Fit for a King: Panini America Takes Pre-Ink Peek at 2014 Crown Royale Football

September 27, 2014

Panini America 2014 Crown Royale Football Pre-Ink (6)

You never know what special deliveries might arrive at Panini America HQ on any given day, which means even the last few hours of a lazy Friday afternoon can turn into excitement central with a simple ring of the receiving-dock buzzer. That was absolutely the case yesterday, when the first finished cards for 2014 Crown Royale Football arrived hot off the presses from the Panini America production facility across town.

Before members of the acquisitions team could finish counting, confirming and quality controlling the precious cargo, I darted over to check out the goods thanks to a heads-up text from our own Chris Barr that simply read “Look what came in” with an accompanying image of a fantastic Silhouette patch card of the incomparable Brett Favre.

Now entering their fifth season as a must-have inclusion in Crown Royale, the new-look Silhouettes and Rookie Silhouettes look a lot like the old ones — and that’s a good thing. In the gallery that follows, we provide a quick glimpse at just some of the Silhouettes and Rookie Silhouettes — in their unsigned state — coming to Panini America’s 2014 Crown Royale Football. Enjoy the preview and stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance for continued coverage.