Here’s to You: Revisiting Panini America’s “Favorite NBA Card” Contest (Gallery)

November 08, 2012

To honor the start of the 2012-13 NBA season last Tuesday, we asked you to post a picture of yourself with your favorite Panini America NBA trading card. The payoff, at least initially, was going to be three boxes of 2012-13 NBA trading cards (one Hoops, one Prestige, one Threads).

Of course, that was before you went and proved for the umpteenth time exactly why Panini America has the greatest fans and collectors on the planet. Thanks to your overwhelming response (and enough quality photographs to bust an industrial-strength D-ring binder), we’ve decided to add to the prize pool.

Long story short: Your participation was so off-the-charts amazing that we’re not going to award just three prizes. We’re going to award 20! (Just don’t tell my boss.)

So we pored over the amazing submissions, input every last one of them into an online randomizer and let the computer do the hard work for us. Congrats to the 20 winners (each of whom will receive either a hobby or retail box of 2012-13 Panini America NBA trading cards):

  • Trent
  • CJ
  • Sam Nash
  • Guadalupe Cano
  • Ernest Hebert
  • jackinferno76
  • Budhi Purnama Utomo
  • Hanniel Lim
  • Giovanni Cavs
  • RockinHeart
  • Eric Cabreros
  • Michael Chase
  • Luke (@rishgoon)
  • Ian Satentes
  • Justin Blackburn
  • Trey
  • Walker
  • Simeon
  • Lorenzo
  • David Pham

Winners, we’ll be in touch to get your mailing address. Thanks again to everyone for participating. You made this contest way more enjoyable than it had a right to be. And although we couldn’t award the more than 40 prizes it would have taken to cover everyone, we can at least devote the following gallery to you: