All That Remains . . .

Remember that sweet Derek Stepan New York Rangers game-worn sweater we told you about last week? You know, the special “Rangers Heritage Blueshirts” top featuring miniature versions of all eight retired numbers in Rangers history sewn into the hemline?

Remember that sweet Derek Stepan New York Rangers game-worn sweater we told you about last week? You know, the  special “Rangers Heritage Blueshirts” top featuring miniature versions of all eight retired numbers in Rangers history sewn into the hemline?

Well, that picture above is a shredded illustration of all that’s left of it.

Turns out the upcoming 2010-11 Crown Royale Hockey needed some rich Stepan content and we just happened to have some.

So, just to recap: Here’s what the sweater looked like last week . . .

And here’s what it looks like today . . .

By the way, if you have any suggestions as to how we might use these remnants in a product or as part of a redemption program or anything else , please let us know in the comment field below.


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  1. Other than sending me some scraps, I’d love to see some type of throwback or 3rd jersey themed set.

    Jersey swatches of every throwback or faux throwback used recently, kind of like the Throwback Threads from Certified.

    Also, a jersey set with every kind of jersey unveiled this season would be pretty cool too.

    But really, getting a scrap of Stepan jersey in the mail would be pretty awesome…haha.

  2. Make a new set product called Panini Remnants, make them 7 pack retail blaster boxes with 2 game used, 1 auto a box for $19.99. It would let kids get some nice pulls with out searchers getting to them.

  3. Well I have a idea, how about make a limited edition cards out of the scraps an donate them to Derek Stepan home town Hastings, MN, so the cards can be auction off to help the local food shelf and homeless. Plus it would give the friends and fans a chance to own a piece of a local sports star. And being hobby cards are not sold in all towns so it would give local residents a better chance for a nice memorabilia card.

  4. Make a couple three sliver relic jersey cards and randomly insert them into the “hot” new hockey products coming soon, make ’em like 1/1’s and forget the whole redemption idea, no one likes redemptions, instant gratification is where its at! Besides, why do ya need a redemption? Looks like all you need is a piece of cardboard to stick ’em on, I mean, its already got your super cool Panini authenticated sticky stuff on the bottom. I just love how you guys get input from the collectors, I really think that it will separate Panini from the rest, especially in the near future!

  5. I say take all the scraps from all your jerseys and make writing pens. Remember how they use to make those clear pens with shreaded money? You can use the same concept here. Plus you could do them for each sport, with of course the Panini Logo on the pen. They could be give aways at oh,., your booth at the national sports card collector convention each year!

  6. I think it would be cool to take the long strips and instead of just the regular square game used card make the game used piece look like a hockey stick on the card. Something different and also put the longer skinny strips of jersey that are left and incorporate them in a nice new game used hockey stick design. Hobby collectors always like something new and different.

    1. I have been reading and watching facebook, twitter and the knights lance for a while now, and I think with all that has been said concerning the redemption cards, that making jersey cards and maybe even having them autographed for expired redemption cards would be a great idea to add value to every box and entice people into buying the product down the line. As for everything else, I think you guys are doing a fantastic job, and I’m loving the old/new concepts. Reminds me of all my favorite cards I collected as a kid, but better. Can’t wait for Crown Royale next month.

  7. Send them this way and I’ll put together a nice piece of art for you. OR! preferably, because I’m busy & lazy, just give me the dimensions and I’ll sketch and diagram you step by step instructions so you, Tracy, can become a famous modern artist.

    I want a picture of you wielding a glue-gun, though.

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