It’s a Wrap: The Picks are in for 2023 Panini Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are here! Parents, you’re on the clock. It’s time to assemble your roster of presents from the ground up. Luckily, Panini America is here to help you make all the right picks to ensure a joyous season of smiles and surprises.

Let’s look at five draft selections — from packs of stocking stuffers to boxes fit for under the tree — that any young card collector would love to rip open. Our resident gift analyst, Jingle Elf Jr., will be here to break down every choice. Get that hot cocoa steaming and keep that finger scrolling.

With the first overall pick of the 2023 Panini Holiday Gift Guide, we select: Panini Prizm Football 2023
Release date: December 2023

Elf’s take: If you have a little collector in the house, you’ve certainly heard of the magnificent, the awe-inspiring, the eye-catching Prizm program. With more colorful designs than a twinkling Christmas tree, a box of Prizm Football is a perfect pick here, one fit for the top of the pile.

With the second overall pick of the 2023 Panini Holiday Gift Guide, we select: Panini Prizm Basketball 2023-24
Release date: December 2023

Elf’s take: It’s beginning to look a lot like you’re seeing double. Just kidding, this is a quality draft strategy here. You want a worthy follow-up to Prizm Football? Take a peek at Prizm Basketball, an equally magnificent, awe-inspiring, eye-catching set. The big difference? It’s basketball instead of football, Victor Wembanyama instead of Patrick Mahomes, turkey instead of ham — both great, just different!

With the third overall pick of the 2023 Panini Holiday Gift Guide, we select: Barbie Sticker Album
Release date: November 2023

Elf’s take: You want a relevant gift? How many Barbie costumes did you see during Halloween this year? This is an extremely popular property mixed with something every youngster enjoys: Stickers! From the bottom of my curly shoes to the top of my pointy ears, I believe with all my elf self that this is a top-shelf holiday choice.

With the fourth overall pick of the 2023 Panini Holiday Gift Guide, we select: NBA Sticker Album
Release date: 12/20

Elf’s take: After decking the halls and stuffing the stockings, it’s time to deal up a deck of NBA stickers and tie a bow on Panini’s annual album. Adding a splash and flash of tinsel to the shimmering season, these shiny stars on sticky paper are a perfect decoration. With pages and pages of players and stats, this present is an endless advent calendar of action.

With the fifth overall pick of the 2023 Panini Holiday Gift Guide, we select: Hoops Basketball 2023-24
Release date: November 2023

Elf’s take: Hoops Basketball is as consistent as A Charlie Brown Christmas — you see it every year. It’s reliable, it’s fun, it’s nostalgic, it’s a treat. You know what you’re gonna get, and that’s a warm, fuzzy feeling as cozy as holiday footie pajamas.

Stocking-worthy sleepers:

Prizm Premier League — More Prizm, this time for that excited young fan of English football.

Phoenix Football — A product too hot for the North Pole and too cool to stay on the shelves.

Panini Authentic Online Shop — The store that never closes, even on Christmas, and features autographed memorabilia and more from the game’s biggest stars.

‘Tis the season for trading cards. Be on the lookout for all these products as well as other Panini treats as you create, double-check and cross off your holiday shopping list.

The draft is over. Time to stock up on fun and excitement and bring home the holiday cheer!


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