Hoisting the Cup: The One Redemption Card Every Dominion Collector Wants to Pull

Beginning tomorrow, anxious hockey collectors across North America will finally get their first crack at opening the epic, buzz-inducing blockbuster better known as 2010-11 Dominion Hockey. The busting experience promises to be the collecting equivalent of hoisting the hallowed Stanley Cup. But one lucky collector will actually win the Stanley Cup -- literally.

Beginning tomorrow, anxious hockey collectors across North America will finally get their first crack at opening the epic, buzz-inducing blockbuster better known as 2010-11 Dominion Hockey.

The busting experience promises to be the collecting equivalent of hoisting the hallowed Stanley Cup. But one lucky collector will actually win the Stanley Cup — literally.

Through a previously unannounced redemption card randomly dropped into the product, Panini America will award a miniature Stanley Cup originally given to a member of the Scotty Bowman-led 1978-79 Montreal Canadiens. Panini America officials purchased the unique trophy at auction earlier this year for more than $4,000, making this one of a small handful of redemption cards ever made that will be universally cheered.

The trophy stands 13 inches tall and is currently locked safely inside the Panini America vault awaiting notification from the winning collector. Stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance to find out where this one-of-a-kind heirloom ends up. For now, enjoy this extended look at this true prized possession.


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  1. Hey Tracy…WoW , that Cup would surely look Great on my mantle here in NYC, i remember when Montreal beat my Rangers that year….That was a GREAT Montreal team,, good luck to the collector that pulls the Redemption… it could be me , we’ll see…Lets go Wednesday already – DOMINION Hockey ! ! !

  2. Tracy, this is impressive. I am happy to say this is one redemption I would be thrilled and proud to get. What metal is the mini cup made of? It looks gold but I am assuming it is brass.

  3. Hi Tracy! Will you guys DID IT AGAIN! I can’t believe what you guys bought here AND are giving it AWAY! So let me get this straight..Panini paid how much for it? It looked like $4 mil? And there is only ONE of these is that correct also! And one more thing. what is the SRP on Dominion>? I’m going to have to sell some photograph equipment to buy some! lol 🙂 WTG PANINI! Thank you Tracy!

  4. I don’t even know what to say except:

    Are Kopitar, Doughty And Jonathan Quick autographs live in Dominion? 😉

    Oh yeah, The Cup in Dominion is M O N U M E N T A L!

    All hail!

  5. One of the greatest dynasties in NHL hockey league history..(Montreal Canadiens winning 6 cups in the 70’s)…the last of four straight Stanley Cup Championships 1976 through 1979…..That team was one of the greatest teams ever assembled with Scotty Bowman at the helm the all time winningest coach in NHL history…….I am sure without a doubt whoever was to pull that piece and was a true Hockey fan that they would go hysterical I know I would………..All I have to say is what a fantastic piece of Hockey memorabilia………

  6. This is awesome, the best redemption ever provided by any card company, how do you guys keep doing it?
    Tracy, I was wondering, has anybody ever cut up a goaltenders game used mask? I think that would be awesome, do you think you guys could do that. Imagine if you guys get one of Carey Price’s masks. He wore around 6-7 different ones last year.
    Thanks and great work.
    Finally, anything Markstrom in there we haven’t seen yet?

    1. That’s a cool concept – while I’m a big fan of the artwork on Carey’s masks and would kinda hate to see David Arrigo’s fine work get chopped up, imagine having the roper or part of the name on a little card. Hmm….

  7. Holy crap! If I didn’t believe it before, I definitely believe it now, Dominion is going to be the best hockey product ever. A freaking Stanley Cup? Unbelievable.

  8. Too bad only one person gets a chance at that mini Cup. Shoulda sliced it up and embedded a piece into a couple hundred cards…

    But seriously, that’s an amazing relic! I can’t believe that sold for only $4000 at auction. How many of these exist? Does every team, every year get something like this? Is this mini replica something created by the team to give away, or is the NHL involved? Honestly never heard of something like this, so interested in learning more about the background.

  9. it is a awesome card and i would know as i pulled it today. my problem do i sell it or redeem it. i love hockey but i am just not sure what to do. my understanding is it is the only one out there. let me know friends.

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