Everything You Need to Know About Panini America’s Upcoming Dutch Auction

Panini America will launch the highly anticipated 2019-20 Prizm Basketball 1st Off The Line Premium Edition on Cyber Monday morning exclusively on iCollectPanini.com using, for the first time, a unique Dutch Auction format. So, how does a Dutch Auction work? It’s pretty simple really but just so everyone’s on the same page, we’ll provide the basic parameters.

For the purposes of 2019-20 Prizm Basketball FOTL Premium Edition, the auction begins Monday at 10 a.m. CST and the product will be available to purchase immediately. Box prices will begin at $1,000 and the price will drop every two minutes until it reaches the low end of the price range. If customers and collectors want to wait to purchase the product at a lower price, they have that option. The risk of waiting too long, however, is that the product could be sold out.

Customers will be limited to 12 boxes per transaction and will pay the price that is active when they click the purchase button. All sales are final. We’ve provided a handy infographic above but here are the highlights in a nutshell:

Cyber Monday, December 2, 2019

Starting at 10 a.m. CST

Login and Panini Account required
No guest checkouts
Customers can buy at any time

Starts at $1,000 and drops every two minutes

2019-20 Prizm Basketball 1st Off The Line Premium Edition

Check out more information on 2019-20 Prizm Basketball FOTL Premium Edition in this graphic:


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