Want to Start a Trading Card Collection? Card Collecting 101

June 15, 2023

Either you’re new to trading cards or returning after years away from collecting, this can be a large and overwhelming hobby to dive into.

Collecting trading cards has been a pastime for over a century and the growth into a nostalgic and historic industry with so many terms being thrown around, it can be hard to figure out where to start!

In our whitepaper “How to Start a Trading Card Collection” our industry experts break down every aspect of starting and researching trading cards to add to your collection.

A sneak peak of the whitepaper includes:

  • Determining which sport cards you’d like to collect. This can include league, players, teams, etc.
  • How much time and what type of collections are best for you
  • Where to purchase trading cards (online, local, nationally, secondary)
  • Budgets
  • Storage of your collection

Download our whitepaper 

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