Tracy was that Slam Dunk champ Zach Lavine in Tie-Dye?
    A Mojo hit so funky they are only numbered to 25.
    But wait Keith just showed that they can come with an auto.
    I bet that feeling was similar to hitting the lotto.
    A short print tie-dye Penny Hardaway in the same box,
    All that he’s missing is some Bob Marley Dreadlocks.
    Panini Select Basketball gets an A+,
    So everyone hop on the magic school bus.

  13. What has happened in the year 2015?
    It’s like I just hopped into my hot tub time machine.
    Did Panini team up with the Grateful Dead?
    Or am I tripping in need of a bed.
    I could have sworn they were opening boxes of 2014/15 Select,
    Tracy that was Zach Lavine in tie-dye correct?
    I rewind the video and blink my eyes.
    But still there seems to be a tie-dye prizm to my surprise.
    As if Select needed any more mojo hits.
    Now it seems only my bank account will tell me when to quit.
    Innovation is what Panini brings to the hobby.
    While all the other companies are stuck in the lobby.

  14. Now this is a story, all about how
    Select got twist-turned upside-down,
    And I’d like to take a minute, So just sit right there,
    I’ll tell you how It became the prince dreamy, of a company called Panini.

    In North Texas, born and raised,
    On the Panini playground is where it spent most of its days
    Being designed, primed, and refined,
    On its way to becoming, the best product of its time.

    14-15 Select, all it needed was a couple of tiers,
    To make Tracy and Keith, shed a couple of tears.
    On Hallowed Ground is where it now waits,
    Being filled to the brim, with cards of the greats.

    But the good folks at Panini did not rest,
    Until all the cards in Select, wore their Sunday best.
    So they tinkered and improved, for the duration,
    Going from City to City for their inspiration

    Select has something in every pack,
    Rewarding it customers, it deserves a plaque.
    Rookie cards, Autographs, Mem and Inserts,
    Panini got what it deserves, just desserts.

    There was only one thing left, a final piece of the puzzle
    To launch this product out, of the Panini muzzle
    Tie Dye was introduced, adding a new element to collecting
    Everyone’s drooling, mesmerized by the Select-ing.

    Changing the face, reinventing the race, Panini’s one step ahead,
    We’re on Earth, they’re in space.
    They’re untouchable, setting new precedents,
    Everything they create, excellence.

    -Richard Sandanam

    Had so much fun coming up with this poem! Thanks again Panini! Hope you guys love the poem! Cause I love Select!!!

  15. On the day when we remember how our Savior died,
    Keith and Tracy introduces prizm cards what are Tie-Dye.
    Many color all around on those gorgeous shiny cards,
    Creative team well deserving an enormous high five
    for creating this pretty sight to feed our hungry eyes.

    Giving away free boxes on the Easter weekend is fun,
    God charged the same price when He gave up His precious Son.
    Who rose from the grave after three dark day and night,
    Winners revealed with in the same amount of time
    or maybe it will take just a little longer time.

    Finding rhymes in a foreign language is seams little hard,
    but it worth the effort when you open your box of prize.
    I want to find some awesome Select Tie-Dye prizm cards,
    to see the beauty in person how these cards are shine.
    Send me a box if you don’t find this verse is a crime.

  16. Rose are red,
    Violets are blue,
    But who gives a who,
    Panini Select Tie-Dye Prizm I’m in love with you. (They hate us cuz they ain’t us!)


    Tye die Prizms are incredibly neat.
    All of the color makes the SWEET!
    The the die andrew wiggins sells for a ton. Now grab a box of select and have some fun.

  18. Oh Tye Die Prizm God,
    You’re the color of the rainbow which makes you so gorgeous
    It makes me want to a adore you
    And the color blinds my eyes which causes me to drop to the floor.
    Oh Tye Die Prizm God Grant my wish by giving me a box so I can have a Tye die Prizm as my own! -Thanks Panini! Hope I can win my first contest?

  19. Wow those tie dye cards look so nice
    Why dont you hook me up with a box because that would be nice!!!
    -im bad at poems
    Thanks for the giveaway

  20. For a wonderful box of Select basketball to win,
    Would make any man quiver in their boots and spin,
    However, those Tie-dye Prisms are so so dear,
    Any man will go to battle without fear!
    The colours shimmer in the light,
    Keeping me up ripping wax all through the night!
    So send a box on its way to Toronto,
    And make sure you do it PRONTO!

  21. What is in a box of
    Panini Select Basketball?

    Does it shine
    Like a jewel in the sun?

    Or sparkle
    And then run?

    Does it twinkle
    Or gleam or glow?
    is it smooth or speckled
    when will I know

    Maybe there’s a rainbow
    like a post storm sky

    Or is it tie dye?

  22. Tye-Dies Tye-Dies their the best, you see the green, blue, and yellow everyone knows the rest. You never know when the will come, but when they do you know you have a special one.

  23. There’s a ton of color, an the design is clean.
    These cards are up an coming, like Zach Lavine.
    Select is the best, I know you don’t brag.
    But if I pulled one, I’d put it right in a mag.
    This product gets better an better, as the years go by.
    They shine like a disco ball, I really want a tie dye.
    I thought I’d give it a try, an now I know why.
    This is the product, everyone wants to buy.
    I really hope I win, an Steph’s MVP.

  24. Ode to Tie-Dye

    Tie-Dye Select you are the one to collect.
    Colors like a kaleidoscope to the eye.
    Tie-Dye Select from LaVine who can fly to Penny in tri.
    Colors spiral in base, auto, and prime.
    Tie-Dye Select to behold and hold.
    Colors greater than that of Midas.
    Tie-Dye Select I cannot deny I want thee.

  25. (My apologies to Shakespeare and fans of Romeo and Juliet…)

    Two breakers, alike in dignity
    On Youtube’s channel on my laptop screen
    Tracy and Keith with Panini Select boxes
    Turning all their viewers an envious green

    Twelve packs with five cards each – would it be enough
    To bring us the coveted rainbow tie-dye glow?
    The rip commenced, a friendly competition
    To see who wpuld end up with more to show

    Two from each box, our valiant hosts did pull
    The glorious new tie-dye Prizm shine
    Of Penny, Gordon, a Beal one-of-one auto,
    And the rookie dunking master Zach LaVine

    And now a chance to win our own Select
    Thanks Panini – I know who I collect!

  26. Don’t lie, Panini’s tie-dyes prizms just catch your eye.
    Red, yellow, blue, green so many colors its like a dream.
    Is this the most Prizmatic product of 2015?
    Thats a question better left to the design team.
    In the end no doubt they’re superfly, and all this number to only 25!

  27. It was 1964 and the Merry Pranksters were on tour.
    From coast to coast they tie-dyed the most.
    It was 1967 and the Summer of Love was looking for the Vietnam cure.
    Flower power and tie-dyed tees were the dose.
    It was 2015 and Panini were what everyone wanted to procure
    For it was the tie-dyed cards that revolutionized the card game from pillar to post.
    The legacy and revolution of tie-dye will continue forever more!

  28. With a burst of color that illuminates the room, there lies in Select packs a card brighter than the moon. A spectrum of light enters our eyes. There is truly nothing like this splendid surprise. Red, blue, green, and yellow… United in a unique blend – a tie-dye rainbow. Only 25 in existence, each of these marvelous pieces of artwork. Will it be Lavine, Wiggins, or will it be Trey Burke? Such is the excitement, the chase of cardboard treasure. A card like this is spectacular beyond measure.

  29. Tie-Dyed shirts come in red,
    And many have the color blue,
    But when on cardboard it is said,
    Real beauty rings true.

  30. While I watch this video and see these Tie-Die Prizms, I have to say at first I had skepticism. But they’re so nice and shiny they almost gave me an aneurism. With tiers one, two, and three they’re all a must see, and you can see tier four when Hackler runs out and his tears hit the floor. So Mr Easter Bunny hop on over and just leave me a box of Select at the door!!!

  31. Here it goes…..

    S – Short printed, die-cut & tiered,
    E – Every Prizm I pull revered.
    L – Let the psychedelic fun begin,
    E – Elevate & dunk like Zach Lavine.
    C – Creative & Ingenious, that’s Panini,
    T – Tie dyes & 1/1’s waiting for me!

    That’s S-E-L-E-C-T !
    (Short but sweet!)

  32. I am Evan
    Evan I am
    And card collecting
    is my jam.
    With this contest
    there’s no need to ask,
    “if you won a box
    would you rip the packs?”

    Because of course I would!
    I would rip them here,
    I would rip them there,
    I would rip them everywhere!
    Panini Select
    I would collect,
    with tie-dye Prizms
    there are no schisms.

    if you pick me,
    I will rip those packs
    and you will see,
    the tie-dye Prizms
    will be my fave.
    They’re like a color explosion
    in a rave.

    I am Evan
    Evan I am
    I would not eat
    Green Eggs and Ham.
    But for tie-dye Prizms
    I’d be like Dr. Seuss,
    so watch out,
    my rhymes are now on the loose.

  33. Ok here goes, I’m gonna pay homage to select basketball tie-die prizms, and hope I can win this competition. The prizms are so nice that each one glistens, and will for sure become a collector’s tradition to out do the competition by pulling tie-dies that are so sick, not even a physician can stop the addiction. Select has made these prizms with such precision that the competition will go into decomposition. If I win a box, I’ll feel like a magician looking for the tie-die prizms.

  34. so here’s my very very short poem… haha

    I’ve watched Panini unwrapped.
    While watching my jaw just dropped.
    Then Keith Hower killed it with the Tie-De Autographed!

  35. Oh panini what a beautiful sight.
    Every time I look on your page it’s always so bright.
    Tie Die Prizms in the new Select I see?
    Makes me want to pick some apples from my apple tree.
    Oh Tie Dye Prizms you’re always so shiny
    I open the pack blindly
    And there it is!
    The Tie Dye prizm I’ve always dreamed for!
    -Thanks Panini

  36. My love for Tie Die Prizms is so great,
    my heart melts for It ’til the dusk of day.
    Oh Raindow Tie Die Fairy grant me a wish
    To once open a box of select basketball with my pet fish
    One day and I mean one day! I will enjoy my first box break
    I will pull mojo which will cause me to ache and shake!
    Tomorrow will be the dream where I finally win
    And I will jump up and down when I have goosebumps all over my skin
    -thanks panini

    1. My love for Keith and Tracy is so great
      I think about them every second of the day
      Tie Die Prizms I see
      Makes me blind in both eyes so I can’t see
      Such a great product I must take a peek
      -Thanks Panini

  37. Select Tie Die prizms because they are the one and only
    The one that I fell in love with
    The only one I truly care for.
    even before I could buy them in the store
    I want them more
    than anything so I won’t be lonely. They are like beautiful rainbows that make you cry tears of joy, I promise not to treat them like a toy like when I rip open the pack much like that boy brandon roy. Please panini select don’t neglect I want and need to collect!

  38. If basketball cards were running for president, I elect Panini Select!
    If I were homeless and didn’t know where to go next, Panini Select!
    Because in this basketball set lie
    Panini tie-dye
    And from its roots in guys like Hendrix and the who
    It was conceived as somehing entirely new!

  39. the Beautiful colors of the rainbow
    put in the cards and they glow
    it is called tye -dye
    and definitely attract my eye.

  40. When I look at select it makes me smile,
    all of the tie-die prisms in it makes your purchase worthwhile

    the packs will never be flat,
    with all of the colors,inserts and hits it will make a huge splat!

    The tie-dies have never been seen before,
    it will be the first ones for me to adore

    After writing this poem it is clear to me,
    that the tie-die prisms are the sickest cards I’ve ever seen!

  41. We all wait for this time of year,
    NBA Playoffs and Select Basketball are Near!

    Blue, Silver, Gold and Black.
    Don’t look now, Select is back!

    Parallels, Parallels everywhere i look.
    You’ll see every color in the book.

    Purple, Red, Orange, and yes Tie-Dye too.
    Those are my favorite, how about you?

    We can almost stop breaking but just for tonight.
    Because even White Concourse cards will surely delight.

    Three Auto’s or Patches will wrap up your break.
    But don’t miss the Variations for goodness sake!

  42. An Ode to the Prizm Tie Dye

    ‘Twas the day that Panini Select dropped in stores and online,
    Good thing I set my alarm to make it to my local card store on time,
    I readied my kids, made sure they all brushed their teeth,
    Packed them into the van, careful not to slam the door on their feet,
    I was excited and anxious as I buckled and closed my front door,
    I guess that energy translated into putting pedal to floor,
    I was off to the races and was not looking back,
    Just couldn’t wait to rip open a Select pack!
    We were halfway to paydirt on Route 93,
    When in my rear view was something as shiny as can be!
    Could it be a shiny new Prizm, my son holding it up for me to see?
    No, alas it was red and blue sirens and a Police Officer staring at me,
    How fast was I going? 40? 45 tops?
    Speed limit is 50, so why am I getting pulled over by the cops?
    I took a deep breath, put my hands on the wheel,
    How are you Officer? (I was nervous, for real),
    I’m just fine he replied, it’s a bright sunny day,
    I pulled you over to ask you what’s this funky sign that you’ve got on display?
    It’s covering your license plate in the rear,
    I see you have kids so that lessens my fear,
    Your sign’s full of tie dye and says “Select is finally here!”
    I said I don’t know sir as I glanced to my right,
    My son’s knees were shaking and his face was red, bright,
    He said it’s my fault Dad, I made that last night,
    I thought it’d be cool to display it in plain sight,
    I apologized to the officer and he said that’s okay,
    Get back on the road, it must be your lucky day,
    We got to the card store and followed our plan,
    Four packs of Select, one for each in our clan,
    We had seen the checklist and on one thing we agreed,
    The Diecut autos we like but the Tie Dye Prizms we need!
    We ripped open our packs carefully and browsed through the glory,
    Soon after I heard my middle son yell, “Tier 3, Stephen Curry!”
    We sorted our cards and compared who’s pack was best,
    My oldest won hands down with an Orange Prizm Jerry West,
    I didn’t have money to buy them some more,
    So we gathered our cards and went for the door,
    “We didn’t hit a Tie Dye Prizm”, my youngest son cried,
    “How about one last try?” a familiar voice replied,
    It was the cop from earlier and he was standing right there!
    But where did he come from and why did he care?
    He purchased one more pack, the last one in stock,
    Handed it to my son Billy and said “I wish you good luck”,
    Full of excitement, he opened the wrapper,
    He sifted through slowly, then looked up, so I asked what’s the matter?
    He said one card is backwards and I have a good feeling about it,
    He did a slow reveal and then all of us shouted!
    Numbered out of 25, it was a Prizm Tie Dye of Lebron,
    “Thanks so much Officer, I’ll never forget what you’ve done!”
    At the end of the day I think my son put it best,
    Orange Prizms are cool but the Tie Dye made it worth our quest,
    It had been quite a journey and we had lots of fun,
    Only thing that could top it is telling my kids about a contest we won….

  43. Panini Select is so Legit
    When you open the packs you get sweet hits.
    The colors are like a rainbow that even
    The dude from lucky charms is having a hangover.
    The Patchs are nice and they will make you yelp.
    There are even cards so sick they will make your eyes melt.
    Panini is the best in the Biz.
    They’re are so good like cheese wiz.
    Thank you Panini and Tracy for making your fans feel like you care.
    There no other company that would even dare.
    To be as good as you.
    Thanks for all you do.

  44. I would not object
    if you would allow me to collect
    beautiful cards from Panini Select.
    The tie-dye cards are so perfect.
    Made with so much love and respect
    this contest is something I’m happy I checked.
    The tie-dye cards miraculously reflect
    in the light creating a phenomenal effect.
    If I had a tie-dye prizm I could not reject
    the memories that I would always recollect. 🙂

  45. Warning-attempt at lyric rapping below!!

    Tracy and Keith-the Fly Guys
    Bustin’ out the tie dyes!

    To the store, we be goin’
    For sick patch cards we are hopin’

    To find one or may-be two
    one for me and one for you!

    Easter is the time you need to care
    shiny hoop cards for Panini to share

    Short prints, autos
    jersey cards-NO DOZE!

    Light bounce off the cards-mesmerized
    die cut, case hits-Supersized!

    Old school-Chamberlain
    New school-D. Exum!
    With Knight’s Lance blog you know its fun!
    Select Basketball-get you one!

  46. Oh what I would do for a tie-dye card.
    I’m attempting to create a poem, and trying so hard!
    Being innovative and creative for some (like me) can be a problem,
    But not for Panini, because these tie-dye cards are too awesome!

  47. Here we sit, this Easter Eve,
    from holiday time, I must take leave.
    There are boxes to bust, and cards to see,
    you would never guess, what the cards might be!

    The colors and lines, shine bright as day,
    the card sparkles, in ways words cannot say.
    Boxes contain, great hits untold,
    yet beauty within, these boxes behold.

    For those unsure, as to what they will see,
    fear not one instance, whoever you be.
    With cards of Kobe and LeBron,
    the checklist goes on!

  48. The tye dye prisms I saw today
    By far blows all others away
    It’s not hard to see
    The number one cards are Panini
    And I just have to say
    For these cards I am willing to pay
    But if you coose me
    My cards will be free

  49. Colors, colors, colors galore.
    Until these tie-dye selects, I had always wanted more.
    Hit after hit, these packs impress me,
    Searching for the tie-dye will fill me with glee.

  50. Red, yellow, blue, and green,
    The new tie-dye cards are the coolest I’ve ever seen.
    I could pull a tier 1, tier 2, or maybe even tier 3,
    I still can’t believe this innovation, Panini.

  51. Wanted to get some premium Cards?
    Then go no further when we all know the Selection that we should go is Select Basketball.
    When rookies becomes like sweet cookies We all know Prizm is like Teasin’
    Just about when we open the packs in the box, the inner childhood that we all got!
    Will eventually takes place on each Pack!
    Seeing that Panini America is making Rainbows which is unparalled technology of Chromium which is taken to another level of excitement that we simply see.
    For us Panini is one thing that always assures us with unlimited seas.

  52. This here is the latest product from Panini
    You would think it was made by Houdini

    Guaranteed to produce a mammoth hall
    It’s name, 2014-15 Select Basketball

    Just wait till you see the prestigious Prizm Tie-dye
    First you’ll be speechless, then simply say ‘OH MY!’

    There’s rookies and stars, cards auto and jersey
    But the holy grail, the Tie-Dye Prizm shows no mercy

    You can go to a store and buy it as a single
    But pull it from a pack and it’s sure to make you tingle.

  53. Is that Jerry Garcia & the Grateful Dead
    No, it’s Panini’s new product that puts them to bed,
    Prizms and Tie Dye and hoops galore
    a beautiful product that never will bore
    LeBron, Kobe, and Mr. John Wall
    crackin a box and havin a ball
    shiny die cuts of your favorite team
    low numbered parallels when opened they scream
    when you open the box and think of Pink Floyd
    you’ll remember the other brands to avoid
    the video’s done, I’ll be on my way
    Panini Select is now here to stay

  54. To all the collectors out there
    Imagine your perfect collection
    Every card a work of art
    Digital designs & Unique Shapes
    You seek the thrill of the chase
    Every pack contains something great
    Parallels & Prizms Sparkle & Shine
    Relishing the moment of a tie-dye out of 25
    Immersing all those across the globe
    Zoinks! Is it a Concourse, Premier, or Courtside?
    Might I be the lucky one? A Courtside Tie-Dye #1
    SELECT your pack!

  55. Have you heard of the newest craze?
    There’s tie-dye cards which get the fans ablaze!
    Panini America deserves so much praise,
    for these colorful new cards which will beautifully deflect rays.
    To read all these poems, it will surely take days,
    Panini should have known about this frenzy they’d raise.
    The best tribute is not written by 1 but rather these countless ways
    in which the collectors have proven the extent to which these cards amaze.

  56. Scorching Superb Stunning Stellar
    Extraordinary Elegant Exceeding Exquisite
    Luminous Lavishing Luxury
    Electrifying Exuberant Eye-catching Edgy
    Colossal Classy Cool
    Terrific Tiered Tenacious Tie-Dye Prizm Treasures!

  57. Cards are my favorite hobby in the world
    And cards I will collect til’ the end of my life
    Panini has the only NBA cards in the world
    And Panini I will buy as long as they make them

    Hope is the strongest power in the world
    And hope I will for a Black 1-of-1 (or a free box, of course)
    Hope is even stronger when the chances are better
    And that’s why there’s Gold, Green, and Tie-Dye too

    The most appealing base cards in the world
    They have foil and texture; it’s in abundance in Select
    Autographed relics are the best pulls in the world
    And maybe I will get the first in my collection very soon?

    Hobby is the only configuration of this in the world
    And reasonable, I think it is, for such a remarkable set
    Prizm is NOT the only Chromium set in the world
    Welcome to the family, 14-15 Select Basketball!!

  58. Tie-dye won’t die, as it makes the colors come to life. Better than a tie, these cards are winning. Winning-life simply put is tie-dye.

  59. Panini America does it again,the tie die cards are surely a win,,,If I loose don’t hit the dirt,I can always find my old tie die shirts.

  60. Tie-Dye Prizms,
    my new desire,
    They evoke visions,
    Of Jimi’s Strat on fire,

    Can’t wait to take a trip,
    With these groovy cards,
    Psychedelic and hip,
    They’ll be moving hard!

  61. Tie-dye colors, what an array!
    Me-oh-my, what a play!

    So much style… so much swagger!
    Shot goes up… that’s the dagger!

    Tie-dye cards are a must get!
    Nothing but the bottom of the net!

  62. My poem for the 2014/15 Panini Select Basketball Tie-Dye Prizms Contest is shown below:


    Oh My Lovely Tie-Dye Prizm,
    I Have Finally Made My Decision.
    To Open My Panini Select B-Ball,
    And Grab The Packs One In All.

    I Hope And Pray To Pull A Winner,
    Before I Eat My Chicken Dinner.
    A Courtside Insert Or Sparks Tie-Dye,
    Would Really Bring A Tear To My Eye.

  63. Tie-dye is cool. Tie-dye is nice. Tie-dye is new. Tie-dye for life. 🙂
    Tie-dye for me. Tie-dye for you. I love every color like red, yellow, and blue. 🙂

  64. Panini Select is out, and it rocks.
    Tracy and Keith are breaking a box.
    There are rookies and stars and autos inside,
    And prizms, even ones that look like they’re dyed!
    Not like eggs are on Easter, more like shirts from the sixties
    They’re a psychedelic rainbow, and they sure are nifty.
    Did you see the one that they pulled? Zach Levine!
    Maybe I’ll win a box, and get one of mine.
    Either way, it was fun writing this for a chance.
    Thanks to Keith, and to Tracy, and of course – Thanks Knights Lance!

  65. Man these tie-dyed cards are so very cool
    You wouldn’t believe the way they make me drool!
    I hope my poem catches your eye
    Because I’d love to rip open some tie-dye (cards)
    Panini and their creativity never cease to amaze
    These Select tie-dyes have me in a psychedelic daze
    So here’s your short poem; I did just as you said
    With fingers crossed and hopes high I’m off to bed!

  66. It’s April and Panini Select has arrived, it’s finally here
    You’ll want to collect the Tie-Dyes and keep them near,
    Find base cards numbered from one to twenty-five
    Starting with Concourse, then Premier Die-Cuts and finally Courtside!

    City to City – featuring star NBA talent who’s on the move
    Tie-Dyed, showing the player’s patches from both cities,
    Double Team delivers some sweet Tie-Dyed goods –
    Numbered to 25 with patches of a team’s dynamic duo – how fitting.

    With Spark and Select Swatches this set won’t stop
    Tie-Dyed and prizmed – numbered to just 25 each,
    Throw in a patch these cards are hard to top,
    For these sweet cards the collectors will reach!

    Select Rookies – cards teaming rookie autos and a patch,
    Tie-Dyed to perfection they are an awesome catch!
    Numbered to just 25 each they’re a little hard to find,
    But when you sang your player – the feeling is sublime!

    On Hallowed Ground delivers stars of yesterday
    Teamed up with patches from their HOF careers,
    These Tie-Dye Prizms inserts, just 25 each I say
    Are sure to make the lucky collector let out a cheer!

    Then move on up to Select Autographed Materials
    These cards are are brilliant and elegant – some say ethereal,
    Autographs with patches of two, three, sometimes four colors
    Tie-Dyed and numbered to 25 they blow away cards by others!

    Whichever Tie-Dye is pulled from a pack or box or case,
    Is sure to put a smile on that collector’s face!
    Featuring your favorite NBA team plus the elite USA,
    2014-15 Panini Select Basketball rules the day!

  67. Prizms are purple
    Prizms are tie dye
    Prizms are so sweet that I can not lie
    Prizms are die cut
    Prizms aren’t so what
    Prizms are worthy of taking a pay cut*

    *which I’d be willing to do if I win a box, thanks Panini

  68. To tie dye or not to tie dye, that is the question
    If you’d like some advice may I make a suggestion
    Buy a box, or case, of Select in your possession
    And you will give all your friends a case of indigestion

  69. Wu-Tang Clan interpolation:

    Cards gettin stripped from their packs, ya’ll, shinen’ like jewels
    While 3 tiers got me feelin’ like I just can’t lose
    Breaking pack after pack when I least expect
    Pull a Tie-Dye Prizm from Panini Select!

  70. If Bill Walton were here, he’d say quite clear
    “Never in the history of Western civilization
    Has there been an innovation with such groovy applications
    According to my calculations this is not an elaboration
    Prizm is akin to a colorful illumination”

  71. I just can’t get enough of Select’s Prizm technology
    What shiny beautiful cardboard for my eyes to see

    Wow what a sight and a visual delight
    Watch the cards shine and play with the light

    And speaking of eyes, tears of joy I may cry
    If I am so lucky to open a pack with tye-dye

    And after seeing the video, with envy I am green
    To see Mr Tracy Hackler pull a Zach LaVine

    With a chance to win a box I may blow a gasket
    If I’m lucky enough to find Select in my Easter basket

  72. My first thought upon seeing these cards is “whoa man, far out”
    Some of the best looking cards I’ve ever seen without a doubt

    You now have cards with diamonds and other precious gems
    And autographs, hats, shoes, jerseys, and other great mems

    But wow what a great twist on the idea of a Prizm
    On seeing beauty in these there will surely be no schism.

    And someday soon with my own eyes I hope to see
    These cards come to my mailbox if you should pick me

  73. Ultra-rare tie-dye prizms in select.
    I want one so bad, but my wallet would get wrecked.
    So if you give me a box and I find one inside,
    I’d run around like a child and show it off with pride.

    ^ But seriously though, like a giddy child.

  74. Physcedelic color spree
    Cards look great, not at all trippy
    Would love to win a special box
    1 of 1’s get locked up at Fort Knox
    Panini America is the best brand
    Hoping that box gets into my hand!

    1. I don’t think they’ve been announced yet. You can’t expect them to select the best 5 out of over 80 poems in half a day.

  75. I can honestly say I am not too big a fan of this product – looks like the past 2 years. Not a fan of die cuts or the weird prizm colors. Might just pick up a few singles of guys I collect. I think I’ll spend my money on Threads. Thanks.

  76. who won? assuming the winners got emailed but who knows either way thanks for the sick contest panini and I’m sure to buy boxes soon! btw… if tracy is selling the beal 1/1 let me know a price

  77. First of all, a hearty “thank you” and “job well done” from all of us here at Panini America. I can’t recall ever having more fun selecting contest winners. The level of entertainment and creativity in these entries is impressive and quite appreciated. In fact, the entries across the board were so good that we had a hard time getting down to the best five. In fact, after the first round of reviews, we were staring at 20 some-odd finalists. Picking just five winners from that group was difficult but here goes . . . Congratulations to BigR, Richard Sandanam, generalmusician, Jeff J. and hudsonfan15. Thanks again for putting yourselves out there and having a good time with us. You’re all award-winning poets in our book. Winners, we’ll be in touch.

  78. I kept watching the mail, even passed up a Lexus,
    Then I see contest prize coming from Irving, Texas.
    Cards of active players, but retired greats too –
    Dr. J, and a Karl Malone prism of blue.
    Other blue prism shows, none deny it’s so fierce –
    Out of one-ninety-nine, a die cut of Paul Pierce.
    There’s a pair of Kobes, plus a sweet Pau Gasol,
    And then one of my faves, yes, two diff’rent Chris Pauls.
    Not just any Josh Smith out of one-forty-nine –
    Serial’s oh-oh-one, and that sucker was mine.
    Two Dwight Howards weren’t same, yes there was a small schism –
    One of them’s a base card, but the other, blue prism.
    Yes, I tore through the packs, I was in such a hurry,
    That threemendous Stephen, and my favor was Curry’d.
    Then a Patty Mills card with a blue that’s so fine.
    I was spurred to applaud, print run’s just two-four-nine.
    Every card was so great, there’s no fear of calamity,
    Jeremy’s prism blue sent me into (l)insanity.
    And another great card to add to my card garden.
    He, or beard’s, MVP? I refer to James Harden.
    The sweet pulls just kept on, the designs were near fractal.
    Purple prism of Brandon Jennings, pterodactyl.
    There was more than the vets, took a look and I shook.
    Man, these cards sure did cook, I was hooked by the rooks.
    Yes, the shine on the cards, it was too much to handle
    There’s an “Early return”, and a Julius Randle.
    Oh, the glow of the cards almost had me undone.
    A McDermott is there, and a Glenn Robinson.
    So I marveled in awe, they’re so good that it’s scary.
    There’s a TJ Warren, and a new Mitch McGary.
    And they didn’t stop there, I said, “Be still, my heart!”
    A Nik Stauskus I found, Marcus made me feel Smart.
    So I stared back in awe at the cards I was digging,
    ‘Til I pulled one of these, then again, Andrew Wiggins.
    Then to finish the rooks, I think he’ll someday lead.
    Now I have a first card of that Joel Embiid.
    Hope he wins some titles, ’cause the town’s so deserving –
    Yes, a USA card, hometown fave Kyrie Irving.
    Not a thing could attempt to make clouds become darker
    When I see rookie swatch of that Jabari Parker.
    Out of just ninety-nine, a new swatch is now seen.
    Though the card is purple, it’s the Danny that’s Green.

    Then a diff’rent type card, I suspected it’s sick.
    If you tried to beat him, you hope you’re only Knicked.
    Yes, a Hall of Fame guy, it’s so sweet I near died.
    This great pull was none other than one they call Clyde.
    But I do not refer to that star Mr. Drexler.
    I mean no disrespect, but this was even better.
    A great player he was, yes his worth’s hard to measure.
    I refer to the man that is called one Walt Frazier.
    Anagrams even speak of the skill that he knew.
    Such as a “fairer waltz”, and as well, “air tzar flew”.
    Then I took a close look, lost what’s left of small mind.
    So much better than base, this great card’s sharply signed!
    When I flipped the card o’er, I was way beyond stunned.
    Not a common-type day, I just pulled … one of one!
    Really scared my poor wife, as I squeal’d with delight.
    I sure did hoop it up, on that perfect card Knight.
    Tracy, thanks for great box, you surpass any genie!
    You Selected the best, which describes our Panini!
    Great collecting to all in ’14 slash fifteeny!

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