Base-Card Conundrum: For 2011-12 Certified Hockey, Derek Stepan Has Just Totally Silver

November 21, 2011

High-volume case breakers of the new 2011-12 Certified Hockey product no doubt already know: There is but one version of the Derek Stepan base card in the set — and it’s the Totally Silver parallel version that was supposed to be found only in hot boxes. Chalk it up to a production error.

So where as the other 149 cards in the Certified base set have both regular and Totally Certified versions, there are only the Totally Silver, Purple and Black parallel versions of card #150. For set-collecting purists, the standard Certified base set would conceivably now be complete at 149 cards. But we’d certainly understand if you wanted to include Stepan’s Totally Certified card as the final card in your base set.