Breaking News: Panini America Delivers the World-Premiere Reveal of Panini HRX

In a year for Panini America that has included one high-impact, headline-making announcement after another, it is perhaps three little letters -- HRX -- that have packed the most punch.

In a year for Panini America that has included one high-impact, headline-making announcement after another, it is perhaps three little letters — HRX — that have packed the most punch.

Indeed, among the myriad moves the company has made in recent months to forever alter the sports collectibles landscape (entering the NHL, signing both Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin to exclusive agreements, developing the industry’s first-ever real gold trading cards), none have generated more excitement than the mere idea of Panini HRX, the pioneering, first-of-its-kind video trading card.

That idea became reality earlier this week with the launch of 2010-11 Totally Certified Basketball. The industry-wide buzz hasn’t stopped since.

In all, there are 204 Panini HRX video trading cards tucked randomly inside Totally Certified, 51 devoted to each of Panini America’s four basketball exclusives — Kobe Bryant, Griffin, Durant and John Wall. Of each player’s 51 cards, 40 are standard video trading cards, 10 are autographed and one is an autographed gold video trading card.

Early secondary market activity on the few cards that have surfaced so far has been absolutely riveting. The first Kobe Bryant autographed HRX card sold for $1,000. The first Blake Griffin closed at $862.50 just this morning. The first Kevin Durant autographed version brought more than $500 and a Griffin unsigned copy generated $400.

But the real newsmaker so far, the Bryant Autographed Gold 1/1, was pulled late last night and is currently listed on eBay with an astounding Buy It Now price of $8,750.


Of course, new cards are being pulled and added to the secondary market seemingly as we speak. And to think, all of this bidding activity for cards that have yet to be seen by the public eye. Indeed, due to the highly sophisticated nature of the groundbreaking Panini HRX technology, the cards were inserted into Totally Certified as redemptions. The cards themselves are locked safely inside a vault at Panini America headquarters waiting to be delivered.

Today, in the gallery below, The Knight’s Lance provides the first public glimpses of these history-making cards. Stay tuned next week for more exclusive reveals, including additional autographed and autographed gold versions as well as exclusive first looks at the video available on these cards.

Until then, enjoy the images below. And after your mind is sufficiently blown, access more coverage of Panini HRX here, here, here and here.


19 Replies to “Breaking News: Panini America Delivers the World-Premiere Reveal of Panini HRX”

  1. Good job Panini !!! How do you plan to follow up HRX Card inserts in upcoming products? New stars? New videos of same stars?

    You made these great inserts rare but not out of reach. Keep up the good work.

  2. Seems like just yesterday I was reading up on this soon to be released product… and now, it’s here. Amazingly innovative job! Keep up the awesome work!

  3. Looks awesome. I’ve been saying since the beginning that Panini’s HRX would do better on the secondary market and seen as more collectible than the other company’s product because of the addition of autographs. What a great line up of players too on the HRX products. I can only imagine what the Blake Griffin highlight video looks like.

    Finally it is nice to see someone use the word “myriad” in correct grammar form. Nicely done.

  4. At first I questioned the video cards.The idea seemed cool, but I thought people would eventually get bored with them. But now with Panini releasing the Autos on the cards, it really makes the cards more desirable by entering the field of card collectors that collect for the autos.( like myself) I can’t wait to see the cards evolve over time, and would love to see one day a Patch HRX auto.

  5. These cards look amazing! And how could anyone sell any of these? If i was ever to get one, auto or not, it would stay in my collection. To great to sell.

  6. NICE TRACY!!!! I really love the groundbreaking technology. I cant believe you guys could get an HD video screen in a card. Can you make a behind the scenes of how its made that would be awesome!

  7. These look beautiful I just pulled the Kevin durante hrx card. Redeemed it friday. Tracey, how long does it take to be sent to me? I need it! Thank you!

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