Massive Gallery: Panini America Previews 2012 Father’s Day Autograph Inclusions

Let's see, so far in our continuing series of preview galleries detailing the most meaningful aspects of this weekend's 2012 Panini America Father's Day set, we've covered a fair amount of the base set . . . the photo-intensive Elements insert . . . the mesmerizing "Cracked Ice" parallels . . . the 2011 NBA Finals game-used memorabilia insert . . . the rookie-themed memorabilia inserts . . . and the unique insert incorporating football's used during the NFL's 2011 9-11 Tribute games.

Let’s see, so far in our continuing series of preview galleries detailing the most meaningful aspects of this weekend’s 2012 Panini America Father’s Day set, we’ve covered a fair amount of the base set . . . the photo-intensive Elements insert . . . the mesmerizing “Cracked Ice” parallels . . . the 2011 NBA Finals game-used memorabilia insert . . . the rookie-themed memorabilia inserts . . . and the unique insert incorporating football’s used during the NFL’s 2011 9-11 Tribute games.

In fact, about the only thing we haven’t shared at length so far is the massive amount of autographs — from all four major sports and the entertainment world — spiking the promotion’s splendid silver-foil packs. That changes today with the following gallery captured by Panini America’s Scott Prusha during packout last week.

So grab a seat, get comfortable and spend some quality time with the autographed greatness that follows. And be sure to click this link to access the complete list of hobby shops participating in the promotion this weekend. Oh, and stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance the rest of the week — we just might have a few more surprises up our sleeve.



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  2. Wow. THack’, I simply can’t say enough about the assortment of autos. I love the embossed, “Father’s Day” emblem. Years from now, when card collections are presented from one generation to another, the Panini cards bearing the event logo will serve as a reminder; cards are objects (beautiful though they may be) that we amass for their monetary and symbolic values, in conjunction to the connection they have to the sport, team and/or player collected. Ultimately, the love and passion behind them is what collecting, and the Father’s Day promotion, by extension, is what it’s all about.
    Thank you, Panini.

    1. Thanks for the comments, to actually put the logo on the cards and stamp some with the Father’s Day logo came from collectors right here suggesting we should have done that with Black Friday. We do listen and we do give collectors what they ask for on the promos!

  3. First off a HUGE thanks to Scott Prusha for taking these pics for what in terms is a speechless gallery and usually I have too much to say. Just thanks. Being a father and seeing this gallery really excites me. Great way to celebrate fathers day!!

    So counting down to this promotion and getting my hands onto some of those silver packages. I have talked about it so much…my wife knows just as much about it as I do about the promo. Panini, Tracy Hackler and Scott Prusha are household names now. Along with Drool Gallery, Knights Lance and Father’s Day packs.

    Thanks everyone at Panini for such a great promo and some tremendous looking cards!

    1. Thanks Matt, it was a lot of fun creating the promotion and I sure hope everyone likes it. I’m a father too and collect with my dad, so this one has a special mean for me too. Usually only take a handful of pics, I was so blown-away by the cards I took over 200! Set turned out great!

      1. Lol. Of course. Thought you guys would enjoy an afternoon laugh
        But I have talked my wifes ear off about the promo.

      2. But I will be running to a card shop this weekend. I had to watch others get pulls from the Black Friday version. NO local LCS so I missed out. But this time I will be near one on a trip so I am stopping by to get some packs. This is a very exciting promo.

        So Happy Father’s Day to you Scott and Tracy!

  4. I think what I like most is that many of the Autos don’t have a relic included, so that the “FAT PACKS” will not be the only ones with VALUE this time around

    1. Good comment and once again, collectors right here mentioned that & fixed. We included CDCs this time around prevent some of the pack searching. See we do listen and try give collectors what they ask for on the promos!

  5. So awesome, I can’t wait. I was hoping to see a few Pro Bowl Materials Autos like in the Black Friday promo. I’ve seen the jumbo swatches in previous galleries, but will there be any autos this time around?

  6. Excellent job on these, we hope that Fathers Day is nearly as good as Black Friday was in the store! Love the fact that you guys are doing these promotions, my only complaint would be it would be great if we got “credit” for some previous purchases that are still on our shelves in addition to buying more product to get the packs. The bonus packs do give us incentive to reorder Panini products but would be nice to have had a few extra packs to help move some of the product we allready have on shelves as well.

    Looking forward to Fathers Day Weekend!

    Happy Fathers Day to all you Dads out there!


    1. Thanks for the kind words & I’ll see what I can come up with on the other suggestion…might be something we could bring to the FREE Player of the Day promo to help.

  7. It sucks BIG TIME that I am in Taiwan right now!!!!!!!

    …………happy father’s day!………….

    1. You are the 2nd out of country person to comment, maybe we do an international version some day!

      1. An international version ! Actually it’s a beautiful idea. Maybe it can be worked with Panini Italia ! Regards, Vincenzo

  8. I gotta say it just keeps on getting better!!! I gotta get me some of these packs! Tracy what do u have to do to recieve these packs?

  9. Cards are awesome! Sports Cards Plus will have 780 Panini Father’s Day Packs. Best Pull from a Father’s Day Pack opened in our store wins $100. We expect tons of GREAT Pulls and great pictures!

  10. Collecting in Colorado? Mike’s Stadium Sportscards at Quincy and Parker Road in Aurora, will be opening an hour early at 9:00AM to start sharing some of the 700+ Father’s Day packs we have to give away.

    Get free packs with every single Panini box you purchase beginning Saturday morning, with extra packs if you purchase participating products.

    Please call (303) 699-9808 with any questions and we can’t wait to take care of you. We have brought in 100+ Panini boxes just for this promotion and have a huge selection of other releases. Thanks again to Panini for putting this promotion together and we can’t wait to share some of the success our customers enjoy.

  11. Great gallery Scott!!! Man im so excited to go the cardshop this Saturday, well im always excited to go to the cardshop but because of your Fathers Day Promo, im EXTRA excited!! I told me Mom and daughters about it,trying to give them a little hint but just in case they didnt figure it out, im going to have to buy myself 4 or 5 boxes for Fathers Day. I mean it is Fathers Day right? Well you keep up the great work Scott and Happy Fathers Day to you and Happy Fathers Day to you too Tracy!!! PANINI’S #1

  12. Why on earth is Cole Aldrich included among all those nice autos? That would ruin my Father’s Day if that’s the auto I happen upon. I have plans to get a few packs through my local shot by buying some Past & Present. Watch me pull Aldrich now.

  13. Bought Totally Certified football box and received 6 Father’s Day packs. Pulled a Father’s Day stamped MJD 1/1 autograph!!! Made my weekend!

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