Panini America Brings Father’s Day Frenzy Online with Promotion

The phenomenon known as the Panini America's Father's Day promotion continues to gain serious momentum in these final hours leading up to, well, Father's Day. In fact, excitement surrounding the promotion seems to grow more palpable and more insane with each new preview we show.

The phenomenon known as the Panini America’s Father’s Day promotion continues to gain serious momentum in these final hours leading up to, well, Father’s Day. In fact, excitement surrounding the promotion seems to grow even more palpable and more insane with each new preview we show.

On Tuesday we published the preliminary list of dealers participating in this special North America-wide wrapper-redemption program and we’ve received many additions to that list that have been included in the comments section of that post.

But we’ve also had many collectors ask how they can get involved in the program if there are no participating brick-and-mortar hobby shops in their area. Well, we’ve got you covered there, too. While supplies last, collectors who purchase selected products on will receive the respective number of Father’s Day packs while supplies last.

So you have two ways to participate: Visit one of the participating hobby shops or visit

***Order by 2:00 CST June 14th to Receive by Father’s Day***


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    1. If you are a hockey collector we will honour the promotion through our eBay Contenders pack sales. Buy 5 packs get a promo pack. Hope this helps.

      1. This is our eBay item number 150832873527 for Panini Contenders hockey. Purchase 5 packs and get a FREE Father’s Day Panini pack. Don’t worry about the ‘Canada Only’ wording in the listing. For collector’s outside of Canada we will honour the Father’s Day promo until Sunday night at midnight or until our eBay inventory is gone. US shipping will be $4.00. Any questions ask through my eBay page. Thanks and happy collecting.

  2. Contacted Wisconsin card stores from the listed dealers. Many of them have not heard from the distributors and have not received the Father’s Day packs because the distributors have not heard from you (Panini). I am starting to get concerned if the availability becomes an issue for this weekend.

  3. I am trying to purchase a box but each box you choose it says 4 packs with it. I think you might have to change it on the website that for each box you receive a different amount of packs.

  4. Great! See this is why I WANT to open a shop around here! There is NEVER anything in my area, I’d have to drive 2 hrs. to get to a local and THAT”S NOT LOCAL! Gawd, I wish I had the moeny to open a shop here is West Springfield,Ma!

  5. Why are the stated number of packs per box in this article different from the local hobby stores. I only got 5 fathers day packs for a box of contenders baseball not 8. Can someone please explain?

    1. Why is there a response to all other questions but mine? Is it because I have a concern about the misleading info about this promo?
      Please let me know why the pack amount for certain products is different between the lcs and your website.


      1. Josh, each dealer has the right to operate the wrapper redemption program based on his or her unique inventory situation. We don’t mandate how exactly all stores must run the program. We’re not misleading anyone.

      2. Thanks for looking into it Scott.

        The only place that gives you an amount is here so when you go to your lcs and they tell you different it is hard to swallow not getting what you were expecting. Especially when its 40% less.

      3. So what have you came up with Scott? I went to another lcs and they were less than the first one I talked about. I have never seen a manufacture run a promo that has different rules at each of its vendors. Not good marketing if I may say so.

  6. How can you tell on the website if you’ll for sure get father’s day packs when you purchase the box? basically how do you know that “supplies last”?

    1. Good question! Once the item is sold out, it will not appear in your cart. When you select the product, it will show the packs in your cart. If we are sold out, it won’t…

  7. I live in the UK and when I try to purchase on there is no option to register as a UK customer…only US or Canada?? Is there another way we to be purchase and be apart of the redemption promotion?

  8. I can’t speak for all Local Shops but we had to purchase more Panini Products to get the bonus Fathers Day Packs. We made adjustments to the number of packs per box, etc in order to help sell other Panini Products that are on our shelves as well. Panini doesn’t give us packs based on previous purchases only on NEW purchases for this Fathers Day program, therefore some shops may chose to distribute the number of packs differently. For instance, we still had Panini Contenders Baseball on our shelves that we had purchased months ago, we are giving away a few Fathers Day Packs for that box even though Panini did not give us any extra packs for that particular box since we allready had purchased it months ago.

    Hope that clarifies some rationale for why some shops are doing it a little differently than what Panini is doing on there own website.


  9. You’ll be making Father’s Day complete here in the Philippines if you can provide some supply to our local supplier here. Hope there’s a way.

  10. wow some hobby shops are so bad,i spend 220$ today i bought a box of past and present,smal box of r&S,apsolute memorabilia and smal box of prestige,and all they give me was 3 fathers day packs!!! the name of the the shop is Chameleon comics in new york maiden lane 3 so i will never go back there again.!!!!!!!

  11. It is a real shame that some dealers are cracking the packs and selling the single cards on eBay already. This is not what these FREE packs were for.

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