Famous San Diego Chicken Ruling the Roost in Panini America’s 2016 Donruss Baseball

March 14, 2016

Chicken Card Prices

“I’m a chicken of peace, not pieces!” That’s one of the more memorable lines masterfully delivered by The Famous San Diego Chicken as he watched the must-see Panini America video documenting the making of his game-worn memorabilia cards for 2016 Donruss Baseball. Truth be told, that video is filled with the kind of trademark Chicken brilliance that’s been the famous fowl’s hallmark since he hatched his way to prominence more than 40 years ago.

But it’s likely that not even the most optimistic poultry prognosticators could have seen this coming: The Famous San Diego Chicken’s unique memorabilia cards are absolutely on fire. In other words, they’re getting plucked at a rapid rate on the secondary market — and bringing quite a bit of (chicken) scratch in the process.

Since 2016 Donruss Baseball released almost two weeks ago, 16 Famous San Diego Chicken memorabilia cards (two versions numbered to 10, two versions numbered to 25 and 12 base versions numbered to 82) have sold on eBay. The average sale price of those 16 cards is a clucking $116 . . . or roughly the same cost as buying 96 Raising Cane’s chicken fingers in Texas. But that average price pales in comparison to the $265 paid for a Prime Silhouettes version numbered 1/10. In all, seven of the cards sold to date have brought in $102.50 or more.

Although the cheapest Chicken sold to date changed hands for a paltry (or is that poultry?) $50, most have been consistently selling for between $58 and $80 depending primarily on the quality of the memorabilia piece included in the card. It’s worth noting that the first autograph version of the card — featuring a bold, clean signature from Ted Giannoulas, the magician behind the mascot — surfaced recently with a surprisingly low $149.99 Buy It Now price.

A chicken of peace? Absolutely. But his pieces are doing pretty good for themselves, too.

Speaking of The Famous San Diego Chicken, Panini America is bringing the legendary mascot to All Star Sports Cards in Santee, Calif., on Saturday for a special appearance to sign autographs and interact with fans and collectors. For more information, check this out.