A Panini Unwrapped Hoops Triple Feature: Momentum, Preferred, Past & Present

In this special episode of Panini Unwrapped, we present an unprecedented triple feature starring the out-today 2012-13 Momentum Basketball, with special cameo appearances by the recently released 2012-13 Preferred Basketball and 2012-13 Past & Present Basketball. It's safe to say that Panini America's Tracy Hackler and Keith Hower are making up for lost time with this must-see mashup of collecting excellence.


In this special episode of Panini Unwrapped, we present an unprecedented triple feature starring the out-today 2012-13 Momentum Basketball, with special cameo appearances by the recently released 2012-13 Preferred Basketball and 2012-13 Past & Present Basketball. It’s safe to say that Panini America’s Tracy Hackler and Keith Hower are making up for lost time with this must-see mashup of collecting excellence.

After the video, we’re going to give you a chance to win some of the hits from these three breaks, so stick around to find out how you can win.

Now that you’ve watched the madness, we want to reward you. To be eligible to win some of the hits from this video, we humbly ask that you do two things:

1) Simply tell us, candidly but respectfully in the comments section below, what you liked the most about the three products in this video and what you liked the least.

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131 Replies to “A Panini Unwrapped Hoops Triple Feature: Momentum, Preferred, Past & Present”

  1. The best part about the 3 boxes are the booklets in the Preferred basketball. Just like playbook football it brings something new into the hobby and made the idea an instant hit, for me at least. Its cool to get at least one booklet per box and it increases the odds of getting something really cool for the PC.

    The worst part would have to be the sticker auto’s in momentum. I am just not a fan of the sticker auto’s and I believe it makes the card significantly less appealing.

    Thanks for the contest guys!

  2. Nice design and like the on card autos and booklets. Like the least is not all cards are on card autos but understand its almost impossible to do.

  3. Excellent video gentleman. I have seen, first hand, a lot of Past & Present and Preferred opened. Both excellent products. P&P is awesome for those set builders. It has plenty of insert and sub sets in it as well. Preferred is a nice high-end product. Although I do wish the books had auto included. 6 player books are nice, but when they are relics/GU only, it takes away from their collectability, IMO. Lastly… I LOVE the new NBA Momentum!! I was a huge collector of the NFL product… And although I collect NBA 3rd for my PC, I will definitely look to buy a box or two!! Keep up the good work Panini!!!

  4. Sadly my speakers are broken so I can’t hear a word you guys said but didn’t want to miss out. I instead made up some words for you. So when you got a hit, it was “Shazzle”. big hit, “we so Panini’d it!” Thanks once again. I even added “Jacoby Jones” To Tracy when he seemed worked up.

    As for the products, I really like Panini Prefferred and the fact all cards are numbered, hits , the inside of the box is tremendously done and laid out, Silhouettes, what isn’t too like.

    Past and Present brings a lot to the table. i love the classic look and feel to those. And now with so much more I think this years outdoes last and that says a lot.

    And lastly, I think Momentum basketball will outdo the football. For some reason the base cards look better with the basketball players than the football. I like the silver parallel and the autographs look stunning.

    Hoping to bust some of these.

    Most importantly, props must go to Panini’s NBA team this year. They killed it. Keith and gang need a huge raise.

    1. I also forgot to put how much I truly enjoy the Kobe BONUS PACK. I think this was a great addition. Its the first pack I open when I break into Panini basketball. Got a good set going

  5. In my opininon the best one were base from Monumentum, simple, very nice looking, another chance for building a rainbow of your favourite’s players !

  6. The Crown Royale Signed Prime patches out of Preferred are by far my favourite. So many on card autos out of Preferred, nicely done.

    The least, how can there still not be a Jeremy Lin prime/mem card for the 2012-13 season yet?

  7. I liked the retro design in past and present it really makes the product unique. In preferred I love the booklets and that you included cards of my favorite player Kevin Martin. The Momentum product has a sleek sick design and nice on card autos. The only thing I would change is to put more elusive autos in past and present because I want a Hakeem elusive auto. Overall I really like how you guys have improved this year. The products are better than ever!

  8. I liked the retro design in past and present it really makes the product unique. In preferred I love the booklets and that you included cards of my favorite player Kevin Martin. The Momentum product has a sleek sick design and nice on card autos. The only thing I would change is to put more elusive autos in past and present because I want a Hakeem elusive auto. Overall I really like how you guys have improved this year. The products are better than ever!

  9. i love the perferred cards the set is great design ,i thin k the book is the best cards aot there,the past and present is my least favorite cards i like the newer style of the cards great break thank you

  10. Momentum – I have a million things I can say I love about Momentum, but out of what I saw in the video I’d have to say that what I like most would be drive parallel. That silver foil looks nice!! I actually don’t have anything that I dislike about this product. I was a huge fan of the momentum Football and I’m sure I will love Basketball as much!! Plus after the box that Keith had I’m even more excited. I’m a life long Cavs fan but have yet to hit a Kyrie and this makes me feel like there is hope!!

    Preferred – I’m a huge fan of booklets so I would have to say that being guaranteed a booklet would be what I like most about this set. One thing that I don’t like about this set is the 1 card packs. I think it makes it more likely to accidently bend the card when trying to open it.

    Past & Present – This product always has some cool insert cards. I would have to say the one I liked most would be the treads card. My downfall with this set is the base card design. Normally I like old school looking cards but I’m not a big fan of this particular design.

    Anyhow, good work as always and keep on being awesome at making cards!!!!

  11. I own a shop near Los Angeles and my young basketball collectors were severely disappointed to hear Momentum would not be available on a by-the-pack basis like the football counterpart. Hit-per-pack products always sell well.

    I’d also love to re-give away that Kyrie autograph in my store! Thanks guys.

  12. 1) I liked the Preferred (my preferred too) although I can’t Afford it NEXT would be the Momentum very clean Design but Past & Present would be my last preference (but don’t get me wrong, I would love to open that box too)
    2) Already Signed up long time ago.
    Thanks guys! I hope I win this time around. (Please)

  13. Another great episode of Unwrapped. Here are my likes and dislikes:

    Preferred: Really like the variety in the booklets. However I LOVE the Rookie auto booklets you did for football and would rather see those included in Preferred, with the jersey booklets being an extra hit (replacing one of the autos in some boxes).

    Momentum: Love the base set. Looks great. I like the 10 pack, one hit per pack configuration that you did for football much better.

    Past & Present: My favorite of the 3. Love everything about it. The Treads inserts are my favorite…working on the whole set now. Only dislike is that the huge heads on the Headbands set are a little creepy.

    Loyal Knight’s subscriber already. Keep up the great work and thanks for the contest.

  14. Momentum:
    Like: The nice clean look of the autographs.
    Dislike: The one pack distribution. I liked the Packout for Football better with the one hit per pack.

    Past and Present:
    Like: The inserts are so crazy cool that they actually make me want to build the insert sets.
    Dislike: The base set is not to attractive

    Like: Easy One-Silhouettes!!!!
    Dislike: I cant afford any..LOL

    Awesome job guys, keep it up

  15. I like the Logo design on the Momentem base cards and the Head band cards the most. The thing I like the least is the retro look on the Past and present.

  16. Thanks for another great break and great contest. Here are my thoughts on each product in order of release.

    Preferred-I am a sucker for this product. I like the design of each set and while the Silhouettes are my favorite, it is not all that disappointing seeing the other designs. It shows how nice the product is when you get a book card and it sometimes almost seems like an afterthought in the excitement of seeing what is in the packs. A couple negatives would be my personal desire for complete symmetry in the numbering of all the parallels. That is probably just my personal OCD problem, but it bothers me slightly. The other is having the possibility of autographed book cards in the future. Surely they would be incredibly scarce, but the possibility of multi-player auto book cards would make this product even more exciting.

    Past & Present-I really like the old school base set. The cards have a nice look and feel to them and are a nice extension of last year’s release. It’s always nice to see releases from both ends of the hobby perspective. The biggest negative is that the release got a little lost amid the releases of Preferred and Momentum.

    Momentum-The base set looks really clean and packing five autographs into every pack/box is a really nice ratio. My only real quibble with Momentum, and this is more about the release year in general, is that there have been a lot of releases this year that have felt very similar. I’m not sure what about Momentum really separates it from other rookie heavy releases this year and really differentiates it as its own brand.

    Keep up the good work.

  17. As much as love Preferred, I have to say I like the variety in Past and Present. The Rising Stars and Shattered inserts really stand out. On the other side of the spectrum I don’t really like the momentum base. It’s really clean but a little too much. Great breaks and keep up the good work.

  18. I love the new Momentum range the contrast of the gloss and matt emblem looks cool – would love to have the Kyrie auto in my collection!!!

    The one thing I thought was a bit odd was the lottery booklet from the preffered line up, it would have been nice to see draft picks from the same draft year

    Keep up the good work guy’s

  19. The best part of this is that Preferred has all on card autographs. This product is by far my favorite this year. The wide range of players from old to new (Bulls especially) has me chasing them like crazy.

    What I like the least is that the booklet in the Preferred box could use some more protection within the box. Many of these booklets have chipping on the edges; maybe this could be from sitting loosely within the box. Maybe in future releases also put them in a package or some kind of sleeve to prevent any damage?

  20. The thing I like the most about these products are the on-card autos, which I wish there were more of, and the packaging/presentation of the product.

    The thing I like least is the lack of on-card autos, and the large number of “who’s that” autos in these products.

    Tracy, thanks for a great blog and place where we can see you break the cards first hand and allowing us to win some of these hits and boxes.

  21. I like the on-card autos available and the presentation/packaging of the product

    My least favorite things are the lack of on-card autos, and the large number of “who’s that?” autographs in the products.

    Thanks for a great blog, and a place where we can see the new products first hand as you break them.

  22. Momentum: I like the design, it is nice and clear, not too fancy not too simple. The only thing i don’t like about it the fact, that i don’t have a box of it in my hands 🙂

    Preferred: I really like the crown cards and the silhouette cards, but the bell shaped cards are still looks weird to me. Oh and i almost forget about the book cards, they are really cool, specially the book cards with retired players.

    Past and Present: The base cards are ok, specially for the price, and i really like the variety of the inserts.

  23. I liked that there are a lot of autographs in the momentum pack/box. the preferred I would have liked to seen more cards in the box seems like a lot of packaging for the # of cards that are actually in the product. as for the past and present liked the different looks to the cards and that there is a little of everything. Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. OK notes from box openings Momentum large auto checklist 300 players. On card autos. Nice crisp base cards. Preferred larger auto on card checklist. Silhouette awesome. Booklets. Could the preferred booklets be spiced up with alternating colors like a color for one letter a white for next. Not over ally impressed. Maybe if all white use a different color background on card so letters pop more. Past and present more value driven. Shattered cool look fuzzy headbands great idea. Not a fan on threads. Overall love the products. Thanks

  25. Momentum like on card autos and large auto checklist. 5 autos per box. Great on card crisp photos.
    Preferred silhouette amazing highly collectible. Booklet a little bland with jersey pieces maybe alternate with color and white or do all white with a different color card background large auto checklist and on card autos are great.
    Past And present great value like the headvands fuzzy and shattered cards. Least favorite threads cards.
    Overall great cards thanks for the video and chance to win.

  26. I love the retro design on the Past and Present. It makes me reminisce of opening packs of cards back when I was a kid. The Preferred cards are great as well. I like the on card autos in the product and Momentum looks interesting with the parallels!

  27. Unprecedented three box episode of the Panini Unwrapped!
    We were wondering why there weren’t any of those Basketball videos now we know why!

    Liked the most is that Kyrie Auto Pulled By Another Rock star of the hobby world Keith Hower!

    The best product and everyone’s agrees on it will be Panini # Preferred. Just plainly Beautiful!
    We Call It The Alpha Dog Of Panini As It is very well Loved.
    All On Card. Which is why we love them !
    The stickers autos would be the least.
    Its just a different feeling and seeing that it is signed hard on the card it self!
    But its not Panini’s fault it is the players fault for not signing them the way they are supposed to sign .

    Tracy The Past And Present Is a Fin Box To break Its For everyone. Very cool new Inserts.
    Our Favorite would be the championship banner cards and of course the On Card auto of Hall Of Marks!

    Panini Definitely got Momentum !
    Collectors will soon realize that the chases would be the parallels and the 1 of 1 would be very cool to have. With 5 autos and the bonus Kobe packs
    Panini Products are like a Boss!!!
    Definitely commanding presence in the Hobby world!
    Please Continue the Awesome success!
    Kudos to the Panini Family Team!
    We thanks you for your generosity!

    #Number 1 In the Hobby world!


  28. Momentum – I really do like this product. Compared to the Football version you guys released this past year, this one is all autographs and no relics, with a good chunk of them on card. The only thing that could be better is some more legendary names, and multi player autos.

    Past & Present – This product was my favorite the first team it released. I thought the double draft class brought a special taste to it. I think it’s good again, especially the elusive ink checklist. There were some names on the last one, such as Gheorge Mureshan, and those guys don’t have autos in a lot of products. They may not have the best resale value, but this is a hobby, and I like autos of guys who don’t have many out. I do think though, if they ever could be on card, that would be one hundred times cooler!

    Preferred – This product was a hit the last time it released, with the Silhouttes taking the world by storm. I know a lot of people also aren’t fan of booklet cards, but I absolutely love them. I think this product is fantastic in general. Like everything else, its high risk high reward opening boxes, but some of the cards look amazing. The RPA’s are going for crazy amounts online, and the booklets serial numbered one of one look plain stunning. I don’t think anything could really improved this product, other than possibly bigger windows for the relics on the Silhouttes and 100% on card autos.

    Keep up the great work guys!

  29. Momentum: liked the metallic inserts numbered to 49 disliked redemption s

    Preffered: liked on card autos, disliked nothing solid breaks!

    Past & present: Liked the variety of inserts, disliked sticker autos

    Thanks for the comp guys! 🙂

  30. Momentum: liked the metallic inserts numbered to 49 disliked redemption s

    Preffered: liked on card autos, disliked nothing solid breaks!

    Past & present: Liked the variety of inserts, disliked sticker autos

  31. I have to go from exceptional praise to significant criticism, I’m afraid. What I liked most was Preferred’s on card autographs across the set, I can’t think I’ve pulled any yet that aren’t on card and awesome. I’ve found that set to have the most value and fun in it of ANY product I’ve ever opened. Epic win..The Momentum product is quite the opposite for me and is what I liked the least, it seems like an uninspired copy of a football product design just to make use of the NBA license. It doesn’t even seem to include the value of the NFL products additional autographed memorabilia subsets. I feel too many NBA products are being done.

  32. As always, thanks for the great video breaks and the awesome contests. Here are my thoughts.

    Momentum: This set has a fantastic design. I love the way these pop against the background. It is hard to find any negative so I would just like to see more on card autos. The on card autos look great on the Momentum set.

    Preferred: Those booklets are super sweet and I love the fact that most/all of the autos are on card. The design is great especially on the Prime cards. I like the high risk high reward of Preferred. No negatives on this unless you view the high risk/high reward as the negative. At that price point you really have to pull something of decent value to make it worth your while.

    Past & Present: I am just not a huge fan of the throwback sets so the design just does not do it for me personally. But these base cards do look like they would be good for TTM autos. The flocking cards are pretty cool though. Variety is there in this product.

  33. I liked that the three products were significantly different. Momentum presents its easily recognizable, sharp design. Past and Present mixes it up a bit with several throwback designs. And Preferred provides some nice die-cuts and overall a solid product. Thanks for the contest and preview

  34. Instead of trying to pick out one good and bad thing about the video, I want to say something about each product. Its too hard to try to pick only one good thing!

    Momentum is very clean and sharp looking. I love the solid white backgrounds on the base cards, it really makes the players stand out. Everything about the product just looks (pardon my pun) “Momentous!” its just a very great design. I also like the pack layout of the single 15 card pack. Normally I dont like the single packs because you only get 4-6 cards, but I can handle the 15, you get better odds of pulling something good with 15 vs 5 or so. The only bad thing I can think of, and Im not even sure if its true, but at least in the video there wasnt any jersey or patch cards in this set. If I remember right, football Momentum had some pretty awesome jersey/patch inserts. I would like to see some of that in the bball too.

    Preferred is hard to find ANYTHING bad about this product. I love the all auto cards and definitely the past BIG NAME stars you included such as Kareem and Magic, etc… but my favorite thing has to be those booklet cards. I dont know why I like them so much, but they are truly a great idea and amazing collection of jerseys and patches. Im currently looking to get the Mavericks CHAMPS patch version right now. This is just a great product. The only thing I can find that I dont like is the price per box. Now I know you get 4 cards and all 4 are hits, but $180-$200 for 4 cards is super steep. Its a tough pill to swallow. Especially when you are basically paying $40-50 a card, and you get a random auto of a last round draft pick worth $5 or something. As much fun as it would be to bust a box of these, I think Im leaning towards the route of picking a few cards I really want and just buy them out right.

    Past & Present is a very fun product. I love the different variations of base cards and the different FEEL to these cards. The retro look is really neat with a modern twist. Very good collection of different base cards, new inserts and good autos and mem cards. Overall a good mix and good product…also an affordable price point for most people. The only thing I would have love to see is if you used ACTUAL headbands for the Headbands insert. I think that wouldve been really neat.

    Thanks again for the contest, and I enjoy these types of responses too because it allows you to read what us collectors think about the products and serves as good communication between the customer and company. Great job once again and keep up the hard work!

  35. I like the die-cuts in Momentum and the sleek design. The white background in Momentum, though, is a little too much. With Preferred, I like all three designs, but I wish the silo window was as big as last year. Lastly with Past and Present, the inserts are amazing and fun to collect as a set. But how bout them heads?? Holy cow! Those are some big faces on headbands. Maybe a little bit smaller if you do another edition next year.

  36. Great video! Watched with my 2 sons and found something for all ages and all levels of collectors.

    Momentum – being from Cleveland, we loved seeing Kyrie on the inside of the box. My boys would be just as happy with the box top as the Kyrie redemption (dad would choose the redemption). Like the clean style on the base set. Not so sure if I like just how big the auto set is. All in all glad to see Momentum Basketball.

    Preferred – Now this is a serious product for the serious collector. I’ve jumped into a few breaks and have had some nice hits. Really like the variety on the booklets.

    P&P – I really appreciate having a product like this for the young collector. Great design and good value. Headbands are a smart insert – kids love them (have a few at home and can’t keep them in sleeves/pages).

    Good job and thanks!

  37. I like the simple clean design on the Momentum Base set also the on card autos are a big plus. That is a very nice looking updated Rudy Gay Drive Parallel too! It’ll be nice if there was patches in the set since it’s a 1 Pack Box.

    Everything about Preferred this year was outstanding! The 1/1 Tag Booklet Versions you guys added this year was amazing.Can’t say enough bout the Silhouette Set. One of the most nice looking sets you guys ever made! There was just nothing I didn’t like about it this year.

    I really like the retro looking designs on the inserts you guys made for Past & Present. It makes them really pop out. But on the other hand I wasn’t a big fan on the design for the base cards.

    Thanks for the awesome Unwrapped video Tracy & Keith!

  38. It’s been a long time since the last Panini Unwrapped Episode featuring Basketball. Okay, my thoughts on the 3 products are as follows:

    2012-13 Momentum – What I really love in this product is the simple design of the card as well as the parallels and the die cuts, looks very clean and neat! On Panini’s Teaser Gallery of the Momentum Basketball, I really liked the Gordon Hayward Power Parallel 1/1 because of the black background which is usually used by Panini mostly for 1 of 1s. Love the fact that every base card is also thick. The only thing that Panini must improve in this set next year is that Panini must try to make every autograph on-card but overall, this product is so awesome!

    2012-13 Preferred – This product is what I’ve been waiting for so long to be released because I’ve been wondering what will the booklets look like on the next product of Panini Preferred. The booklets of solo players like Shaq and LeBron is very very very nice! Love the 1 of 1s of the booklets in which tags are used instead of patch. The only thing that Panini must improve on this product is that Panini must think of new designs of the die-cuts of the autographed cards as well as the background but overall, this product is so off the hook mainly because of the Silhouette autographed cards that collector’s are drooling for!

    2012-13 Past and Present – as a basketball fan, what i really liked about Panini is that Panini gives importance to the basketball players before even though some of them are not on a superstar level but you can see that Panini made a way for collector’s to have autographs of these players. Most of these players are on the the checklist of Past an Present Elusive Ink. Like the idea that this product still has it on the checklist for its 2nd year. The most card that I really like on this product is the Rise n’ Shine Insert for its old school cereal box cover look alike. I also love the treads insert which looks like a bottom of a sneaker just like Tracy said. Also love the Shattered Cracked Ice Parallel which reminds me of my favorite Black Friday Promotional Cards which also have Cracked Ice cards. The Headbands Insert are so sick for its uniqueness which Panini only have. The only thing Panini must improve in this product is the design of the base cards and rookie cards but overall, this product is very worth the wait for every basketball collector!

    Thanks again Tracy and Keith for another great contest for all collectors! God Bless and more power to Panini!

  39. Wait, you guys have a laugh track now?

    I still feel bad about the size of the box in preferred (and similar products). However I live in a town full of recycling addicts.

    I like the booklets a lot, especially when the colors alternate. The text is hard to read when the colors are all the same, especially when the jersey color matches the card color.

    Isn’t following on Facebook the same as subscribing to the blog? Either way I get regular notifications of posts.

    Thank you again for another entertaining break!

  40. Past and Present is just fun, which is soooo cool. Preferred is all hits, and the book card is amazing. Momentum is a really classy and clean card, one that should be displayed in a 9 sheet card holder album!! Great stuff!!

  41. Past & Present
    Like: Insert variety and design are fantastic
    Dislike: Not a huge fan of the Old School base cards in general, just a personal taste.

    Like: Everyone is in love with this Silhouettes, but the Panini’s Choice Pyramid cards are my favorite, specially since it has the parallel variations (blue, silver, red, etc.)
    Dislike: Pretty pricy.

    Like: Really like the subtleties of the design on the base cards. Especially like the Totally Certified foil on the Drive inserts, they look great! Also Shawn Kemp is in the set, so what’s not to love!
    Dislike: Not a fan in general of 1 pack boxes (Limited, Gold Standard, etc). It seems it more for people that are looking for hits and want to flip product. I like collecting and added a lot of cards to my collection when I bust a box, I think that’s why my favorite product this year was Marquee.

    Sub’d to the blog, and thanks for the contest!

  42. Gotta love that you get 5 autos per box in the Momentum product. Definitely the best part of the three products.

    I’d have to say that the thing I like least is that there are so few auto variations in the past and present product.

  43. I like that there are more on card autos in the higher end products, as there should be. I like that there are more cards in momentum than was advertised, i believe there was said to be only 10 cards per box. My only complaint is that it seems like theres not many Anthony Davis cards in your products it seems. Question: What are you going to do with all the leftover Past and Present packs? Maybe I could help you guys out opening those lol. Maybe the first 14 to ask for a pack could get one?
    Thanks again!

  44. Wow, some nice hits pulled in this unwrapped!! Love the differences in all products. Preferred is pretty sweet with the mash up of other iconic products you guys make, lots of diversity in all 3 products. Diversity being lots of parallels and cool inserts. I’m not 100% a fan of past and present, I prefer myself a newer age looking card but I know these cards will hit home w alot of collectors. Always enjoy watching the antics of Tracy and whoever is in the unwrapped w him. You guys have a ton of fun and I thank you for providing a lil entertainment for us! 🙂 thanks guys keep up great work!

  45. Momentum- Momentum has a very nice clean base design and the diecut parallel of the base looked pretty sweet. It is nice to get so many autos but like some others stated it would be nice for a one pack box if there was some patch cards.

    Preferred- I dont have enough time to say everything I like about Preferred. It is just a great product and I love that everything is on-card as its so much more aesthetically pleasing to see compared to stickers. The silhouettes are awesome and probably the second best RPA a collector can have behind the National Treasures RPA.

    Past and Present- This product looks like a very nice fun break and you get so many different insert cards. I have to admit I rubbed my headband card the other day like Tracy was doing lol.

    Thanks for doing the unwrapped! Cant wait for the next few either with Brilliance a week away and then Elite Series the following week!

    P.S. where is the NBA Playoffs Promo! Its gonna be over or in the finals before you know it! #PaniniWildcard

  46. 1) Really difficult to choose best part, but it’s either the Kareem Panini Choice sig, or the magnificent Preferred booklet of the Pistons.
    2) Hard to think of anything I didn’t like, but maybe it’s Momentum being only a single pack.
    Thanks, Panini and Tracy, for another great contest! 🙂

  47. 2012-13 Momentum – The autograph checklist is deep. I like the different colour variations of autos. I also really enjoy the Drive parallels that were pulled. They (as well as the base) are very sleek and I guess attractive.

    2012-13 Preferred – I appreciate the booklets because they are unique to this product. I also very much enjoy the silhouettes and prime silhouettes. They are very designed, look awesome, and the Preferred checklist has tons of awesome players from rookies to HOFers.

    2012-13 Past and Present – I absolutely love the Treads inserts. Even without breaking any, I want to put together the set. Really like all the other inserts as well. They’re all so damn awesome.The cracked ice parallels are cool as well. Autograph checklist has all the stars of past and present (of course, pun intended) and there are players who are typically not included, which I like.

    Thanks for the contest Panini!

  48. I loved the Preferred product, ESPECIALLY the silhouette die cute patches!!! So SEXY looking. You can tell that the production team really did a lot of work on those. the Momentum was also gorgeous looking. It had a Flashy look that made EVEN the base cards standout! I was never too much of a fan of the past&present look and design. To me it looks more like a candy design which has a lot of colors per card and I’m just not digging that. Example would be is putting a momentum or even a preferred hit side by side with a past&present hit…. you can tell the multiple COLORS just jump at you from the past&present vs the slick, simple but BOLD colors and patterns on the preferred or the momentum hits… I dunno, maybe i just like a more professional/style-ish looking card versus a card that carries a lot of colors. Overall great products from Panini!

  49. I love the auto designs in every product there.

    I dont like how the box for preferred is designed because there is not much protection to it for a fairly high end product.

  50. I like the reinvention, so to speak, of momentum from last years football. For preferred the books are always great but I always like the Panini’s choice hits, as well as the amount of vets and legends in the set. Past and Present isn’t necessarily my cup of tea, but the card design is very nice.

  51. What I love most about the 3 products opened. I like the preview of Momentum just because it is a new product. I like that the parallels appear to have different design features to them as they get more rare. With Preferred, I’m already super hooked on this product, but I like the Prime Silhouette that you pulled. Those cards are a thing of beauty. With Past & Present, I just like the various inventive designs you guys use for these cards. These packs are always just fun to break.

  52. Liked the Kyrie Irving from Momentum, not the redemption, but I do understand. The Preferred like the Jabbar! Sweet looking product!

  53. Nice vid! Good looking cards. I’m a fan of the Momentum and Preferred for sure! Wish there were more on card autos! Also with there were more live Silhouettes. Past & Present and Marquee are awesome. Maybe slightly high on the retail price, but lots of inserts and innovative designs!

  54. i like every video and I have been wating a month for some nba cards so thanks and I love your videos because they are funny and I love panini


  56. Just have to say you do an “Awesome” job in letting us see everything you have out there. I like everything so far you put out on the market and I try to buy at least a box of everything. Keep up the Great work and your Unwrapped is the best thing out there that No Other Card Manufacture can Touch, can’t wait til I get it in my Email. Thanks Tracey

  57. I have been collecting panini a long time and there have been some rad products throughout the years. I would have to say I love the crown royal signed prime patches are my favorite feature of the preffered product. My least favorite thing about preffered is the price because everything else is tops. Past and Present Basketball is cool that it has a retro feel and my favorite thing is all the insert sets to collect. Kinda of a two card charlie because that is my least fav thing about it too because there is so much to collect. Momentum I love the sleek design and the foil touches on some cards plus the auto are good looking as well. I don’t like that there sticker and not hard signed. Those would be my likes and dislikes so panini keep the awesome products coming.

  58. Momentum
    Pro: Clean set with a thicker stock (prevents cards from bending over time). Some on-card autos.
    Cons: Unfortunately, there are more cons than pros. Rookie design looks very similar to the elite acetate cards (instead of clear cards, it’s a white background). No memorabilia cards, I understand you did that to make the product “High End” but i would prefer less autos and a lower price point.
    Pros: ON CARD AUTOS! Great sets, the design never gets old so keep doing what you’re doing. The inclusion of 1/1 booklets, and the Prime Silhouettes are amazing.
    Cons: There have been some buzz as to the authenticity of the 1/1 booket tags. Some of the players don’t match their tags. Other than that, this was a great product.
    Past & Present:
    Pros: Inserts! Panini always makes it a point to create new designs and new “technology” inserts for this product. I do wish you made some inserts more SP or #d. Maybe make the Tech Inserts SP to have a chase in the product.
    Cons: Lots of stickers autos and I think a lot of the autos are non-numbered. Not much long term value.

    Thanks for the contest guys! Also, if you’re ever making a “test” team, included me in it!

  59. Solid overall video fellas, Momentum is definitely my favorite of the group. Quick one pack thrill, high quality technology used and a huge autograph checklist. Preferred has it’s merits as well, the booklets are definitely desirable on the secondary market but I find that people don’t always go for multiple players on the same booklet tied together by something other than a team. Past & Present definitely looks fun and targets a certain demographic, good job on highlighting the “fuzzy” cards which are certainly unique. Should be a great time for hoops fans deciding between the three!

    Been subscribed to the blog for a very long time, great job as always Tracy!

  60. Momentum–Most Liked–die cut, cleanness, Drive insert
    Least Liked–sticker autos, no player worn memorabilia
    Past/Present–Most Liked–Headbands, Shattered, Treads, Variety of cards in product
    Least Liked–sticker autos
    Preferred–Most Liked–Booklets, Die Cut Crowns, Silhouettes, on card autos
    Least Liked–not many cards to open and be excited about (all high price point products are like this though)
    Thanks for the video and hope to win some sweet pulls! GO PANINI!!!!

  61. 1.2012-13 Playbook Basketball
    2 . 2012-13 Momentum Basketball
    3.2012-13 Past & Present
    all of these are my Favorte hope i win 😀

  62. I was blown away by the booklets in preferred, those are spectacular! Momentum gave me the chills with the quantity of autos per box! Past and Present pushed out a fun nostalgic feel that can have old an young collectors smiling!

    I love the high end status of momentum, bust wish you had done as you did with preferred and create several packs instead of one exclusive one. There is a natural thrill that comes in opening packs! With Preferred, I would like to see a player image gracing rhe inside cover of the box like you have done with Momentum, but taken a step further to relate to the booklet card received. In Past & Present, I would like to see a rare insert of an actual old school card or cereal card, just to give the one in a million thrill of hitting something really special to a collector!
    Thanks as always for the fine products!

  63. Great job Panini-you guys have The Hot Hand 😀 For momentum, I love the Driven parrallel card design, so much I like it even more than the autos. Now the momentum autos are what I dislike. Some of them are on card and others are stickers-reminds me of Limited Football…Panini Preferred-what can I say but WOW!!!!! The booklets are sick, I mean patchtacular. The Panini Choice Awards autos are triangularly enticing. The only thing I would like to see improvement on are the prime silhouettes. This goes for basically all Panini products. #d to 25 patches should at least be 2 to 3 colors. It just comes out as a better appearence when the low #d cards look prime. Other than that, I see no flaws in Preferred. For Past & Present I see retro throwback goodness everywhere. The headbands inserts, the rise n shine, the treads-all sickness. I need to get at least one of those inserts to rock on Throwback Thursday-Retro Style! The only thing I don’t like is the auto variety. If there were auto on the treads, headbands, shattered, rise n shine, etc. the would be Super Insanely Cool! Thanks Panini for sharing some spectacular products. Thanks for also giving away those glorious hits to collectors who care. It’s so awesome that a card company gives away the hits they pull. Thanks a bunch Tracy & Keith & Thank You for making my Wednesday 😀

  64. momentum is nice cause the excitement of 5 autos in one pack.
    preferred has a great variety with the book, and 5 different auto designs, and parallels to boot, so much going on. GREAT!!!
    past and present, loved last years design, love this years more. so many cool inserts and a certain collectible factor there, great job

  65. Momentum: Liked momentous rookies’ design. Disliked redemption and auto sticker.
    Preferred: Liked choice award’s foil. Disliked booklet not inside a pack.
    Past & Present: Liked the base’s back design. Disliked auto sticker.

  66. Wow 3 sick cards pulled in this video incredible. All 3 products are solid my fav again is Past and Present I love the throwback sets. The headband card concept is great and that silouette is SICKKKKK!!! Great job as always.

  67. I love Past and present. everything about it, the range of inserts, the elusive autos, and the retro look.

    The high end products look great, but with such big auto checklists they dont cater to set collectors.

  68. I love all 3 products so much but Preferred is my favorite! I love that all autos are onCard and the silhouettes are Amazing!! Keep up the great work Panini!!

  69. I agree about the Preferred booklets. It would be nice if some of them have autos on them and if some do then I did not know that. I do like the die cuts autos though.

    As for Momentum the base is nice looking and so is the autos.

    Past and Present looks like a product for set builders so I am sure people who build sets will enjoy them.

    I also have a recommendation about making a prime signature basketball product. I really enjoy the look of the base cards and base auto cards from this years NFL and have decided to build the base set and if I am able to get a hold of Andrew Luck and RGIII auto I plan to build the rookie auto set also. I also think that next year you should keep the look of this years NFL Prime Signature the same and add on instead of restarting it. I know that last part had nothing to do with the video but figured it would be a good way to let you all know what I think of it. Thank you for all your hard work and keep up the good work.

  70. My favorite things are the books in preferred, the box design for Preferred, and the old school look of Past & Present and the variety.
    I’m not a fan of the “shattered ice” cards of Past & Present. I could do without all the “lesser player” autos in Momentum. Wish you could have opened up all the packs in Past & Present 😉

  71. wow momentum is a great product all around great pictures and i love the autograph design,love the white background looks nice and clean.preffered as always great love the diferent autos and curently i am working on getting all 5 colors of iman shumper need a gold and green choice.Past and present love the headbands inserts the most i already ordered couple boxes of it!!!!!!!continue a good work and please i dont know how that goes but can you guys get carmelo anthony to sign for panini?

  72. My thoughts and Entry!

    I love the design of the cards as it is the first time you guys are doing momentum basketball.Love the idea of 5 autographs in a box, to me, thats the most important pull. I like to get auto’s. Its not only about quantity though, those autos you pulled were amazing! You guys pull draymond green who has been playing hard for the Warriors this postseason! Lavoy Allen who did tremendous last year in the 76ers playoff run last year! Reggie Jackson who has a lot on his shoulders since Westbook went down! Most importantly, that Kyrie Irving! That is just an amazing pull and he is the future of the NBA. I would jump around and go crazy if i won it. 9/10 Product!

    This product is amazing, the box design looks very intriguing. The booklets are very interesting, you guys pulled a Pistons booklet which looked amazing. I could just imagine how crazy it would be to pull a Lakers one! I don’t really like the idea of one card packs, but with that die-cut Kareem I change my mind! What a legend to pull, and its crazy how you guys got him in the checklist! Another green auto puts the icing on the cake, /25! That patch looks awesome, he is an up and coming player, grown alot since Michigan St.! 9/10 Product!

    Past & Present:
    I love how you guys are bringing the past legends with the new young guns. Great for all aged collectors. The card designs are great, really looks classic! The cards are really colorful and pop out. The down side of this product is only 2 autos a box. The up side is a bunch of variety! 8/10 Product!

    Anyway, this is my entry, hope i’m lucky enough to win. More than half a year since i started collecting and ive seen you guys at Panini giving and giving. I appreciate it when i see companies that actually care about their customers! Thank you! Hope i win the Kyrie!

  73. I really love Preferred, like i really do because of how Panini puts the time to wrap the individual cards because opening the pack is the best thing about the hobby so we thank you for that! Momentum does have a lot of momentum because all of the cards so beautifully designed, they are so sharp and neat! Past and Present is great because its good for kids and adults because it really has its own special feel to it. I really liked all of the sets so no complaints and just thank you for all the hard work that is obviously shown with all of the products.

  74. I like that Preferred got everything on-card this year. Sticker autos in Preferred last year just wasn’t good. For Momentum, I think the number of autographs is good but I think two rookie classes result in a lot of lesser pulls. Past and Present look good, maybe a bit too “cute” but I appreciate that Panini is trying some different approaches.

  75. I really like the Crown additions to the base set as well as a booklet per box is something you can never go wrong with..like the old school look to so much of the recent basketball products. Thanks guys !

  76. I’d have to say I love the Preferred. I broke 3 boxes and loved what I got. Tons of prime patches and low numbered cards. Thanks for making it a great product. Also loved the past and present, wasn’t a fan till I opened some. Great ideas and designs.

  77. I think I liked “Preferred’ the best. The thought of being able to grab one of those booklets is very enticing ! Past and Present was too kid friendly and although Momentum was nice I hope it doesn’t turn out like Contenders(too many autos of nobodys)….

  78. Booklets are always cool!
    But specifically, i love the 1 of 1 books!

    Also, Tracy, any hints about a NT Basketball?

  79. In terms of what I liked:
    For Momentum, I really like the cards. They look very clean and that’s including the sticker autos. The stickers do not seem to take away from the look.
    For Preferred, the silhouette looks ridiculous. Always a huge fan of those. And Kareem is always a great pull.
    For Past & Present, the old school look is great for me because it reminds me of when I started collecting (mid 90’s).
    My only knock on the products was the redemption of such a big guy as Kyrie Irving. That is always a downer, even though I wouldn’t mind winning it.

    Thanks for the contest and for keeping us updated on all things Panini.

  80. Awesome and funny video with Tracy and Keith as well as some Huge HITS! Sorry Tracy, but I think Keith won each box break for sure. First off, I would like to say how awesome it was seeing my PC and hometown GOLDEN ST. WARRIORS in these products more and more. I have been hoping to get Panini to a Warriors game on twitter all year, because we are the BEST fans in the NBA hands down! Now my truthful opinions on these products for what its worth.
    Momentum: Better than Football, less total cards but 5 Autos out of 15 is insane! Sweet parallels nicely #’d, on-card autos and great checklists as always. Unbelieveable Irving Redemption, Draymond Green and Bazemore Autos I would love to have pulled myself. GRADE=A
    Preferred: Crazy LONG checklist(581) and with ALL low #’d on-card autos is FANtastic! I really like the High end product with 3 different designs. Not a huge fan of the awkward triangle Choice die-cuts but I love the silhouettes (WOW Draymond Green Rookie Prime Silhouette was HUGE! uhhhhmmmm).The booklets are my weak spot as they are amazing looking but with no Autos on any make the price just a little steep for me. GRADE:B+
    Past&Present: A lot of cool different designs, variations and nice parallels throughout a great 120 card box. Affordable for most all collectors and get 3 Autos with another good sized checklist. GRADE=A
    Lastly, the KOBE packs are a pretty neat bonus especially because you can hit parallels,autos and memorabilia. Overall, I really like all aspects of these 3 products with an emphasis on the HUGE Warriors hits! Thanks for the funny video and asking for the collectors opinions. SORRY SO LONG, just to much good to talk about. BEAT the spurs!!!

  81. 2012-13 Momentum – The autograph checklist is deep.Like the clean style on the base set.five autographs into every pack/box is a really nice.Love all the On Card Autos..

    2012-13 Preferred – Very much enjoy the silhouettes and prime silhouettes.Love the Panini’s Choice Pyramid Cards..Soo Sweet…Love the variety on the booklets as well.

    2012-13 Past and Present –Love the Cracked Ice cards.The Headband inserts are spectacular..I want one so I can touch it..lol

    Thanks again for an awesome video and a great contest..I would be lucky to win the Irving,Maybe I’ll be that lucky.I personally would love to win the Shumpert..Being from New York and Growing up a Knicks fan..And all the heartbreak I’ve had over the years..Plz pity me..lol..

  82. Hey guys…Thanks so much for the Contest..Really love watching these Unwrapped episodes…Love all your products and hope to get some soon..

    Momentum….Love the Huge auto card set..The force cards are nice,But I really like the Drive look..Cant believe you guys pulled an Irving..Wow..Would love to win that..Great looking set.

    Prefered…..The booklets are beautiful..Really liked the look of the lottery booklet..The pyramid cards are also spectacular..And another..Wow..on card Abdul-Jabar…Are you kidding me?..And I love that there are pareles to those..The Silhouettes are such a good looking card.

    Past and Present….Lol…I’ve got to feel the Fuzzy headband..Want one of those…The older look of the rise and shines are nice as well..And really enjoy the cracked ice look

    Again..Thanks for the great products…You guys are so awesome and you can really tell you care about the collector…I’ll have my fingers crossed for the Irving,but any card would make my day.

  83. For the Momentum I love the amazing photography and the crisp card design. I would try to avoid sticker autos at all costs….I dont like redemptions but if you are going to start off with such an amazing card design go the extra couple steps and have on card autos even if it means redemptions.

    I like everything about Preferred starting with the box itself. The Booklets are awesome beyond words. Sometimes the players havent made sense in the past but the player groupings in this set is fantastic. Cant really say anything negative about the product sure its pricey but then again its worth every penny. I’d like a few more cards to rip open but thats just the kid in me comming out

    Past&Present: I love the fuzzy Banner cards! Such a great idea to add another level of texture with Banner and Tread card subsets. As for a potential negative, I go back and forth on the look of the base cards,,,I know you nailed the look you were going for but I guess we are spoiled by all the awesome photography and glossyness that sometimes its only natural to feel this way

  84. Very excited about these new products.

    First for the Momentum I like the really clean slick look. And definitely easy to recognize the hits. Very cool ratio of autos per box.

    This is the first time I’ve seen the Preferred product and WOW i was blown away. I love the unique shapes of the auto’s, the pyramids are very cool. Also the crown die cut card is also one of my favorite styles. I think this would be a box I would flip over opening and keeping in my personal collection just for it’s originality. Oh and I need to mention the fact that your guaranteed a book in each box is ridiculous….I love that…I’ve been wanting one forever! Thanks for showing this wonderful set of cards to me! : )

    My favorite out of the Past or present would have to be the rise and shine and the headband fuzzy cards. I think those are need. I would like to add some old school basketball players to my pc.

    I always enjoy the brotherly competition between the two of you, makes the videos fun to watch and educational. Thanks again for showing the products and giving us a chance to win some cool stuff.

  85. Like:
    – Crown royale silhouettes of the Preferred
    – Good mix between jersey and auto for the Preferred
    – Innovative inserts in the Past and Present

    – Too much Momentous Rookies per box
    – Price of the Preferred
    – Hits of the Past and Present


  86. Preferred cards are visually fantastic, but the value is not there for the price point. National Treasures was saved in baseball by the really old relics (Cobb, Ruth, Joe Jackson, etc.), but basketball doesn’t have these.

    Past & Present has fantastic looking inserts (e.g., Shattered), but also some very ugly cards – please avoid headshots for insert themes.

    Momentum look very nice, but putting all 15 cards into one pack overly limits the people who can buy it – 3 5-card packs would allow more people to try this set out.

  87. Preferred definitely has improved since last release. All on-card autos are a big plus to the collectors. The choice autos were a big hit, glad to see there was no major change on those, silhouettes are always a winner, big names too, Shaq, Penny, Kyrie, Davis, Kobe, Durant, etc! Momentum looks good, very crisp clean designs. Also can’t wait for Gold Standard coming around the corner!

  88. Likes – I love the images that go into Panini products, nice crisp clean photos; the variety of players available from the retired players to all of today’s young stars as well as the variety of styles of each of the products; the silhouette prime patch card was really sharp; the booklets looked great; but as much as it kills to say (being a Celtics fan) is that the thing I thought was the coolest was the Kareem auto – at least he wasn’t in a Lakers jersey.

    Dislike – No memorabilia in the Momentum set, not that I don’t like all of the autos but maybe swapping out one regular auto for a jersey/auto? And, the autos in Tracy’s box of Momentum seemed a little light on talent but that’s the chance you take.

    Overall, enjoyed the video and like the cards

  89. I love the MOMENTUM BOX AND THE ON CARD AUTOS. I also really like the Panini Preferred booklets. I have a few myself and it’s truly a great product. Out of Past and Present that Rise N Shine insert reminds you of a cereal box, nice!
    What I think needs improvement or would sell more boxes is if Kyrie actually signed a low # of boxes(maybe50) on the inner window flap. Just a cool idea!

  90. I was beginning to wonder when we might see you again Tracy.

    I am continually amazed by the design team and their work to continue to push the trading card design and technology.

    Past & Present:
    I really enjoyed last years set and I am actually still trying to finish my complete base set and the various parallels.

    The mix of a retro design with present printing technology is fun to see.

    My son and I enjoy the fuzzy pennants and headgear. We had seen the preview images, but to feel one in your hands, that was cool.

    I am enjoying this set and appreciate the elusive inks.

    I think the one thing that got my son kind of hung up, was the relic cards (retail exclusive). He was hoping for that hit and we did go to a retail store and was lucky enough to get a relic but he was surprised there were none in the hobby packs. =(

    I busted a couple boxes and watch the rest of the case get opened and it was the first time I had seen an auto from the Kobe Anthology.

    I became a big fan of Preferred on the release last year and I am again, enjoying the product.

    I am not sure how I feel about the pizza box, but I do like what it delivers. DiGiorno has nothing on Panini. I love the books although, I really wish there was some ink in them. Maybe an addition next year?

    The silhouettes, don’t ever disappoint and although I didn’t get one, I did get to see some really great ones get pulled.

    Will keep an eye on this one as it evolves. Would love to see some ink in them books…

    That is one fat pack… As with the football version, I really enjoy the simple clean designs of the base cards with the spot varnish and the Drive parallels… Come on, that is classy stuff.

    Again, another set that I will keep an eye on for the evolution of the design.

    Overall, I like how deep the sets go, for autos, not sure I like how deep those go, from a base set it makes sense, but not sure if the really deep autos “payoff.” I like to build base sets so for me the payoff is there. I can see from someone else’s point of view though, there are going to be autos you are going to chase and others that they will wonder, “why is this here?”

    To each their own, right? Thanks again for the great product and as mentioned, I look forward to the design changes as the products grow.

  91. On momentum I really like to hear of the 300 card autograph checklist for this product, as I love getting card autographs. I like how preferred’s packaging is similar to playbook which is a product I LOVE for the book cards. Love the design of the past & present, the design reminds me of some of the older cards I had when I first started collecting.

  92. I liked the Shattered inserts, classic autos, Kobe bonus packs.

    I may be in the minority here, but I’d rather see more veteran autos and less rookie autos in these sets.

  93. I like the Momentum for the number of autos in the pack. That’s a lot of bang for your buck,depending on who you get. The bonus Kobe pack is a nice addition also. I can’treally say there’s much that I didn’t like about these cards, The Preferred once again has a nice design,and a nice mix of players,although I honestly am not a fan of booklets,unless they have patches and not plain old jersey swatches. The Past and Present has a nice mix of rookies,vets and retired greats. I loved the old school Paul Pierce especially,as well as the cracked ice. That is a great design,especially if it includes an on-card auto. Redemptions and sticker autos are my least favorite aspect of all,but it comes with the territory. Overall,I liked all three products,but I would have to go with Preferred as my favorite. Thanks for the chance to win!

  94. ’12-13 Momentum: The autographs look fantastic, and the checklist is great.

    ’12-13 Preferred: the booklets are cool; graphically, very well done.

    ’12-13 Past and Present: the retro design is pretty neat, and the Elusive Ink autos bring in a few players that I really like that aren’t usually included in any other set.

  95. i love how all the cards have a diffrent texture, shape, and a diffrent material like the momentum ones they look beatiful. What i disliked was that how preffered only comes with a couple of cards i would of liked a couple of base cards as well. But all in all they are great cards. Those head band cards are sick to very unique, i like it.

  96. Preferred all the way. Every auto is on card. Amazing job there. And you can’t beat a good looking silo either. Looooove those cards.
    And after seeing that, sticker autos look even more the worse… Yuk!! I understand the logistics behind getting everything on card. But god damn on card autos are soooo much better looking. And to know that my favourite NBA star actually held that card to sign makes it that much more special.
    Great work overall. Thanks

  97. In the momentum break i like the clean look of the cards,just wish there were some rainbow sets in this product.Out of Preferred i love those booklet cards,seems they could have put all the cards in one pack(save waste).Past&prsnt looks to be flawless,love those “Icy”looking cards&the old school inserts,Other than that i think all ur products are wonderfull..Thanks4 da cntst.

  98. First is past and present, what I liked is the variety of superstars and the price point.. What I disliked was the kidish inserts.

    Preferred is a great great product if you have the money to pay for a box or even try to capture some of the nicer cards of your favorite player. On card autographs on the silhouettes look amazing. What I don’t like is that they look exactly like the crown royale football hits, even down to the choice pyramid cards. Also I don’t think there should be a prime patch and a non prime patch, because at that price point the person lucky enough to pull a top tier card should be rewarded with a prime card.

    With Momentum again the price is good for what you get, but these cases are pretty much designed for case breaks. The thick stock on the card and having the black finish there has to be a way to prevent factory chipping even cut it down 15%. The design is really well done and you know without even looking at the base cards label that they are momentum. The Autographs are very well done also.

    I hope this honest review helps you out Tracy@Panini

    Side Note-Constantly checking with beckett pricing Panini products are taking a bit of a nose dive in pricing and I believe that is due to the flood of products in the 2012-13 production runs. There could have been some great products put together and instead of buying both you just have one amazing product. It is impossible to keep up with the amount of products that are being flooded into the market and the only way you can keep up is if you are rich or own a store. Thank you again and as always I love the fact that Panini is giving back to their customers by having these contests.

  99. i really liked the past and present box and really enjoyed the headbands michael beasley,the Derrick Rose threads, and the kareem triangle card. i didnt like the way the camera man didn’t letbus see the guy on the lefts cards as much

  100. I did’t like how there weren’t and mems just autos
    But I really liked how the red rookie autos are on cards
    Keep up the great work, triple feature awesomeness

  101. Love the booklets of preferred and the look of momentum. Past and present also bring back alot of memories 🙂
    Momentum need lower numbering on the cards

  102. Also the past and present has a awesome designed on the rise n shine inserts and the rookies
    I didn’t like how u repeated the head band card maybe like a jersey die-cut look that feels like a jersey(old school jerseys)
    I like the preferred patch booklets really sick and how there r a large amount of Kobe autos
    Didn’t like team booklets

  103. Preferred is absolutely awesome. The silhouettes are some of the best looking cards ever produced. The booklets are ok, but I would have rather seen something like the booklets in Playbook if it were possible. Momentum looks good and I like the number of autos you get per pack and that there are lots of veteran players as well as rookies. Past and Present is my least favorite of the three, but I still like it. I would pay more per box of it to get more hits. I like the old school designs and inserts too.

  104. Momentum: Most – How many autographs their are. Just a crazy number. Love it!
    Least – Honestly, that there are “legends” or retired players or whatever you want to call them amongst the base cards. Mainly because what I like to do with the base cards/non-autographed inserts I get is take them to games in hopes of getting them signed in person. And most of the retired players have moved on with their lives, meaning they don’t work for a team so I never really have a chance of getting them. Would rather just have another card of somebody I do have a shot at getting.

    Preferred: Most – The booklets. Those are awesome!
    Least – Had to nitpik to even think of one because it’s great. But I guess team booklets. Because if I’m not a fan of the team I got I probably wouldn’t care about half the people on it.

    Past & present: Most – Since I’d call myself a junior sneakerhead, I’d have to go with Treads.

    Least – I understand the point of this, but dear Lord their heads are huge on the “headbands” insert!

  105. I like the momentum base cards. They are terrific. Not too busy, and I really think that they will be a nice brand for basketball. I already pre ordered a box from my store, and can’t wait. I really wish all of those were on card autos….

  106. Past and present is the perfect introductory set to kids starting up, because the packs aren’t that expensive, but the problem with any retail product is Panini has to find a solution to pack searching. I see Past and Present a step up from the stickers and has fun inserts like the headbands and treads.

    Preferred is a great collaboration of the hits which you would find in a high end product, but the checklist should be of only true break out stars or hall of famer’s.

    Momentum seems to be working with football, so I understand to try and launch a Basketball version, which is only one pack not counting the Kobe Anthology Bonus pack BTW I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU GUYS PULL A KOBE AUTO OUT OF THOUSANDS OF THOSE PACKS YOU TWO GET ONE AMAZING! I think the overall feel could have been a bit different than the football, but the inserts are ok BUT I WOULD CUT OFF MY FINGER FOR THAT KYRIE REDEMPTION! (NOT REALLY, BUT AMAZING PULL)

    PANINI has been doing a better job than Topps the past few years, EXAMPLE THIS SITE RIGHT HERE LED BY TRACY AND ALSO THE WEEKLY REDEMPTION PAGE. THANK YOU!




  108. I hope im not to late for the contest but either way here are my thoughts!

    Momentum: I really like how you guys kept the design crisp and clean. It makes for a very well done product and well done cards. A lot of companies try to hard and it really shows in the design. So well done on keeping it a rich, flawless product! I’m not a big fan of huge autograph checklist simply because you do get a lot of D League players or players that won’t see any play time. Other than that I really like it!

    Preferred: I have only gotten to open 2 boxes myself and have been in 4 group breaks. I have to say this is by far one of my top 3 favorite of the year! I love how you guys don’t throw the 3 cards into one big pack. It really makes you feel like your getting a little more for the money. So thank you for that! The Rookie Silouettes are by far one of the sexiest things I have held in my hands! Especially the prime versions! The on card autos are a HUGE plus and I am very, very greatful yall decided to do that. The 2 big flaws id have to say is not having the booklet in a package. I asked some fellow collectors what they thought about that and they agreed it would have been nice to have the booklet put into a jumbo pack. It adds a lot more suspense rather than opening the box and knowing you have a /199 of a certain team. Secondly, I have noticed several of the cards I pulled the corners or edges get pretty beat up. I understand this might be nearly impossible to prevent since the actual player is handling them as they sign but it would be a triple double out of this world product if there was some way to prevent this from happening.

    Past & Present: I LOVE how you guys keep this product looking old school. From the way the graphics are designed on the box to the over all feel of the packs. The cards have a real retro pop to them and the head band inserts were a really nice new feel. It’s always fun having a resonable price product where you get several autos and memoribila card! Flaws with this one I can’t really think of any to be honest. I bought 20+ boxes of last years Past & Present and having the double rookie class this year really made it a much more enjoyable product to open!

    Overall I like the direction you guys have taken this year. With the wide selection of products (even though at times it might be hard on the wallet) it gives collectors always something to look forward to if they aren’t really feeling a certain product. The Kobe packs were a really nice thing for yall to do. I hope we see a Durant bonus pack in the years to come! I am really looking forward to the end of the year and what it has to offer! Thanks Panini for all your hard work, effort, and for keeping us collectors happy and always coming back for more!

    – Your fan from Tulsa, OK

  109. I must say, i wasnt sold on last years P&P, but this years is looking beautiful and i can’t wait to pick up a box or 2.
    Preferred speaks for itself, absolutely magnificent product and quite frankly, the more Penny Hardaways, the better!!!
    Momentum Football was always a great product and i was excited to see that it was making its Basketball debut!! Those Drive inserts look siiick.

    Thanks for pumping out great products and continually raising the bar!!!

  110. Momentum-Loved the etched foil cards, did not like the Andrew Bynum, but that’s just a personal Philly connection kinda thing. Ironic also that he was followed by Iggy!

    Preferred-loved that all cards were auto’d on-card! did not like-price point, but to each his/her own.

    Past and Present-Love the Treads card. I am drawn to textured/die cut cards in general. Loved the top to bottom old school feel and look to the set! Did not like-not much really.

    Thanks again for another great contest!!

  111. Momentum
    Really like the base card design and parallels. I’m a big fan of die cuts and cards with texture/dimension. I also liked the branding, it feels fresh and modern. I do think the product needs a little more variation though. There are only a few different sets and I think the product would be more fun and exciting if there were different designs to pull.

    While I love die cuts, I’m really not feeling the panini’s choice autos. I like the die cut to be a little more subtle and still maintain that standard rectangle card shape. The silhouettes are just simply amazing. Definitely one of your strongest sets of all. I wish that no prime card was numbered to just 1 so multiple people could chase and complete the entire set. The crown royale cards are nice and I liked them since the first time Panini put them out. The booklets are also jaw dropping. I loved some of the themes, like award and lottery.

    Past & Present
    I like the look of the box and packs. Gamers are nice, but wish you could find them in hobby boxes. Elusive ink autos are a cool concept. The treads set is really nice too. It would be cool if each background was the players actual signature shoe instead of all being the same. I didn’t really have too strong of a opinion on the other sets but looking at the product as a whole, the design does not seem consistent. I know it past and present, but I think that should apply more to the checklist than the design.

  112. Really a good presentation of your products. I can call it a great Jam Session of box breaks. About the products:
    Momentum – it’s like a Lottery ticket, you can nail it or you can lose. The parallels are outstanding but I’m not a fan of the base set design.
    Preferred – here the chances of a good box are greater, there are a lot of excellent autographs here. Also great design with the Preferred Choice, the Booklet and the Silhouettes.
    Past and Present – same as last year, there are very good auto in here, too. The material cards are replaced well with the headband cards. Base set is again strange but captivating.
    Thank you Tracy and Keith, great work.

  113. Such fantastic feedback from the greatest collectors on the planet. Thanks, once again, for stepping up and blowing us all away. Congratulations to our five winners: Ben Wilson, Ryan Q., barcafan1033, A.J. and Troy.

  114. Woo hoo!!! My luck is finally changing LOL!!! Thanks so much for the contest!! Panini is by far the best company in the business!!! Other companies (and I’m not just talking about trading card companies) could learn so much from you guys when it comes to marketing and caring about there customers. You guys are awesome!! Thanks again!!

  115. Congrats to all the winners! I nearly read all responses there were some good opinions and compliments on these awesome products. Thanks Tracy and Panini for asking for our opinions and keep up the great work and cards!

  116. WOW, I just seen that the Kyrie Irving Momentum Blue redemption in here has been filled! Somebody is gonna be a happy camper! My fingers are crossed. Thanks again for the awesome videos and contests. Definitely the top of the class.

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