Loaded 2013-14 Contenders Hockey Stars in Must-See Episode of Panini Unwrapped

Late last week, just one day prior to the Fourth of July, Panini America's Chris Barr and Tracy Hackler sat down with two boxes of 2013-14 Contenders Hockey for a little pre-holiday fireworks display of their own that included an explosive 13 total autographs. You can check out all of the action in the video below.


Late last week, just one day prior to the Fourth of July, Panini America’s Chris Barr and Tracy Hackler sat down with two boxes of 2013-14 Contenders Hockey for a little pre-holiday fireworks display of their own that included an explosive 13 total autographs. You can check out all of the action in the video below.

After you’ve watched the video, stick around to find out how you can win a box of 2013-14 Contenders Hockey of your very own.

OK, now that you’ve watched the video, here’s your chance to win one of five boxes of the product. First, we want you to tell us what player appeared on the 13th and final autograph pulled in the break. Secondly, we want you to tell us your single favorite memory associated with collecting Panini America NHL trading cards.

We’ll give you until Wednesday night to submit your answers and then award five commenters at random with a box of 2013-14 Contenders Hockey. Thanks in advance for participating and good luck.


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  1. the 13th auto was adam foote. My favorite memory of Panini NHL products is the immense value each box gives. Every box i’ve purchased lately has had more than the stated hits and ive never been dissapointed by a box of any brand. Heck i even purchased 1 pack of Totally Certified and came away with a gold patch auto/10 🙂

  2. Adam Foote

    what I have liked most with collecting Panini hockey product is that it always brings the boom every time a new product is released. I’m sure gonna miss your hockey products. I’m sure it won’t be long before you get the NHLPA licensing back.

  3. Good to see a break of this stuff on Panini Unwrapped. A great lead into PRIME and National Treasures Hockey.

    I have a lot of great memories, like listening to myself, breakers, and my son try to read some of the names of Hockey players. Made the viewership of the NHL channel go up so I could hear the names done right.

    My most recent favorite is the photo that hit twitter of Mr. Tracy Hackler in an Avs uni. Fun times. https://twitter.com/r9tee/status/465666999591645184

    The last auto that showed up? Adam Foote.

    I can’t wait for the HUGE releases of PRIME and NT. Panini America will always = Hockey.

    Thanks for the memories and knowledge and great fun!

  4. 1. Adam Foote was the last auto pulled.
    2. I liked that whenever you think of autographs, it was Panini that came to mind. While other sets had nice base sets and other inserts, it was Panini that had the best selection of the nicest autos. We’ll miss them a lot!!

  5. Adam Foote and pulling a Nathan MacKinnon 13-14 Dominion Rookie Auto Patch RC is my favorite memory of Panini Hockey Cards.

  6. Adam Foote was last autographed card and the coolest card I ever pulled was a panini contender 1/1 autographed card of Felix Potvin!

  7. Adam Foote was the 13th auto pulled… My favorite hit from Panini NHL was pulling an Ovechkin /5 from the 2011 National Promo packs.

  8. Great unwrapped video, thanks again for the contest!

    13th Auto – Classic Sigs – Adam Foote

    My single favorite memory of collecting Panini trading cards to the date would have to be the day that my chase for my final Prime Namesakes letter ‘G’ (SP) for Jake Gardiner finally surfaced. It was a 13 month chase for one single letter and not only did it complete the full namesakes…it is a center staple in my collection display.


  9. Adam Foote was the 13th Auto. Favorite moment opening Panini NHL was hitting an Ovechkin /5 from the 2011 National Promo packs.

  10. Last auto: Adam Foote
    Favourite Memory: Pulling the Golden Kadri redemption ticket with my brother. Biggest hit we’ve hit as collectors in our respective sports.Technically a bonding moment as it was in his pack, and I had to promise him a share of the card if we were to move it.

  11. Adam Foote is the 13th and Final Pulled auto, My single greatest memory of collecting Panini NHL cards is when Panini exploded onto the scene with NHL licences a few yrs back giving upper deck a run 4 their money and making collecting more fun with new & exciting sets (Basically Taking OVER haha)

  12. the 13th auto was Adam Foote
    my favorite memory with panini hockey cards were the wrapper redemption programs you had at the toronto expo.

  13. Adam Foote was number 13. That was ridiculous.

    Right after I started collecting I pulled my first auto ever, Alexander Vasyunov, in 2010-11 Contenders. I didn’t know who he was, so I Googled him and found out that he was one of the Russian players who passed away in that 2011 plane crash. Depressing, and kind of unsettling, but I decided to keep that card on my desk as a constant reminder that I should do my best to appreciate life. Is work hard? Is lunch disappointing? Well, maybe I shouldn’t complain, because right here is a picture of a Russian dude who would give anything to have my lousy job and eat my lousy lunch.

    Sorry if that’s too long or too heavy, but that’s my best Panini hockey moment – my best collecting moment, period!

  14. 1. Adam Foote Classics Autograph

    2. Purchased 3 boxes of Contenders HK recently. Me and my son, Mikey (both of us are BIG Rangers fans), were driving out to the NHL Draft on the 27th and he was opening 2 of the boxes in the car…last pack of the 2nd box and we were waiting on the 4th Autograph. He said to me, this is a GOOD ONE, you will like it. Handed me a Esposito, Hextall, Roy, CuJo, LUNDQVIST, Price 6 AUTO GOLD x/20!!!. Opened the 3rd box the next day, he of course saw a think pack and put that aside for last. When he opened it, I saw that it was a RC Patch Auto from Colorado and was hoping it was MacKinnon, but he was more excited to see that it was a 1/1 Michael Sgarbossa AUTO PATCH. He could not believe that he had pulled a 1/1. Now he keeps asking for more Hobby boxes. I will really miss Panini NHL products, as I had a blast with a bunch of products from 2013-14 (Score – AWESOME, PRIZM – AWESOME, Contenders – AWESOME)


  15. Adam Foote for the last auto pulled.

    My single favorite memory with Panini NHL cards was the 2010-11 Zenith Hockey. The anguish and debate of “Do I Dare to Tear?” on the jumbo cards. I tore 2 of them, the other 1 I’ve stayed strong (Couldn’t bring myself to rip the Joe Sakic in the Nordiques gear), but every time I see it on my shelf, I feel the itch to tear it.

    Many thanks for all the great NHL products and great card memories over the years from Panini. Y’all have always been my preferred NHL card and I’m going to miss ripping into those products. Hopefully, the license comes back so I can someday open my favorites again.

  16. First Of All The 13th Auto Pulled Was Adam Foote!

    My favorite memory with you guys was when I got my very first hobby box and it was 11-12 Panini Elite. I was so excited and before Panini, I never knew memorabilia and autos. I shared the pack openings with my older brother half-half and we started ripping. I loved all of the countless inserts and jersey cards and then my brother gasped, he put a Jarome Iginla Prime Numbers Auto in front of my eyes and it was my first ever auto that I had, even though I was not happy I didn’t pull it, I enjoyed the moment anyways thanks to Panini!

  17. Tracy pulled the Adam Foote autograph card.

    Favorite memory: Last year I bought some NHL boxes from the Panini Fall EXPO promotion. I had seen player sketch cards at the National and online but never had a chance to get one. I got a redemption card for a Brendan Gallagher sketch auto in one of the packs. I was very excited to get an actual sketch card. Nothing’s hotter than Panini (except my wood stove this winter!!)

    I hope it loads right:


    Thanks for an another great contest!!!

  18. The 13th autograph from the 2013-14 Panini Contenders in the video was Adam Foote.

    My favorite memory with Panini NHL was when I bought 2 cases of 2010-11 Panini Contenders Hockey Hobby. My wife and I opened the cases and took the boxes out of both cases and temporarily put them aside in another big storage box we had laying out. We had other boxes and cases to open also. When we got done, my wife took the empty boxes to put in the trash can as the next day was trash pickup day. The next day, after the trash was picked was picked up, I got this sudden eery feeling and got out of bed and looked in one of the storage boxes were I thought we had placed the Panini hockey boxes in. OMG, IT WAS EMPTY! I hurriedly looked in all of the boxes and they couldn’t be found. Yep, my wife threw the box out with the 2011-12 Panini Hockey Hobby boxes unopened inside, and the trash pickup had already occurred. So there is one lucky trash picker or scavenger out there that is the proud owner of the hockey boxes. It’s my favorite memory however, because I bought replacement cases and pulled over $7000.00 book value worth of cards from the 2010-11 Panini Contenders Hockey replacement cases.

  19. Great looking cards! Love all the on card autos & the fact it’s 98% in-pack already. Contenders has always been a favorite set design, no matter what sport.

    The 13th/last auto pulled was the ex-Avalanche great, Adam Foote.

    As for my favorite memory of getting & opening the NHL products of Panini has been the hunt for the Florida Panthers rookie cards to take to the practice arena since it’s only 3 miles away.

    While I was never lucky enough to pull any of their autos, I’ve been getting the cards I pull signed in-person of Huberdeau, Bjogstad, Shore & Howden. Then when we got Luongo back, I even got him signed, even tho he’s in a Canucks uni. Have also been able to send thru the mail to Jimmy Howard of Red Wings & Zdeno Chara of the Bruins and they returned them signed.


    A little disappointed there won’t be a NHL product by you guys next yr cause know you would’ve put out a Huberdeau Laces card that I would’ve HAD to hunt down. But oh well, not the time/place for that topic.

    Thanks for the great cards of the NHL players/teams! Some very interesting things you had come up with!

  20. Adam Foote Classics auto was the final autograph. My favorite memory is ripping my first box of 10-11 Score, enjoying the retro designs of the 90/91 score, pulling all these hot rookies and inserts, seeing Franchise inserts again that I loved the most collecting when I was 10 years old. Had no expectation of a hit and I ended up pulling a Tyler Segin Hot Rookie out of the box. Going to miss the Score brand the most, great value, fun breaks and it was a fun brand that took me back to my childhood collecting days.

  21. AWESOME product! Tracy pulled Adam Foote Classics auto at 10:18 of the video. As to my pulls of Panini hockey, there have been a ton of great pulls but what stands out was my favorite pull was friom 2012-13 Prime, I pulled the Henrik Zetterberg 2/2 Tag card from the 2010-2011 season. Amazing card! Then I was able to track down on eBay the 1/2 Zetterberg tag from the 2008-2009 season! Set complete of the Zetterberg Tags from last years Prime. Can’t wait for 2013-14 Prime!!!!!

  22. Adam Foote Classic Sigs was the 13th Auto. My best memory was last year for Panini Prime a good friend of mine who is a huge sports guy but never collected always was asking me questions about collecting. I run case breaks and was on my second break of Prime. I told him I’d buy him a spot as a gift. Wouldn’t you know the guy hits a John Vanbiesbrouck 1/1 NHL Shield and in a Flyers Uniform too. Forgot to mention we are both Flyers fans so it was a huge hit and great moment for me.

  23. – Adam Foote was last autograph
    – Best memory was pulling an SP Mark Scheifele Autograph in Certified, when he was a rookie. To read off the checklist and find out that the redemption card was him, it was a great feeling!

  24. Adam Foote – Avalanche was the final autograph pulled. My finest moments are always the joy on my boys faces when the get a great pull – but if you want 1 it would have to be last year we traveled to Chicago for the Convention and my youngest Jared got to bust a couple of boxes of Rookie Anthology live on Dave and Adam’s website. He had many great pulls including an autographed Silhouette of Eric Lindros. Panini is always packed with great hits.

  25. Adam Foote was the last auto!
    The patches featured in nearly every single Panini Hockey product are a collectors dream. Regardless of whether its Contenders or Prime, awesome patches will find their way into a product. 🙂

  26. Adam Foote

    My favorite memory collecting Panini NHL Trading Cards was finding a Hobby Box of 2010/11 Playoff Contenders Hockey under the Christmas Tree and pulling the Taylor Hall Rookie Ticket Auto and screaming my lungs out while my entire family was watching!

  27. 1) The last Auto pulled was Adam Foote
    2) My single favorite memory of collecting Pannini NHL cards has to be getting my first 1/1 card for my collection (Brad Richards Prime Base Black 1/1!)

  28. The 13th autograph was Adam Foote. My favorite memory in collecting Panini America NHL cards was picking up Cam Atkinson’s Prime RC auto/jersey at a show right near his hometown. As a transplanted blue jackets fan, this was a big score for me, and really added to my fun that weekend. I’ve enjoyed in general collecting Panini NHL and the associated brands you’ve revived, especially the classic designs of Titanium, and Score, which came into the hobby just as I became serious about collecting. Thank you for all that, and I hope we’ll see Panini NHL licensed product again in the future!

  29. Tracy,
    This is the contest I have waited for, love this stuff. The 13th autograph pulled was a Classic Signatures Adam Foote.

    Now the sad part, what I will miss the most about collecting Panini hockey is just the fantastic customer interaction that you guys provide. The ability to reach out to Panini customer service is second to none and the social media interaction from Panini to their customers has forever changed the industry standard.

    Although, from a hockey card perspective the inclusion of Panini Contenders to hockey and the former Panini Limited hockey product were my biggest joys. Those rookie tickets in Contenders were the cleanest autos in the business and the Limited rookie autos on the white canvas just jumped to me. I can remember hunting for a Limited Taylor Hall rookie auto up late watching west coast hockey with my 3 month old daughter that would not go back to sleep.

    Thank you and I appreciate all the memories from Contenders and Limited.

  30. Great looking cards, love that just about all the autos are in-pack.

    Final (13th) auto was Adam Foote. And, although I did not pull the card, my favorite memory would be seeing a quad patch card pulled of Bruins players Krejci, Lucic, Soderberg and Rask. Sweet looking card. Would love to pull a Bruins auto or two out of Contenders!

  31. the 13th auto was Avs Adam Foote.
    And my first memory of Panini related cards was back in 1994, during the NHL lockut when the golden age of hockey cards started. I went to the local toystore and saw this box of golden packs with some of the most amazing base cards ever seen. not only that, it was also some realy shiny special cards that could be found. I bought three packs and went home. in one of the pack was the most beautiful card I ever seen. a Rink Collection of some whalers player I dont remember. What was it I had seen and bought? the 1994-95 Pinnacle hockey. I never forget that feeling to see that dufex card in that pack. for the next 5 years Pinnacle was my favourite. In 1996 I got my first Masks card. 15 years later I have rediscovered the beauty of tradingcards thanks to Panini. And now not just hockey. bust still, the feeling getting a shiny, glimering card in a golden pack is still awesome.

  32. 1. 13th and final autograph – Adam Foote (’12 Classic Signatures)

    2. My favorite Panini NHL memory actually comes from this year’s Contenders. I’m not usually a big Hockey collector but I follow the Avs and since they did so well this year with Mackinnon it inspired me to get more into hockey cards. Since I’ve always loved Contenders in football and basketball because of the iconic Rookie Tickets. I couldn’t wait to bust a box of Hockey Contenders with hopes of pulling a Mackinnon Rookie Ticket auto. While I didn’t end up getting a Mackinnon, I ended up with 4 autos and a Sean Monahan Auto Patch Rookie Ticket /100! It was such a fun break and it inspired me to focus more of my collection on Hockey!

  33. Adam Foote , great product. I will miss pulling great cards from well thought out sets like certified and condenters, just got the Malkin gold ink patch auto 1/25

  34. Love the product! Loaded is right. I’ll throw my hat in for a giveaway box! 13th auto was an Adam Foote Classic signatures. My favourite moment with your products is a tie between 2 moments.

    I open packs/boxes with my 2 boys (aged 6 and 8). We’ve opened multiple boxes of Contenders (hit the 8 auto Goalies, and 6 auto Gold /20 Russians, as well as a Nichushkin rookie ticket var II and a Toews Global Contenders!!!), Rookie Anthology and World Cup Prizm in the past few months.

    My oldest son and I bought a box of World Cup Prizm while my youngest was at soccer practice. We split the packs and I hit a few Prizm’s while my son pulled an pink /99 and a Cristiano Ronaldo Base Auto. It’s his favourite player and he was over the moon. So much so that he got the Ronaldo haircut days later!

    My other memory involves my other son who’s 6. I had just returned home from 2 weeks away on business and got back on Father’s Day. Ordered a box of Crown to get some Father’s Day packs and picked up a lonely box of Rookie Anthology on the shelf. Got home and opened the Crown and Father’s Day packs with a few decent hits. Break into the RA and it’s loaded! Think we’ve hit all there is to hit and expect a decoy in the last pack. My son has the cards upside-down and I see “Nathan Mackinnon” on the back of a thick one. I’m expecting a GU of some sort. He turns it over and it’s a Rookie update Patch auto /99 with 3 colours. Amazing! The boys still talk about those 2 pulls and want to open cards every time we pass our local shop.

    Thanks for all the great products over the years (videos too!) and can’t wait to have you guys back in the future (also can’t wait for Prime and NT). Keep up the great work!

  35. 1. Last autograph puled: Adam Foote

    2. My favorite memory of Panini NHL trading cards was buying a box of 11-12 Dominion and pulling my first Adam Larsson card, his 11-12 Dominion RPA. This was my first Larsson card and motivated me to start a PC of him… all thanks to Panini for making that card!

    Thanks for another great episode of Panini Unwrapped!

  36. Adam Foote Classic Signatures

    Best memory was the first time I cracked a box of Panini Prime. I pulled a prime ties and a Prime Colors Patch that made my hands shake – I could not believe it. I tried the rest of the case and every box had something new that blew my mind. Thanks for the fun.

  37. The final autograph was Adam Foote. My favorite memory is completing the Boston Bruins Stanley Cup Champions Engravatures set.

  38. The last autograph was of Adam Foote and my favorite memory was when this father’s day I opened a box of 13-14 Totally Certified Box with my dad and he loved seeing all the old hockey faces that he once knew.

  39. Adam foote was the last auto pulled. My favorite memory is when I pull my first private signing card. Ever since than I have been hook on panini cards. I had not been collecting for 15 years, happened to pick up a retail box of 12-13 certified. Pulled that Ryan smith card, that’s when a passion was rekindled. Thank you

  40. Im not too sure what player came on the 13th. The final autograph was a Adam Foote classic auto. There are so many wonderful memories of panini hockey trading cards. I thought Panini’s products always had surprises in them and many sub sets within the main set. Also the extra set Panini made were not necessary but they still did it for the collectors. Some of the sets were for Father’s Day, Boxing day and Black Friday. I never coupd compare panini to upper deck. Panini is just better to be honest because of the unique memerbilia cards that could be pulled. Like the prime ties and skate pieces Hope panini will continue to make amazing cards in different sports.

  41. Adam Foote autograph pulled by Tracy

    My favorite memory was busting a case of 10-11 Dominion hockey, an absolute loaded case with a Tyler Seguin rookie auto/patch /99, Jean Beliveau nicknames autograph /50, Don Cherry suit/autograph /50 and a Rookie Dual Ensigns booklet dual NHL shields autograph of Jeff Skinner & Brayden Schenn #/5 plus many more fantastic cards in the case, of all Panini products Dominion and Contenders have treated me the best for the past 4 years, and I’ll surely be missing them for years to come….. ={ ={ ={

  42. the 13th and final autograph was a Classic Signatures update card of Adam Foote
    As for my single favorite memory associated with collecting Panini America NHL trading cards just so happens to do with contenders hockey. A few years ago I purchased 4 packs of 2010-11 Panini Contenders Hockey for $28.00 total. I nearly fell down when I opened my final pack. Inside was a quad rookie nhl ink of Tyler Seguin / taylor hall / jeff skinner / Jordan Eberle #d/5. Being such a huge Nhl / Bruins fan, I could not imagine pulling anything better than that. To this day I still tell other collectors of that awesome pull. I still live for the day that i can feel that excitement once again.

  43. The last auto was Adam Foote. My favorite memory with Panini NHL Trading cards is playing #PaniniWildCard during the most recent Stanley Cup Finals. I’m don’t have very much NHL product so it gave me a chance to see some really sweet cards as well as have some fun trying to create whatever task you had for us. Thanks for the contest!!!

  44. Hey Tracy, Just purchased my third box of 2013-14 contenders and I can’t believe how loaded this product is. My last box had 14 total autos in one box. I pulled 2 rookie ticket on card autos, one rookie quad auto and one 4 vs 4 rookie auto #d/10 with 8 auto’s on one card.
    The first box I purchased had 4 autos but 3 out of the 4 were numbered to 25. one was Pavel Datsyuk (winter classic) on card and and also Henrik Lundqvist (rookie recall) on card. both numbered to 25. My second box had a quad rookie Avalanche auto with Nathan Mackinnon on it.
    Great stuff. I can’t believe how loaded this product is.
    Any one out there trying to decide whether or not to buy this product . Trust me, this is the best value that i have ever seen, with great and very numerous autos. An absolute must.

    1. I have seen a few loaded boxes but all the rest of these boxes are the opposite of loaded… I opened 2 boxes for myself and the first one had a mark cundari auto, jakob silfverberg nhl ink, oliver loridsen and a joonas rask, that’s it that’s all… my second box had a viktor bartley, igor bobkov, anthony peluso and a christian thomas which resold for a total of 5 Dollars…. Paying 120$ a box and receiving 5$ value back not very impressed. I will be sticking with Rookie Anthology

  45. 1. Adam Foote
    2. My favorite Panini Hockey memory is pulling my first ever true 1/1 auto from a box of Select Hockey (Beau Bennett). I love the Select brand in all sports, and I was thrilled to get a 1/1. Really going to miss Panini hockey products.

    Thanks for the contest. Contenders is loaded this year! Keep up the great work!

  46. Adam Foote and my favorite memory has to be when Panini gave me my first Hockey box so I can start a hockey collection. 🙂

  47. The last auto pulled was an Adam Foote from classics! My favorite panini moment was when I pulled my 6 autograph booklet of Toews, Phaneuf, Gionta, Chara, Callahan, and Lidstrom from 11/12 contenders. It was on Christmas day and I was super excited!

  48. 1st part- Adam Foote
    2nd part- I just recently started buying/collecting hockey cards. I’ve always collected Football, basketball & baseball so in was only a matter of time before I started collecting hockey cards! My favorite NHL Panini card memory would be the one of many times my daughters & I were at our LCS and we were about to leave, when youngest noticed there was just one pack left in the Titanium box and she had a good feeling about it. She was right because it was a Ryan Nugent Hopkns jrsy auto RC! That was a great pull then! My daughters are my lucky charms! Thanks Panini

  49. Adam Foote was the last auto pulled. My best memory involving Panini Hockey was when I pulled a Dual Game-Used Stick card from Certified Hockey #’d to 50. The players were Malkin and Ovechkin. That was a great day,for me,anyway. Thanks for another chance to win,Panini!

  50. 1. Adam Foote of the Colorado Avs (Classic Sigs)
    2. My Favorite memory was pulling a Gerry Cheevers Stick /199 from Rookie Anthology! My hands were shaking and i was in awe! You could see where a puck had hit it. Panini has the best mem, let alone best products out there!

  51. The last autograph pulled was of Adam Foote!

    When coming to my single favorite memory associated with collecting Panini America NHL trading cards… Well it has to be the beginning of everything: the day when Panini America got the NHL license.

    Actually I can’t remember that day, because back then I wasn’t really in to the hockey card collecting that much. But when the first Panini products hit the markets I saw something new, something fresh, something innovative. After that I became more and more interested in hockey cards in general, I started watching breaks on Youtube and found a jungle of cards which I hadn’t seen before, and I found something amazing…Dominion. The other card companies surely have had expensive products before, but Dominion was different. I immediately felt the love.

    When I got my first NHL card in the mail, a Rookie Ticket autograph from 10-11 Contenders, I was almost crying – even though it were of Henrik Karlsson… A few months later I had completed my first trade. The card I got? A Calder Contenders card from 11-12 Contenders. Two of my first hockey card memories were created thanks to Panini cards, and I will forever be happy because of that.

    Since 2011 Panini have always been the trading card company closest to my heart. Much because of products which innovated the hobby and created a well needed competitor to Upper Deck, but also thanks to a customer service which is miles before every other card company. Just as always. Even if I as a Swedish collector have had to deal with a pair of frustrating problems it has been nothing compared to my experiences of the other card companies. All the guys at Panini America have always been very helpful and taken care of the voice of us customers.

    The person which I have had the most trading card experiences with is actually Tracy Hackler, thanks to this blog. Especially the Panini Unwrapped videos have added so much to my trading card collecting, and thanks to this blog I have also tried other sports cards to collect than hockey. I haven’t missed any single hockey card post on this site since I found it, and you can be sure that I will stand in the front crying when you in a few months will stop posting them.

    A pair of days ago I got my hands of the first Rookie Ticket autographs from 2013-14 Contenders. One of them was of another swede, this time not Henrik Karlsson though, but Carl Soderberg. An era is with this release over, but my hockey card collecting will forever be changed.

    Thank you, Panini America.

  52. I am not a hockey fan but its nice if this is your last hockey cards that you gave the collector a nice thank you for supporting your company.

  53. -Adam Foote was the last auto pulled!
    – My single favorite memory has to be Panini sending me a Brad Marchand Scratching the Surface auto card in place of a Toronto redemption, Thanks again!

  54. 13th auto was a classic signature Adam Foote.

    Well my first brush with Panini hockey period was when I was growing up and filling up my sticker books from the 80’s going to the grocery store with my dad loading up with packs of stickers going home and spending endless hours with my dad filling them up, and books that I still have to this day, memories Of me and my dad I will never forget.

    Fast forward to today and this tradition has been passed on to my 2 boys, at least 1 or 2 times a month me and my sons hit the LCS and they love buying panini products because the love the look of them ( prizm ) there favorite “dad they are so shiney” is a common saying I hear, there cards are kept in plastic holders so they can show them off to there friends and cousins when they come over.

    It will be sad to see you guys leave hockey, but as you guys exit hockey, the memories will never exit me and my boys for as long as we love the sport of hockey, which will be never.

    Thank you for all the people that made this happen, you have done us all proud for the countless great products you put out there. It will be missed. We will be hoping you guys will be back.

  55. The last auto pulled was Adam Foote
    And my favorite memory of collecting Panin has to be how creative and awesome each set is, from the die-cut Crown Royale cards, to the muti-auto cards in Contenders, and the Treasured Steel game-used skate blade cards look…. Panini always goes above and beyond any other company, and are always there for collectors/fans. Panini, I thank you for years of amazing cards!

  56. Adam Foote was the 13th autograph pulled
    My Favorite memory from Panini hockey cards….would have to be, getting my daughter a box for christmas. She was so happy, and she pulled one of her favorite players Tory Krug Rookie/Jersey/Auto (Hat-Trick) You seem to never have a dull product, my daughter and i thank you!

  57. Classic sigs of Adam Foote was the final auto pulled (13th)
    My favorite and best memory of Panini hockey card is how close it has brought me and my fiancee. Her and i have bought boxes and had little pack wars, win or loose we both have a blast looking at the photo styles, autos, jersey pieces, and of course pulling our favorite players. Its always fun to relax and have fun busting packs, seeing what we get and admiring the details of your products. One time in particular, she got all the packs with hits and i got none, she was ecstatic and i was so happy to see her smile that big. Of course she had to rub it in my face, but i was just glad she was having fun, as was i. Talk about a Panini love story lol Thank you for all that you do Panini!

  58. The last auto pulled was an Adam Foote Classic Sigs!
    My favourite moment from panini was when I pulled my 11/12 Contenders Original Sixes booklet /25 of Phaneuf, Lidstrom, Toews, Callahan, Chara and Gionta. It was pulled on christmas and it made the day that much better!

  59. Adam Foote was the last player pulled. Former Blue Jacket, solid defender, good looking card I really enjoyed the design of the classics signatures.

    In terms of what I’ll miss, it would definitely be Silhouette rookies in Crown Royale. I think they were the one I was always after. I’ll also really miss Contenders. For a mid level product, to have on card autos year in and year out it was always a good break, I bought multiple every year.

    Hopefully this is a temporary hiatus and you guys and the NHLPA will get this sorted out. You will be missed.

  60. Adam Foote was the final auto.

    My favorite Panini memory was getting a Prime coverage card of my favorite player, Patrick Kane.

    I mean seriously Jersey, Patch, Stick, and Glove all on one card. Awesome!!

  61. 1. Last auto was Adam Foote
    2. My single favorite memory was opening a variety of products the last couple years and I gave my brother any Rangers or Panthers players to start him up doing a little collecting again after losing his collection in a divorce years ago. Let’s just say he lost some nice stuff.

  62. The 13th auto was of Adam Foote. My very best memory of collecting Panini NHL cards was adding a 2012-13 Prime Genuine Letters Lundqvist card to my collection which wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the great Panini staff who helped me with my redemption replacement!

  63. Adam Foote was the final auto. My best memory was the many different sets Panini made. There was always a set for every need and every collector type, some cheap and some high-end. Great variety. I’ll miss them dearly!

  64. (A) Adam Foote;
    (B) On Black Friday 2013, purchased two packs of Select Hockey and got a Nathan MacKinnon Autographed Rookie.

  65. The 13th and final auto pulled was Nick Petrecki. My all time favorite moment collecting Panini NHL cards was when I pulled a P.K. Subban jumbo jersey auto numbered to 49 from limited hockey. Thanks for the contest!

  66. 1. Final auto pulled was Adam foote
    2. You guys know me. I almost don’t even have to explain my answer. I always have fond memories of buying box, redeeming at the show, chatting and catching up. But my fondest memory I finally pulling that Mario lemieux auto from 11-12 elite. I was stunned to find it in my last pack. And u guys know how big of a pens fan I am. Even my wife screamed in excitement. Thanks for the found memories of collecting hockey and I am glad I had the chance to meet and become friends with the crew. And you guys are welcome to come visit me in toronto anytime you want hockey or now hockey but I know you guys will be back.


  67. The 13th and final auto pulled in this break was Adam Foote. My favorite memory with panini was when my parents bought my brother and I a Panini Prime box for Christmas and we pulled a 1/1 Akim Aliu shield auto. We were so excited. We love panini and hope we win a box!

  68. The 13th (& lucky) signed card pulled was Adam Foote.

    My fave thing of all the Panini NHL cards has been the laces from the skates & also the sweaters. Very unique touch that look great on the cards.

  69. Awesome product. Being a former Habs collector, and now a baseball guy, I collected the first year Habs Contenders RC autos, and also the true RCs from Titanium the first year it was released by Panini. I actually miss my hockey collecting and hope to come back soon enough, and maybe get my 2 kids involved with the hobby as well. My son is a Habs fan, just like his father, grandfather and great grandmother before him. Awesome products as always guys!

  70. Adam Foote was the final autograph pulled in the break. My favorite memory associated with collecting Panini America NHL trading cards was pulling a Jaromir Jagr auto from the first hockey box I opened.

  71. Hey guys this is crazy stuff that is amazing. I can’t wait to bust a box. Oh the last auto is the
    Adam Foote and now my story. In 11-12 I saw a box of Titanium on the shelf at my local card shop. Of course I broke it and fell in love. The duo patches out of 15 were gourgeous and every pack was great and it started me on the toughest set I have ever tried to complete. The titanium “true rookie’ set. I have more then half the set but knowing there is a 1/1 card I need to complete the set and that I may never hear of it never-mind aquiring it sort of grounds you . Every one I add is special in its own right and anytime I am lucky enough to see one I do everything I can to get it because I might not see it again. This has got to be the toughest set in card history. I can’t wait to see more of this offering and the prime and National Treasures. Thanks guys you really shouldn’t have.

  72. I love watching you do box breaks of the new products. I personally got a box of this last Wednesday and got a dual NHL /50 that has Morgan Rielly on it as well as many other solid hits. The last auto in this break was your Adam Foote classic signature card. I would say my favorite memory in my short time collecting (just around a year!) was completing the full spectrum for my favorite rookie, Tyler Toffoli, in your Prizm set. It has been great getting a box of each of your products and it will be sad to see you go! Looking forward to Prime and National Treasures and I have never opened those before!

  73. The last auto pulled was Jonathan Huberdeau. My favorite memory was probably when my little boy decided his favorite player was Matt Duchene. We opened a box of Certified that very day and who did he get in his pack? Matt Duchene. The smile on his face was unbeatable.

  74. 1) Auto was Adam Foote
    2) Best memory was sitting at home over Thanksgiving and opening up a whole ton of Panini Products

  75. The 13th autograph was adam foote! My favorite memory of panini products was from 10-11 certified hockey when I pulled a redemption for a freshman mirror emerald prime signatures taylor hall from buying one pack! Shook so hard!

  76. 1.) Nick Petrecki – Sharks
    2.) My favorite memory was the time when me and my son opened a retail hanger of contender hockey 2013-14 and pulled Daniel Bang auto. Sweet!

  77. The final autograph card pulled was Adam Foote.
    My favorite memory from collecting Panini hockey cards was simply having a sealed Titanium box sitting in front of me, peeling off the plastic wrap, and seeing its five packs inside waiting to be opened. It’s similar to the feeling I get when I open any box of cards, but it’s all the more special when it’s a premium product and there are only a few packs to open.

  78. 1) Adam Foote

    2) I actually thought about this for a while, and I couldn’t narrow down one specific pull or box break. Just far too many to list. So, this may be a little outside the box, but my favorite memory when I heard that Panini was making hockey cards again. I’ll never forget. I found out via a popular sports card trading forum, and a was flooded with memories from the older Pacific sets. I was beyond excited, even prior to release, I started solely buying older Pacific boxes to prepare myself in the hopes that brands like Titanium and Crown Royal would come back. And man was I right, and very happy. Seeing these names brought me back to my childhood (I’m 24 now, so I was in my youth when the older boxes of Titanium and Crown came out). So thank you, not only did you guys put out some of the most beautiful cards the hobby has seen in ages, but you brought some collectors from my age bracket back to their youth. That feeling is hard to come by lately with the pressure on value, rather than simply collecting. It was the most refreshing gust of air that this hobby had in a long time. Thanks guy, we are all going to miss you in the hockey world.

  79. The 13th Auto was Adam Foote.
    My favorite memory associated with collecting Panini America NHL cards is following @paninipuck on twitter Its clear that Chris is passionate about hockey (and puck bunnies). I loved the excitement of the Playoff #WildCard nights. As a casual fan I can honestly say his excitement rubbed off on me and I picked up a few Panthers cards my favorite being a
    Rookie Anthology Aleksander Barkov Autograph/jersey card. Thank you all for making such beautiful hockey cards and Im looking forward to when you can make more of them

  80. Thanks for the contest Panini and Tracy.

    The final auto was Adam Foote.

    My favorite memory is getting my first patch card from a pack of NHL cards. I was amazed at how many different colors and details there are in some of the patches.

  81. 1.) Tracy pulled an Adam Foote as the last auto.

    2.) I’ll miss these! The galleries with fantastic photos to gaze at, fun contests to win hockey products, and other promotions that Panini runs related to hockey. Hockey is my favorite sport to collect, so we all lost a big part of that. Hopefully when the new license with the NHLPA expires, however many years from now that will be, Panini will get back into the business.

  82. 1) Adam Foote
    2)During the 2012-2013 Stanley Cup Finals, Panini America was running their very famous #PaniniWildCard contest on Twitter. My favourite memory was when the Chicago Blackhawks scored 2 goals in 17 seconds to win the Stanley Cup. My favourite part in all of this was the reaction it got on the PaniniAmerica Twitter page. The reactions of everyone made that moment an unforgettable one in Panini NHL history and also a moment I will never forget.

  83. 1 – The last autograph was of Adam Foote
    2 my single most favorite moment collecting Panini hockey is pulling those awesome playbooks out of contenders — I pulled a 6 auto about 2 years ago and this year I got a great Buffalo/Toronto goalie auto booklet..
    I amsad that you did not get your licence renewed but you made great products – Thank you – Hope to see you back in the future!!!!!

  84. Last auto was Adam Foote.

    I have so many great memories hanging with the guys at the Toronto show, opening packs, pack wars but my absolute favourite moment was last year during the Stanley Cup playoffs doing Panini Wild Card and posting “the picture” and the massive number of favourites and retweets and then finding out that it was used in a presentation to the guys in Italy as how crazy the collectors are.

  85. The final autograph pulled was of Adam Foote of the Colorado Avalanche. My favorite memory of collecting Panini hockey cards is pulling a dual 1/1 autograph of Zach Parise and Scott Niedermayer from my first box of Panini, 11-12 Limited. After that, I was hooked!

  86. The player on the last autograph card pulled was Adam Foote.

    Single favorite memory of collecting Panini NHL hockey cards: Having my son pick 2 packs of 2012-13 Certified at a local card show, and pulling a Zach Parise/Jonathan Quick Dual Jersey #’d to 25. It was the first memorabilia card I’d ever pulled, as I had been out of the hobby for 15-16 years, plus it was just a few months after the MN Wild had signed Parise, so the excitement level was high (before the lockout, at least…). And, I’ve since learned that my son seems to have quick the knack for picking packs/boxes of Panini NHL & NFL cards, as nearly every one he’s picked has been great! Thanks for the great memories! Hopefully we’ll be buying Panini NHL hockey cards again in the future.

  87. Contenders looks AMAZING, your team really out did themselves with it. As far as the contest goes the 13th pull was Adam Foote (classic sig I think). My single favorite Panini NHL trading card moment was taking my 4 year old son into our local hobby shop the day after he attended his first professional hockey game (OHL). He was elated to pick out two packs of 13/14 Select Hockey and he ended up caring the cards with him every where we went for a week straight. Let’s just say by the end of that week his cards (which he still has) looked like they ran into Niklas Kronwall in a dark alley.

  88. The 13th and final auto in the break was a Classics auto of Adam Foote. My favorite moment with Panini NHL cards has to be getting my hands on the James Reimer Silver Ensigns auto shield card from this year’s Dominion – as a Reimer collector having such a card in your collection is simply awesome.

  89. 1. The final autograph pulled by Tracy, and it was a Classic Signatures Adam Foote card.

    2. My single favorite memory with Panini NHL cards… hmmm…… That’s going to be a hard one to decide on. However, I think I’m going to have to go with your first entry back into the NHL back in the ’10-’11 season when you guys brought back the Score brand (have a ton of memories of that brand from the ’90s). It came out just before my birthday, so, my parents got me a box for an early birthday gift. I broke the box with my dad (who has since passed away earlier this year and got me into trading cards back in the early ’90s when you had the NHL stickers up in Canada) and we pulled one of the hard to pull autographs that were in the boxes of Score that year. Pulled the card of Brian Boucher (Flyers #364) autographed out of 25 (too bad they weren’t numbered back then). Still can remember pulling it with him like it was yesterday.

    Thanks again for providing an opportunity for winning a hobby box of Contenders. Hope I can make it up to the National later this month to meet some of you guys (I’ll be especially looking for you Tracy if I make it). Thank goodness it’s close to Pittsburgh this year so I can drive up and back in the same day.

    Good luck to all and we’ll all miss ya on the Hockey side Panini. Hope you’ll get a license back in the next few years after the NHL and NHLPA realize they made a huge mistake with not letting you keep the license. Some of the best hockey cards always came out when there was more than 1 company making cards.

  90. Adam Foote is the last auto pulled. Wrapper redemptions at the Toronto Expos are one of the many great things I will remember Panini for.

  91. -Mr. Hackler pulled an Adam Foote Autograph which was the final auto of the break.

    My favorite memory collecting Panini America NHL cards was trading half of my hockey card and memorabilia collection for a Ryan Nugent-Hopkins 2011/12 Panini Crown Royale Silhouetes RC Patch Auto. It was well worth it!

  92. The 13th and final autograph was Adam Foote from the Colorado Avalanche, I don’t have any memories of Panini Hockey cards as I mostly collect Football and Basketball…My boys are really into Hockey and are still looking to buy a box soon…good luck to all and thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  93. Have absolutely LOVED this product and cannot wait until Prime comes out!
    As for the contest, the final card was an Adam Foote Classic Signatures auto card. My favourite memory is the one to come! Each product keeps improving in value and creativity! I can’t wait to see Panini’s return to hockey! That day will assuredly be my favourite of all memories!

  94. Very well done, the patch auto is a nice variation to add to the mix.

    The final auto pulled was Adam Foote.

    My favorite Panini America NHL memory would be pulling a Ryan Nugent Hopkins/Taylor Hall Elite Series parallel numbered 5/5, I’m not the biggest hockey collector out there but I sure know those names.

    Thanks Tracy!

  95. The last Auto was Adam Foote.My fav is all the Great hits I pulled from Panini Select including a Nathan MacKinnon Auto RC

  96. 1. The last autograph pulled was an Adam Foote Classics card
    2. I will miss all of the designs of different Panini products the most. The high-tech printing capabilities are very eye-catching, even on many of their base sets, but especially on their many autograph and other insert types. This is compared to other companies’ fairly consistent, yet unspectacular “same old stuff” that while good, just doesn’t compare to Panini’s willingness to try something crazy, & spend time and $ on developing various sets and technology. Definitely the cream of the crop in my opinion.

  97. Last auto: Adam Foote

    Favorite memory: Release of 11-12 Titanium. The original Titanium was my favorite product as a kid (first box I opened!) and its revival is part of what got my back into the hobby two years ago. 11-12 also marked the return of the Winnipeg Jets (my hometown team) and it was surreal to see Winnipeg players depicted on Titanium cards, especially the jersey numbered RC’s that drew me to the original Titanium. One of the preview images posted on your blog was of the Paul Postma RC /38 and I saved it to my computer. Just a few weeks later I owned this card and many other jersey numbered RC’s from this great set! The red “rookie” logo and the metallic background were great nods to the original set.


  98. The 13th and final autograph was of Adam Foote.

    My favorite memory regarding Panini America NHL Trading Cards involves the outstanding customer service and online presence of Panini. Getting continuous updates during the production process of different Panini NHL Trading card sets that were going to be released showed a new side of the hobby; Panini especially realized that keeping there fans (like me) up to date and involved kept us excited and happy. From the many contests and countless interactions on twitter, Panini’s presence in the NHL card collecting world will be greatly missed.

  99. Adam Foote was the last autograph pulled.

    My best memory would have to be my customer service experience with Panini America. Once I pulled an expired redemption from 11-12 Crown Royale Hockey, and you guys still honoured it even 2 years after it was expired. It was at this point I knew that your customer service is unrivaled by any other card company.

    Thanks a lot for the contest,

  100. Went & bought a retail box today because love this set look so much. Really hope to win a hobby box when the winners are announced here soon 😀 Good luck to all

  101. -Adam Foote Colorado Avalanche card.
    – You guys definitely aren’t making it any easier to miss you, with how stacked Contenders looks. I’ll miss the Titanium and Prizm the most. The Prizm was only around for 2 years! Heck, for all products it was a short but sweet run. Hope someday we’ll have them back, and sooner rather than later!!

  102. The 13th auto was Adam Foote! My single favourite moment with Panini nhl trading cards was when I busted my first box since getting back into the hobby where I pulled a 1/1 purple base card of Jonathan Bernier! It was a great return to the hobby gift as it was a major pc leafs hit :). Thank you for everything you have done for the hobby Panini. I will really miss your cards in the 2014-15 card season for the nhl but I will continue buying your past boxes until you get your license back!
    Matt M

  103. Adam foote

    My favorite thing about breaking panini products is that look on your face when you pull the gorgeous 3 color RPA case hit!

  104. The last auto pulled was an Adam Foote Classics Auto.

    And my favourite Panini moment is every time I get to crack open a Panini pack. There is just so much suspense before opening each pack, wondering what new technology/ideas Panini has applied to cards. I’m gonna really miss Panini hockey.

  105. My fav moment associated with Panini hockey is very recent. It was when I first saw the skate blade cards in National Treasures. I thought that skate blade cards would be so awesome embedded in cards long before it came out, but never thought it was a possibility. It was an amazing feeling to see what I had imagined for a while when it came out.

    The last auto card you guys got was an Adam Foote auto.

  106. The final auto was Adam Foote (Classic Signatures auto).
    My favorite memory from collecting Panini hockey cards was getting 3 booklets from one team in a Playbook group break – including a monster 6-patch card of Selanne, who I’ve collected for years.

  107. So whom were the lucky winners? I’m not seeing any names, so were they emailed directly? No matter what, thanks for making the great looking cards & the chances on these great contests!

  108. Adam Foote was the last auto.

    My favorite memory of the Panini hockey products is it being the first, and now only, products I’ve bought since I started collecting again since graduating college. I love the card design on all the products and love the hits in every box I’ve opened!

  109. Thanks to our wonderful collectors for participating in this contest. Congrats to our winners this time: Ryan Ninete, Gregory Rayner, nhldrafthat2011, Robert Gleadow and Andrew McKay. Winners, check your emails. Thanks again to everyone. Stay tuned for our next contest coming any day.

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