Demystifying Panini America's 2011-12 NBA Dual Rookie Redemption Programs

Almost since the day it was announced more than five months ago, Panini America's decision to include a unique Dual Rookie Redemption program in three of its 2011-12 NBA products has been the subject of many a spirited hobby discussion.

Almost since the day it was announced more than five months ago, Panini America’s decision to include a unique Dual Rookie Redemption program in three of its 2011-12 NBA products has been the subject of many a spirited hobby discussion.
And those discussions have only intensified in the few weeks since the first redemption cards made their debut in 2011-12 Past & Present Basketball. So we decided now might be a good time to address the most pertinent, talked-about or misunderstood elements of the program.

The Checklists
The checklist for all 2011 Rookie Redemptions will be determined during a live drawing right here on The Knight’s Lance beginning at 9 p.m. CST on October 29, 2012. All three programs (2011-12 Past & Present, 2011-12 Limited and 2011-12 Gold Standard) will include matching checklists for for the 2011-12 Rookie Redemptions.
The checklist for all 2012 Rookie Redemptions will be determined based on the actual results of the 2012 NBA Draft that will take place on June 28.
The Cards
All 2011 Rookie Redemption cards will be autographed. All 2012 Rookie Redemptions will not be autographed. Also, despite sharing checklists across all three programs, each set’s Rookie Redemption cards will be unique to their respective program. So, Past & Present will include its own Rookie Redemptions, Limited will include its own and Gold Standard will include its own. (Spoiler alert: Gold Standard’s 2012 Rookie Redemptions will be made of metal.)
The Rationale
From the very first day Panini America product developers set out to create the 2011-12 NBA line, the idea was to incorporate this year’s batch of rookies only as part of the Dual Rookie Redemption program. Why? Well, for starters, the lockout created time and resource constraints that prevented us from producing a traditional Rookie Card crop in 2011-12 NBA Hoops and essentially impacted every product that followed.
In addition, the situation created an opportunity for us to create a double Rookie Card class in all of our 2012-13 products that will undeniably make those releases even stronger than they otherwise would’ve been.
“If we would have included ‘true’ Rookie Cards in the five releases we produced for 2011-12, key NBA players like 2011-12 Rookie of the Year Kyrie Irving, San Antonio’s Kawhi Leonard and Denver’s Kenneth Faried would have missed many of our most popular sets,” said David Porter, Panini America’s NBA Brand Manager. “With the time constraints produced by the NBA’s ‘extended off-season,’ this just wasn’t possible.
“The Dual Rookie Redemption program in 2011-12 provides us the opportunity to create a unique chase this year while also putting us in a position to offer collectors the most dynamic and comprehensive Rookie Card program ever produced throughout 2012-13. We’re truly excited about it.”
Stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance for additional details.


48 Replies to “Demystifying Panini America's 2011-12 NBA Dual Rookie Redemption Programs”

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  2. Thank you for finally adressing this issue. This is easily the most comprehensive explanation of both the why’s and the how’s of this program.
    I appreciate that there was little Panini could do about the lockout and the subsequent difficulties this caused in putting out products, but I am a little skeptical as to why it has taken this long for a comprehensive explanation of the redemption programs. Unless I am missing something, your company has known the guidelines of these programs for quite some time and has chosen to release Past and Present to the public while not making this information clear, causing rampant speculation about the scope of the redemptions. I realize this is a business, but I would hope for a little more transparency in the future.

    1. Because there will be the regular full slate of 2012-13 products that will have the autos like always. These are just “bonuses” for the 11-12 products.

  3. Will the Hawks’ Ivan Johnson make the 2011 Redemption set?
    Do you already have a list of the players, even it you don’t have card number assigned to them?

  4. If I’m to understand ‘The Rationale’ correctly, that means that Panini will be continuing this dual rookie redemption program well into the 2012-13 product lines aside from 2012-13 Limited, Gold Standard and Past & Present. Is this deduction correct?

    1. No. The Rookie Redemption program will last only for the three featured 2011-12 products. All 2012-13 products will include traditional Rookie Cards in packs for both rookie classes.

      1. So, for example, 2012-13 Gold Standard will have 2 different rookie cards of each player? The ones from the 11-12 redemptions and the ones from the packs?

        1. No. 2012-13 Gold Standard for example, will have Rookie Cards exclusive to that product covering both the 2011 Draft Class and the 2012 Draft Class. The 2011-12 Gold Standard Rookie Redemptions will be exclusive just to this season’s release.

      2. Chris, I think collectors in the hobby will consider the 11-12 redemptions as Extended Rookie Cards or XRC’s since they werent available in packs as a part of the base set and had to be redeemed.
        With that said, Tracy, will these redemption cards be numbered as if they were a part of their respective base set or will they have their own set numbers as if they were inserts?

  5. Why is the drawing for the 2011 Rookie class checklist so far out still? And will we have to wait 4-8 months after that for our redemptions to ship? Also any details on how the “drawing” will work?

  6. I think this is a great idea. Not leaving us collectors out of the dark on this years rookie class. This is the best idea since sliced bread!!
    Can’t wait to see the draft as well…Commissioner Hackler????

  7. When are 2012 rookie redemption’s going to ship? If draft is June 28, then we should receive by October at the latest, right? Especially if they are not autographs!!!

  8. Thanks Tracy for letting us know whats going on! A couple of times i asked about this years NBA rookie cards and didnt get a reply!!! Now i know that its because u probably didnt know yourself!! I think its great that there doing the rookies a little different this year, maybe it should be done every year in a certain product if things go smooth this year!!!

  9. Oh I was so happy to pull a redemption for the 2012 nba draft and I find out they aren’t autographed???

  10. HEY TRACY,

  11. Does this mean dual autographs? I’m confused. Also, what is the difference between the coding after each redemption (for example, I’m pretty sure my redemption says xrc)?

  12. Still waiting to find out any additional info on how the draft for the 11-12 redemption is going to work. Any details would be greatly appreciated.

  13. Are there any details that can be shared about print runs or the pool of players to be included in the draw for the 2011 Draft Redemptions? Also, were there the same number of redemption cards produced for each slot in the draw? Thanks!

  14. I recently received the draft pick 11 autographed card and filled out my request to redeem my prize. I’m so excited but am wondering if I can find out it is

  15. Tracy et all,
    Will either draft classes cards be serial numbered? If so, do we know how much? I assume there are not varying quantities for the 2011 rc autos (Kyrie Irving, etc.). But what about the 2012 xrc non autos (anthony davis, etc)?

  16. Hey Tracy,
    I just realized that the draft is 4 days away! By any chance will you be doing a preview of the 2011 RC Auto’s? Or is that preview saved for October 29? Thanks!

  17. Just received my 2012 redemption for Anthony Davis, no auto?! I must have missed that detail in the threads above. Not cool. I thought the box break included an auto redemption, not a rookie redemption — live and learn.

  18. I’m still confused by these I just got two of my past and present rookies back. They are normal cards with no autographs, they were expensive enough to buy for not having autos. However the back of the card says “the autograph is guaranteed by panini” so I don’t know what’s up with that.

    1. The rookie class from this year are supposed to be non-auto however last years rookie class are autographed. That is how I understand it, i’m still waiting for mine to come back!

    2. This program started off as a fantastic idea, and quickly turned into the biggest sports cards farce in recent years. Redemption cards stating that you’re getting an auto when you’re not…cards stating you’re getting an auto when you’re not…cards should have been ready to ship on June 28 but instead most still haven’t been produced.
      Panini has many great products and programs, but this one was a huge flop and I’m glad they didn’t apply the same formula with hockey products this year.

      1. Dan
        Not sure what you are talking about. The 2012 redemption rookies were always advertised as non auto xrc cards for the 2011-12 products.
        If you got a 12 xrc back and it mistakenly says it contains an auto on the back of the card then that has nothing to do with the redemption program, it’s just card printing error.

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