Dominion Hockey Delivers Pull of a Lifetime for Michigan Collector Ernest Lantto

September 28, 2011

It took just five boxes for Michigan collector Ernest Lantto to fall in love with 2010-11 Dominion Hockey. But nine cards through what admittedly was “the most horrific pack” imaginable, he was second guessing his decision to purchase his sixth and final box.

His first five boxes had yielded some truly spectacular cards, but what Lantto really wanted, more than anything, was to find the redemption card that would win him a miniature Stanley Cup once awarded to a member of the 1978-79 Montreal Canadiens.

But with just one card remaining in his final box, all he had to show for his efforts were three base cards, one parallel, two one-color memorabilia cards and three nothing-to-write-home-about autographs.

“I read on The Knight’s Lance about how Panini America added the redemption card for the Stanley Cup and I called my card shop, Stadium Cards & Comics in Ypsilanti, Mich., to let them know about it,” Lantto says. “And I told them that I was going to pull this card.”

What happened next was pure Ruthian genius, a Lantto called shot on the 10th and final card in that otherwise forgettable final box.

“I slowly rolled to the last card, saw the blue back and I immediately recognized what I had,” Lantto says. “Thank goodness there was no kids in the shop at that time.”

A few excitement-fueled expletives and a high-five with store owner Mark Fenwick later, and Lantto’s epic pull sank in. He called Panini America and informed company officials of his pull. Two days later, he had miniature Stanley Cup in hand.

Initially, Lantto said he planned to keep the Cup in his possession. As of today, though, the hardware is on eBay with a hefty Buy It Now price of $7,500.