2022 Panini NFT NFL Blue Chips Card #12 – Josh Allen CHALLENGE

RELEASE DATE:  Monday, January 30th at Panini Direct

CHALLENGE NAME:  2022 Panini NFT NFL Blue Chips #12 – Josh Allen

CHALLENGE DETAILS:  Users will need to collect 25 different NFTs from our 2021 Panini NFT Donruss Optic NFL Collection before next Monday (2/6) at 9am (CST), in order to complete the challenge. All of the users that complete this challenge in this time frame will not only receive the Josh Allen Reward NFT, but also a physical copy of the Trading Card hand numbered on the back to the Mint number they receive after the challenge completes. These physical cards will be placed in a one-touch case with an official Panini sticker to encase them.

ADDITIONAL UTILITY: The user that claims the first mint of the Josh Allen reward NFT, once the challenge completes, will have their physical card taken to BGS to be graded before it ships out.

Also, the users that pull the #2, #3, and #4 mints will receive the following shipped to them with their physical card.

      • #2 – 2022 Spectra FB Hobby Box
      • #3 – 2022 Absolute FB Hobby Box
      • #4 – 2022 XR FB Hobby Box

All information is accurate at the time of posting – content is subject to change.


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