A Special “Merry Christmas” Episode of Panini Unwrapped . . . With Gifts!

Two of Panini America's merriest elves -- Tracy Hackler and Scott Prusha -- sit down to wish Panini America collectors everywhere a Merry Christmas in this special episode of Panini Unwrapped.

Two of Panini America’s merriest elves — Tracy Hackler and Scott Prusha — sit down to wish Panini America collectors everywhere a Merry Christmas in this special episode of Panini Unwrapped.

And while we’d like to think our mere presence is present enough, we also have some real gifts to give you this holiday season. So stay tuned till the end to find out how to win.


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  1. My favorite Panini moment was the RNH SSP Rookie Auto I pulled out of my first case of Score Hockey. Even the wife loved it. Merry christmas Tracy and Scott, and thanks for a great year of Panini products!


  2. Merry Christmas! Favorite moment (so far) would have to be receiving and opening the Black Friday packs…..or winning one of the boxes from the video would be a nice Christmas present and definite favorite moment of the year.

  3. My favorite Panini America moment of 2011 was at the Toronto Fall Expo. I purchased a box of 10/11 Contenders to participate in the redemption program and not only did I pull a Jeff Skinner (Calder Trophy Winner) Contenders RC SP Auto but I also pulled an Eli Manning Expo Redemption 1/1 autograph. Easily my best two pulls of the day. Thanks guys (and gals). Merry Christmas to everyone at Panini America.



  5. Favorite Panini Moment: Opening packs of 2011 Certified Football. Did awful on everything else Panini I opened this year.

  6. Thanks as always for the contests, gents. My favorite moment Panini moment of this year was getting a highly unexpected pull for one of our group breaks. It was a Peyton Manning auto/GU out of Timeless Treasures. It’s ALWAYS fun to see something like that come out of a pack and it made one of our European football collectors extremely happy!

  7. My favorite moment was not a moment at all…it was a week!! The NFL Experience was cool. It was cool getting to meet some of the Panini “people behind the scenes”. The best video moment was when Tracy introduced the “explosive” ending to the unwrapped videos. Pretty neat special effects…Thanks for a great year! But I still do miss my “Classics” line of football cards….

  8. My favorite Panini moment was opening Black Friday pack., I love those things. I enjoy watching every video you post so its too hard to choose.

  9. Favorite Panini Moment – The Toronto Sports Card expo….which ranked 2nd to watching Tracy Hackler dancing to Justin Bieber in the unwrapped video.

  10. My favorite moment of this past year for Panini was the last episode of the “New Guy” when Blake Griffin threw the basketball in the cake and the icing got on y’alls faces. That was hilarious!!!!

  11. My favourite Panini America moment was when the Justin Bieber 2.0 cards came out. Why you ask? Well my 9 year old daughter adores him and its the first time we opened a box of cards together. It was even better when she pulled a piece of his shirt memorabilia card. We put it in a magnet holder immediately and has probably stared at that card every day since. I even bought her a carrying purse for the card. I’ve pulled some amazing stuff from your products this year but nothing will top the excitement my little girl had from that pull. Thanks guys for the fun videos and great products. Now to get her a Biebs signature.

  12. My favorite panini moment and one of the more exciting moments of the last few years for me was when I pulled a golden ticket out of 2010 contenders football. I kept up with Tracy’s posts about the golden ticket updates and was so impressed by the promotion that I saved up some money for about 2 months to buy a case. I told my wife I was definitely going to pull one of the golden ticket redemptions and while I don’t think she believed me, she supported me. Last box of the case I kid you not….I pulled one, a chris Johnson golden ticket!! I ran around the house yelling for probably 5 minutes straight…Thanks panini…the golden ticket idea hooked me for life! Can’t wait for 2011 contenders!!!

  13. My favorite Panini moment of the year, is the Toronto Expo 1/1 that I just got in the mail. My first 1/1 ever, and as a Blackhawks fan, can’t beat an autographed Patrick Kane “Making an Entrance” card! Happy Holidays to everyone at Panini!

  14. My favorite moment was when i pulled an Amare Stoudemire game worn jersey card from 2010 to 2011 Panini prestige collection, which i was later able to get signed. Merry Christmas to you guys from a soldier currently deployed.

  15. Gotta be honest, I haven’t had a whole lot of luck. Pulled several boxes of gridiron gear and absolute memorabilia and haven’t really gotten anything good. Can’t afford the high end stuff so I have to make due. So I guess my favorite moment was the behind the scenes video y’all did a month or two ago and showed the card vault and all of the jerseys used in production. That was very interesting.

  16. My favourite Panini America moment of 2011, was the announcement of the 2011-12 NBA product line-up. For me, the only thought worse than a lost NBA season, is a lost season of Panini NBA products.

    Thankfully neither of those thoughts were realized, as I’m currently watching the Celtics/Knicks and am impatiently awaiting the arrival of Preferred Basketball in ~2 months.

    Merry Christmas to all at Panini and all the fellow collectors out there! Stay safe this holiday season, and enjoy the time with your loved ones.

  17. Best panini video was whe you guys had Demarco Murray there doing a live interview while he was signing some football cards love hearing what he had to say and learn some interesting things about him great guy but was suprized when he signed a card how he threw them on the table after signing each one and i remember thinking hoping there not damaged and if I get one of those cards of him hoping mines is in great shape ha ha merry Christmas to everyone including tracy and scott and panini crew and happy new year and tracy please dont forget me on our deal thanks and still waiting and also let me do a shout out to broncos and cowboys still one more to week to please make the playoffs come on guys lets do it LOL.

  18. My favorite Panini moment has the be the Black Friday packs. Getting up at 4 a.m. to get to the card shop had me feeling like a kid again! Didn’t get anything great but the experience was exciting nine the less! This was a great promotion!

  19. My favorite moment was when Certified football was finally released as that is my favorite product. Just wish I could afford to buy more than one box. Thanks guys!

  20. My favourite moment of 2011 must have been pulling a Evgeni Malkin Fabrics of the Game diecut /25 on the first pack of 11/12 Certified I bought this year. I tend to be the sucker who buys 2 packs out of the 10 packs available and only hits inserts or base. Thanks Panini!

  21. Favorite moment was 2 weeks ago opened a box of 2011 Panini threads pulled a Tim Tebow All Rookie Team 2010 Auto #d 07/15 great pull,very next week bought another box of the same product and pulled a Dez Bryant 2010 All Rookie team Auto #d 02/15 except for this card was damaged on 3 of the 4 corners go figure a good pull and it’s damaged !!!!

  22. best of the yr for me was when yall did a first 5 box breaks from our local shop to win a black box, and i ended up being the 4th or 5th entry and not only did i get a black box i hit a kobe auto to do it!!!!!! Thanks guys for the countless hours you put in and all the great products!!!!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS

  23. Merry Christmas Everyone!…
    My favorite Panini moment was seeing the NEW HRX Cards…and then pulling a Kevin Durant HRX Card the first day the product released!
    Panini always stepping its game up. Thank you guys again and Happy Holidays!

  24. my best panini moment was just the enjoyment that cards give to a young 29 year old kid who still loves opening the packs of cards… and getting a trevor ariza black box elite card its so sweeeeet merry christmas to you guys

  25. I personally enjoyed the Blake Griffin “new guy” video clips. I hope Panini continues to do more things like that. Remember – everything related to trading cards should be fun first and foremost. If you happen to make some money along the way, more power to you!

  26. favorite panini moment was busting my 120 retail packs of 09/10 prestige. I pulled like 5 blake griffins when he was super hot

    merry christmas

  27. Merry Christmas Tracy and everyone at Team Panini America!

    My favorite Panini America moment was the Black Friday Pack Promotion…. We gave away 1216 Black Friday Packs to the World’s Greatest Customers. I saw customers pull all kinds of great stuff from the Black Friday packs: about 8 Tim Tebow autos, 3 Kobe autos, Supper Bowl Pylons, and MORE! Everyone was happy and my customers continue to come back for more great Panini products.

  28. My favourite Panini America moment was during the Justin Bieber unwrapped video and having Tracy rocking or shaking it out. Hilarious outtake! Thanks for all the great coverage in 2011, I can’t wait for what’s in store in 2012. Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Years!

  29. My Favorite Moment probably has to be the 2011 NFL Rookie Photo Shoot. Just lookin at all the players with the new NFL uniforms was awesome to see. also cuz it was a sneek peek for the mem cards to come from the event. so by far best Moment in my opinion.

  30. My favorite moment so far this year is not only the addition of Tracy from Beckett to Panini but the QA dept. really being on top of the products. Seems as if the quality of card being produced is really superior to “other” cards in the marketplace. Thanks Panini looking forward to next year..

  31. Definitely the Black Friday and National Convention Promos. It shows that Panini cares about the collectors and stores, which is totally awesome.

    Thanks guys, lookin’ forward to 2012.

  32. By far my best Panini moment was at the national convention this year with my 8 year old son Noah for the first time! We pulled a Cam Newton rookies and stars auto and saw the Cubs play at Wrigley! Great memories!!

  33. My best moment was the “on the production line” video.. After 35 years of busting packs I finally got to see how those packs are made.. I must have watched that video at least 10 times, each time I saw something that I did not see the previous time..
    That video along with its counterpart the ” collating the high dollar hits ” video gives the collector the inside view of the hobby that very few people have been able to see up to this point.. Thank you Panini for giving us collectors an inside look at a very interesting process..

  34. First off…Happy Holiday’s! My favorite Panini moment was when I won an authentic Panini America T-shirt I had so many great comments…..thanks all at Panini….Be safe and God Bless!

  35. M|y favourite Panini moment is the entire New Guy series with Griffin. Dam that dude is funny. It’s only inevitable that he gets a chance to star on SNL! Soon after they win the Championship this year, that would be incredible!

  36. My favorite Panini moment has to be the announcement of your return to the baseball market. While your football and hockey products have been great fun to collect, it was great to learn that you will have an even larger baseball presence.
    I always enjoy the yearly baseball prospect sets that you have been able to produce like Elite Extra Edition but now with the MLBPA licenses, I look forward to even better baseball products to collect.
    Thanks and have a wonderful Holiday.

  37. Merry Christmas from Australia. Nice to see a fellow OzCardTrader mentioned in your video.

    My favourite moment was when I busted my case of GOLD basketball. I pulled a Dwayne Wag Tag numbered to /2 and several great autos. What made it even more special was just how amazing the product looked looked in hand. The video PANINI showed of GOLD before release did not do the product any justice.

  38. My favorite moment this year by far was June 15th (the last day of school) i decided to go out and celebrate and buy a box of 2009 Absolute memorbilia . Absolute has always been good to me so i decided to try it. I pulled a Mark Sanchez star gazing jersey auto #’ed to 25. The very next pack i pulled a Shonn Greene War room patch again #’ed to 25. The reason i state both these hits was because i collect Jets so getting this box made my day and probaly my summer. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  39. My favorite moment was buying a box of 2010-2011 absolute basketball and pulling a John Wall 1/1!! THANKS PANINI happy holidays!

  40. My favorite Panini moment was when Tracy sent me the press release announcing the MLBPA license.

    Scott P’s Heatmiser hairdo in the video up top is a close second.

  41. Merry Christmas to all!

    Too many amazing hits to choose just one. With auto cards from Kobe, Stamkos, Malkin, Roy, Iginla, Skinner, Von Miller, A.J. Green, Julio Jones, Sammy Baugh, Monte Irvin and Carlton Fisk, how do you single one out?

    So my favorite Panini America moment comes from watching the emerging talent from the Unwrapped videos. More specifically the new comedy duo of Hackler and White, the perfect straight man/funny man combo. The best of moment from these two was captured in the 2011 Crown Royale Football edition of Unwrapped. After a great trip to Italy, the unflappable Hackler, admittedly working on fumes caused by jet lag, tried to find a segue to wrap things up. At the 6:30 mark, after finishing the Crown Royale break, Hackler turned to White and said “Would you say it’s a product kinda fit for a king, Joe?” White replied “I would. I would.” Then Hackler let go an exhausted, dead panned look that made me laugh out loud. It was so good, I laughed again on repeated viewings. That was my moment of the year.

    Thanks to the whole team for making The Knight’s Lance a great place for daily reading. No other company out there comes close to giving us collectors the kind of exclusive behinds the scenes access that you provide.

  42. My favorite moment of 2010 had to be hearing the news of my much awaited Derek Stepan autos finally arriving at panini headquarters! As his #1 fan, not only was this long awaited, but so sweet to see a sophomore player doing what he left off doing from the year before! The kid is a true talent and Rangers fans have something to be proud of for many more years to come.

  43. Its really hard for me to pick just one of my favorite Panini moments this year beacuse ive had so many, but since i have to pick one then it would have to be a combo event. First part was when me and my two daughters went to the National in Chicago and hung out with Tracy, Scott and everbody else at Panini at their booth. We had a great time that me and my daughters will never forget. Then two or three days later after we got back to Columbus OH, we went to our local cardshop and bought the box of Panini Gold Standard Basketball that had the “GOLDEN TICKET” to meet the one and only Kobe Bryant!!!!!! Ive pulled alot of great pulls this year from Panini and have busted cases and cases worth of boxes but thats the most unique and once and a lifetime pulls ive ever had. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you guys at Panini and thanks for all the great memories!

  44. Merry Christmas Tracy and Scott! My favorite moment was when i pulled a 4/5 Miles Mustin auto/ three color patch, from 2011 Panini Certifiied Football, and all of the funny videos of Blake Griffin as “The New Guy”. Panini always has great products and im looking forward to Panini’s 2012 products!

  45. My favorite Panini moment isn’t just one – it’s been the last year working with an awesome team! Hearing all these great comments from collectors just reinforces all the hard work an the things we do to let people have fun works. Looking forward to doing more – bigger and better! Merry Christmas to the gang and all our awesome Panini collectors! Let’s keep it going!

  46. My favorite Panini moment was opening Plates and Patches and pulling a redemption of Philip Rivers prime jersey auto /5. It was the best pull of the year, and still patiently waiting for it to come. Thanks Tracy and Panini, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  47. My Favorite Panini Moment is when i pulled a Christian ponder Autograph 1/5 out of 2011 Panini Crown Royale it really made my day i stick to only panini products cause i love your cards so much it is like everybody that works for panini is a collector so they make the product how they would wanna recieve it making it the best quality also another favorite moment from panini is watching this video it made my day and i had no idea you guys try to connect with the customer so now got another fan that will be looking forward to watching your videos and dont worry im here to stay lol

  48. My favorite Panini America moments of 2011 happened today— Christmas Day! I opened a retail box of Panini NBA trading cards with Blake Griffin on the box from ShopKO. Didn’t get anything fantastic but I just love opening packs and feeling the excitement and anticipation of possibly getting that “IT” card for my collection or a card I can mail an NBA player to autograph for my collection. My other moment was seeing this video with you wearing a cowboy hat Tracy because I wear a cowboy hat working on my families farm everyday when it is sunny out. I also liked hearing the name Michelle said because that is the name of my better half who coincidentally got me the box of Panini basketball. Thanks for all your hard work Panini America and a Happy New Year to you and yours.

  49. Merry Christmas everyone! My Panini moment of the year was when Panini released NFL products before the Lockout was resolved! I thought I was going to have a heart attack if they held back NFL cards. I feel sorry for the NBA-only collectors who couldn’t get a taste at all.

  50. Merry Christmas to everyone at Panini America! My favorite Panini moment was the Cards you guys made of Labron James as an NFL player. I am not sure he would be a star in football though, probably more like ochocinco in pro bull riding. LOL. Either way, it was good for a laugh. Merry christmas Tracy and Scott, and thanks for another great year of Panini products! Lets hope we all have a Happy New Year!

  51. Favorite moment this year was the announcement of panini joining together with the MLB Players association, cant wait to bust baseball product coming up next month. Also love talking about the broncos with tracy, really love that yall are quick and very responsive to the card collecting community. Thanks for a amazing year, cant wait to see what yall have planned for next year!!!

    1. Oh and also thanks for sending that package to chris to help contribute to the holiday give-away!!! The mize cut was sick!

  52. My favorite Panini moment this year is this one Panini contest getting me back into the basketball card hobby. I don’t know how I found this site but I did, and at the time there was a picture contest showing your favorite Panini card. I pulled out an old card and was one of the winners. When I got my Mitch Richmond patch prize, I was immediately hooked.

    Thank you guys alot for all the work you put into Panini. For a company that just got their exclusive NBA license 2 years ago, I seriously think you guys do a great job listening to the fan opinions and holding contests like these. I never remember other companies handling their customers with that much care. Thansk guys, thanks Tracy, Merry Christmas. We know you sweat blood and tears for this company. take a well needed rest, PEACE

  53. My favorite Panini America moment of 2011 is the Whose Autograph is This contests. I love studying the autographs and if I can’t work one out – I go searching and often find myself learning so much more about some of the players or finding stories about games that I never knew. I can waste a weekend just reading fantastic stories.

  54. My favorite moment of 2011 was your coverage of the National; especially seeing people opening boxes and opening the wrapper redemption packs. It really made me want to head out to the National in 2012.

  55. Happy “Merry Christmas” to all body.
    My favorite Panini moment of the year is get my first KOBE auto.
    And your TV cards are amazing of the trading card.Keep going and invite more product.

  56. Hi Scott Elve and Tracy Elve,
    My favorite Panini America moment has to be finding this blog. I have always had Panini liked on facebook, but had no idea about this blog. I always saw something about the Knights Lance but never once clicked on it. Can’t believe all of the amazing stuff I missed out on! Now I can see it all and to be honest, I have even gone back and watched and looked at stuff I had missed. Wished I had took a chance and clicked on the blog a lot earlier.

    Also going to let you know my favorite products that I have tried a more than once this year. All football. But Crown Royale, Certified and Prestige (already counting down to Prestige 2012 to look for Andrew Luck rookies) are my faves. The 3 brands I really want to try are but havent had the chance to this year are Rookies and stars, Threads and especially would love to try Gridiron Gear. Love the pull out jersey autos. Hoping to find a way to pick up one of these products this year. Didn’t get any of these for Christmas. Santa didn’t read my letter 🙁

    Also must say a big thanks for doing the Pepsi Rookie of the week!!! Been a blast being able to particiapte in that. And love the card gallery every week. Too bad its ending soon!

    Hope I didn’t blabber on too much. Just trying to think of my great 2011 experiences. Sorry if its too much. But I must mention one more, of course, as many have also mentioned, got to say that watching Tracy dance in the Justin Bieber Panini Unwrapped episode is a classic! Can’t wait to see what happens next time a Bieber product is released. Actually would be fun to see the Michael Jackson one unwrapped with all of you dressed up like the thriller video 🙂 Merry Christmas to everyone at Panini. Thanks for everything! And keep up the great work and keep the awesome Knights Lance blog! Wouldn’t know what to do without my source of important info and great product previews done on here. And for showing me some great NY Giants in your products. And of course…thanks for all of the contests!

    1. Also forgot to add Score football as one of my favorites this year. Love the variations that were added to this years product.

      1. One more thing…the Arrelious Benn box break was really awesome and fun as well. Think I am done now 🙂 Too many great moments

  57. My favorite Panini America moment was when you guys announce the various plans leading up to The Nationals back in August. It had me all excited and was just waiting till the day comes. Thanks for all that you guys do this past year. Have a Safe and Merry Christmas Tracy & Scott and everyone at Panini.Happy Holidays. Looking forward to an exciting year of surprises.

  58. My favorite Panini moment of the year was working out my Redemption issues with one of your customer service managers. You could tell she really cares about what she does. Even though I ended up getting replacments I was really satisified whith the whole experience.

  59. Last years Absolute (Hobby packs). I got some terrific pulls, particularly older past players like Earl Campbell. MY LEAST FAVORITE HAS BEEN ANY OF THE “REDEMPTION” CARDS. I AM STILL WAITING. AND I HAVE NOT GOTTEN ANY RESPONSE FROM PANINI.

  60. Merry Christmas! My favorite Panini America moment was watching this Merry Christmas episode! I thought it was really nice of Tracy and Scott to thank all of the Panini card collectors out there! I Would also like to wish everyone at Panini a Merry Christmas and thank you for all that you do! My son is a huge Patriots fan and would love to win the Rob Gronkowski signed helmet since the GRONK is his favorite player! He really enjoyed all the Patriots stuff he got for Christmas! Thank you for all the contests!!!

  61. Black Friday’s Super Bowl XLV inserts. Using chunks of the end zone pylon’s is genius. Especially when they are of the SB Champ GB Packers. You guys are crazy! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  62. My favorite Panini moment was getting an Al Horford Atlanta Hawks Jersey swatch card!!! I am so excited that the NBA is finally back!!! Basketball is my favorite sport and I love collecting basketball memorabilia! Merry Christmas to everyone at Panini!

  63. My favorite Panini moment of 2011 was Dominion Hockey… such an amazing product. Also I have become so blown away by the FOTG patch cards from certified hockey. I opened a case of Dominion and loved it all.

    Secondly, I actually DO appreciate the videos from you guys, especially when the brand manager speaks to the creation and thought process behind the set. Well done guys!!

    Merry Christmas.

  64. my favorite moment was when me and my grandad bought a ton of panini basketball after my birthday! We got one jersey and it was incredibly fun to get him interested in the hobby and i hope he continues to buy more stuff, but thank you guys for getting him interested!

  65. my favourite panini moment of the year was pulling a Landeskog rookie out of one pack of certified and then giving it to my cousin who was collecting him !

  66. My Favorite Panini moment is seeing Blake Griffin in The New Guy Episodes dunk everything. Totally awesome. I hope there will be more in 2012. Maybe you all can bring Kobe in. Thank Panini.

  67. My favourite Moments are watching your Break Videos of new NFL Products as I am in Australia its great to be able check out and help me decide what to bust next.
    Thanks for all the Comps in 2011 and looking forward to busting more stuff in 2012

  68. My favorite moment of the year was winning a twitter contest and getting to speak with the Hackler and then Blake Griffin. I got to ask Blake 3 quick questions and prob had 1000 for Hackler lol. Great year and those Wall autos look nice!! And im still searching for my first Blake auto I will pull one!! And I hit a Kobe auto out of Black Box this year.

  69. My favorite moment was opening boxes with my 2 daughters. They enjoy it just as much as I do and my 8 year old has the best luck. She has pulled autos of Larry Fitzgerald, Peyton Manning, Adrian Peterson and some others. It just makes it more fun opening panini products with them. Thanks for putting out nice stuff Panini and hope all of you have a safe and happy holiday season.

  70. Blake griffin the new guy!!! and scoring a sweet 1/1 graded auto patch of xavier henry black box authentic summit card! Sweet hope you had a great holiday peace

  71. I absolutely love watching all these videos, but my favorite Panini moment this year was visiting the Panini booth at the NHL Fan Fair in Raleigh, NC during the NHL All- Star Game with my kids. Got to meet some of the Panini guys and see some really cool cards. Pulled some great cards from the redemption packs including a Jeff Skinner autograph card. My kids got to meet Tyler Seguin and Taylor Hall, play cards with them and get an autograph from each of them. Most of all I have great memories that will last a life time. No other trading card company offers the great stuff that Panini does! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2012.

  72. My favorite moment was busting packs at the Narional to get the bonus packs. The bonus packs were a blast to open! Never pulled one of the player sketch cards, but the Subban auto was a nice pull. The Panini booth was by far the most interactive and fun for the National goers.

  73. my favorite panini america moment was having you guys recognize how great of a season rob gronkowksi is having because i am a humongous patriots fan.

  74. My favorite Panini moment was at the All-Star Weekend in LA when I got to meet Tracy and Scott. And snag a picture and auto from Stephen Curry and an auto from Wes Johnson the next day!

  75. My favorite moment was taking my 2 year old boy to the LCS and having him bust some packs with me and pulling a 2010 SP Authentic Sam Bradford jumbo patch auto. He was just as excited as I was, and he was only excited because I gave him the wrapper to play with! lol

    Thanks Panini for providing a long lasting family memory!

  76. My favorite moment has to be getting the email that I had won a box of Justin Bieber cards and then to see the joy on my 12 year olds face as she opened each pack was priceless. Thank you for everything you guys do for the card colelcting hobby.

  77. Thanks for the the giveaway. My favorite Panini America Moment this year was pulling an Adrian Peterson Mirror Black Reebok Logo Patch 1/1 out of 2011 Certified.  It was the first 1/1 I have pulled, so it was real exciting. Thanks again!

  78. My favorite moment of this year was when I pulled my 1st 1/1 ! I pulled it this year out of elite and I am very pleased ! Thanks guys

  79. There were many favorite Panini moments this year… From finding out that I get to add some Panini baseball cards to my collection in the near future… To winning a contest and finding an awesome Panini Kareem Abdul-Jabbar jersey card in my mail.

    I grabbed one of my card storage cases and pulled out just some of the hits I have had from Panini this year – Some are from 2010 products and some from 2011, but 99% of them were hand pulled by me over the past year, mostly from packs from one of 3 Phoenix area hobby shops and a few from the 2 or 3 boxes I have been able to afford this year – Photos below show a few of the WOW producing Panini cards that I hit this year.






      1. Agreed.Thanks for sharing! I got some pretty sweet pulls this year as well. Still looking for the BIG one, but I have a great feeling that I will get it from a Panini product.

  80. My Favorite moment this past year was when PANINI and ONLY Panini helped me in sending my some cards to give to the kids in the area that lost EVERYTHING in the first ever Tornado we had here. Panini was the ONLY company that donated and I and the kids THANK YOU for that. So where does my collecting money go to more now………….PANINI! Thanks a LOT guys! You made a lot of kids happy by helping out.

  81. Did Panini Claus make a visit yet? Still holding up hope!! I may not have my tree anymore, but would be sweet to see a Panini item under where it once stood 😉

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