2014 75th Anniversary Hall of Fame Baseball Stars in a Belated Panini Unwrapped Video

I'll be the first to admit it: We're a little late with this particular episode of Panini Unwrapped. OK, we're a lot late with this particular episode of Panini Unwrapped. But when you're talking about a product as timeless and as legendary as Panini America's 2014 75th Anniversary Hall of Fame Baseball, well, it's never too late. So I grabbed Panini America Baseball Brand Manager Wes Elliott and several boxes of the product earlier this week for a quick video break.


I’ll be the first to admit it: We’re a little late with this particular episode of Panini Unwrapped. OK, we’re a lot late with this particular episode of Panini Unwrapped. But when you’re talking about a product as timeless and as legendary as Panini America’s 2014 75th Anniversary Hall of Fame Baseball, well, it’s never too late. So I grabbed Panini America Baseball Brand Manager Wes Elliott and several boxes of the product earlier this week for a quick video break.

Here’s hoping you get the chance to know 2014 75th Anniversary Hall of Fame Baseball a little better in this better-late-than-never episode of Panini Unwrapped. After the video, be sure to stick around to find out how you can win one of five boxes of the product yourself. Enjoy.

Now, to the contest. As discussed in the video, there’s a ton of variety in every pack of 2014 75th Anniversary Hall of Fame Baseball. So we want to know two things: 1) What is your favorite part of this particular product and 2) Do you prefer this version of the product over the first two years of Cooperstown Baseball. Let us know in the comments section below for a chance to win a box.

Thanks in advance for your participation and good luck.


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  1. 1) Nice gloss, SO MANY low-numbered cards, more sigs than I thought
    2) WAY better than Cooperstown, KUDOS to Panini!

  2. I love how you are giving away diamonds can’t wait to see someone pulls one and I prefer this product with the nice white clean look it these new cards although I would have loved to see you guys give out a trip to Cooperstown again .

  3. The Crusade cards are the best, specially the die cut version. I would prefer this version over the 24 pack same looking base cards.

  4. I really like the dual signatures as well as cut signatures. This year’s version has a lot more varieties and better design than previous years

  5. This years Cooperstown was much much better than the previous years. First, I must like Doug Harvey as well as I can add his 24/25 to the two you pulled! While not pulling one, I am a HUGE fan of cut signatures so that would have been my favorite part of the upgrade. So I would say the Diamond Kings cards were my favorite part of what I pulled. Hit a green Josh Gibson numbered to 5. The jewel cards were awesome but I missed out on pulling those although I saw one pulled at our llocal. Amazing product

  6. This is a sweet Product – the low numbered Parallels and the Autographs Of Hall of Famers awesome!!!!—- Yes a much better product than Cooperstown- Keep up the good work!!!

  7. 1. I thought those Prizm Crusade cards look very sharp. The prizm design for any of Panini’s cards has always been my favorite out of all their card designs.
    2. I only remember the Cooperstown cards vaguely, and remember those looking pretty nice as well. I do give the color advantage to these though.

  8. I do not prefer it from the price. It should have been more history envole in the 75 year of hof.
    I bought 5 blaster 5 packs of last years for around 25 dollars. I got two autos of players I heard of besides Bob Feller. I took the commons cards and wrote to hof asking them to foward my mail and some more ball players sign the cards. It was fun for 25 dollars.

  9. 1)The best part about this product is the fact that it has so many players that are not as well known as say Ruth or Gehrig, but they still are a major part of baseball history.

    2) The way you guys seemed to intigrate multiple products into this one year makes this year special.

  10. I think it looks better then the first one you came out with love the prizm technogloy and lots of autos and numbered cards.

  11. I do prefer this new version over the first two years.
    I love the colors and if there are dimonds in this stuff that will be great

  12. 1. The dual signatures and cut signatures are the best part.
    2. Think this years version is much better due to the designs.

  13. 1. The variety of presentation of these legendary players, truly innovative use of the photography keeps the attention on each card in the box.
    2. While the first two years had their merit, I do very much enjoy the quick-hitter thrill of this presentation. I give this version the advantage.

    Thanks for giving us the chance to sound off on this excellent product, Tracy!

  14. 1. My favorite part about this product is probably crusade. I pulled a crusade /10 duke snider card and it is really good stuff . 2. I prefer this version over past years of this. Honestly i think this is the best one out of the past years. thanks tracy for the contests

  15. (1) my favorite part of this product has to be how you incorporated the black and white photos of classic HOF players on to the colorful Prizm Crusade inserts. It’s such a beautiful contrast.
    (2) i would have to say i like this version better, so much more variety.

  16. The die-cut Crusade cards are really sharp and look even better in person than on the video. But I’d be a fool if I didn’t say that the gem cards containing real diamonds and emeralds are the real chase here. They are beautiful with the gloss black finish and it’s a real diamond. What’s more to say?

    And ya, I like this configuration better than Cooperstown. Nice work.

  17. 1. I love that you guys take some old-school players and put them in a new-school card design, one that you would never have seen 20-60 years ago.
    2. I would most definitely prefer this product. Cooperstown was nice, don’t get me wrong, but the shine and color on these cards are second to none. You got to love all those on-card autographs as well 🙂

  18. I agree with Tracy on the Josh Gibson blue and red variations. Very, very sharp looking and adds a bit more collectibility to particular players.
    It definitely has an advantage over the Cooperstown sets as far as flashiness. Great spectrum of colors.

  19. 1-The best part of this years product has to be the incorporation of multiple panini technologies and designs. The checklist of players has to be top notch as it is a top of the line product. The limited quantities of hits is another bonus as you didnt go overboard over producing.
    2- This year is better than the previous 2 because Panini has had 2 years to produce such a stunning product.

    Thank you and loved the video

  20. -I do like real gem card idea. Imagine pulling one of those!
    -I also did like the 2013 Cooperstown better than the 2012 set, and would say this set compares on the same level of the 2013, if not better. The variety is outstanding, and the technology put into these cards never ceases to amaze me year after year. Great job, Panini!

  21. I really enjoy the fact that most of the autos are on card, they, for obvious reasons, look pretty sweet. And I would say that I definitely prefer it to the latter of the Cooperstown products. It still has the feel of the previous product but it packaged in a much “shinier” way. 🙂

  22. I definitely prefer this over the last 2 years. I particularly like the Diamond 1/1 cards and have been buying up as many as I could. Other than that, I also like reading the blurbs on the back. Glad you had someone take the time to write them. Did you know that the DiMaggio cards have the wrong text on the back? It’s the text for Zack Wheat. Now I’ll never know what DiMaggio ever did. LOL

  23. 1) What I really like is the great combination of the old and the new in this product.
    2) This year’s version is much nicer than the previous Cooperstown releases. Better quality, better look, better hits.

  24. 1: These cards look amazing! Love the variety of the old school players. The signatures look great, definitely more of old stars than I thought. Think my fave cards are the “Crusade” set. Just so eye-catching w/ the various colors. Would look awesome w/ some on-card autos on them. Perfect for Spring Training tries 🙂

    2: I liked the past 2 Cooperstown sets but this set surpasses it by far! Hope you can keep it coming & adding more awesome players like you keep doing!

  25. First off, WOW!!!! Some truly unique looking cards w/ the old b&w pics on the bright colors.

    1: My favorite part of this set would have to be the chance to pull some sweet on-card autographs of some legendary & not-so-legendary players. Nice mix.

    2: I’m not sure if it’s “better” per-say vs. the past 2 sets. Haven’t had a chance to have seen them in person yet. From the video & pics I’ve seen though, I’d say you’ve come close to out doing yourselves on the past 2 just cause of the chance at diamond & emeralds being in the cards.

  26. 1. I really like the Crusades die cut and the low numbered cards available. Dominators are sweet as well. The look of these are gorgeous.
    2. Definitely like this years version more by a lot. Technology added to the classics are a beautiful thing.

  27. 2nd part first-Call me old school, but I’ve really enjoyed the Cooperstown releases. The vintage look always has a place in my heart and I’m a sucker for those card types. As for the 1st question-the autographs are very sharp. Well placed and easy on the eyes, I wish more signature cards were this nice.

  28. My favorite part of the product is the chance at autographs of Hall of Famers. And by including the Crusades, Dominators, and Elite designs I think this year is better than past years of Cooperstown. Thanks for the chance at a box and best of luck to everybody!

  29. Wow, the design of these cards is absolutely awesome! The mixture of base and insert cards all do a superb job of showing off these Hall of Famers. Kudos to the design team!

    As to the contest, my favorite part is the Crusade prizm cards. They are super sharp and relate well to the Hall of Fame. And this year’s product is definitely my favorite over the previous years. It was definitely worth the wait. Great work guys!

  30. 1. Favorite part is the crusade diecut and hof cuts.
    2. I like this version a lot because of variety of shining and colorful inserts and autos that you can pull.

  31. It’s just such a good looking set – like you were saying in the video, the black and white pictures look great in the prizm crusade cards.

    Personally, I liked the first Cooperstown. It was fun to chase the whole set, but you obviously can’t do a retail-friendly Hall of Fame series every single year. Going with a high end product is a smart solution, especially if the base cards are going to be so good looking (because the autographs are kind of a crap shoot – a box like you opened, where the autos were an umpire and an executive, would be awfully disappointing). It’s the Prizm and the Donruss Dominators, with black and white baseball legends, that really sells the set.

  32. #1) Price Point vs Quality is, in my opinion, one of the best values Panini has come out with in quite a while. The Emerald cards are amazing!!! I usually resale cards that I do not PC but I have not been able to part with ANY of my 75th cards.
    #2) I personally found Cooperstown to be a so-so product and didn’t really wait “with baited breath” for the second year release. I am already praying that there is sometime of follow up that is very similar to 75th so I feel 75th blew Cooperstown out of the water. Once again that is only my opinion.

  33. 1. I love the different images that you used rather than re-using the same old photo year after year. Combined with a great design this makes for a great set.
    2. Have to say I like this better than Cooperstown even though I was a fan of it. I especially like the Elite (love to have the Brett that Tracy pulled for my player collection!) and Dominator Series sets.

  34. 1.) Favorite Aspect of 2014 75th Anniversary Hall of Fame Baseball: The return of the Diamond Kings Insert Set adds a unique spin to the product and their distinct card texture cannot be duplicated.

    2.) I prefer this years Cooperstown over past years because the new product has special throwback inserts that gained hobby hype during the 1990’s. Also, the boxes have a nice mix of hall of famers from all of baseball’s most memorable eras.

  35. 1.) Virtually all the cards are quite stunning. A beautiful set across the board and I suppose if I we’re to pick one thing, it’s the vast array of colorful prisms. 2.) I never collected Coopers town so I can’t give an objective opinion on a comparison. They look like they’re geared toward the older type of audience while shiny cards like these my kids really go nuts for. Great video’ guys!

  36. 1. I most enjoy the autographs. Hall of Fame autographs are a cherished part of my collection. The cards are all great, but the autographs are the best!
    2. While I like this year and it is certainly more aesthetically pleasing, I enjoyed the prior years because of the affordability. There are so many Hall of Famers and some are so obscure to us in 2014 (the video stars could not correctly pronounce Ed Roush) that getting a larger volume for my dollar (I wish) is preferable. Then I know I will not only get Ed Roush, Wee Willie Keeler, and Burleigh Grimes, but I might also get a Yogi, Jim Ed Rice, or Carlton Fisk. At the price, I am not likely to buy a number of boxes and I enjoy the cards and the variety that the previous years provided. Beautiful cards this year!

  37. 1-It’s all #HallofFame . I am really liking the Crusades and especially the die-cut Crusades.
    2-This variation is better across the board. On card autos of hall of famers, the inclusion of Elite and Dominators from Donruss and HOF Cuts signatures make this product awesome!

  38. 1. I love it all–mostly the low numbers on all the inserts and base cards as well as the shininess of the cards—not dull at all!
    2. I agree with everyone in saying that this version is way better than the past two years products–even as nice as they were.
    Thanks for the contest Panini!

  39. One- The fact that all the autographs belong to Hall of Fame members is what makes this product so incredible. The beautiful cards don’t hurt it either.
    Two- The improvements can be seen in everything about this product that is why I much prefer this version to past years.

  40. 1) The cut autos always help a product succeed, especially with big names
    2) I personally think all of the shiny refractor type cards and colored parallels dont belong with a “vintage” product. I think parallels would look better with sepia, b&w, and “vintagy” looking themes

  41. Truely amazing product, with all the HOF sigs that you can acquire how can you not love it. The design is great, this product has been a great step up from past issues.

  42. 1. My favorite part of this product is the mix of classic and modern design. These cards really look great. Some sort of futuristic retro that really works for me.
    2. I like this product better than the last two Cooperstown products. The base cards particularly are far better this year. Beautiful

  43. 1) I like that all the autos are HOF’ers.

    2) I don’t like this product more than the previous years’ products. The box price is out of my normal collecting budget and being a base card collector, I don’t like this year’s serial-limited base cards, so I won’t be spending my collecting money trying to make the base set. I love the retired player aspect of the product, but I would like budget-friendly (to me) box prices and base set accessability that the previous Cooperstown releases had.

  44. 1. The autographs are Hall of Fame “Home-runs” in my opinion
    2. I’ve only opened one box of Cooperstown (last year), and it was a bit lack luster compared to this set. With that said, i would pick this over past product for sure.

  45. 1.) This set looks amazing and my favorite part of it is the Crusade. Looks really sharp and superb. I collect Crusades from all Panini products I can get.

    2.) I would say it is say is way better that last years or the year before that. The stock, the inserts, auto and the base cards looks spectacular. Can’t wait to get my hands on one.

  46. 2014 Panini 75th Anniversary Hall of Fame Baseball Contest:
    1) The favorite part of this product is the diversity of the signatures of hall of fame players and stars. Also, the great selection of the cards in unique one of a kind inserts.
    2) I definitely prefer this product over the first two years of Cooperstown Baseball. These cards are brilliant and stunning baseball card technology. The Die Cuts, Prizm type cards, Crusades, Dominators right down to the base cards are exciting to all collectors. The cards stand out with the shiny technology and presentation on the cards itself. I really love these and want to get a box or more of these. Great job Panini! Keep them coming!

  47. 1-If you are a fan of MLB and the Hall of Fame this is a no-brainer pick for your collection! From the on card and cut autos to the low numbered inserts and base cards to the sweet inclusion of Dominators makes this an awesome set.
    2-It is an improvement over past years because of the advancement in the looks of the cards.

  48. I really like the Elite Series inserts as they were my favorite card growing up. I really like this years product over the previous releases.

  49. 1. My favorite part of this is that all cards are HOFers (of course)! I also like that there is a wide variety of some amazing on card autographs, which everyone loves. Can’t go wrong with that stupendous packaging, either.
    2. I would prefer this over the past couple years of the Cooperstown product. I didn’t buy too much of it, but of the looks of this years product, I think it trumps it.

  50. The on-card HOF autographs are my favorite part of the product. Seriously, other than autos or relics (I’ll consider an embedded gemstone a relic), I don’t have much interest in tribute card sets of retired players, even HOFers.
    I prefer this product over the prior years of Cooperstown, because it guarantees 2 autos per box, and has possible cut autos of deceased HOFers. However, when the price of the ’12 and ’13 Cooperstown is factored in, I would buy those over this one.

  51. Hope I can still enter!
    1-Like other commenters the on card autos are worth the price of admission–where else are you going to get some of these guys?
    2-Overall you seem to get your moneys value for some great looking cards if HOF collecting is your thing.

  52. We have winners. First of all, though, thanks to everyone for your feedback on the product. We initially said five winners, but we’re giving away six! Congrats to John W., Kurry F., Brian Donahue, Nate Baustad, Nick Mikulicich and Sanders. Thanks again. Our next contest is always just around the corner.

  53. Thank you.
    Opened my box (no video though) and hit autos of Fingers and LaRussa. The auto cards are gorgeous in person.
    Is there some way to describe readily which of the 3 versions a base card is (and do the versions have names)? I know 2 of mine were one version, and the third was another version, but I haven’t seen the 3rd version yet

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