A Panini Unwrapped Watch & Win Edition Starring 2011 Rookies & Stars Football

To help celebrate the official end of the NFL lockout, Panini America's Tracy Hackler and Scott Prusha late yesterday tafternoon tag-teamed an early box of 2011 Rookies & Stars Football, out everywhere tomorrow.

To help celebrate the official end of the NFL lockout, Panini America’s Tracy Hackler and Scott Prusha late yesterday afternoon tag-teamed an early box of 2011 Rookies & Stars Football, out everywhere tomorrow.

The break revealed the first look at Rookies & Stars’ crisp, clean design and a bevy of newly engineered autograph, memorabilia and parallel cards — many of which you can win by liking our new Facebook page and commenting on the break there.


35 Replies to “A Panini Unwrapped Watch & Win Edition Starring 2011 Rookies & Stars Football”

  1. I like the design of these cards and the special inserts really a great product keep up the great work way to go guys panini is really on top of the card market.

  2. Always loved R&S and Ive got to say that its looking even better this year, cant wait to get my hands on a box or two.

  3. Too bad I don’t have a facebook page 🙁

    Great looking product this year, love the contrast between the base and parallels especially. No more going back and checking the base to make sure you didn’t miss an insert. The back photos are interesting, could we see a return of the days where the actual memorabilia item that will be used in the cards is photographed and put on the back of the card as well? And no redemption in that box! Nice job as always Panini!

    Thanks for the recent package as well Tracy, I plan on wearing the shirt to every shop and show I go to in the near future!

  4. Thanks for sharing!! I posted my comment under the break. But i will once again say wow!! such a great product!

  5. Looks to be a great product again this year! Last year I didn’t pull much of anything GREAT but in my Rookies & Stars one I DID pull an Arrelious Benn Autographed NFL Logo Shield! Hopefully this year I can pull something like the Christian Ponder Autographed Patch card like you showed in this vid out of some Score! Great Job Guys! And I do like the back of the cards how they depict their backs and jersey numbers, that;s pretty cool 🙂 Until next time guys………….SALUTES ….out!

  6. Great break Prush and Hack. You guys work it well together! Love the R&S this year, keep up the good work guys! Back to meetings…. Grinding til the National..


  7. Finally a design on rookies and stars that looks clean and isn’t all over the place. Not that I didn’t like the old design just this design looks beautiful and the studio rookies insert looks fabulous as usual. Great job!

  8. Had to watch it again. The Ponder is amazing!! The entire box break was top notch. I loved the base card design, the longevity inserts were so sweet, the inserts were awesome, the memorabilia cards look great. This is always a favorite brand for rookie cards.the look of the auto rookies is great and there is always a rookie you never heard of that appears in this product and soon you do hear of him. For example…the 2004 edition a guy named Wes Welker was found. I found him twice 🙂

  9. Not only are Rookies and Stars a no-nonsense design, I just bought four packs. I pulled four game-used, but not what one might expect. The jersey cards included a Rookie Revolution, a Dress for Success, and (two) Studio Rookies (one of which was a SWEET prime swatch #ed out of fifty! 🙂

      1. Thanks. And the point I meant to make is, what VARIETY of game-used one can pull. I got another pack of R & S tonight.
        I don’t even know why I was surprised. A jersey card …
        … from the Freshman Orientation subset!

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