AVAILABLE FRIDAY (4/7) | 2023 FIFA World Cup Saga Stickers NFT Packs

April 04, 2023

PROGRAM NAME:  2023 FIFA World Cup Saga Stickers NFT Packs

RELEASE DATE:  Friday, April 7th at 10am (CST) exclusively at  Panini Direct

PRICE:  $10 per pack

CHECKLIST:   2023 Panini NFT FIFA World Cup Saga Stickers Checklist

PACK DETAILS:  The 2023 Panini NFT FIFA World Cup Saga Sticker Packs contain three NFTs per pack. Each pack guarantees: two Base NFTs (numbered to 275) and one Parallel NFT(numbered to 99 or less).

SET CHALLENGES:  Shortly after the program releases we will have set challenges go live. As long as the user has the complete set from each individual level below they will receive the reward NFT after 30 days.

        • Base:  Gabriel Batistuta
        • Base Red: David Beckham
        • Base Blue: Lionel Messi
      • Rainbow Challenges: We will have Rainbow Challenges start up two weeks after the program launches. Collectors will have a chance to chase a challenge exclusive Green Parallel of some of your favorite Panini Stickers.

All information is accurate at the time of posting – content is subject to change.


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