2014 Golden Age Baseball Stars in a Special Independence Day Panini Unwrapped

Yesterday afternoon before everyone departed Panini America HQ for the Fourth of July holiday, Panini America's Wes Elliott and Tracy Hackler sat down with a box of 2014 Golden Age Baseball to film this special holiday edition of Panini Unwrapped. Clearly, a highly entertaining and eclectic product like Golden Age offers quite a bit to talk about.


Yesterday afternoon before everyone departed Panini America HQ for the Fourth of July holiday, Panini America’s Wes Elliott and Tracy Hackler sat down with a box of 2014 Golden Age Baseball to film this special holiday edition of Panini Unwrapped. Clearly, a highly entertaining and eclectic product like Golden Age offers quite a bit to talk about.

We hope you find the video to be every bit as entertaining as the product itself. In fact, we’ve got five boxes of 2014 Golden Age Baseball to give away. To find out how you can win one of them, simply watch the video and then stick around. We’ll tell you how you can win below.

OK, now that you’ve watched the video, here’s how you can win a box. First of all, we want you to tell us what memorabilia card Hackler pulled in his packs. Secondly, we want you to tell us 1) what is your single favorite aspect of 2014 Golden Age Baseball and 2) what would you like to see incorporated into future editions.

Leave your answers in the comments section below. We’ll give you until Sunday night to comment, and then we’ll pick five lucky winners to win a box. Good luck. And have a safe and fun Fourth of July.


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  1. Farrah Fawcett

    1) Favorite aspect are the cool autographs of baseball players who weren’t HOF’ers, but had a strong fan following among their teams. Very cool list of people every year.

    2) I’d like to see more living people in the base set, the cards are the exact quality needed for great TTM autograph requests, but most of the people either don’t sign or are deceased.


  2. Haclkler pulled a Farrah Fawcett memorabilia card, and what I would like to see incorporated is our military, the men and woman who have died to give us the freedom we have or national landmarks…..
    Thanks for the giveaway and good luck to all.

    Happy 4th of July…..

  3. 1. Tracy pulled a farrah fawcett mem card
    2. I really enjoy the mix of not only sports but with the addition of celebrities and politics
    3. Would love to see some aspects of Canadian culture mixed into the cards. Since we are part of the Americas

  4. Hackler pulled the Farah Faucett memorabilia card. I like the non-sport memorabilia cards. Definitely include more of those, possibly with autographs.

  5. Tracy had Farrah Fawcett.
    I love the autos but the whole product looks amazing.

    There needs to be more race car drivers like Nascar, NHRA, IndyCar, F1, legends in this product.

  6. Nice Farrah Fawcett memorabilia Card Hackler pulled ~ I really like the Auto’s which are Hard Signed & Really “Crisp & Clean” ~ As far as what could be incorporated, that is a puzzler as Golden Age has it ALL!

  7. Hackler pulled the Beautiful Mem Card of Farrah “Da Bomb” Fawcett LOL, My fav aspect of Golden Age is that it seems more Focused on Us older collectors with variety that we would Recognize and Enjoy, This Product has EVERYTHING which i LIKE.but I would like to see More VINTAGE Baseball Players and possibly sum Mem Cards of those Pioneers incorporated in Future Releases, those would be GREAT GOLDEN AGE COLLECTABLES…#PaniniRULES

  8. 1) The memorabilia card that Tracy Hackler pulled was of Farrah Fawcett.
    2) The inclusion of multiple genres (baseball, basketball, football, politics, movies, tv, etc.) in a single product, with a classy/snazzy-vintage look, makes Golden Age cards stand out. Plus, for the price point, you can’t go wrong — especially with awesome on-card autographs!
    3) When I think of the Golden Age of comedy the first thing that comes to mind is Second City Chicago. Starting in the 1950s and extending til’ today, many of the Second City Chicago alumni have gone on to be some of the most notable comedians (and TV/movie stars) in America. Big names of the ’60s and ’70s include Harold Ramis, Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd (3 out of 4 Ghostbust isn’t shabby), Joan Rivers, John Belushi, John Candy, George Wendt, Gilda Radner, and more. I’d love to see Panini make the Second City Chicago card set happen!

  9. Farrah Fawcett Memorabilia Card
    1) I like the wide variety of people (just wish more where still alive seemed to be a lot that are dead.
    2) How about adding Die-Cut cards to the mix.
    Thanks for the contest.
    Dion M. Soskin

  10. Tracey pulled Farrah Fawcett mem card. I love the simplicity and classic look to the cards. Maybe incorporate some mem cards of cars like “The General Lee” (i’m sure they wrecked a few of them) LOL Thanks again fro the chance to win a box. You guys are awesome!

  11. Hackler pulled Farrah Fawcet memorabilia card.
    2) I like the wide assortment of different icons from the past. Also the nice on card autos

    3) I would like to see an insert set that shows significant events from baseball history , and maybe a set with world series champions throughout history.

    Go panini u guys rock

  12. 1. Farrah Fawcett
    2. My favorite are the buy backs
    3. I’d like to see multi autos of tv show casts or band mates. I think that’d be awesome!

  13. The memorabilia card Hackler pulled in his packs was Farrah Fawcett. My favorite aspect of 2014 Golden Age Baseball is the mini cards with the advertisements on the back. In future editions there should be dual memorabilia cards and autographs.

  14. farrah fawcett

    1) the base set subject checklist – while I enjoy the few baseball stars/baseball-related subjects, I also enjoy the historical subjects that are also included

    2) less minis – don’t make them every pack. I would rather have more base cards to buidl the set than minis I can’t get rid of. for relics, more pre-1925 bat chips or jersey swatches – even some jumbo sized on the card. Better yet would be a pre-1900’s bat chips/jersey relics of even a no-namer because I know how difficult it would be to take a pre-1900 big namer, even find a bat or jersey, and then have to get it to pass authentication.

  15. Tracy pulled a Farrah Fawcett mem card, and …

    1) … that’s my favorite aspect, the memorabilia from movie and TV stars. It’s not the sort of thing I collect, so it’s a nice treat to pull something that was worn by oh, TV’s Russell Johnson. And it’s better if the fabric looks like the clothing in the picture.

    2) I like the breadth of subjects you cover, and I like that so many of them are in the base set – there are a lot of sets that are insert crazy, and Golden Age is one that I’d like to try to fully collect. For future editions, keep it up! Also, please keep up the Negro League players, as well as the odd themes (Bad News Bears, Three Stooges) that make each year’s edition a little different.


    1]Tracy pulled the lovely Farrah Faucet Mem Card
    2] I live the fact that MLK is in this product and I also love that all autographs seem to be on card and written with love.
    3] I would like to see some shadow box hits of crazy mem like horse hair and other random mem pieces displayed in the shadowbox

  17. Great video and product! Tracy pulled at 11:57 of the video the awesome Museum Age Mem card of the one and only Farrah Fawcett. Being a child of when the world was all in black and white, I love the autographs you can pull in this set from that era. As for what I would like to see in the future it would be more cut signatures of those stars that left us. With the style of this set, an expanded set of cut autographs would be almost endless in what is possible. Thanks again for the video, the product and loads and loads of fun when you open Golden Age!!!!!!!

  18. Hackler pulled a Farrah Fawcett memorabilia card. I really like the variety of the card subjects in this set, as well as the unique presentations. I think the “1st 50” concept is great and the on-card auto of Angela Cartwright was beautiful. Autographs of living people should always be on-card and stickers should be abolished, so nice work in that regard. In the future, I would like to see an additional autograph or memorabilia card guaranteed to be included in each box.

  19. 1. Farrah Fawcett was the memorabilia card pulled

    2. I would like to see in future boxes possibly more hits/autographs of stars maybe 4-5 autos and one or two memorabilia cards or cards numbered–or variations–it makes it more fun and challenging. Mostly would like to see cards of more soccer greats and boxers in more of a vintage look. All in all looks like a very good product!

  20. Farrah Fawcett.

    I like the design. It is pretty similar to the past years’ but the combination of color with black and white pictures works quite well. I always like the odd sort of items on cards. Like a piece of a former NHL player’s tooth? lol

  21. That would be Ms. Farrah Fawcett. Charlie’s Angels was a little before my time, but not by much.

    I like when opening up a pack, you go “Oh I remember him!” Brings back many memories. For future product, I wouldn’t mind seeing actual pieces or sections of famous pictures/portraits, paintings, etc. I don’t know how cost-effective that would be, but would certainly pique my interest.

    WordPress.com / Gra

  22. Tracy pulled the Farrah Faucet memorabilia card.
    What I really like about this product is that it showcases many different people, places and things from the past! It does have some baseball legends but, it seems to mostly have lots of historic places, legend celebrities and sports legends from all areas of sport! This product really honors the legends of the past! I love it and my wife is very very captivated by it. She loves pop culture, especially vintage age pop culture! These are a must have and really take Americana to the next level.
    I would like to see Panini expand on the musicians involved in the next series as well s other sports like bowling, golf, and especially billiards! there are lots of great legends still out there that do not have autographs in any sets.

  23. Tracy pulled a memorabilia card of Farrah Fawcett

    For whatever reason, I’m really tickled by the box-bottom cards. I’m not sure how many people will be collecting them, but it’s neat that the box itself is a part of the product.

    I’d like to see a little more in the entertainment realm. Specifically, sports movies! A cool hybrid of the two.

  24. The memorabilia card Hackler pulled was Farrah Fawcett.
    1) my favorite aspect of 2014 Golden Age Baseball is the wide variety of subjects.. very cool mixing it all up.
    2) what I’d like to see in future editions: hmm, maybe shiny parallels? Subjects from the past mixed with today’s technology, ya know?

  25. Hackler pulled a Farah Fawcett relic card. My favorite thing about this years golden age is how beautiful the autographs look this year.Very classy and the best thus far.Great Job! !!! I would like to see more sports relics than actor relics like Jim Thorpe,Moe Berg and Pete Rose.

  26. First,Tracy pulled a Farrah Fawcett memorabilia card. Second,lots of these cards take me back to when I was a kid,watching sports with my Dad,or watching TV shows with my brothers and sister. There are some cards in the set that bring back great memories. It’s unreal that Panini is able to acquire memorabilia from the likes of Jackie Kennedy…talk about a historical figure.Third,what I would like to see incorporated would be cartoon characters and other entertainers from childhood such as the Three Stooges and Laurel and Hardy. Great job Panini!

  27. Farrah Fawcett Museum Age memorabilia card.

    My favorite aspect is the box bottom cards, love the concept of different backs on these.

    I didn’t see any military cards. How about some General Patton, Audie Murphy, etc.

  28. Tracy pulled Farrah Fawcett
    1) I love the horse racing cards
    2) More horse racing autos like Trevor Denman & Bob Baffert ( Horses obviously cant auto, but it would be cool to have some Race Worn Horseshoe jumbo cards).

  29. Hackler pulled a Farrah Fawcett memorabilia card. 1. I love the blend of sports, entertainment, and historical figures in these packs. 2. Since I have an addiction to Jumbo and Rack packs from retail stores, I’d love to see these show up there in the future. I don’t remember seeing them last couple of years. Thanks for the contest and Happy 4th of July!

  30. Nice pull of that Farrah. Should have used the poster as the image on the card. 🙂

    In the 3 boxes I have ripped of this (just got done breaking my box of 2014), Panini is doing a great job finding those odd photos you usually don’t find. Man – I pulled the base of Ernie Banks and had never seen a card with him in his Negro League uniform before.

    For the future? Hmmm – I can’t see what’s really missing. Keep focused on the Hollywood type inserts. If anything, expand on those more unique autos/relics – public figures, politicians, etc.

  31. farrah fawcett, I like the celebrity autos, In the future maybe some inscriptions or nickname cards of the stars have not seen that yet

  32. Great stuff!! Tracy pulled a Farrah Fawcett Memorabilia card. Love the mini’s, but I would like to see them numbered. I would love to see cut cards of people like Harry Houdini and early movie stars like John Wayne. Thanks for putting out such great products I look forward to Golden Age every year!

  33. 1) Farrah Fawcett
    2) the different variety of sports and entertainment
    3) would like to see wrestlers

  34. Farrah Fawcett-I like the variety of all kinds of famous people, no matter if there athletes, actors, or something else. I would like to see a little bit of a nicer design or maybe a little fancier on the inserts I guess. But then again thats not really the intention of the set. Otherwise There’s not too much that’s needed. pretty much sells itself.

  35. Tracy pulled a Farrah Fawcett memorabilia card!
    1.) I love the perforated box-bottom mini cards. Pretty cool idea.
    2.) For the future editions, I would like to pull a movie monster, like Frankenstein, Dracula, WOlfman. etc. and costume relic/memorabilia of Bela Lugosi who played Dracula, or Boris Karloff who played Frankenstein. A Subset would be nice!!!

    Thanks for reading my ideas. More power to Panini!

  36. Hackler pulled a Farrah Fawcett Museum Age card.
    1) I love the pop culture cards, whether inserts or not. A walk down memory lane is the whole point of a product like this, right?
    2) I honestly don’t know how to improve this product. It’s darn close to perfect as a nostalgic sports/pop culture combo set.

    Great video. Fun to watch. And thanks for the contest!

  37. Tracy pulled a Museum Age Farrah Fawcett memorabilia card.
    1. I like the variety of the set from sports to television to history, etc.
    2. I would like to see a sports related themed subset within the set – maybe something like the Black Sox players, classic home runs (Aaron, Fisk, Gibson, Thompson, Joe Carter), HOF classes (photos of each class), Globetrotters.

  38. 1. Mr. Hackler pulled a Farrah Fawcett memorabilia card.
    2. A. My favorite single aspect is the on-card autos of famous actors/actresses. They are very nice looking cards, that you don’t really see in other products.
    B. I’d love to see a Jimi Hendrix cut auto inserted into the product. I don’t even know if it is attainable but it would be such an incredible, possible pull if there was one.

    Hope you all at Panini have a great holiday weekend and thanks for the contest.

  39. 1.) Farrah Fawcett.
    2.) My favorite aspect is the great variety of subjects portrayed in the set.
    3.) Future Editions – Single cards with pairings of subjects who were connected at the time. ex.) Farrah Fawcett & Lee Majors.

  40. Thanks as always for the contest Tracy.

    The memorabilia card pulled during the break was Farrah Fawcett.

    Question 1 – The on-card autograph content is always a plus in any product.

    Question 2 – Including the printing plates for the product would be a nice addition, both full size and minis.

  41. Tracy got the Farrah Fawcett mem card

    I like the return of the mentioned oversized mem cards (which I think were absent last year). I got some interesting ones two years ago in the boxes I opened.

    Future editions-I would like to see astronauts and/or scientists.

  42. 1.The memorobillia card was Farrah Fawcett. – 2.I like that the product has such a large multi subject cards – a fun product to collect . 3. I love to collect autographs so more autographs

  43. 1) memorabilia – Farrah Fawcett
    2) Not just baseball – There aren’t many set contain multi sports and in old card style
    3) A card with memorabila (Patch if possible) and auto on one card

  44. 1. Hackler pulled a museum age Farrah Fawcett memorabilia
    2. a.)My favorite aspect of 2014 Golden Age Baseball is the classical theme of the cards and aside from it you can get memorabilias and autos of politicians, musicians, boxers, basketball players, baseball players and etch.b.) I would like to see historical places with trivia about it.

  45. Hackler pulled a Farrah Fawcett relic in the vid.
    1) I enjoy the fact that there are First Fifty cards, which increases the collectability of the base set, as well as all of the cool insert sets and the box topper.
    2) Since there is just one autograph and one relic I would always of course like to get more than that in a box break, even if it is something along the lines of getting three hits a box that includes relics, autos, etc., with no specific guarantees.

  46. Farrah Fawcett Memorabilia Card
    1.) My favorite aspect of Golden Age Baseball is the Headline Inserts with the classic black and white photography.
    2.) I would love to see photo variation short prints of the celebrities and athletes in future releases of Golden Age Baseball.

    Thank you for the contest.

  47. Farrah Fawcett. The old school design always works for a set designed to honor old school celebrities, athletes, and whatnot. More sitcom actors/actresses would be great! Who wouldn’t mind pulling an auto/memorabilia from somebody like Lamont Sanford or Al Bundy?!

  48. The memorabilia card was of Farrah Fawcett. I do like the addition of certain musicians, like Joey Ramone. I don’t know if there were many, if any in the past Golden Moments sets. And that also goes for what I’d like to see: Rock Stars!! Wouldn’t it be great to collect autographs/memorabilia cards of our favorite bands from the past?

  49. Farrah Fawcett. 1) I love the design and information you get on the back of the card about the person/object. The Hollywood stars are my favorite. 2) There’s not much that isn’t included already. The only thing I can think of is maybe some Mini auto’s that are low numbered. Great product as always!

  50. The memorabilia card that Tracy pulled was a Farrah Fawcett Museum Age.

    My favorite aspect of Golden Age Baseball is the vintage feel of the set especially with the memorabilia cards.

    One thing I’d love to see added would be redemption cards for sought-after, graded vintage baseball cards.

    Thanks again for the refreshing products and the fun contests!

  51. You pulled a Musem Age card of Farrah Fawcett
    1) I really liked the Art fan craze cards
    2) I’d like to see original vintage postage stamps on the next edition of a product like this

  52. 1) Tracy pulled a Farrah Fawcett memorabilia card
    2) The variety of professions are great, the stamps are neat
    3) maybe more US presidents and memorabilia cards?

  53. Thanks for a chance at some of these great cards.
    – Tracy pulled a Farrah Fawcett memorabilia card
    – My favorite aspect is the museum age materials
    – I would like to see music performers autographs incorporated into future editions

  54. Hackler pulled a sweet Farrah Fawcett memorabilia card—-would love to add it to my collection–and it is always fun to see “Potty-Mouth Elliott” doing his thing in front of the camera! The best thing about Golden Age Baseball is the fact that it has literally a little bit of everything in it. The addition I would do is a multiple person autograph card–actors from the same show, band or profession and a autographed version of the memorabilia cards given the person was still around to sign! Fun product that is filled with interesting photos and information–great job Panini!

  55. The mem. card that Tracy pulled was one Farrah Fawcett. I enjoy the set because it is so unique–where else can you pull a photo of a museum then an autograph of a Dukes of Hazzard character. I would love to see more autos (the beauty of the on card is unmatched) of actors/actresses and musicians. Hope everyone had a safe and fun Fourth!

  56. Tracy pulled a Farrah Fawcett memorabilia card. My favorite aspect of 2014 Golden Age Baseball is that it is not just baseball. I like seeing the actors, musicians, etc. mixed in with these cards. It makes for a really fun break. As far as future releases I, as I’m sure everybody else is, would love to see MLB licensing. However since I am sure that isn’t realistic at this time I guess I will say more current pop culture. I know its called golden age but I think it would be sweet to pull some stuff for actors and musicians that I grew up with. As always thanks for the contest and keep up the good work!!!

  57. Tracy Hackler pulled a Farrah Fawcett memorabilia card.
    My favorite aspect is autographs of legends from sports other than baseball. Where else could I add an autographed card of someone like Angel Cordero (in one of my boxes last year) to my collection?
    BTW, this set may be the first time anyone’s ever happy to get Mono.

  58. Tracy pulled Farrah Fawcett.
    1) I always enjoy brands that have more than just sports cards in them. So Golden Age is a perfect product for that
    2) I would like to see more Historical Cards. Maybe some Historical events in other sports as well.

  59. Thanks to our wonderful collectors for participating in this contest. Congrats to our winners this time: Jim Pineda, George Pena, Bama Eric, Joe M. and bradygirl12. Winners, check your emails. Thanks again to everyone. Stay tuned for our next contest coming any day.

    1. Thanks for the giveaway, you guys are the best always giving back to fans and collectors….can’t wait to have the boys have fun opening this box.

      Thanks again,

    2. Thanks again Tracy. Fun set to rip.

      Pulled two autos (John Schneider and Bucky F-ing Dent) from my box. Also got:

      one mini Mello-Mint
      one mini Croft’s Cocoa
      10 mini Monos
      12 mini Hindu
      2 1913 National Game (Gibson & Hartnett)
      2 Fan Craze (Louis & O’Neal)
      2 Headlines (Landis & Kennedy)
      2 Newsmakers (Berra & Roosevelt)
      2 Star Stamps (Kennedy, Leigh, Montgomery, Swit and Joss, Williams, Waddell, Plank)
      108 out of the 150 base cards
      and box topper Darby Chocolate or Cobb, Thorpe and LaJoie.

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