Material Bliss: A Peek at Key Patches Primed for 2010 National Treasures Football

December 18, 2010

Panini America production team member Jeremy Johnson strolled over to my little piece of cubicle heaven Friday afternoon a man on a material mission. In front of him was a push cart that runneth over with only the choicest cuts of prime player-worn memorabilia, all bagged and ready for their closeup — which will come in the highly anticipated March release of 2010 National Treasures Football.

After Johnson handed me my jaw from off the floor, I reattached it, dabbed the drool from my chin and we went about doing what anyone in our positions would do: We opened the bags of brilliantly colored cool and soaked up the sartorial splendor.

Oh, we also took some pictures so as to remember the moment for posterity’s sake. You’ll find a captivating gallery of our gawk fest below.

As National Treasures loyalists know, most of this memorabilia will be embedded into some of the rarest, most coveted cards in the product, including Rookie Signature Materials Black 1/1s and Rookie Signature Materials Gold inserts.

You’ll notice in some of the images the adhesive backing applied to every piece of Panini America memorabilia. That’s much more than just a number and naming convention. It’s part of a proprietary cataloging system that enables us to verify the integrity of every swatch we produce.

Oh, and since we were on the topic of National Treasures, I darted back to the Routing Table before I departed the office on Friday evening. As luck would have it, there were a few Treasures-related routings there that seemed to fit; so those are in the gallery, too.